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  1. As the Windows 10 April 2018 Update forced me to reload my desktop image I thought I'd go with a "Spring in Cumbria" one. (OK, the observant will notice that I cheated a little bit).
  2. Installed and up, no problems. It changed the desktop background and added a couple of unwanted icons (Edge & Waves Audio). Soon sorted. Been through the settings, there were a few new ones to turn off, including the timeline feature. Need to check a few other things. eg. It seemed to have turned the (disabled) microphone back on and I think it may also have turned my (disabled) camera back on. EDIT. Yes it had enabled the camera again, probably for the new face recognition/password options. Soon disabled in device manager.
  3. A partial explanation from Microsoft- https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/04/30/how-to-get-the-windows-10-april-2018-update/ Mine just started downloading by itself, I hadn't done a manual check. Maybe they changed their minds again, or maybe I'm "an advanced user on an actively serviced version of Windows 10" and something on my laptop had a flag set?
  4. Well it's April 30th, and the April 2018 Update is here. Despite what Microsoft announced previously about the update only being available to manually download/install until May 8th my laptop started downolading it through Windows Update as soon as I switched on this evening.
  5. nukecad

    Lang directory

    It contains the languages and translations for the User interface, usually one .dll for each language. Many installed programmes have such a directory rather than embeding the translations in the main program, but not all are helpful and call it 'Lang' or 'Languages' (Other name variants are 'Resources', 'Variants','Mapping', etc). It's perfectly valid and you can leave it there.
  6. Looks like you deleted a registry entry that you shouldn't have. The Advice from Microsoft is not to use registry cleaners in normal use, they are a specialised tool for use by a technician eg. when recovering from a malware infection. Luckily Windows 10 has an 'Advanced Startup' and 'Recovery mode' that is the place to start repairing your laptop. As you are not getting to the login screen then you will need to perform a 'Hard Reboot'- Turn on and turn off your laptop repeatedly using the power button, doing this 3 times should be enough. (To be sure turn it off yourself be
  7. I don't think there is an intention to deliberately mislead, just general 'advertising speak' such as you see all the time. As I said above it's semantics and how broadly you define 'tracking'. In a sense: Cookies do 'track' what you have been doing, for instance so if you close then reopen your browser it can remember what webpage you were on, or how you prefer to view a forun page, etc. Logfiles are a record of something you did so have 'tracked' you. Temp files are a record of something you did so have 'tracked' you. etc. I personally would call these 'record' files r
  8. MS owned 'Windows Blogs' announcement from yesterday, look at the bottom of the article. The last day when they can reasonably call it the "April 2018 Update" https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/04/27/make-the-most-of-your-time-with-the-new-windows-10-update/#AolQUrPDsG1BbijH.97 EDIT On further reading elsewhere; it should be available to manually download on April 30 but won't start rolling out in Windows Update until May 8 (patch Tuesday).
  9. I decided to take a closer look. I just ran CCleaner (5.42) and the new graphic results showed "1,283 tracking file(s) removed". Switching to the Advanced Report I counted all the file detections and totalled them - you guessed it, 1,283 files. So the new graphic UI is reporting every file found as a "tracking file". As I suspected it's obviously a 'scare marketing' tactic.
  10. I think that this is a sematics question. ie. What exactly do Avast/Piriform mean by 'tracking files'? It's probably not the same as we would mean. I suspect that things such as diagnostics, crash monitoring/reporting, browser version update checks, browser history, etc. is being flagged as a 'tracking file'. Those are not things that I would regard as trackers, but they do fall within a broad definition of tracking. (eg. your browser history is 'tracking' what you have been doing). It's a common tactic with AV vendors, make files found sound more suspicious than they actua
  11. Don't know about the OP, but Firefox is the only browser I use and I got 5.42 from the builds page (linked above) with no problems.
  12. Where were you trying to download it from? Try the builds page, I just downloaded 5.42 from there: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  13. I installed the latest version on my phone and see that in the settings there is a new "Booster" setting. What is this supposed to do? Opening it there is a list of installed apps. If you deselect them all you get 'Select application to stop'. Is that all it does, force stop running apps?
  14. Here is information, and the download link, for the "Malwarebytes for Firefox (Beta)" add on for those who may be interested and/or want to try the Beta extension: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/218646-malwarebytes-for-firefox-beta/ You may note that one of the screenshots there shows "Malwarebytes for Chrome (Beta)". Yes they have now released an add on for Chrome as well. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/218616-malwarebytes-for-chrome-beta/
  15. I'm not sure that has resolved the problem, you may find that you now just have a blank space where the icon was. If I'm right then clicking that blank space will launch CCleaner.
  16. Interesting, I don't use Chrome but Malwarebytes launched a beta extension for Firefox a few months ago which I do have running. Is this a sign that AVs are becoming browser extensions? That does make some sense, most attacks come through your browser or downloads from your browser.
  17. Something else to try. Right click the taskbar icon, then right click 'CCleaner' in the jump list, and select 'Properties'. If you look on the 'General' tab the 'Location' will show you where the shortcut is being saved. It should be that "...\{User-Name}\... .\User Pinned\Task Bar" but it may not be for some reason, especially if you have multiple user accounts on the computer. Double check that {User-Name}. eg. if you installed it as Admin then you may not be able to remove the shortcut from a user account. (I suspect that this may be the case if you also can't remove the desk
  18. That is odd, when you unpin something from the taskbar it's icon should dissapear altogether not change to a generic icon. I'm assuming from what you say that you do not want the CCleaner icon on the taskbar at all? Could you confirm that this is what you are trying to do. Do you have a CCleaner Icon on your desktop? If so then you could try right clicking on that which should again give you an 'unpin from taskbar' option. Or you could try it from the start menu. Same thing- find CCleaner on your start menu and right click it, hover over 'more' and you will see the 'unpin fro
  19. From my very old experience of Unix (not used it for years). In a Unix Bash shell $$ returns the Process ID of a running script . I'm assuming that Recuva is using Unix or Linux to scan the disc, (many/most recovery tools do), and is using the process ID's to generate temporary filenames for whatever it has recovered. EDIT. Here's a bit more about these Unix special parameters that start with $ for anyone interested: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/218270/which-are-bash-shell-special-parameters
  20. If you don't want the CCleaner icon on your taskbar at all then simply right click the icon and select 'Unpin from taskbar' from the jump list. If you want the icon on the taskbar but no jumplist then open CCleaner, go to Options > Advanced and untick 'Enable Windows Jump List Tasks'.
  21. The trick to single line spacing is to press shift at the same time as return/enter. It's just the quirky IPB software.
  22. I'm not sure about thumbnails, but Hazelnut pointed out to me a few weeks ago that once you have a link loaded into the editor there is an option at the bottom of the editor to 'display as link instead' rather than showing it as an image.
  23. Ahh, the Insider build. (You will have Redstone 4 (Spring Creators Update) running). TBH I'm not sure just how the insider programme handles previous Windows build files, I would imagine it is much more likely to save previous versions of the files to restore in case something goes wrong with the insider build. Insiders also get a lot more 'mini-version' updates than stable version users. (They get new versions in bits over six months rather than all at once) Insider builds are beta testing versions and so more prone to errors, so it would make sense that they keep more backups of old
  24. Which version of Windows are you using? Those file extensions suggest to me that these are probably system files that Windows has updated. (Probably as part of the monthly 'Patch Tuesday', which was yesterday/today). Especially as you say that there are a 'LOT' that suggests system files. If it's Win 10 then they may have been left over from the last six-monthly version Update. If this is the case then Windows should remove the old ones itself after a while. This will take up to 30 days after a version update. Windows keeps these old files for a month so that you have the opt
  25. My laptop is currently downloading 3 updates as I type this. The Malicious software removal tool. KB890830. A Flash Player security update. KB4093110. A Cumulative update. KB4093112. Which says "No new operating system features ...." https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4093112/windows-10-update-kb4093112 So yes It looks like the SCU is not ready yet.
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