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  1. Shouldn't this be a complaint to Jazztel rather than Piriform? I guess they are supplying these cheap - because they are blocked. Good luck with that; Facebook thinks my home town is in Scotland and refuses to change it despite many complaints from residents here. (It would take me at least 2 hours on a train to get to the border with Scotland).
  2. TBH, the behaviour you describe sounds more as if you have not ticked the 'Remember Me' when logging into Wordpress, or you are logging out of Wordpress before shutting down. Most Websites/forums will log you out after a time spent inactive if you have not ticked 'Remember Me' when logging in. Some will see you as inactive even when you are typing something into their editor. If you are not changing pages they see you as inactive and log you out. However to be sure it's not CCleaner doing this then- Make sure that you have not ticked cleaning of 'Saved Passwords' for whichever browser you are using. Then if it's still logging you out uncheck 'Saved Form Information' because some site logins are entered into a form. If it's still logging you out after those then try moving the cookies for that site into 'Cookies to Keep'.
  3. The bundled installers for Chrome and Avast have been there for years, and have been complained about for years. If you have been using CC for 8+ years you must have come across them before. But it's easy to click,click,click and get caught. I think we've all been caught at one time or another, I once got a Chrome install that was a PITA to remove. Sometimes people complain that they don't see the offer to untick it, that's what happened to me. I'm unsure but I think that may be due to some adblockers blocking the display of the offer?
  4. I think I'll try a replacement battery they're only £10 or so. The images do display full size, but download as well. As I say it's only my own uploaded images, only jpg's, and only on that one forum. Very strange. I might put Firefox in safemode and try it again, and/or see what happens with a different browser. None of this is a serious problem just oddities that seem to have arisen since patch Tuesday when both Windows and Firefox got an update.
  5. The cable is the Samsung one that came with the phone. I've been keeping a closer eye on it. The charging indicator is coming up on the phone, and it is charging if I'm not browsing. So it looks like at certain times I'm draining it faster than its charging. Either the laptop is not putting as much power through the port, I'm downloading more than I used to, or the phone is now taking more power to connect to the mobile mast for some reason. (Maybe they are working on the nearest mast and I'm connecting to one further away?). It may just be time for a new battery for the phone, it is getting on a bit. But there again I've noticed another few strange things since last Patch Tuesday. Take the case of another forum (vBulletin) where I have uploaded some screenshots; if I click on the uploaded screenshot in the post to get a larger view it also downloads a copy to my Downloads folder. I can repeat this reliably with other screenshots there, click to expand and it downloads as well. It seems to be only my uploaded images and only on that one forum? Never used to do it before.
  6. From a quick search pfBL.dll is associated with CCleaner. I'm not sure just what it is, but it could be an orphan from the uninstall? ccupdate10.cab Like Hazelnut says I didn't think CCleaner used cab files. However the 'update' may be a clue here. It could be something to do with the CCupdate.exe 'Emergency Updater'. I always delete that now, but again I never saw a cab associated with it. Which brings another thought- Do those machines by any chance have Avast AV on them? Avast AV's include an updater for CCleaner. https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=217752.msg1457538#msg1457538
  7. Might also be something to do with Adobe Illustrator CC if you have that installed?
  8. Spoke a bit too soon. Today the phone is not charging, but the vape pen is charging using the same lead. Plugged in an external drive (different lead) and that's working fine as well. Scratch-head troubleshooting time. (Is it the phone, is it Windows, maybe it's Samsung Kies interfering somehow?).
  9. Not entirely sure how they work with Win 7. It's been around a long time so that would be a massive Cumulative Update if it included everything for the OS since it was launched? Of course if it's just a CU for ie11 (and only the security patches) then it's not that bad. With Win 10 there is a new version about every six months, and so never much more than six months Cumulative Updates for the whole OS.
  10. A 'Cumulative Update' means that while it includes some earlier updates it will check to see what has already been installed and then only install anything new that you don't already have. eg. For Windows 10 a cumulitive update will include all updates for that particular version (eg. 1803, or 1809) since it was released, but will check and only install any that you don't aready have. It means you are only downloading/installing updates you don't already have. By contrast a 'Simple Update' doesn't check and just installs (re-installs?) everything that is in that update.
  11. ipm-provider.ff.avast.com did used to be whitelisted by default, you could force delete it but it just came back again. It wasn't in 'cookies to keep' it was just that CCleaner would not delete it unless you forced it to. But I believe that they stopped whitelisting it following user complaints about repetitive advertising pop-ups in the Windows notification area. The way it was working at that time was if you had the cookie you got the popup, now it seems to be the other way round? (I suspect deliberately). I was one of the complainers; this is from a couple of months after your link above:
  12. It could be a change to how Chrome is populating the favicons. There was a similar problem with favicons in Firefox a couple of years back following a Firefox update. I believe that it was partly a sqlite database problem and partly to do with where the favicons were being hosted. It took an update to CCleaner to resolve it.
  13. nukecad

    cc pop up

    More about the cookie(s):
  14. The quick clean - that is the name - is a beta (experinental) thing that not everyone had. I never had it but it's just a 'simple' user interface that doesn't show all the settings. The CCleaner programme itself was the same, just with a simple front end. Obviously if you buy pro then you know what you are doing and so don't want a dumbed down user interface and want to see all the settings and options. PS. The simple interfaces call ALL files 'trackers' but they are just cookies, logfiles, and the like. They are not actively tracking anything.
  15. nukecad

    cc pop up

    There is an Avast cookie that CC puts on your system. Among other things it notes that you have seen the popup and not to show it again. It should be in the 'Cookies to keep' by default. If you take it out of cookies to keep it will be deleted when you clean and the popup will come back.
  16. Interesting to see that you also noticed a problem with USB, which later fixed itself. It's hard to tell from the logs, but it does look like on the 14th one of my USB ports was regading everything that I connected as 'idle' and so supplying no power. (Selective suspend mode). Another port has the wireless dongle for my mouse and that was working fine like yours, maybe because it was connected at boot? EDIT checking my laptop specs - the mouse dongle is in a USB2 port, the one with no power was a USB3, maybe that explains the difference. I still think it was the patch Tuesday updates that did it, the port was working OK before that on the 13th - and the last thing I did on the 13th was the PT updates and then shutdown. The background download seems to have put it right again on the 15th. Checking around further it seems that the main function of that background download was to update UI's of the installed Microsoft Games, - Solitaire, etc. Whether it's just a coincidence that it also fixed the USB error who knows?
  17. Yesterday I was tethering through my phone because the broadband was playing up again. (Rural living for you). I noticed that although the tethering was OK the phone was not charging from the laptop as it usually does, in fact it gave me a low battery warning after an hour or so. I plugged in my vape pen with a different lead and that wasn't charging either. (And yes the laptop was plugged into the mains). It was an odd one, data transfer through the port was fine, but not power. I thought I would investigate today why the USB port didn't seem to be putting out any power. However when I booted up I noticed that Microsoft was downloading a ton of data in the background via the 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service'. I've no clue exactly what it was downloading, I may look for updated OS files later. But when I then came to test the USB port it was putting out power and now the connected phone charges as usual, as does the vape pen. Had patch Tuesday Updates 'broken' the USB drivers/ports (again) and MS quickly patched it without telling anyone? I recall they broke some USB ports last year as well so USB mice/keyboards stopped working for some. https://windowsreport.com/kb4103727-usb-bugs/
  18. You are not alone there. As this is a Piriform forum it is not acceptable to mention competing software. I will say that I took a good look at why I had CCleaner and wrote my own batch file to clear most of what I wanted. (Browser stuff mainly, it helps if you take a look at what files CC is cleaning). CC is still on my machine for some of it's other tools.
  19. Are you using the registry cleaner? Sometimes these annoying pop-us set a registry value to say 'don't show it again". (Sometimes it's a cookie). If you clear that entry (or cookie) it will pop up again. CC shouldn't clear it's own stuff but it would need one of the devs to check if this is happening by mistake.
  20. You don't pay tax for occasionally selling unwanted possessions. It's only if you are selling things regularly, for a profit, that tax becomes an issue. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/09/ebay_uk_traders_tax_guidance/
  21. It's a common issue (your post is the second today) and is caused by CCleaner still running in the background, as CCleaner64.exe is still running the upgrade can't replace it. Try the steps given here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53111-fail-to-install-ccleaner-pro-v5516939/?tab=comments#comment-302097
  22. It's a common issue and is caused by CCleaner still running in the background, as CCleaner64.exe is still running the upgrade can't replace it. Try the steps given here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53111-fail-to-install-ccleaner-pro-v5516939/?tab=comments#comment-302097
  23. Download the application to check if your particular battery is affected, the recall programme has been expanded so run the new checking application which you can find on this webpage: https://batteryprogram687.ext.hp.com/ Also take a look at the FAQ's there. If it is affected then there are contact phone numbers and email details on that webpage. If you have a non-user replaceble battery which is affected you should also update your BIOS to diable the internal battery until it can be replaced.
  24. I have no problem with Storage Sense itself, it's merely a newer version of Disk Clean-up that allows a scheduled automatic clean or a manual clean. The problem came when Microsoft added the Downloads folder to the cleaning and didn't realy tell anybody that they had. (They also added it to Disk Clean-up at the same time). Once you know about it then you can avoid it in Storage Sense. In 'Change how we free up space automatically' there is an option to never clear the Downloads folder, or only clear files that have been there for over so many days.
  25. Storage Sense will run a clean occasionally in the background if you have it turned on. I'm not sure though if the download folder is cleaned in 1803, I know that it is with 1809. You could try a 'Free up space now' and see if it includes the download folder. I now make sure to move anything I want to keep out of the Downloads folder, just in case Windows decides to clean it. PS. The fact that 3 different machines seem to be affected is interesting. I would possibly suspect a Windows update in that case, although I've not heard of the latest updates deleting files there was one last year that did if you had some folder redirects set.(If I remember it was the update to 1809).
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