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  1. Yes that particular line is 'greyed out' and can be a bit difficult to see, not sure why it couldnt be in black? It's just an approximation of how much space can be removed. But- How about the line in bold immediately below that one that says: "Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet)" That's easy to see and tells you that you haven't cleaned yet.
  2. Hi taffybach, The link you give refers to the registry cleaner section of CCleaner removing Sage entries. Don't run the registry cleaner, it's a specialist technicians tool and not intended for normal everyday use. Any reg. cleaner should be used carefully and can break things if you are not familiar with the registry. Just stick with using the cleaning tool.
  3. I've always found that feature handy as right clicking will allow you to do a one off clean of an unselected rule, without having to select, run, deselect. PS. I'm not sure about right-lick though, is this a new user control interface?
  4. Cheers, I hadn't noticed that change, probably because I'd modded the registry some time ago to get rid of it. Uninstalling it through the CP does remove it as the default save location in Notepad as well, which is handier than the registry mod.
  5. TBH I think the above is spam for that uninstaller. OneDrive is built into the Windows OS, you can't uninstall it. You can edit the registry so that it does not show in the Quick Access, and disable the cloud links so it does not nag you to login to your MS account, but it is still there as local storage. For instance Notepad still has it as the default save location even when you have disabled the other stuff.
  6. As said above it was never meant to be publicly released in it's current form, still 'experimental' not even Beta. In particular the user interface could do with some work, which is what you would expect with something in early development. They did take it down once they noticed their error, but as news spread, and as it was being discussed on their forum they decided to put it back and let people try it and give feedback. That may have been another mistake, it's now going to get unfavourably compared (already has) to similar products that have been finished.
  7. You need to untick "Saved Passwords" for whatever browser(s) you use so that CCleaner does not delete the saved passwords. If that still does not work then try unticking "Saved Form Information" as well. (Some browsers save passwords as forms). This shows it for Firefox, do it for all other browsers that you use (IE, Edge, Chrome, etc).
  8. I guess it depends on how you use your browser, I'll reword that: In 30 years of computing I've only inadvertently landed on scam websites 2 or 3 times, not realy often enough to test a particular blocking application. (Of course you can always switch your other protections off and deliberately go to the scam sites if you want to test something). As for clickbait, a closer look shows that is mainly what the MB experimental addon is blocking on the newspaper websites, (most of?) the clickbait is not displayed. Toggling the app on and off shows what it is blocking. So for the
  9. Additional to the above. I have installed this experimental version of the Malwarebytes addon (couldn't resist a look). It does not block ads from displaying, maybe it will in a later version? But it is saying it is stopping them tracking your activity. Try it on something like a newspaper website and see how many it says it has blocked. Guess we just have to take their word for that at the moment. Not sure how to gauge the other protections, how often are you going to hit a scam or clickbait site? I'm going to leave it running for now, alongside adblock.
  10. Just Adblock as a FF extension. Interestingly Malwarbytes is currently trialing an FF extension that includes an adblocker, among other features. It's still experimental, (not even Beta yet), but is available to the public. (Released by mistake but once people noticed and asked about it they left it live). I won't give a link but it's easy enough to find if you want to try it. From the Malwarebytes forum: If you want to know more there are already a few write ups on the web; but of course being experimental you may not want to try it yet.
  11. Hi Stephen, Interesting, because something seems to have changed with v5.39 (or maybe last weeks Windows update?). I downloaded/ran the v5.39 installer and it offered the Avast bundle. (In fact 5.37 & 5.38 installers are also now offering me the Avast bundle if/when I run them). Using the 'reset' testing as per before it shows a 'loading' bar for about 2 or 2-1/2 seconds and then displays the install button and Avast offer both at the same time (screenshots attached). Any of my older installer versions, 5.36 or earlier, shows no offer at all no matter how long I wait.
  12. I'm not sure why you can't see the contacts this way, it's probably just the way that android stores things. eg. one area of memory can act like an externl drive when plugged into a PC, another area is formatted differently so you cant see it? PS. I seem to recall that the first time I plugged my phone in like that Windows had to download a driver before it could read it. Windows 10 did this automatically, recognised the phone as a 'new device' and went and got the required driver(s) for it.
  13. As mta says it's the broken screen that's always going to be the problem here, although if you connect the phone to a laptop/PC using the USB cable that came with the phone then the laptop/PC should see it as an external drive and you can copy your photos from it. That's what I've done here, just plugged my phone into a USB port and opened file explorer in Windows 10. TIP- look in DCIM (Digital Camera IMages) as well a 'pictures' You won't be able to see your contacts that way though, they are in a different part of the memory. Give it a try you have nothing to loose and could
  14. It does sound like #2 then. I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that CCleaner Cloud is just listing all Windows 10 updates that are available at any time, whether they apply to your machine or not. Microsoft itself knows more about what chips, disc drives, programmes, etc. are installed in your particular machine so knows not to offer/give you these updates. Windows 10 does gather a lot of data about your hardware and what software you have installed, and links all this information to your machines unique digital entitlement. I suspect that if CCleaner Cloud started doing t
  15. I suspect that this is a Windows 10 option that you have set, or have inadvertantly turned off. If Windows Updates is not offering you these these driver updates for Windows 10 then either: You do not have this computer set to automatically update drivers, or have turned it off. Some people turn this off not realising that "manufacturerss' apps and custom icons", includes drivers. These are not needed for your computer, (or may already have been installed by another programme). Windows Update is not working properly, you may need to repair your Windows installation.
  16. Have you tried putting the old sim card in the new phone and just going to 'Contacts' to see if they are listed there? Normally that's what I do, put the old sim in, go to contacts to see the numbers on the sim, copy them to the new phones memory, put the new sim in, copy from the memory to the new sim. If they are not there on the sim then you will have to get the screen fixed on the old phone to read them from it's memory. (May be as simple as a loose/broken contact). Another thought, forgetting the phone for a minute, do you have the important numbers saved in your e-m
  17. It depends on the sim card and/or phone and/or service provider. Older sims (32k) stored up to 250 contacts, current 'standard' ones (64k) can hold up to 500. 4G capable cards (128k) can hold more, again it depends on the particular card/phone/provider and how much sim memory they allocate for contact storage. Some providers sims have a much lower limit, eg. Giggaff cards only hold 100 contacts. With an Android phone you could also easily back up your contacts to your google account.
  18. Did you save the numbers to the phone memory or to the sim? If you saved then to sim then just put the sim card into another phone and copy them from the sim. Saving numbers to sim like this also makes it easy to copy them over when you get a new phone. I always save new numbers to the sim rather than the phone memory. You don't say what phone you have, here's the instructions for copying numbers back and forth for a Samsung - other Android phones will be similar. https://devices.vodafone.com.au/web/samsung-galaxy-ace/basic-use/contacts/copy-contacts-between-phone-and-sim
  19. A company computer without any backups? Do you have a designated IT manager? (or did you think you didn't need one/could do it yourself)? If so ask where the backups are, if not then it's an urgent action to appoint one and set a routine for at least daily backups. You might be lucky with recovery of the files - if nobody has used the computer since they were deleted. If these files were essential to the company then don't try and recover them yourself. Stop anyone from using the computer (unplug it) and pay for an experienced technician to recover what they can.
  20. I must have been having a deja-vue moment about battery fires :
  21. Thanks for the explanation of how the Chrome/Avast offers are delivered. (PS. Chrome can also be a pain to remove completely, just uninstalling it is not enough, uninstalling leaves numerous files, registry entries, registry changes, etc. behind). Good to see that you have been able to replicate a delay, even though from the description it does not seem to be the same delay that I am seeing. Hopefully the modification to the installer will prevent any delay in displaying an offer, whatever the cause. As a next step maybe the developers could consider not having the offer s
  22. Yes, it was originally a mixture of the Avast and Chrome offers where I first noticed that there seemed to be a 'long' delay. (ccsetup535.exe and later). All my testing to your instructions has been with ccsetup538.exe, updated version downloaded 14/12/2107, and has always given the Chrome offer. When I was doing my previous testing of different installer versions I was getting offered all 3 (Avast, Chrome, Google Toolbar) at different times. I was concentrating more on the installer version than the actual offer. As said with that testing there was a change following the hijack inci
  23. Tried with Malwarebytes Anti Exploit turned off, still got the 2.5 second delay. Speedtest.net results: Date 1/4/2018 12:50 GMT, Download 4.30 Mbps, Upload 3.09 Mbps, Latency 27 Ms, Server Distance ~50 mi Same laptop as above so all other info is the same. One thing I have noticed is that in all this testing the offer has always been for Chrome (not Avast or Google toolbar), not sure if that is relevant or not?
  24. Just to make clear that I am not running the full Malwarebytes3 in real time. I am running Malwarebytes Anti Exploit stand alone perpetual beta which is a different, though related, programme. It always used to be a seperate programme to Malwarebytes Antimalware, but the 2 programmes got merged with MB3. When I get time I'll disable it and run the installer test again.
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