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  1. As you have v5.64 Free for use with XP then the automatic updates don't apply, (they weren't available in v5.64 Free). If you have Smart Cleaning turned on then it will use some background memory, and will then use more memory when it does a periodic clean. How often it will do a clean will depend on your Smart cleaning settings, but as a user of CCleaner Free you won't be able to change those settings- your only option is to have Smart Cleaning enabled or not. Turn Smart Cleaning off it you don't want it running in the background. You will then have to open CCleaner and clean manu
  2. It's Chinese so may be it's own thing and not Chrome/Firefox based? Winapp2 might include cleaming rules for it but I don't know for sure?
  3. Smart Cleaning, and automatic update checks, run in the background if you have them turned on - but they shouldn't consume "ever growing memory". Can you give us any details/screenshots of that, if a memory leak is indeed happening then the devs will want to track it down and fix it.
  4. As I don't use Chrome I can't say about any updates to it. The best I can suggest is to open and close Chrome a few times without running CCeaner (and turn of browser Smart Cleaning in CCleaner if you have it on) and seeing if it's still logging you out. If it does still log you out then that shows it's not CCleaner doing it. If it's only when you run CCleaner that it logs you out then Chrome may have changed where it stores things and it will take a bit more investigation. (Firefox did similar a few months ago and changed how/where it stores cookies and other things). PS. T
  5. I use Softmaker Free Office. Does everything I want for WP docs and spreadsheets for home use, and there's a presentation (powerpoint) app included although it's not something I use it's handy when you want to see an existing one. Being free it has ads but they're not too obtrusive, plus there is a paid for option if you feel the need for more features/no ads.
  6. nukecad

    Windows 11 ?

    Or maybe not? Now it seems that they may be going for a MacOS style 'location' name: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/not-windows-11-new-windows-10-name-scheme-hinted-in-microsoft-docs/ I wonder how much they are paying people to sit around debating different names? As if users are realy bothered what it's called anyway as long as it works.
  7. The problem is that if you leave things behind following an uninstall (and many apps do) then users complain that it hasn't been completely uninstalled. Most users want an uninstall to remove everything related to the uninstalled app. As suggested the best way if you want to keep a copy for possible future use is to make your own backup of your CCleaner.ini file. I'm always changing settings when answering questions here, so I keep a copy of my CCleaner.ini in my Documents folder so that I can quickly copy/paste it into the CCleaner folder to put my own settings back.
  8. It was more of a suggestion of what may possibly be happening. It can thoeretically happen if your browser is still running in the background. Even though you've closed it a Chromium based browser may still be running in the background - and CCleaner browser is Chromium based. A 'Push Notification' could then cause the browser to open to try and display the notification. It's not usual, but your browser opening randomly is not usual. Close the CCleaner browser and look in Windows Task Manager to see if it is still running as a background task. If you do a google for 'Chrom
  9. It sounds as if the browser may opening in response to something else triggering it. The sort of thing I'm talking about is if you have Facebook (or your email, or...) set to automatically open your browser if/when you get a new message. I'd check your usually open tabs to see if Facebook, or your email, or any other site you visit regularly, is set to do that. (Although I'd expect that to open to the message itself and not just a searchpage)
  10. It is normal and just how a computer works. See this for a fuller explanation:
  11. Are you running Health Check or Custom Clean? If it's Custom Clean then make sure that you have 'Session' unticked for Chrome. It's clearing the browser 'Session' that logs you out of things. (I'd also double-check Chrome's own settings to make sure that you don't have it set to logout on closing. Browser setttings like that will sometimes change themselves as a 'security' measure, it can often happen during a browser update).
  12. Good investigating to eventually track down what the issue was @Epic. It may be clashing because Citrix Receiver reached end of maintenace on Sep 30th 2020 (about a month before you first encountered the issue with a new CCleaner version), and reached end of life on 31st Dec 2020, - so it is no longer maintained or updated. https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX280728 It has been replaced by Citrix Workspace app for Windows. Maybe try that and see if the issue is solved?
  13. By email to: support@ccleaner.com or by using the form on this page: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  14. Can you screenshot your Duplicate Finder settings? That may give more info on what may be happening.
  15. "Local Storage" simply means 'saved somewhere on your computers drive/a physically connected drive' - as opposed to being saved online on a server. It doesn't actually specify any particular location where on the local storage, just that it's there somewhere. You would have to ask the game developers, or maybe other players, just where the game/character data is stored 'locally'. I'd take a guess that it will be somwhere in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local' or '...\AppData\Roaming' (or both), probably in a sub-directory with the name of the game? Note that 'Appdata' is usually
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