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  1. The offer plainly says 1 year 3 pc's (1 jaar,3 pc's), it doesn't say anything there about 2 years. The 2 year CCleaner Pro subscription is normally a higher price than the standard 24.95 for 1 year, (Standard price here in the UK is £24.95 for 1 year, or £44.95 for 2 years). But 2 years isn't included in that Black Friday offer anyway. Your best option is to take the 1 year offer now at 4.95 € (after cashback), and then when it's due to end next year there will no doubt be another, similar, Black Friday offer.
  2. Don't edit the registry; use Task Scheduler see below. I've done some testing and eventually managed to reproduce this problem, (It took me about 10 tries to reproduce it). It looks as if for some reason the scheduled update task is still occasionally, but not always, being created by turning on Smart Cleaning (which it shouldn't be) - and then not being removed if Smart Cleaning is turned off again. (which is right, the update task shouldn't be removed by turning Smart Cleaning off). This is what I did to fix it: Turn off Smart Cleaning and "Keep CCleaner updated automaticall
  3. nukecad

    Cookies Skipped

    It seems unusual that it is skipping both IE and Edge at the same time, what other apps do you have open or minimised when CCleaner is skipping? PS. I'm assuming that you mean it is showing them skipped like this for Firefox? (I had Firefox open). If not then can you post a screenshot of what you mean. Another thought occurs to me. Do you have CCleaner Pro set to clean more than one user profile, and if so are IE and Edge maybe open in that (those) other profile(s)? What are the Windows feedback settings for those other user profiles? The easy way to check that woul
  4. I suspect that you are actually talking about the CCleaner icon appearing in the System Tray when CCleaner is running in the background. There are two things that can run in the background and put that icon there: Options>Smart Cleaning. - if you have any part of Smart Cleaning active then there will be an icon in the system tray. Options>Updates>'Keep CCleaner updated automatically'. - This is a new setting in CCleaner v5.74 and if ticked it will also put an icon in the system tray. If you turn both of those options off then CCleaner will not be running anything
  5. It's correct that if there are no scan results at all then Defender assumes that a scan has never been run on your machine, and so asks to run one when you boot or restart. I'm with Andavari, leave the option unticked in reguar use and just run it once in a while when the Defender scan logs have built up. (You can right-click the option to run a one-off clean, rather than having to tick it, clean, then untick it again). If you do leave the option ticked then you can just start a Defender scan and then carry on with whatever you are doing as Defender does a scan in the background.
  6. A cash refund, (to the account that you used to make the purchase), in the currency that you used to make the purchase. No further purchase is necessary. Please read the Terms and Conditions: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback/terms-and-conditions
  7. nukecad

    Cookies Skipped

    Browsers being skipped is a sign that the browser, or some component/extension of the browser is still running, possibly running in the background. Certain Microsoft apps may also be accessing IE or EDGE even when the browsers themselves are closed, especially if you use a Microsoft account rather than a Local account. Check in Task Manager to see if anything IE or EDGE related is still running after they have been closed. Is this New EDGE or Legacy EDGE? New Edge is Chromium based and may run background tasks when closed, see this for how to stop that: https://www.windowscent
  8. The 'icon always in the system tray' has already been fixed with v5.74.8198. If you still have v5.74.8184 then please update by clicking on 'Check for Updates' in the bottom left corner. Then disable both Smart Cleaning and 'Keep Ccleaner updated automatically' if you don't want an icon in the tray. The dump file issue is still to be fixed.
  9. You are just a bit early making the claim. That's a new offer (it's Black Friday time again) and the claim/redemption page isn't active until tomorrow, 25th Nov. It looks like the "promotion has ended" message has simply been left over from the last cashback promotion, and hasn't been changed. @Dave CCleanerworth making a note to change that wording when a new cashback offer is due the and the new T&C's are put up? Looking at the terms and conditions for the current cashback offer it says: So it's too early to redeem it yet, give it a day - in fact give it two days b
  10. First to note that this thread was about CCleaner v5.64, a full 10 versions ago, so yours is unlikely to be the same issue with the current v5.74. Your issue sounds more like an an antivirus or Windows problem rather than CCleaner itself. The fact that CCleaner is not appearing in the Task Manager indicates that CCleaner is not launching/running at all, and so it can't be interfering. If it was launching but getting stuck then you would still see it in Task Manager, with a 'Not Responding' flag. That again looks like something is happening before CCleaner gets to launch,
  11. nukecad

    wont defrag

    Well different defragmenters will report different things, but a 40% difference seems a lot. Can you post screenshots of your Defreggler screen both before and following a defrag?
  12. All good questions. There is only a 'Trial' download on the webpage, although it does show a price to buy. I've just downloaded installed Kamo to see what it's doing and for me the 'Upgrade now' button does nothing. If I go to Menu>Settings there is an 'Activate' button, but that just asks for an activation code. There is this documentation about activating Kamo, but it doesn't say anything about how to purchase an activation code: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045987731-How-do-I-activate-Kamo- As Kamo is still a fairly new product then it's poss
  13. I think you may have misread/misunderstood my post. It's not just Smart Cleaning that can now put a CCleaner icon in the System Tray. Automatic updating can now also put an icon in the System Tray. The 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' option has been changed in CCleaner v5.74, it now runs as a background task which it didn't do before. (And Free users didn't have Automatic Updates before). It's that new background task which can also put an icon in the system tray. The startup task that it creates if selected can be easily turned off, there is nothing sneaky about it.
  14. As far as I'm aware there has been no change to CCleaner policy, however browsers like Chrome and Firefox are constantly changing. (Chrome especially). If your Chrome was being cleaned in the past but isn't now then it may be that Chrome, or a Chrome extension you have added at some time, is now still running a background task after you have closed it. See this for more information about how to stop Chrome background tasks: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204210674-Why-is-Chrome-cleaning-being-skipped-
  15. CCleaner for Mac has not yet had an update since Big Sur was released to market; no doubt there will be a few issues that are being worked on for the next CCleaner for Mac update. There are some reported problems with Big Sur itself, so any future patches that Apple may make could also complicate things. https://www.techradar.com/uk/how-to/macos-11-big-sur-problems-how-to-fix-the-most-common-issues PS. Big Sur is no longer OS X, it's a whole new version - macOS 11
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