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  1. @xCleanI also can't see what your post has to do with CCleaner - but I do recognise it as an attempt to help others. So please read the rest of this. I think that you misunderstand who a forum moderator is, and what moderating a forum entails. Forum moderators are users who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and trustworthy, but there is more to it than that. You also have to know about spammers and their tactics; how to spot/ban them so that they don't annoy everyone else - it's pre-requiste for being invited to be a moderator. You cannot ask to be a moderator, you a
  2. That's it - the renewal nags should stop in time, but otherwise uninstall your curent CCleaner and reinstall the free version. You will still get the occasional nag to upgrade/purchase Pro.
  3. Don't know why it's taking so long for you. If the disc/files were badly fragmented to start with it could take a few long runs to get it all organised. The other main factors are how much free space there is on the disc (the more the better), how much RAM you have (the more...), how fast your CPU is (the faster ...), and if you or your computer is doing anything else at the same time. And of course how you personally use your computer and what for. As I say Defraggler tries to do the best of both defrag and consolidate so if you defrag once a week then things should get mo
  4. I've previously posted a workaround for the Skip UAC issue: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59402-turning-off-giving-ccleaner-permission-everytime-windows-10-boots-workround/?tab=comments#comment-324431 I'll repeat the basic steps here: That resets the scheduled task for Windows 10, it should be similar for Win7 or Win8 and is worth trying. I haven't found a workround for the INI issue yet though.
  5. Defraggler as default runs a combination of defragment and consolidate. (They are two different things although both are refered to as simply defragmenting). Defragmenting puts each individual file into one piece so that it can be accessed (slightly) more quickly. Consolidation put all the files as close together as possible (contiguous) to save space on the drive. As said, by default Defraggler does a combination of the two to try and give you the best of both. - But you can force it to do either one or the other. If you do an Analyze and then 'View files', select the files a
  6. Irfanview is still going and still supported, I use it as my prefered photo viewer/editor. As Dave CCleaner says it can often open files that other viewers can't. There is no native MAC version of Irfanview but it can be used on MACs, see the question/answer here: https://www.irfanview.com/faq.htm#PAGE15
  7. This is an offical Piriform/CCleaner forum and as such is dedicated to CCleaner and other Piriform software. Did you not realise that any reply on an official product forum is likely to be a tad biased toward that product? (And that plugs for rival products will be removed). There are plenty of comparison sites on the internet.
  8. Again that's probably an issue reaching the servers, which Health Check needs to do. It could be due to the servers themselves, or your internet connection, or your Antivirus/Firewall blocking access to the server. To help narrow down what your problem may be being caused by try the following in order: Run a clean using Custom Clean instead of Health Check. Then run Tools>Startup; don't do anything, just click on it and watch if it sticks or crashes. (That's the equivalent of Health Checks 'Speed' section). Then run Tools>Software updater, it takes a few secon
  9. I imagine that the total size of deleted files that Recuva has found is reported by Windows as above 1TB - when all the original filesizes of the deleted files it has found are added up. Obviously in your case the data for some those files is no longer all there though. (The deleted data that has been overwritten again will not be recoverable). If the cluster(s) used by a deleted file are then used again by another file, which is then deleted and the clusters used again by another file, which is then deleted and the clusters used again, and so on ..... then those particular cluster
  10. @Aaron0x42 Nothing in my reply is incorrect. (Not even the comment about cotton vs silk shirts). Why you think that a reply to the original poster about his drive being seen as a SDD and so some options being greyed out has anything whatsoever to do with your hard drive is baffling? You don't even say if you are having an issue or not, so all I will note is that wiping free space on a 10TB hard drive is going to take a long time.
  11. I'm not sure why that is happening. It may be a glitch with the new system. We have no access to the licensing system here on the forum, so you will have to email support to try and get this resolved. EDIT - Sorry I forgot to say contact the Licensing/Support team by email to: support@ccleaner.com In the meantime I will flag this up to the staff.
  12. Have you updated to the new version of CCleaner that has been released today? In Options>About you can now have more control to manage your licences. I don't know if this may be related to your problem but it is worth a look.
  13. Do you have a multimeter to test the battery output? If it's OK for a week or two before cropping up again then you may just be fitting old or duff batteries that are dying after a week or two, especially if you're getting them all from the same source. They have a long shelf life but it's not infinite. Plus if you are getting cheap/counterfeit ones then who knows, and unfortunately there are many fakes out there even on places like Amazon. Other than that then as you say check the contacts, a pencil eraser is good for cleaning contacts. Also I'm sure that you already have b
  14. At least they haven't tried to copy Apple/Android with silly names that mean nothing sensible. (Apart from Windows Vista of course). Apple seem to be stuck on mountains/deserts, and Android seems to be running a sweet shop.
  15. Yes we understand why they are doing it to avoid confusion with the year/month format, the question was why use "H" (which is an accounting term/shorthand for the year half) and not "U" (for update/upgrade)? Come to that, why not even "V" for version - as in 20V1 and 20V2? That would be more in keeping with usual software version naming. It would even let them have a 20V3 if necessary (you can't sensibly have a 3rd year half). I guess that using the accounting terms "H1/H2" for year halves just shows that Microsoft is being run by the accountants?
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