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  1. Surplus information; once you have Edge Chromium then MS will update it automatcally so why look to a 3rd party? It's not been pushed out on Windows Update yet, but was fully RTM on 15th January and is included in new Windows installations since then. If you want it now then you can download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge?form=MA13DE&OCID=MA13DE
  2. Post moved to 'Hardware' section. To get a missing drive letter back in various circumstances see this: In particular Section 3. "Drive letter missing in Windows Disk Management". https://www.diskpart.com/articles/drive-letter-missing-4125.html
  3. I've just tried it. Copied an image to a different folder, searched for duplicates in CCleaner which found them, then ticked one of the boxes and deleted one of the duplicates using CCleaner. All went exactly as expected. If you could give us more details of what you are doing/seeing, and maybe screenshots, we maybe able to work out what your issue is.
  4. I'm not sure why CCleaner isn't removing it. "Environment Path" is supposed to remove 'Orphaned' path variables, (not empty paths), so maybe some app is still refering to that path meaning that it is not 'orphaned'? Can you not just delete it from the environment variable editor? (Which will of course mean that whatever app is refering to it will not be able to find it, or will recreate it when next run).
  5. This Topic is seven years old. Computers and their operating sytems have changed a lot since then. Please start a new thread if you are having a problem.
  6. If it's an office PC then is it networked and so saving files to a server rather than on it's own hard drive? That's the way it's been in every office I've worked in, all files are saved on to the central server so that all employees can access them, and so they can easily be backed up from one place. Ask your IT/system administrator if there is a backup, any decently run office makes a backup of files at least daily.
  7. Chrome can sometimes be over enthusiastic with that download warning. See here for how to prevent it: https://windowsreport.com/type-of-file-can-harm-computer/ As to why it is flagging ccsetup563.exe: Chrome may just be flagging all '.exe' files that you try to download. But it is partially correct; CCleaner could harm your computer - if you use it incorrectly. So can a lot of other things if you use them incorrectly. CCleaner has a registry cleaner included, and some other advanced tools that you need to be careful when using. If the registry cleaner is used indiscriminately by someone who is not technically experienced, and so doesn't know what they are doing, then it can cause problems with your computer, especially with Windows 10. We advise not to use the registry cleaner with Windows 10. (Unless you are very sure what you are doing). So the warning is just that - It's saying that CCleaner contains some advanced tools and so you need to be careful if using some of the advanced features/tools of CCleaner.
  8. You are new to the forum, (and I'm afraid it shows). You have just replied a 9 years old post, the version of SliTaz being discussed here (v3.0) is well out of date. SliTaz is now at version 5.0. Please check the date when a post was last replied to before adding your own replies. It's shown at the top of every post made.
  9. As you say this is with your phone then I assume that this is CCleaner for Android. Whilst you can make apps and selected cookies 'exceptions' in the regular CCleaner, so that they dont get deleted, unfortunately this 'excluding' is not available in the Android version. The Android version of CCleaner is a bit like the 'EasyClean/Healthcheck' option on the PC - in that it cleans what it does and you have little/no control over just what it clears. (And yes, CCleaner android does clear WhatsApp files). So if it's clearing things that you don't want cleared there is currently only one answer, don't use it. PS. I've moved this into the Android sub-forum.
  10. It can happen now and again that Windows loses track of desktop icons. Have you tried resetting/rebuilding the Windows icon cache? See here for how to do that: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-reset-icon-cache-database-windows-10
  11. That's the pop-up you get when you close the browser. Are you seeing it at other times? To expand on Hazelnut's post: Open CCleaner and go to Options > Smart Cleaning Under 'Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning' you will see your installed browsers listed, with next to them a drop down section for the cleaning choices. You can set a different choice for each of your browsers. The choices are: Do not monitor browser. Prompt me to clean on closing. Automatically clean on closing with notification. Automatically clean on closing without notification. So if you want to clean the browser when you close it but don't want the pop-up then you would select choice #4. If you don't want to clean a particular browser when you close it then select choice #1 If you don't want it to automatically clean any browser then untick 'Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning'. (or select #1 for all browsers). If you don't want it to automatically clean anything at all then untick 'Enable Smart Cleaning'.
  12. At least you know a few things to try if it happens again. Maybe yesterdays storm was messing up the power supply and/or the server connection, so CCleaner couldn't connect to check for updates, etc.?
  13. Is it opening and not doing anything for a while, or just not opening? From what you say I'm guessing the second. There are a few things that could cause a delay at launch: If you are using Winapp2.ini it can be slow to load if you haven't trimmed out the entries not needed on your PC. Your firewall settings may be preventing CCleaner from connecting, we have seen this cause launch delays in the past, (it can also cause issues if you have the new Health Check feature, and with the Software Updater in CC Pro). I have in the past seen an issue where CC was slow to launch if there was a Windows Update that had been downloaded but was awaiting a restart to install. I've also seen the 'Skip' UAC control cause it if switched on. If it's winapp2 then trim it down or remove it altogether. If it's the firewall then making the CCleaner folder an exception in you Anti-Virus (or Windows Defender) usually cures it. If it's a pending Windows Update, then install the update. Never found a real cure for the Skip UAC, but that seemed to be a Windows thing that cured itself. As a workaround if you turn on active monitoring then CCleaner will start in the background with the computer, and so you shouldn't see the delay when you launch it yourself because it's already running.
  14. Whilst I've not seen a comparison chart as such, the documentation does say what CCleaner for MAC will do. The Documentation for each version has a section called 'What it can and can't do". Windows version documentation says that it can find duplicate files, the Mac documentation doesn't https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/introducing-ccleaner/what-it-can-and-cant-do https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner-for-mac/introducing-ccleaner-for-mac/what-it-can-and-cant-do There are also plenty of online reviews of CCleaner for MAC, did you not notice that none of them mention the duplicate finder?
  15. The duplicate finder tool is not available in CCleaner for MAC, it's only available in the Windows version.
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