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  1. The install of CCleaner browser has changed some of your file associations, so their icons now show the ccleaner logo and if you double click them they will open in the CCleaner browser. Most browsers will do that during the install, unless you specifically tell them not to. If you don't want them to open in the browser then you simply have to reset the associations for the affected filetypes back to whatever app you do want them to open in. See this post for how to do that: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57890-don/?tab=comments#comment-318193
  2. I'm not sure why we are suddenly having a resurgence of this question, must be a surge in new users. But yes - there is an explanation (actually more than one) for why some files will always come back immediately after cleaning. It isn't finding more stuff, it's finding the same stuff that it has already cleaned which has come straight back again and is now (usually) empty. It's just the way a computer works. It got to be such a frequent question previously that I wrote a longer explanation of why this happens and what you can do to stop some of it, you can find it here: https://
  3. nukecad

    Print Option

    Please check the dates on threads before replying - You have replied to a thread where the previous post is over 11 years old. Speccy has for years now had a 'Save as text file' option in the file menu.
  4. Just to add that if/when you do delete all those files Defender will then think that it has never run a scan, and may prompt you to run one.
  5. Prompted by this thread: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60419-how-do-i-exclude-a-software-from-updates/?tab=comments#comment-328834 Allow exclusions to be set in Software Updater for softwares that the user doesn't want updating. Possibly a more radical policy change - Allow limited customisation of Health Check so that 'Security' can be disabled if a user doesn't want software update checks everytime they run it. ie. Let it revert back to QuickClean/Easy Clean if that's what the user wants. I can see a couple of way that that could be easilly achieved. (One is very simple
  6. There isn't currently a way to add an exclude to the software updater, but there is something that you can do to prevent CCleaner trying to update things. If you use Health Check then it runs the software updater each and every time you use it. If instead you use Custom Clean it never runs the Software Updater, you have to run it seperately from the Tools menu. (or do a Health Check). So if you use Custom Clean as your default it won't try to update other softwares. (Unless you run Software Update or Health Check). To set Custom Clean to be your default then go to Options >
  7. Just updating Defender fixed it for me. The logfiles in the hidden folder still needed manually deleting though.
  8. Haven't we seen that, or a similar, Defender logs bug before? Just checked and It's made 184 entries in that directory so far today, and is creating more as I watch. Most are 2KB but there is one from yesterday that's 2MB. Look at the timestamps here: I've updated Defender as suggested in that article, and deleted all those files and the directory is not filling up again. It isn't a directory that CCleaner cleans by default so if you are affected, and it seem that many/most are, then you'll have to delete them manually.
  9. You would see the same/similar if you ran Custom Clean twice in a row. It's normal and will always happen, if you run either/any type of clean repeatedly it will always find some files again just after they have been cleaned. It's just the way computers work. We get asked about it so often that I wrote an explantion and put a link in my signature to explain why it happens. But not everyone has the signature display turned on so here it is again:
  10. CCleaner is no longer flagging VCL as needing an udate. (Software Updater is showing the current v3.0.12 as correct).
  11. My mistake based on what the official Videolan site downloaded for me when I Googled for 3.0.13. I hadn't actually checked to see if there was a later Android version, just went with what it had downloaded. The latest Android version is downloadable through Google Playstore, Amazon Apps, or apk mirrors rather than from the Videolan site. The updating issue with CCleaner seems to have been fixed now - neither Health Check or Software Updater are shouting that there is a new version. PS. This VLC issue is not an update suggestion for CCleaner v6; so I've split these 4 posts into
  12. It is a problem at VLC. They seem to have have pulled (retraced) the release of v3.0.13 for Windows while they fix a problem. EDIT- CCleaner should have stopped bugging you about it now.
  13. Think I saw somewhere about the checksums being wrong?
  14. The link that Hazelnut gives above was working, but currently gives a '404 Not Found' error. The official VideoLan website is still giving 3.0.12 as the latest download. Checking for Updates from within VLC itself also says that 3.0.12 is still the latest version. Which suggest that 3.0.13 for Windows has been 'pulled' from the official download index, possibly because a bug/glitch was found at the last minute? (It happens). Quite a few sites have mirror copies of the 3.0.13 downloads for Windows that were there, but personally I wouldn't install them. I'll wait for the offi
  15. Are you getting an error message? See the registration advice here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional If that article doesn't help then please contact support by email to: support@ccleaner.com Use the same email where you got the confirmation email if you can, or tell them what it was so that they can find your purchase. PS. Please don't post any specific reference or licence numbers, or any pesonal details, on this open forum - sombody could steal them.
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