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  1. I'll raise a glass to that. PS. Enjoy your Sunday roast, however you choose to carve it.
  2. I'm not sure just what you mean by that, if you mean something else then let us know - but I suspect that you are talking about the CCleaner icon in the Sytem Tray? If so they you are the second this week to raise this query, and it isn't Smart Cleaning that is putting the icon there. "Keep CCleaner Updated Automatically", which was recently added as a bonus to CCleaner Free, now also runs a different background task if it is enabled and so Windows puts an icon in the tray. If you turn off Automatic Updating then the icon should disappear as it did for that other user earlier th
  3. @Rostia CCleaner This glitch has been going on for a while, to save you a bit of searching here are some previous threads about it: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57030-ccleaner-v5647613-cleaning-duplication-doubling-bug/?tab=comments#comment-315847 https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59682-duplicate-items-are-listed-to-be-cleaned-after-analysis-in-v-5758238/?tab=comments#comment-325613 https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59202-ccleaner-duplicates-all-items-on-selection-window/?tab=comments#comment-323371 I've occasionally seen it myself, but it's intermitten
  4. Glad to help, that now rules out the automatic updater putting the icon there but is your Startup still showing Smart Cleaning as enabled? Do a restart and if Smart Cleaning is still showing 'enabled' then I suggest that you follow the steps as linked.
  5. Good, Note that the system Tray Icon may also be put there if you have "Keep CCleaner Automatically Updated" selected on Options>Update. Automatic updating is fairly new in the Free version and is now also accomplished by means of a Windows background task so Windows puts the icon in the tray. (It checks at boot and then once every 12 hours for a CCleaner version update). Of course your screenshot shows that the Smart Cleaning is enabled. I think that what you are seeing is an odd glitch that popped up for some users when that Automatic Updating was first introduced. (In
  6. When you say that Smart Cleaner is re-enabling itself to launch with Windows what is it that you are seeing that makes you believe that? Could you also post a screenshot of what you are seeing on the Startup Tab? If it's just the startup tab then I believe that you may be missunderstanding the startup tab options. (If it's something else then we can take a look). 'Deleting' and entry from CCleaners Startup list simply removes it from that list, it doesn't actually remove the task from Windows or change it's status. 'Disabling' a task stops it from being run by Windows.
  7. I originally posted that from my phone and just edited it to add the link at the same time that johnccleaner commented.
  8. Windows 10 itself will occasionaly "intelligently" defrag an SSDs, as well as the more usual/frequent optimise. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/the-real-and-complete-story-does-windows-defragment-your-ssd (Although there have been past reports of Windows defragging SSD's too often, and also sometimes trying to 'Trim' HDDs. Looks like Microsoft have more work to do on drive type recognition).
  9. I can attest that Windows OS can still see drives as the wrong type. I recently bought an SSD to swap with the HDD in this laptop, but when connected by USB in an external enclosure Win 10 20H2 wrongly sees the new drive as an HDD. However if I connect it to a different laptop with Win 10 1909 that sees it correctly as an SSD. (The drive swap is on hold for now while I figure it out, or possibly Windows will sort itself out with 21H1?).
  10. Have you successfuly installed CCleaner? It should show as an installed app if you have installed it. Usually just above Cortana. (The portable version won't show of course because that is not installed). Is it showing in CCleaner's own uninstall tool?
  11. Inspired by this thread: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60322-windows-10-hklm-registry-keys-not-honoured-for-non-admin-users/?tab=comments#comment-328394 How about the ability to disable GUI buttons for features/tools that you don't want to be used? Or that you don't want your kids or other members of your family using easily. eg. Preventing your kids from cleaning the registry or wiping a drive, just to see what it does. It could be made something as simple as a right-click option to 'Disable/Enable this button/tool'.
  12. TBH they are not something that Piriform would want users to be changing anyway. They'd want everyone to be using the standard GUI. Those reg keys are 'leftover' from the development of the features which is why if you turn off the Health Check button you then get a button for the earlier 'Easy Clean' instead, and have to turn that off too - although the reg key still calls it the even earlier 'Quick Clean'. Both Quick Clean and Easy Clean (and Software Updater) were earlier versions on the development path of Health Check and the reg keys were so they could be easily turned on/off duri
  13. You may (or may not) already be aware that if you use Chrome above version 89 then you may have been recruited without your knowledge in a trial by Google of a replacement for 3rd party cookies. This shouldn't happen if you are in Europe because of GDPR, but who knows with Google, and if you use a VPN that says you are outside Europe then Google may see you as fair game. It's only Google Chrome that's affected (for now). It's called FLoC and is a new way of 'fingerprinting' you and putting you in a group of users with similar browsing habits so that your browsing habits can then
  14. That wouldn't work, the .ini saves CCleaner's settings but not the registry keys . Those particular reg. keys change the appearance of the GUI and that can't be set from within CCleaner itself. (Although maybe you should be able to do so as advanced options.).
  15. Good to hear. That sounds as if it may have been a problem at the download server, or somewhere on route to the server, that has now been fixed.
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