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  2. The question is simply is the current system good enough in regards to disabling UAC skip? UAC skip is allowed by default but you can turn it off. If a portable version is set to skip UAC it's set that way for every user, but you could put it in a folder standard users have no access too. Is that good enough? Maybe. I wouldn't have the option personally.
  3. You could stop certain software and cripple/crash a computer by deleting protected files. I think I said that in one of my first posts.
  4. There are lots of situations where employees, the public, contractors, guests would have access to a computer but you may not "trust" them. What a silly thing to say. Who should you trust absolutely? Do you do give everyone a polygraph before they touch the computer? And of course giving a standard user (remotely or in person) the ability to delete anything can be used "maliciously"/"weaponized". Nergal and Andavari admitted that much.
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  6. @AlvaroS: If you check his original post you can see that he did have correspondence with the CCleaner support team. He raised his original request on October the 9th and received a personalised response < 10 minutes later. When he still had problems the following day, support generated him a replacement licence key within a few hours - which (after a couple of reminders from us that he needed to use the new licence key that had been provided, rather than the old one) was successfully registered last week. As per my response to your other post, you will need to email support@ccleaner.com (note the 2 "c"s in the domain name) to get personalised support specific to your subscription. They will be more than happy to help you out.
  7. dophi

    V5.86 startup

    Thanks Dave. I was quite certain I was upgrading with the free version. I tried your link and got the same results - the pop-up requesting activation.
  8. There is always a bit of a catch-up after the weekend, but currently there are no requests in the CCleaner support queue raised by paid customers more than 24 hours ago that have not yet received a personalised response. Even the oldest request from free users is less than 36 hours old. I would encourage you to check your email. If you contacted CCleaner support you would have automatically received an immediate automated response acknowledging receipt of your request with the subject line: "[Request received] We've received your request. Please check this email for additional information (and some links that may help you while you wait)." If you have not seen one of those, please check that: you did actually send your request to support@ccleaner.com that you've checked your spam folder for any responses from the support team
  9. If you don't want to receive email reminders about your subscription, there is an opt-out link at the bottom of each email for your to set your preferences.
  10. Sounds like you were previously using the free version of CCleaner 5.85 and downloaded the trial version of CCleaner Professional from the website instead of CCleaner Free when trying to update? If you have Automatic Updates switched on then you would have updated directly. But you can also go directly to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard (link starts the download) to grab the free version.
  11. dophi

    V5.86 startup

    Trying to update to V5.86 . When I start Ccleaner, I get a popup asking to activate my 14 day trial. I can not find a way to bypass/ignore the activation request. I'm being forced to stay with v5.85 . Is there a way to perform the update without the activation or is this a new approach? Thanks.
  12. Which again points to the fact that it is something related to Chrome that has been 'broken'. If it was something in Windows then it would affect Firefox too. Have you tried the fixes for Chrome SSL errors in that latest link? Other options: Did you make a backup when the registry cleaner asked you to? Do you have a system restore point from before you ran the Registry Cleaner?
  13. Yes sir. Even when using VPN - the same problem/ without VPN too OperaGX with VPN (screenshot below). For example in the Mozilla Firefox Browser with VPN or without i don't have a such problem with SSL-certificates (screensholt below)
  14. Moved/Edited by NUKECAD - This was originally posted on the Home User forum, as it is actually CCleaner Cloud I've moved it to the relevant forum. The 'solution' being talked about below is the general recycle bin reset. In my situation, this solution doesn't work. The locations for Documents, etc., are on a network location... so for example, Documents are on \\IP_ADDRESS\FOLDER\Documents. Deleting the Recycle Bin folder in that location doesn't work. I'm wondering if this is also a problem with the Cloud version we use at work. Update... the version I'm using is 5.86.9258.
  15. Hi @Edwin Li thanks for reporting this. Support would love to look into it furtherly. Can you please contact them at support@ccleaner.com?
  16. IHi @RrrDdd n some cases, a newer driver may actually have a smaller version number. This is because different manufacturers use different numbering ranges. For example, for a Intel device on Windows 10, the version of a default Microsoft driver can be 10.0.19041.1 (date: 06/21/2006), but the newer driver supplied by Intel may have a driver version (date 07/31/2013). The Intel driver is preferred because its release date has a higher priority.
  17. Hi @Mar&co Thanks for reporting this, we have tracked the problem and fix will be should go into the release next month
  18. I note that above you mentioned using a VPN. Do you still have the issue if you don't use the VPN? Here are some more things to try (including simply telling Chrome to ignore SSL errors, not very secure but ...) https://techcult.com/fix-ssl-certificate-error-google-chrome/
  19. As I suspected the error is "CERT_DATE_INVALID", saying that the SSL is out of date. However I visited your link (in Firefox) and on checking the sites certificate it is in date. So, and especially as you are getting the same error on other sites, it's an issue with the Chrome on your machine. It has probably been caused by using the Registry Cleaner, - You should not use any Registry Cleaner with Windows 10 (or 8, or 11) unless it's for a specific reason, see here for the CCleaners advice: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59952-i-get-a-registry-error-on-ccleaner-on-windows-10-i-have-scanned-5-times/?tab=comments#comment-326804 Obviously the first thing to check is that your system date and time is correct. Sometimes the little CMOS battery inside your computer runs out so it can't keep the time/date when turned off. There are steps here for trying to fix SSL problems in Chrome: https://www.ssls.com/blog/how-to-fix-google-chrome-ssl-certificate-errors-in-a-few-simple-steps/ TBH though I suspect that you will need to update, restore, reset, or even uninstall/reinstall Chrome to fix the registry entries for it. (In the worst cases of a damaged registry you may need to repair Windows itself). https://www.wikihow.com/Repair-Google-Chrome
  20. Another important question - Did you use the Registry Cleaner tool in CCleaner? - Yes. Is this happening for ALL websites or just some? - For most websites. For example - https://stackoverflow.com/ - NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID with many other sites similarly With YT/GOOGLE/Twitch i don't have such a problem.
  21. Glad you found the cause. (Good testing) That "Network Passwords" option is unselected by default (and Health Check's rules wouldn't include it for cleaning) so it shouldn't bother anyone who doesn't tick it themselves in Custom Clean. Still the information may be of help to others, so I'll change the thead title so that anyone who is having the same problem can find it more easily.
  22. Can you post a screenshot/clip of one of the messages you are getting about the SSL? Preferably showing the URL of the site being blocked. SSL certificate do need to renewed now and again and some websites are tardy about that. Whilst some browsers will still display them, other are more strict and will block a site with an out of date, or otherwise 'faulty', SSL. (Although if you are seeing multiple SSL issues with different sites then there may be another cause). Is this happening for ALL websites or just some? Another important question - Did you use the Registry Cleaner tool in CCleaner?
  23. Hi nukecad, A friend of mine suggested I try openning Chrome and select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data and clear Browsing History, Cookies and Other Site Data and Cached Images and Files. This I did and now the new CCleaner Free version 5.86.9258 works OK. Thanks for your help. John
  24. How do you think that CCleaner could be used in an attack? I can think of one possible (not probable) way in which an advanced user who knows what they are doing and who already has access to your computer might possibly use CCleaner to delete files that CCleaner wouldn't normally touch. But it is not something that someone would do accidentally. (Although never say never, it would take a number of specific steps to do) I haven't tried it to delete system files as a non-admin user, but it may be possible. However if sombody malicious already has physical access to your computer then you have bigger problems. If you don't trust someone then don't let them use your computer. And if they are not physically sat at your computer (hacked in) then they already have elevated access anyway.
  25. Thanks for that. I was pretty sure that was the case but thought I would seek confirmation -- just to be sure.
  26. You must enter the name exactly as it was registered. (People have been known to misspell their own name when registering). It is best to copy and paste it from your confirmation email. For more on problems when registering see the link below: If still having problems, you can use the 'Contact us' button there to contact support. Debe ingresar el nombre exactamente como fue registrado. (Se sabe que las personas escriben mal su propio nombre al registrarse). Es mejor copiarlo y pegarlo desde su correo electrónico de confirmación. Para obtener más información sobre los problemas al registrarse, consulte el enlace a continuación: Si aún tiene problemas, puede usar el botón 'Contáctenos' allí para comunicarse con el soporte. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional#if-you-get-an-error-saying-that-your-license-key-is-not-valid--0-9
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