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  2. >Your network showing as public is a setting you make when you first connect to a network, you have told it not to let your computer be discoverable on that network so it's public.< Did you mean "you have told it to let your computer be discoverable on that network" (without the "not")?
  3. It's a setting (well 3 different ones) that controls if there is an icon or not in the system tray. See this for an explanation:
  4. The tray icon no longer appears in the notification area of Win 10 taskbar.
  5. That's the Windows Defender Firewall, which is different to the Windows Defender antivirus. Although complimentary as part of 'Windows Security' they work seperately, and can be configured seperately. Windows Defender antivirus will have turned itself off when it saw another AV was installed. If you uninstall the other AV then Windows Defender antivirus will turn itself on again. Malwarebytes lets you choose to keep Windows Defender AV running at the same time as Malwarebytes if you want tho have both running. Something you shouldn't normally do with traditional AV's, but
  6. Thanks. I have ESET NOD32 installed and running. About Windows Defender, I never even think about it but looked just now and see the attached status. What seems strange to me is that my network right here at home, "seri_art 5", appears under "Guest or public networks". When I was trying to install the ccleaner update, I did try disabling ESET and that didn't change anything.
  7. Malwarebytes is not known for blocking CCleaner. Malwarebytes doesn't usually block downloads or installs, it monitors for an app/programme trying to alter something that it shouldn't have access to. Other AV's can be variable in blocking CCleaner installs. We see it mostly when a CCleaner updated version is newly released. It can take a few days, or in some cases weeks, before all AV's update their databases to include the new version. Some are more prone to slow definition updates than others. Other than that what AV's mostly object to is the 'offer' for other software that i
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks, that worked perfectly! Does that mean that each time I want to update ccleaner that I need to download the latest "Slim" installer? I now note that I installed MalwareBytes after the prior ccleaner update. Would that the the issue?
  10. We see this now and again and it's usually something blocking the download. Ususally it's an avtivirus, and if it's changed from what it used to do then it could be a change/update to an antivirus. Our first suggestion is to download the 'Slim' installer and use that to install the update. It installs/updates the same CCleaner, but troublesome AV's don't object to it as much as they might to the Standard installer. You can find the Slim installer here, third one down: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds If that doesn't work then please come back with more details of yo
  11. Ccleaner Free v5.77.8448(64-bit), Windows 10, set to update automatically and also to notify me of updates available. It stopped updating automatically or notifying me a while ago. Now, when I open Ccleaner, click "Check for updates", it opens a window saying "A new version is available". I click on "Update Now" and it displays a horizontal progress bar showing the update downloading, and then Ccleaner closes without updating.
  12. Hi Friends, I am new member joined today. Hi to all !
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  14. The above is a trusted tool by me and other moderators, in case you're worried
  15. - SPECCY uses WMI to pull up A LOT OF information. - Run Tweaking's Windows Repair. The program will "repair" & rebuild WMI. Run in the program - at least - repair #5 (Repair WMI). That should do the trick. Weblink: www.Tweaking.com
  16. We have seen problems with accented names before, but I think that was the forum not product registration? @Dave CCleaner Could you pick this query up.
  17. Hi there! When trying to register my license I get a message of wrong name... My name includes special caracter "´" (acute), so I think that is the problem... How to solve it? Thanx!
  18. Big Sur is both v10.16 and v11.## Apple decided to change the OS version to 11 at a late stage just before final release. The official explanation why it is both is that it's for compatibility reasons. That's so some apps will see it as a minor update rather than as a whole new operating system. So depending on just where in the OS you look for the version number, and how you ask, it will tell you different things. Some variables will tell you it's v10.16, other variables will tell you it's v11.#, some variables even give you the different answer depending on how you ask.
  19. The term 'Defrag' has always been used for both processes, it just which is more important for most users that has changed over time. I know what you mean about running more than once to get things setttkes, TBH it's that long since I've had to do that because once it's done it originally then it tends to stay that way and only needs one run. Of course if you run a full disk defrag that may/will fragment files again, best to stick with file defrag only. (And don't use more than one defragmenter, each uses their own algorithms and tend to undo what the other does). I got an SSD a
  20. That seems to have worked! Thank you very much for figuring all this out. A lot of people count on people like yourself.
  21. Update: Retested with the latest release build: 5.79.8704 You still need to do this. I've just put the Compatibility tab for CCleaner.exe back to defaults and it's exactly say as it was when I posted it in February. But as no one's replied to the thread I'm guessing it's not been looked at yet? Thanks
  22. From thread https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58035-is-ccleaner-free-compatible-with-windows-on-arm-surface-pro-x/?do=findComment&comment=328963 1 hour ago, super62down said: Still looking for a solution to loading CCleaner Pro onto a Surface Pro X. I can see that bradavon was able to find a work around by unchecking a cache button in the properties, but how do you get the CCleaner properties to open if the program isn't loading to begin with? Apologies I could've been cleared. You don't do it in the app but either of these places: Right Click on the
  23. Hi. I've replied to the thread where I discussed it: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60006-ccleaner-wont-open-on-windows-on-arm-surface-pro-x-pc
  24. at a guess it looks like windows WMI service is not running. Can you confirm that wmi is running and not disabled
  25. Hy everybody. Today I installed Speccy and when it opens it appears what you can see in the attached photo. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much. P.S. The sentence written in orange means: The executable that expects this service to run does not implement the service. My PC has windows 7.
  26. Still looking for a solution to loading CCleaner Pro onto a Surface Pro X. I can see that bradavon was able to find a work around by unchecking a cache button in the properties, but how do you get the CCleaner properties to open if the program isn't loading to begin with?
  27. I just updated my CCleaner Pro after installing Mac OSX 11.3.1 Big Sur a couple of months ago. I noticed that the top right corner of my CCPro lists my operating system as the OLD OSX 10.16 (Catalina) instead of OSX 11.3.1 Big Sur. (Please see the screenshot attached.) I don't understand this. Can someone explain it to me? Does it matter, or should I just ignore it? Thanks!
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