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  2. mmmh, yes. on w8.1 too. i use the portable version and there i can only try "skip user account..." on v5.72 and v5.73
  3. Hi guys, I was facing some what similar problem and I was unable to run setup for Ccleaner free version. I tried turning off my antivirus and some other stuff but it wasn't working. Then someone recommended me to download ccleaner from somewhere else and I don't know how but it worked. If anyone is facing problems in downlading ccleaner than you should try downloading it somewhere other than the official site. But make sure it is a trusted source.
  4. PS: I forgot to mention, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  5. ff v82.0.2 28. october 2020 Fixed Fixed duplication of WebSocket messages in certain cases (bug 1673340)
  6. ff v82.0.1 27. october 2020 Fixed Avoid an unnecessary prompt to reboot when using the full installer on Windows (bug 1671715) Restored the ability to print on paper whose width or height is larger than 100 inches, e.g. for receipts (bug 1672370) Fixed printing of documents with margins of zero, e.g. some PDFs (bug 1672529) Fixed handling of the WebDriver:ClickElement command in the marionette testing framework (bug 1666755) Stability fix (bug 1660539)
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  8. Hello, these two errors started to appear in version 5.72.xxxx and in 5.73.xxxx is still there. Prior to these versions no such error was present. When I go to 'Options -> Advanced' and try to check the 'Skip User Account Control warning ' I'm getting in a new window a 'The system cannot font the path specified' error. When I try to check the 'Save all settings to INI file' in the same menu, a window pops up telling: 'Failed to save settings due to a permission error' I reinstalled the two versions older (CCleaner 5.71) and the bugs disappear. I'm using currently t
  9. I just recently bought Defraggler so I'm not sure what to expect. However from my experience with similar products in the past, I expected that after several hours of processing my data, defragging and placing it most efficiently, that the graphic would show, no more defragged blocks, and the data represented would be contiguous, not scattered all over my drive. Additionally when it finished after two passes to make it appear as I expected it still shows similarly and shows 13% FRAGMENTED! I've tried quick defrag, regular defrag and defrag on unused blocks and it still appears the same
  10. It has been quite a while since the last post on this topic, but I’d like to reopen it due to having the same exact issue. No previous download on my Windows 10 machine, have replicated all tips given to no prevail. Running as regular/administrator user doesn’t change the outcome, and neither does clearing any temp files. I’ve run both MSERT (who I’ve found most reliable in discovering hidden viruses) & herdProtect (mass program virus scanner) antivirus scans, so I can assure you this isn’t some type of malicious download or backdoor on the computer. As for replicating the problem, it’s ha
  11. Thanks for notifying us of this. I'll ask our support team to contact you via email so you should hear from someone soon. Our email will be sent from support@ccleaner.com.
  12. Thanks for all of your continued help and patience throughout this process! We suspect that this could be partially attributed to how the files are numbered like this. We'll be testing this to see if we're able to replicate the issue and I'll follow-up with you again as soon as I have further insight.
  13. Irfanview is still going and still supported, I use it as my prefered photo viewer/editor. As Dave CCleaner says it can often open files that other viewers can't. There is no native MAC version of Irfanview but it can be used on MACs, see the question/answer here: https://www.irfanview.com/faq.htm#PAGE15
  14. A note of warning on comparison sites though is that: For any product, comparison websites monetise from sponsored advertising and affiliate commissions on a percentage of referred sales. Ranking, at last in the top 3-5, tends therefore to be based more on how much the site is given as a cut of sales, rather than actual product differentiation. Since CCleaner has a very popular free edition, I will let you draw your own conclusion on how that might play out. CCleaner has a user base larger than the population of most countries - which makes the search term "ccleaner" excellent cl
  15. Recovering deleted files never guarantees recovery of all of the content within - especially if the data has been overwritten or otherwise chewed prior to recovery. I think we used to recommend Irfanview (not sure if that is available for Mac or not) as an image viewer that was more tolerant to data corruption and would let you save whatever content was retrievable from the file that was recovered. Not sure if that is still the go-to these days though.
  16. Good day, I'm having the same problem with the registration of my key. I've tried reinstalling a bunch of times but everytime I restard the program I need to register again. Please contact me as soon as possible on the email adress registered on this forum account. Thank you and have a great day.
  17. So you got a problem with browser because of CCleaner?
  18. I think the URL to the MVPS website is coded into HostsXpert. Not sure I can change that. I ended up doing it manually.
  19. This should now be available for members by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the theme selector
  20. As you purchased some data recovery software perhaps it may be an idea to go back to that company and ask them for help. After all they have your money.
  21. Does anybody know if there is a way to recover deleted music? My brother moved all my music to my sd card but not a single song can be found...either on the sd card or my phone! 400 songs just disappeared! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated... Thank you for reading this topic!
  22. Probably the HTTPS issue that comes and goes on there for the past month or so, i.e.; if the site doesn't work try in-secure HTTP. Actually it's also been happening to some subscriptions in ad blocking browser extensions.
  23. When you say you ''purchased data recovery software program'' do you mean Recuva?
  24. Hi guys, Okay so here's what's goin on.... I transferred images over to my external harddrive recently,I created a folder..worked on a handful of these images. Saving and labeling in sub folders as .PSD files and .JPEG files. The very next time I went to go back and edit more, the folder was there but the folder was empty. Vanished. not in trash, not in any other folders, just gone. I purchased data recovery software program and was able to recover the files. The Jpegs aren't recovered, nor are the PSD files. However the camera raw files are recovered.. except photo
  25. It worked Certainly goes down as one of the more unusual issues I've come across lol, and would have driven me mad if I'd not actually noticed the battery tray was moving. And thanks for the suggestions guys :)
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