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  2. Hi. I never leave it open. What's more, I just tried re-downloading CCleaner from the link on the other page here that was discussing the same issue I have that others have (that thread is now closed), and I still have all the same issues. Everything the Malwarebytes help tried to do, didn't help anything. I've wasted days on this. I miss my CCleaner. Nothing seems to be happening with finding what is going on...it isn't anything to do with Malwarebytes...it is CCleaner. Simply because someone didn't find something, does not mean it is not there...it means it wasn't found. Nothing is fixed, and I'm still having the same exact problems.
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  4. W10 Home v1909 18363.959 I see today that 2004 is available, so I'm gonna update.
  5. Cheers guys much appreciated. Have made a note of the URL for the slim setup
  6. Thanks for replying Andavari. It was actually 2 drives that I accidentally started wiping with DBAN, and on the other one I have since reinstalled windows, then run Recuva and there are about 70K files available for recovery. Of course, sod's law dictates that these files aren't actually the ones I'm after, but I hope this means despite not having a backup image, I might still be able to find someway to retreive the files using consumer grade software. Cheers
  7. For anyone using Firefox ESR Portable from PortableApps here's the exclusion (assuming you're also using CCleaner Portable) Example 1: Exclude1=PATH|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile\*\|*.sqlite-shm;*.sqlite-wal||0|0|24 Example 2: Exclude1=PATH|P:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile\*\|*.sqlite-shm;*.sqlite-wal||0|0|24
  8. Just an FYI that multiple users who do not use Firefox Sync have reported that CCleaner v5.69 wiped the custom settings of NoScript and other Firefox extensions in the Norton Tech Outpost thread Firefox 79.0 to be Released July 28. I use Firefox ESR v68.11.0 (the extended support release of Firefox) so I haven't been affected by this CCleaner bug, but I've disabled all Firefox cleaning in my CCleaner settings and will only use Firefox's built-in browser history cleaning (Tools | Options | Privacy & Security | History |Clear history when Firefox closes | Settings) until a bug fix is released. It's unfortunate that someone from Avast/Piriform didn't investigate sooner when the OP circcc first reported this issue back on 01-Jul-2020 with an early beta release of FF 79. Kudos to them for at least trying to get someone's attention. ------------------ 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.900 * Firefox ESR v68.11.0 * CCleaner Free Portable v5.69.7865
  9. With the help of your good self and the others in the thread the team was able to isolate and fix this - will be rolled out in the next release.
  10. For those who don't have a ccleaner.ini, or don't want to edit it manually, you can apply the exclusion/workaround like this: After using Firefox close it, open ccleaner and go to Custom Clean. Click on Analyze Double click on 'Firefox - Internet Cache' (You may need to expand the window to see the full pathnames, but they may be the only two files there). Right click on '...\storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal' Click on 'Add to Exclude list' Right click on '...\storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm' Click on 'Add to Exclude list' Job done. Note also that Exclusions only apply to Custom Clean, Health Check ignores Exclusions. PS. If you don't have your Firefox synced with a Firefox account then you don't need this workaround.
  11. The two immediate safety tips at startup were interesting and applied one of the recommendations immediately. Boost also had a new startup advise.
  12. Speed of defragmenting depends on quite a few things, including the total size of the drive, the free space available for the defragmenter to work with, and just what type of 'Defragment' you are doing. As said above there are different types of 'Drefragment' see the link below for more information. The larger drives available for home use these days means that of course they are going to take longer to do a full disc defrag (consolidation), the solution is to do a file defrag instead. With larger drives you are unlikely to be running out of free space, so what you want from a defrag is different to consolidating files to free up space. See this for more information on the different types of 'Defragment' that Defraggler can do, and how to specify each or a combination: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58213-program-increases-fragmentation/?tab=comments#comment-319520
  13. Just found this discussion after a finding Defraggler to be *very* slow. It also hammers the processor, shown by the processor fan frequently kicking in at high speed and always running it at a moderate speed. Difficult to see how, once the analysis of the drive has been done, it can take all that power to issue read and write instructions. As an indication of how slow it is, it took a whole morning to sort out a 206GB partition. On a 2TB drive it has run for 2 days and only got to 47%. Makes me wonder just what it is acually doing!!??
  14. Thank you for posting that, been awhile since I updated that cleaning entry. Just cleared up a little over 93MB.
  15. ESET had detected it for years even before other AVs did, and it seems like most versions of CCleaner released will get someone posting about ESET blocking it, however ESET is likely trying to protect their users from accidentally clicking Ok/Yes in a software installer that contains additional 3rd party offers of potentially unwanted software. Your best bet is to use the link Nukecad posted, and bookmark it, so that you can always download the Slim setup file.
  16. If you don't have an actual backup disk image of the drive in question with a disk imaging tool such as Acronis True Image, Macrium Reflect, etc., you're unfortunately probably out-of-luck. The "quick format" that Windows does wouldn't wipe the drive clean, but since DBAN had already ran even for a mere 10 seconds I doubt you'll have much if any success using consumer-grade recovery software be that freeware or paid or Recuva or whatever else.
  17. ESET is currently doing that. You should note that the detection says 'Potentially unsafe application' which does not mean that what it is flagging is unsafe. AV's use that wording when there is something in the file that you may not want, although normally they say 'Potentially unwanted application'. (ESET likes to be dramatic). At the moment a few AV's have taken issue with the fact that the Standard CCleaner installer contains a 'bundled' offer for other software. Many free-to-use programmes (and some paid ones) include offers like that, it doesn't make them unsafe - If you don't want the offered software then simply don't accept the offer. Some AV's have also suddenly decided to take exception to CCleaner itself because it contains a Registry Cleaner - which can cause damage if used unnecessarily or incorrectly. (Some AV's are getting a bit "Granny knows best" overprotective). You can either tell ESET to ignore the warning, or try using the 'Slim' installer (which is the same but doesn't contain offers) from here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds PS. The CCleaner installers work on both 32-bit and 64-bit, one installer does both - another indication that ESET may be being overzealous?
  18. Launched CCleaner on my PC as normal yesterday and it prompted me to say that there as a new version. So I downloaded it However my ESET flagged the install as having issues - I opted to run 'clean' file but then the installer says it is the 32bit version & I need the 64bit version I use the free version of CCleaner
  19. All looks fine from here (Windows 10 1909 release on Facebook with Anti-phishing and CCleaner Browser's AdBlock enabled - seeing Facebook as I would normally expect). Could you describe in greater detail what is happening? Which version of Windows 10 you are using? Are you using any additional Chromium extensions into CCleaner Browser? What do you see when on https://www.facebook.com? Which settings do you have enabled in the Security and Privacy centre of CCleaner Browser:
  20. If it's not been automatically updated then it does look like you will need to contact support to chase this up; we don't have access to individual licences on the forum The standard contact form is found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com
  21. Thanks for the new and revised entries: Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/5382b5ed0515bf69bf1e8393aae59213fe189752 https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/737443b828f3afc5e6a9a34e59f3da5242067281
  22. Hi There Whilst attempting to wipe a drive with DBAN, I managed to select the wrong drive to wipe. I stopped the process about 10 seconds in, but that caused enough damage that windows will no longer mount it. Disk Management is telling me to initialise the disk so that it can be accessed (and mount?), but I'm trying to avoid this, because as I understand it, that is pretty much a quick format. I've used Find and Mount to check for partitions to mount, but it can't find any. So I've used it to create a disk image, but Recuva won't recognise that image. Can anyone tell me how to get Recuva to actually recognise the drive please so that I can retrieve the files? Thank You! A
  23. What version of Win10 with all updates? I.e.; Windows 10 v2004, Windows 10 v1909, or Windows 10 1903.
  24. Well it is now the 3rd August 2020. I renewed my subscription to CCleaner on 5 July and CCleaner has removed the remainder of the time I had left, i..e true expiry date was 25 July 2020 if I remember correctly and made a new expiry date of 5th July 2020. Above it is said this will be credited back within a few weeks. Well this has not happened. This has happened to me before with CCleaner. So what I want to know is why and when is it going to be fixed? Seems it is impossible to contact CCleaner direct, which would prove more functional and expedient.
  25. Last week
  26. I rebooted again, but got no love. I then uninstalled CCleaner, rebooted, and installed version 5.60.7307 It seems to work fine. FYI, forgot to mention: I'm on W10 w/ all updates.
  27. .7865 Prof. - WIN10 - Custom Clean : CC reaches 100% , but hangs on "Google Chrome Saved Form Information". I never get a finish screen. No buttons react - even cancel - but don't get a "Not Responding" message. Any Ideas ? Thanks.
  28. I updated to latest version yesterday 5.69.7865 It seemed to work fine. I cleaned the registry. I deleted some duplicate music files. After a reboot, today, I ran duplicate finder again on a external HDD. After a long while (about 1TB data), it says: "File search has completed" But it is frozen. There are no buttons that respond. And the tab in my taskbar is glowing green, as if it is still busy. I just turned off Windows AV and firewall, but no difference. I've wasted a half-day on multiple iterations of the process, so far; frustrating as fu@k.
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