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  2. Hi I've been using Recuva to recover files from a USB I'd formatted by mistake. Results came up with a red, yellow or green dot but I only tried recovering the green ones. The sound files work perfectly, but the Word and pdf's don't. When I open a doc created with Word 2000, instead of a page full of words appearing on the screen, all I get is a page full of symbols. If I try to open jpegs (actually document scans I imported from the scanner with Photoshop), all I get is a blank rectangle the size the image should be. I've tried to open the files on the PC I created them with, and on my l
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  4. Hello Imacri, The only thing that really interests me in this case is: I don’t like (to say it mildly) Bing, bol.com, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Google, Marktplaats and all their colleagues, so I don’t want them to be enabled in Firefox.
  5. Thank you very much for this important note. Right! I think a long time ago it was also agreed here that license, readme, manual and similar files should not be deleted, because for many users these files do not belong to the category "garbage". Revised entry: [R-Wipe & Clean *] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKLM\Software\R-TT\RWC FileKey1=%AppData%\R-TT|*.*|RECURSE ExcludeKey1=PATH|%AppData%\R-TT\RWC\WL\|*.*
  6. No problemo! By far, our kids' safety and teaching are far more important. Just keep yourself safe as well.
  7. no we've added a time period for editing because of spammers
  8. I would also like to know how to redo this. Shall I initiate another defrag without selecting the option to move large files to the end of the drive?
  9. My computer is used for Music Production. Therefore, I have hundreds of thousands of small audio files at my hard drive. I have selected the option to move files larger than 500 MB to the end of the drive, with the options as in the attached picture. However, Defraggler is moving all my tiny MIDI files that are smaller than 1K, and also small WAV and FLAC audio sample files to the end of the drive. These files are, precisely, the ones that I need to access at optimum speed, so they better are at the beginning of the drive. What could have gone wrong? I am using Defra
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  11. There's a time limit now to help stop spamming since they often come back and edit in their spam links.
  12. I regret saying this I haven't had time for winapp2ool as I am a teacher in NYC and things are... hectic to say the least.. lol
  13. The Edit option is in the overflow menu on the upper right corner of posts now
  14. Okay, I just followed your instructions. I open Windows Security and saw a warning about a "potentially unwanted app found." Apparently Windows security found it some ten days ago. Something called "PUA:Win32/Creprote" that affected "Portrait Professional Trial Setup." I vaguely remember downloading some kind of photo editing program some time ago. I removed it and all seems well so far.
  15. License file. This should not be added. %ProgramFiles%\R-Wipe & Clean|*.txt
  16. Hi Léon: I'll leave it to you to decide if you want to do more testing. The latest test results I posted <above> were really for the benefit of any Avast / Piriform employee following this thread who agrees that they need to open a formal bug report. I only wanted to confirm that the behaviour I see on my computer was consistent for both CCleaner Portable v5.71.7971 (rel. 14-Sep-2020) and v5.72.7994 (rel. 23 Sep 2020) so they know this isn't a new bug that was introduced in v5.72. At the end of the day, I never use the CCleaner add-on manager at Tools | Browser Plugins to mana
  17. Afaik you have to get a licence for CCleaner Android through the playstore. It's a google thing.
  18. Hi Peter, Thanks for letting us know what you found. Please go to CCleaner's Options > Cookies > right-click on the Cookie to Keep list > Add > enter "*.avast.com". This should prevent the cookie that David referred to from being affected by CCleaner, which should allow the data on when you last were shown this notification to be retained. Thanks for providing that information to us!
  19. Hello Imacri, Because my TrafficLight icon is always hidden from the toolbar (if a warning comes, it comes anyway), I only looked at the add-on manager. If you insist I will do the test again with the icon in the toolbar.
  20. Looks like there is no option to edit the posts after a certain time.
  21. R-Wipe & Clean stores custom wipe lists here. %AppData%\R-TT\RWC\WL
  22. My advice is as above - Don't use Health Check, only use Custom Clean and either clean no cookies at all or work out which cookies you need to keep - with the help of the linked article.
  23. Hi Léon: I updated to CCleaner Free Portable v5.72 today and repeated the same steps described <above> and my results were the same (i.e., my Bitdefender TrafficLight icon re-appeared in my browser toolbar after a second re-start of my browser). However, I checked my Firefox add-on manager during today's test and noticed it reported extension was disabled, even though the TrafficLight icon re-appeared in my browser toolbar and was functioning normally. From today's test after the update to CCleaner Free Portable v5.72: 1. Open Firefox. Confirm Bitdefender TrafficLight is
  24. Upgraded to Cleaner Pro, can i use the same licence number and install install it on my Android phone? Many thanks.
  25. Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? It sounds that what may happening is that your email preferences for the sites affected are being saved as cookies, and CCleaner is clearing those cookies. In that case then Health Check will always clear them, but Custom Clean can be set not to clear them. To do that you have to use Custom Clean only and either tell it not to delete any cookies at all, or tell it to 'keep' the cookies for those particular sites. See Options 1 & 2 here for details of how to do that: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosin
  26. Have you tried the other suggestions? If you have and it's still not registering then you need to contact support to check your purchase and if there is something wrong with the key that you have been sent. It's not something that we can do on the open forum. (For security/privacy we can't see licence information here). You should email them at: support@ccleaner.com If possible send your request from the same email address that you used when registering CCleaner. (If that's not possible then noting that registered email address in your request, if you can, will make it easie
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