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  2. I don't know if that folder can or should be manually cleaned or not, and using CCleaner to do it would be manually cleaning it outside of using Windows to do it because you can dismiss notifications (or should I say annoyances). That folder is empty on my system, however the only notifications I have enabled is for 'Security and Maintenance', and 'Wireless'. You can change Notification settings in (Win10): Settings > Notifications & Actions
  3. Portable programs that can auto-update or even notify is in a very grey area, most don't bother because it's an offense that more-or-less breaks the rules of being "portable". It's also a big no-no if a portable creates anything in C:\AppData or C:\ProgramData or the registry (unless it reliably auto-deletes the registry data it creates when exiting). So creating a Scheduled Task would put CC "Portable" on the list of doing a big no-no. Edit: Sometimes program developers seem to confuse Portable vs Standalone. I solely use portable programs if one is available and have a small handful tha
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  5. These are to do with Live Tiles. I only have one item in there because I have live tiles turned off (and don't use tiles anyway) Either turn off live tiles or add them in an 'include' in CCleaner https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/including-files-and-folders-for-cleaning This would be at your own risk of course.
  6. I agree totally with nukecad and Andavari, the registry cleaner needs to be removed from the main page of CCleaner. It can break too many things when run by users who may not realise the impact it can have.
  7. HI nukecad: How would I know that? The built-in automatic updater was just added to CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (rel. Nov 2020 per the version history <here> which states "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free") and I'd never seen the pop-up below until I plugged in my USB stick on 14-Jan-2021 and launched CCleaner Portable v5.75 by double-clicking CCleaner64.exe. I clicked the "Update Now" button because this was the first time I'd ever seen that prompt and was curious to see if the automatic updater would work correctly (which it didn't - som
  8. When backing up my W10 account, I noticed 6200 jpg files in C:/users/<user>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WIndows/Notifications/wpnidm. Those files consumed 89MB of data impacting backup space and time. Request you purge that directory in your next CCleaner update. AppData is a hidden folder. Reference: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/wpmidm-folder/a3bf9c67-0f62-420f-82e9-cea82395c07e Maybe there are more things that could be purged from user AppData directories too... Thanks.
  9. Safest thing to do in Win10 is untick/disable every box in CCleaner's Registry Cleaner - especially important if installing CCleaner on someone's computer, and it helps to tell them to avoid using it. That is unless of course someone knows exactly what they're about to allow it to remove (i.e.; they open RegEdit and have a look), but there's just way too much changing in Win10 to reliably clean the registry.
  10. Good that it's just the "old" bug that also existed on XP. XP always had a peculiarity when running ChkDsk stating it was correcting the volume bitmap for whatever reason due to some erroneous error that was never patched. I do know on old XP that running Disk Cleanup with the Recycle Bin box ticked and if there's something for it to remove from the Recycle Bin will cause ChkDsk to fix some erroneous error that Windows 10 never finds, for example on a USB external/portable drive formatted with NTFS. Something similiar happens on XP after Volume Shadow Copy ("VSS") service in used for instance
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  12. Don't use CCleaner's Registry Cleaner with Windows 10 - Don't use any registry cleaner with Windows 10. Here is what Microsoft have to say about it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities-0485f4df-9520-3691-2461-7b0fd54e8b3a The Registry Cleaner needs making less prominent in CCleaner, that has been promised for a while now but it is taking an inordinately long time for it to actually happen.
  13. Latest Win 10 version on my surface 6 Pro I used the registry cleaner as always and in standard settings. All three cameras, front, rear, IR front where not recognized anymore after this clean. It took me a five days to find out the cause (regestry cleaner ) and countless hrs with MS and surface support. Error report in the system devices for the three cameras had been code 10. Well known in the community. I reinstalled my entire PC only to find out after having done the entire setup, that when using the Registry clean in CCLEANER the camera would not function again. So I re- installed
  14. Fair enough I am a moderator and not an employee; but an employee can't tell you any differently. Again - this is the way that CCleaner (even the portable) is intended to work when you install it by updating from within CCleaner itself, - it is not a bug. If you want to use the uninstalled Portable as an advanced user then never update it from within CCleaner itself. If you are an advanced user you should already know that. Sorry, but I don't know how to say it any clearer - don't update from within CCleaner if you don't want it to be installed.
  15. Thanks to the Forum Mods for their suggested workarounds, but I think we've already established that I can delete the unwanted Emergency Updater (i.e., the CCUpdate.exe file and scheduled CCleaner Update task) or just stay with my previous method of updating to a new version of CCleaner Portable by unzipping the ccsetup5xx.zip file from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds and replacing all the older files except ccleaner.ini. The reason I created this thread is because I wanted to know if Avast / Piriform is aware that the Emergency Updater is added to CCleaner Free Portable v5.76 wh
  16. on my portable v5.75 is not a file "ccupdater..." also not with internetaccess and also is not create a task.
  17. Apparently this is not quite the case. What this bug does is merely tell the operating system that the drive is corrupt, thus 'tricking' it into running a disk check. The filesystem is not actually corrupt. Take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtHTqmp-Jt8
  18. You can have both the emergency updater and the associated Scheduled Task set as Includes, I have them both as Includes in my installed CCleaner Pro to remove them following any update. However that is not going to alter the fact that the Portable is simply CCleaner Free that hasn't been installed, and updating it from within CCleaner (rather than downloading and unzipping the new version) will install the new version. If you don't update/install it then the emergency updater and task won't be there to remove anyway.
  19. Hi Dave, thanks your tips it works now perfekt.
  20. @flotty: You may find some useful information here: How many computers can I install CCleaner Professional Plus on? and How to register and activate CCleaner Professional You can download CCleaner Professional Plus onto additional machines via this link: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccproplus, or if you have already installed the free version of CCleaner onto your second computer you can go to Options > About > Upgrade to Pro inside the CCleaner console and enter the licence information from your order confirmation email
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  22. Rather it's a bug, or intended behavior what I'd personally do is input that updater .exe file into CCleaner Portable's Include settings and have it kill it automatically whenever it gets added - but that wouldn't do anything for removing the Scheduled Task. Or craft a batch *.bat file and place it in the root of the USB flash drive that will delete it.
  23. I have bought CCleaner with a license for 3 computer. I installed it on my laptopp and tried to install also on my PC, while I received the solicitation to renewed purchase. How can I install CCleaner on an other PC without again to be paid?
  24. No, and they shouldn't need to because that is the way that the Portable has always worked, even before the new update system. And the change hasn't 'corrupted' CCleaner Portable in the slightest. As I said Portable is exactly the same as CCleaner Free. It isn't a 'special' version, it's the same programme just not installed. (So it doesn't put in the installation stuff like registry entries and the emergency updater). To make changes specifically to apply only to a portable version would mean creating a whole new version. Even before the new updater if you clicked 'Check for U
  25. I received the below error message. It occurs on different web sites. Worked fine in Chrome and Firefox. My OS is Windows 7. This site can’t be reached client.ccleanerbrowser.com’s server IP address could not be found. Try: Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration Running Windows Network Diagnostics DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG
  26. Hi nukecad: Has @Dave CCleaner or one other Avast / Piriform employees confirmed that CCleaner Portable is not meant to be updated using the built-in software updater? The release notes <here> for v5.74.8198 (released 11-Nov-2020) say "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free" but I've never seen a warning anywhere that using the built-in software updater will corrupt CCleaner Free Portable by adding the Emergency Updater. I know many CCleaner Free users who switched from the installed Standard/Slim builds to the Portable build when the Emergency Up
  27. As I said above: The Portable is not meant to be updated through CCleaner itself because that will do an install, you have to update Portable yourself by downloading a new Portable zip each time there is a new version. You unzip a new Portable, you don't update/install it. It's preciscely because you updated/installed from within CCleaner that you got the emergency updater, etc. Instead you should have downloaded a new zip and then unzipped it to you USB stick. (To overwrite the old one). To clear up what you have done by using the update from within CCleaner you will no
  28. Hi nikki605: The update reminder you've been posting about in mpw101's How to Turn Off Nag to Update? isn't really the topic of this thread, although I admit I was surprised to see the prompt below asking me to update from v5.75.8269 (rel. 10-Dec-2020) to v5.76.8269 (rel. 13-Jan-2021) when I launched CCleaner Free Portable on 14-Jan-2021 given that my settings at Options | Updates to "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" and "Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner" are normally disabled. I deliberately chose the option to Update Now because I wanted to update
  29. That is not unusual for a Chromium based browser (or any modern browser come to that). They tend to launch a number of processes and then add a process for each new tab. (My Firefox is currently running 11 processes, 6 of which are tabs). Any browser can become slow at times, for various reasons from slow internet, to clashing extensions/processes, to having too many tabs open. Getting more advanced your AV and firewall settings can also slow connections down, especially for something that's newly installed. As CCleaner Browser is Chromium based then try some of the suggestions
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