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  1. Hi serruf - Thanks for the link and the info. I'll keep checking for a fix.
  2. Howdy, On my Windows 7 Pro 32 bit SP1 PC, CCleaner does not remove cookies even though it looks like all the cookies have been deleted. CCleaner version 5.55.7108. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but that doesn't fix the problem. Three screenshots are attached that illustrate what's going on. Is there a fix? Thanks, Joe
  3. Bebbspoke, The checked Avast box is clearly on the first screen. All you have to do is uncheck it. I've been using CCleaner since it was in Beta and called Crap Cleaner. That was before the Piriform pear was in the upper right had corner of the program. This is a great program and I only need the basic mode. That said, the people who created CCleaner and the ones who keep it constantly updated have to make money. If they don't CCleaner will just fade away. BTW, even if you don't install Avast an Avast Registry Key will be dropped. I attached a screenshot of it. If you are
  4. Hi Augeas, Thanks for the quick reply. CCleaner does not delete FontCache-Obsolete. Every once in a while FontCache-Obsolete shows up in the scan results after cleaning. I used to be able to right click on it to go to the location and get rid of it from there. It looks like that option is gone. However, you are correct that it shows up in Analyze. I did not think to check it there but from now on I will. When FontCache-Obsolete decides to show up again I'll post a screenshot. Again, my thanks. 5-16-2018 (16-5-2018) - 3 screenshots added. Joe
  5. Howdy, What happened to 'Open Folder Containing File' in CCleaner V.542.6495? It's gone from Win 10 Pro 64 bit and Win 7 Pro 32 bit. Thanks for any insight you can offer. Joe
  6. Howdy, Question 1 - Is it possible in CCleaner Free to set the Advanced Report as the default screen? Question 2- If so, how is this accomplished? Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Joe
  7. Howdy, CCleaner v5.23.5808 just keeps spinning on my Windows 7 Pro 32 bit desktop PC. I reverted to CCleaner v522.5724 and don't have any problems with this version. Any suggestions on what might be causing this? Thanks Joe P.S. I haven't tried CCleaner v5.23.5808 on Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update yet.
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