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  1. TBH you shouldn't really use a free/home version in a business enviroment. (The cost of business versions of software is usually tax deductable anyway). But everyone knows it happens and if it's not blatant then a blind eye will usually be turned. But it can mean that problems can be different from what a home user sees, and we tend to assume a home user unless the post says otherwise.
  2. It was just a suggestion, I can't see your business network from here. Have you tried the Buisness Edition? As I am not an employee/staff member I'll leave it with @johnccleaner
  3. Yes, it's odd that the redirect was working OK for me yesterday in both Firefox and Edge Chrome, but today (Sunday) both say again that the certificate is still out of date? TBH most should have updated their bookmarks to the new address by now, and it should only be a problem for old 3rd party webpages that may still have links to the old one.
  4. The certificate for the old address was renewed yesterday, see the link that Hazelnut gives above.
  5. As a business you should really be using the Speccy Business Edition on those machines rather than the free version. https://www.ccleaner.com/business/speccy-business-edition However the fact that there is "no internet connection" on "most of these workstations" may also be telling here. Publishing from Speccy sends a file to the Piriform servers, so needs an internet connection. I'm not sure if that needs to be a direct internet connection on the machine or if an endpoint can publish through a network? I would have thought that anything that needs to be network related is t
  6. It's what is called an arms race. "We use advanced tools to wipe your drive". "We can get round that". The national security services usually have the best recovery tools. From reselling work computers if you take the hard drive out and whack it with a lump hammer that (usually) makes it unrecoverable.
  7. The block is no longer happening. I'll mark this as solved and close the thread. EDIT - And now, Sunday, it's back again. Please remake any bookmarks/favourites, or edit them to the new forum address.
  8. @Famppink That's simply a copy of the zdnet article that I posted six months ago.
  9. The old forum web address (forum.piriform.com) was changed some time ago (to community.ccleaner.com), and so any old bookmarks/favourites that were pointing to the old address were being redirected to the new one. I've just done a quick test and if you try to use the old address then Firefox will now throw a block as you describe rather than redirecting. (So will Edge Chromium, and other browsers). I suspect that the SSL for the old address may have expired. I'll point it out to the staff. EDIT I've just checked and the SSL for the old address did indeed expire on 12th October, i
  10. The screens that you show are for updates to CCleaner itself, not other applications. I assume that you are using Health Check, which automatically checks for updates to certain applications. There are two ways to stop CCleaner updating other software. 1- Use Custom Clean instead of Health Check, Custom Clean does not automatically check for updates to other software. (There is a seperate 'Software Updater' in the tools section). You can set Custom Clean to be the default cleaning method in Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen. 2- If you still want to us
  11. There is also a bigger delay in the first one at: [20:46:37] CUninstallOutlineDataSource:objectValueForTableColumn return : (null) [21:14:52] CSafariCleaner:GetCookies enter I'll flag the logs up to the staff to have the devs look at them.
  12. That sounds like it has cleaned the junk, and is then bailing out when trying to access the Piriform servers to check 'Speed' & 'Security' which are the next 2 steps of the Health Check. There does seem to have been a problem with the servers earlier today which has now been fixed, try Health Check again and post back if it is still not working properly for you.
  13. This is an old thread. Please check the date of the last post on a thread before replying. This old thread has now been locked.
  14. This is an old thread. Please check the date of the last post on a thread before replying. This old thread has now been locked.
  15. This is an old thread. Please check the date of the last post on a thread before replying. This old thread has now been locked.
  16. @MeganCCleanerHaving noted that build is insider - 20H2 is supposedly very close to full release (next couple of weeks?) and any issue with that insider build may make it into the RTM. So at this late stage it is probably worth looking at in case it does make the stable build.
  17. Same blank page on Edge Chrome, so it's the builds page not the browser. @hazelnut The other 3 pages that I linked are in a circular loop each redirecting in turn to one of the others when you click on Free download.
  18. Yes I'm seeing the same on Firefox, I've added an edit to my post above.
  19. I can't speak for what's happening with Filehippo but on the main CCleaner webpages the free version is available as always: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner https://www.ccleaner.com/ All give a large green button to download the free version. There are diferent pages depending on how you get there, if you get to one that is offering the Pro version and you don't want it then simply click on "No Thanks" to get to the free version. Most regular 'in the know' users get their downloads from the builds page, and usually use the 'Slim' ins
  20. It's normal behaviour for a computer. Some cookies and files get recreated again straight after you clean, the files are empty and just waiting to be filled up again. CCleaner doesn't know if they are empty or not so just says that they need cleaning again. For a longer explanation of what these files are and how you can stop some (but not all) of them coming back see the link in my signature at the bottom of this post. (Give me a shout if you're on a phone etc. and so can't see the link)
  21. @MeganCCleaner Just to note that Windows build number is an "insider" build (the latest for the 20H2 October update). The latest 'stable' build is 19041.572.
  22. Just to explain those two options a bit further: "Run CCleaner when the computer starts" opens CCleaner when you start the computer, does a one-off clean and then closes CCleaner. It doesn't show the user interface onscreen it just cleans, you will briefly see the icon on the taskbar but you may not even notice it in all the other startup activity. It doesn't leave anything running in the background. "Smart Cleaning" runs in the background and monitors your computer for junk that is building up and/or for the closing of a browser. Because it is always running in the background
  23. Creating a disc image in Recuva can take a long time (16 hours plus is not unusual) because it has to read and then re-write the whole of the disc including the 'unused' space. During the imaging process the computer cannot be used and once started the image creation cannot be safely stopped. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204044064-Using-the-Recuva-Wizard#h_15c980c2-23ca-47e0-b818-67778267902b You don't say exactly what happened; but from what you do say it sounds as if you forced the imaging process to crash by disconnecting the drive that it was writing the image to.
  24. I'm not sure if your Edge history cleaning issues are being caused by this Microsoft change of the default browser but they may well be. Win 10 pre-loads things and changes registry entries in advance of updates. You could try manually running Health Check instead of Custom Clean - but be aware that Health Check does it's own thing and so will not respect any custom settings.
  25. Edge Chromium is based on Google Chrome but modified by Microsoft - it is replacing the older 'legacy' Microsoft Edge. (which is what you have currently). You don't currently have it installed. You will probably offered (or made) to change in the next couple of weeks as the Win10 October 2020 upgrade rolls out. If you want to change now then just search for "install Edge Chromium". If/when you have installed it then CCleaner will show both versions, (because both will be on your machine but it will use the new one by default).
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