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  1. I'm getting the same issue.. geez.. at least you could compare version number.. is installed version is HIGHER how can it be an UPGRADE??
  2. Why are you NOT updating WinRar x64 with the latest WinRar x64, CCleaner (and Avast) are seeing WinRar x64 is installed and then installing x32 version on top, UGH!.. so everyone of my PC's now have OLD WinRar x64 (the correct bit version) and a NEW copy of WinRar x32 on Windows 10 x64. Come on guys.. if you see a x64 version installed,, upgrade it with an x64 NOT a x32.. Jerry
  3. I had the same issue.. Windows 10 Creators 1703 Avast (nothing in Virus Chest or Exclude or Include for anything in anything Avast) but still no Desktop Icon.. Went into shortcut Properties to update icon got an error.. You do NOT have permission to access this file.. So here are the steps I took to fix. Open Explorer and went to c:\program files\ Right clicked on CCleaner folder, selected Properties Click on Security Tab, then Advanced button. In the Advanced Security Settings window clicked on Change permissions button. Checked the box labeled, Replace all Child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object. clicked Apply button then click OK button. Icon appeared correctly instantly.. Jerry.
  4. Morning, love the product first off. When I have Monitoring turn on (and love what it does) works great, I know you have a Scheduled Event to by-pass the UAC when logging on the pc.. But if you log in through RDP from a clean boot.. the UAC will appear everytime asking is it OK to run CCleaner. This is a mirror issue. but can you correct the Scheduled Task to work via RDP also, not just local log on. Thank Jerry
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