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  1. I am being nagged again to install update. Same as before. My settings have not changed. Nag is pushing v5.77.8448 (18 Feb 2021).
  2. Warning! Ccleaner would not let me check for updates and go to Piriform website. When I clicked "Check for Updates" the nag box came back. The green pear that used to be in the upper right hand corner has disappeared. There is no way to get to website and read release notes in advance. I went ahead and clicked update now. Piriform dumped the update and rapidly installed it. I have no idea what else was installed. There was no place to decline unwanted programs if there were any. I have no idea what Piriform just dumped into my computer in addition to the update. Beware. There is no longer any control over install process. More info. After update I checked Ccleaner update task. It was re-enabled. I disabled it again. Will see if it stays that way.
  3. nikki605 Your right. Procedure went smoothly but did not work. I even turned off computer and then turned it back on. I checked the history of the task and it had not run since I disabled it. But the nag is still there. My guess is this nag is in the system and I will probably install what it wants. I am hoping that the next update will be blocked. Only time will tell. I hate what Ccleaner has become. I would get rid of it in a heart beat if there was anything else out there. Until someone else comes up with a simple program to clear out junk Piriform controls my computer not me. Sad.
  4. Perfect. I disabled Ccleaner update task. Thank you Hazelnut!
  5. Seems like every time I update I loose something I want or gain something I don't want. I guess now I have lost the ability turn off updates and avoid stuff I don not want. Is it no longer possible to avoid updates now?
  6. I have Ccleaner 5.75.8238 (64bit). Every time I turn it on to clean I get a nag to update. This used to be turned off. “update automatically” and “send notification” are both unchecked. How do I turn off this nag screen?
  7. I currently have Windows 10 v1909 build 18363.900. For a long time and many builds when I include Internet Explorer History to be cleaned, I have gotten: Warning Event ID 3036 in the Event Viewer. (Crawl could not be completed on content source <iehistory://{S-1-5-21-811697208-3521500205-3758811873-1001}/>. Context: Application, System Index Catalog Details: An internal error occurred in the Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (HRESULT: 0x80072ee4) (0x80072ee4) I tried to modify Indexing Options and remove Internet explorer History from indexing. That did not work because Windows 10 kept putting it back. I tried to remove IE11 through Control Panel>Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off. That just got me two more Warning Events and an Error Event: Error Event ID 1019 (Windows Search Service failed to process the list of included and excluded locations with the error <30, 0x80040d07, "iehistory://{S-1-5-21-811697208-3521500205- 3758811873-1001}/">. ) Warning Event ID 3023 (The update cannot be started because all of the content sources were excluded by site path rules, or removed from the index configuration. Context: Windows Application, System Index Catalog Details:(HRESULT: 0x1) (0x00000001) Warning Event ID 3037 (Crawl could not be started on content source <iehistory://{S-1-5-21-811697208-3521500205-3758811873-1001}/>.Context: Windows Application, System Index Catalog Details: The specified address was excluded from the index. The site path rules may have to be modified to include this address. (HRESULT : 0x80040d07) (0x80040d07) I finally just unchecked Internet Explorer 11 History again and gave up. I never use IE11 anyway. I use Chrome. It’s been going on so long it may have been happening with my Windows 7 computer before a bought this Windows 10 computer in January, 2020. I don't remember for sure. Are these Events known issues?
  8. Application tab>Windows>MS Search What does this clean? I know it says MS search but I am not sure what that is or where to find it. For example, is that the search function I am using when I search for a file in Windows Explorer? Is it the search used when I use the search box in the task bar? If I tick the box next to it will it mess up indexing and Windows will have to index again? I have used Ccleaner for years and never ticked the box because I thought it would corrupt Indexing but maybe it just removes the list of searchs I have done somewhere in Windows. Thank you in advance for information.
  9. Still wanting info on the inconsistacy between Windows 10 and Ccleaner System Restore tool. I would like to remove some but not all restore points but I can't because while they are on Windows 10 System Restore they are not listed on Ccleaner tool. Also I tried to remove one old RP two weeks ago using the Ccleaner tool but it is still listed on Windows 10 System Restore. Does the Ccleaner tool not work anymore?
  10. System Restore: Windows 10 shows 12 restore points but Ccleaner tool shows only 7. I see that the two backups I did one week apart, where Ccleaner just shows “Backup” System Restore shows two RP’s, “Automatic Restore point” and “System Image Restore Point”. Still there is one RP I removed with Ccleaner tool but it is still there in System Restore on Windows 10. Programs and Features: Windows 10 shows 23 items but Ccleaner shows 63 items. Ccleaner does not reflect all the apps and programs I uninstalled with Win10>Control Panel>Programs and Features. I don’t think it matters or causes problems but wonder if this inconsistent report between Win10 and Cc is a known bug.
  11. Update for all. Thank you for your interest and suggestions. Here are my responses and where things stand now. In my second post (see above) I corrected the first to say that I made a mistake. The RP’s on my Win7 computer were not being erased. I have accepted the solution that it was my fault because somehow wipe free space drives on a new install of Cc got checked in settings and should not have been. When I unchecked the box, the box actually went away. I really don’t remember checking it, but this whole transition from Win7 to Win10 has this old lady so frazzled I just don’t know. I never checked or used the drive wiper in tools. I at least know never to do that. The space for SR is on my C drive which is an SSD drive. I have never used Win10 defrag tool or any other defrag tool. I don’t think you defrag SSD drives. My D drive is an HDD drive and I have not used defrag on that either. According to Win10 the program Optimizes the SSD and Defrags the HHD automatically weekly. (Built in Defrag and Optimize App) I did reduce the allocated space for SR to 15% or 35 GB. If it happens again, I will reduce it further. I really have come to the conclusion that the problem is not Ccleaner because since this started and I removed the check mark from wipe free space, I have run Cc and checked SR and all the restore points would be there. What ever happens does not seem to happen when I run Cc. I discovered a couple things to do on line. First in Configure System Restore I clicked to disable it. The RP’s were gone anyway. Then I restarted the computer. Then I checked to turn on system restore. Then I restarted the computer again. One online site suggested there could be corrupt files and Win10 may be erasing corrupt files from SR and that would be a good thing. So, I ran sfc /scannow and sure enough there were corrupt files on my computer and every time I made a restore point, I guess there were corrupt files in the RP. The corrupt files had something to do with One Drive which I do not want. I have only one device, my desktop. I don’t want anything in the cloud, I want my stuff in my house. I cannot interpret the sfc log but I recognized the words “one drive” in it a lot. I had uninstalled One Drive from Control Panel>Programs and Features. But it does not go away. When the Microsoft Office Team tech set up Office 2019 on my computer, One Drive was in Office too. I told him I did not want it, he said not to worry because nothing would go there until I sign in to it or something, but he went ahead and removed it anyway the same way I had before. Still it is on my C drive and is in Office Outlook and Office Word. It has no files in it but it won’t go away. Well back to sfc. The report was that all corrupt files had been successfully repaired and I am ignoring One Drive which is somehow a part of Win10 and Office 2019 and it will be in my face whether I want it or not. Finally, in the past I backed up my files and folders and a system image on an external hard drive once a month on the first of the month using the Windows Backup Program. I have no idea what I would have done if I needed to restore any of it. I did this for seven years and never needed it or used it but I had it and I guess I would have gotten someone who knew how to use it to restore my computer. I lack the technical knowledge to restore whole or partial images or use other backup programs. I prefer System Restore because it is easy. And I did occasionally use it. Well I think that’s it. Thanks again to all. PS I have tried to edit this because emojis popped up instead of the letters of my drives. I don't know why but now I just typed the letter without the : so maybe that will stop it. Just a guess.
  12. Well it happened again. No drive wiping this time. I have been manually creating RP’s (3) and then running normal file deletion, that’s all. The RP’s were fine. I created an RP before installing Microsoft Office 2019. So far so good. Went to bed. Checked system restore this morning and all the restore points are gone. I have Windows update on pause so it wasn’t an update. I have no idea how this is happening. Earlier I had asked if Windows would think my C: drive was full forever and keep wiping RP’s away every time it needed space. That does not appear to be the case. Also, I have set System Restore’s allocation of drive space at 20% which is 47.54 GB. I have today made three more RP’s throughout the day and the total space they take up is 282.29 MB. I do not understand why Windows keeps taking RP’s.
  13. Well you have both been kind and understanding. I feel so bad I did it to myself. I still don’t understand why there was even a box to check when there was none on my Win7 Ccleaner. I am glad it is now also gone on my Win10 Ccleaner. Honestly don’t remember checking it or why I would have thought I wanted to clean free space on a new computer. Well the deed is done. Now that the box is gone and there will be no more wipe free space actions, are my restore points safe? Or will Win10 have to keep taking restore points because Ccleaner wrote in all the free space? I think I understand the explanation but I don’t understand when Win10 will stop taking free space from System Restore. Thanks for your patience.
  14. Thank you for your reply. First of all in my panic I just saw restore points missing when I tested my Win7 computer and forgot to check show more points box. They were there. Also there is no box next to wipe free space on Ccleaner on my Win 7 computer. I see it is checked now on my Win 10 computer which is a fresh install on a new machine. It must have been checked by default and I am sick about it. I want to be clear and do the right thing. If I uncheck the box next to wipe free space, I can run Ccleaner and my restore points will not be erased. Honestly I do not know how it happened unless this is some sort of default setting I was not aware of. I have had and used Ccleaner for years. I did not check that box. Wiping free space would take too long anyway as I understand it. I never did it. BTW when I unchecked the box it went away and the interface on my Win10 machine looks the same as the Win7 computer. Am I safe now? Shouldn't people be warned of this? Thank you. I know the restore points are gone for good but I hope this will not happen again.
  15. When and what version of Ccleaner started erasing restore points. I did not want to erase my restore points. Ccleaner must be set to erase retore points by default and I did not know it. Please tell me how to stop this. I cannot find it in any settings. I have version 5.63.7540 free and this just came without warning. I was setting up a new Windows 10 computer and carfully setting retore points and they are all gone. I went to my old Windows 7 PC and it has been happening there also. I did not know it. I am not talking about the System restore tool. I am talking about running Ccleaner and it is removing restore points somehow on both my machines. What is going on? Please help.Thank you.
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