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  1. Thanks nukecad, I will review and progress this. Thank you for the information. Lethal42
  2. Hi nukecad, Apols for the lack of clarity and info. I am running ccleaner most days & generally use 'health check'. I am running win 10, I5 3300 & 16GB RAM. Lastpass master password doesnt always disappear, how this list of google account is a real annoyance....espec given its irregularity. I have attached an old and use screen print of the google accounts list I mentioned above. Looking forward to further advises. regards Lethal42
  3. Hi, I run the free version most times I shut down. Every so often (3 times in last 12 months), I lose the google list off accounts I have as my home page in chrome. Lastpass usually gets this back. The last time this occured I also lost the previously retained Master Password (in Lastpass). I was able to work thru this... However in pursuing the reason why the google account (list) disappears every so often (not regularly), I visited the Google forum. They suggested it could indeed be ccleaner removing this, and I could possibly: 1/ add exceptions or sim
  4. Hi, Are not particularly familar with DeFraggler, but are with a number of other similar tools. I have noticed it mislabelling mechanical drives as SSD's, and seperately not displaying drives that are connected by usb (and evident in file explorer). Accordingly not confident in this tool (though the trimming help pages WERE good). I have uninstalled in the interim...to use the Win 10 built in defragger (accepting defraggler would be more efficient in a few ways). Can someone clarify this for me? thanks
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