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  1. It does sound as if it's a Windows setting doing this. As you say it's odd that the screenshot should be different from what you are seeing. Maybe check the Windows Night Light settings and times? Or it could be down to a theme that you are using which would be in personalisation rather than display settings? Or maybe a manufacturer specific display driver/app that shipped with your computer? TBH there are so many different things that could be causing it.
  2. Yes, but it is telling that unticking Firefox cookies in CCleaner stops the problem from happening. That tends to indicate that those particular SWs are relying on cookies in some way. From what you say then not cleaning any Firefox cookies at all works. So I'd still check if making certain cookies an exception in CCleaner will solve it, of course the problem there is identfying which particular cookies to keep. Of course it could be something that Firefox has changed, when Mozilla separted the Startup caches from the General caches and started saving them to a different location
  3. As you have failed to reply after 20 hours, I will now go ahead and clean up your profile for you by removing the unfounded and disparaging remarks. I have been lenient on this occasion, many forum moderators would have acted more strictly. (Many would have also removed this thread rather than leaving it for others to see). However please note that any further breach of the forum rules on your part may result in further action, up to or including a ban. Forum Rules A tip for the future- When asking for help it's a good idea to be courteous to those who are helping/have helped
  4. That is not a bug. It is the itended behaviour and is what CCleaner is supposed to do unless you specifically tell it not to. It's 100% reproducible because it is supposed to be like that. CCleaner is supposed to clear cookies. If you want CCleaner to leave the cookies for your particular service worker(s), or any other cookies, alone then you have to tell it not to clean them. Not everybody wants the same cookies to be saved and so it is made easy for the individual user to set what Custom Clean will leave alone. For instance most people will want the service worker co
  5. Not unless you wrote something against the forum rules (spam, abusive language, incorrect information, etc.) they don't. The only people who can change anothers posts are the Moderators and the Administrators. The title of your previous thread was edited/added to by an Admin to make it clear to others searching that what you had written wasn't correct. He didn't change any wording at all, simply added a note. Nothing in any of your posts was altered, I did delete the one that you asked for to be deleted. I've also deleted another couple that you made with this unfounded a
  6. If you set Custom Clean to show you the Advanced Report (Options>Advanced) then it will show you if it has found something for each ticked category You can also double-click on each where something has been found to see just what the files it found are. If it doesn't find anything to clean for any particular category then it won't show on the report. Of course as the Mailwasher leftovers have now gone then CCleaner isn't going to find it anyway. CCleaner is not realy meant for that, an uninstall tool like Revo is what you need for that particular job. That's Dave on
  7. Ah, so CCleaner hasn't installed Mailwasher, it's simply now finding it as something to be cleaned. It may well be that it's a new detection in CCleaner, ie. Mailwasher was always on your machine but being ignored by CCleaner before? There were some changes to detections made with the v5.74 updtate. Is CCleaner actually finding anything in Mailwasher to be cleaned? Maliwasher was probably installed/uninstalled at sometime in the past but the uninstall left traces behind which CCleaner is now seeing. You can either ignore it or try to find those leftovers and remove them manu
  8. CCleaner would not install mailwasher pro. If it's turned up at the same time that you downloaded CCleaner then where did you download CCleaner from?
  9. That is odd. Possibly there is still something Opera related that is not using the word Opera? It may need a Windows update to finally get rid of all traces. As you say things like this are more of an annoyance than a problem, but do point up that most uninstalls leave traces behind. If you weren't using CCleaner you wouldn't even have noticed that something Opera related was still lingering. Just one more thing that I can think of, but uninstalling CCleaner should have cleared it anyway. Do you have your CCleaner settings saved to a .ini file? If you have then you could
  10. Uninstall it just like any other app. Or are you meaning something else?
  11. CCleaner hasn't changed so it must be your Windows setup. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
  12. I for one will be glad when Black Friday is over. 'This website is temporarily unavailable', 'Temporary server problem', slow/throttled connection, connection dropouts, CSS not being loaded on webpages so you have to refresh them, etc.,etc.,etc. These are all being caused by Black Friday, no system administrator in their right mind would be doing any upgrades or maintenance this weekend. And it's all so people can save (maybe) some money on things that they don't need, probably didn't want in the first place, and will hardly use before it's relegated to the back of the cupboard.
  13. You may need to uninstall/re-install CCleaner to get rid of it from the applications tab now that the Opera leftovers have gone. You'll have to re-enter your registered name and licence key after re-installing so make sure that you have a note of them first. (They can be found at Options>About>Licence Information, or on your purchase email). When uninstalling/re-installing (which we do more than most when helping out here) we tend to use the 'Slim' installer from here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds It's a little bit smaller/quicker than the Standard installer, bu
  14. The price is higher than in the offer because its a Cashback offer. You pay the full price then 2 days later you can claim the difference back yourself by using this webpage: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback/claim You need to give 2 days before claiming for internal processing of your order. For the registration problem: Check that the name/key is exactly the same as you registered, capitals spaces etc, the best way is to copy and paste them from your confirmation email. (We have known people spell their own names wrong when purchasing). See this for common regi
  15. I not sure just what happened with the fix for that one. I'm still seeing it here too if I try to change the 'save to ini' setting. I'll give those who were dealing with it a ping, but it may now be Monday before they answer. @MeganCCleaner and @Andrei CCleaner any news on this?
  16. There will be a leftover from the Opera uninstall still lingering somewhere on your computer which CCleaner is still finding. Many apps when uninstalled will leave traces behind. (Some do it deliberately, so that if for instance you try to install more than one free trial they will know you've already had one). It's probably a registry key, possibly a file association somewhere - ie. if you had/havea certain file type set to open in Opera then there will be a reg entry for that. If you are confident using the Registry Editor then you could search it for anything 'Opera' - Usua
  17. Good to hear that following those steps worked for you. Let us know if the problem comes back, but it shouldn't do now. Your issue with your forum password is a different matter, if you are still having problems with that then I suggest you start a new thread/topic in 'The Lounge': https://community.ccleaner.com/forum/7-the-lounge/ Starting a new thread will enable focus just to be on the password issue.
  18. OK, but you still haven't answered exactly which CCleaner version you are talking about - v5.47.8184 or v5.47.8198? If it's v5.47.8198 then do the following in this exact order: Open CCleaner and completely turn off Smart Cleaning (untick everything there) and then in Updates untick "Keep CCleaner updated ...". Close CCleaner. Check Task Manager to see if CCleaner is still running in the background; if it is then kill the task. Now go to Task Scheduler and if "CCleaner Update" is still there delete it. Close everything and Restart your machine. (Restart not S
  19. Thank you Jamesj, but that's just a repeat of what you posted before. Please re- read my last post and reply with the screenshots and the answer to the question - "do you actually mean change it to a different password (reset it) or do you simply mean type it in again?".
  20. I said delete it from Task Scheduler, not Task Manager. 'upgrade to the newer version'?? The thread title says you were already on the latest version (v5.74.8198), if instead you are actually using v5.74.8184 then the above fix won't work. (and the update will be 'added back' as you describe). Can you give us screenshots on both your Smart Cleaner page and Update page? (include the header with the CCleaner version). You shouldn't be having to reset your password for the forum - do you actually mean change it to a different password (reset it) or do you simply mean type it
  21. That particular offer plainly says 1 year 3 pc's (1 jaar,3 pc's), it doesn't say anything there about 2 years. There are currently a few different offers, some are only available to existing subscribers, some to everyone. The 2 year CCleaner Pro subscription is normally a higher price than the standard 24.95 for 1 year, (Standard price here in the UK is £24.95 for 1 year, or £44.95 for 2 years). But 2 years isn't included in that particular Black Friday offer anyway. Take the 1 year offer now at 4.95 € (after cashback), and then when it's due to end next year there will no
  22. Don't edit the registry; use Task Scheduler see below. I've done some testing and eventually managed to reproduce this problem, (It took me about 10 tries to reproduce it). It looks as if for some reason the scheduled update task is still occasionally, but not always, being created by turning on Smart Cleaning (which it shouldn't be) - and then not being removed if Smart Cleaning is turned off again. (which is right, the update task shouldn't be removed by turning Smart Cleaning off). This is what I did to fix it: Turn off Smart Cleaning and "Keep CCleaner updated automaticall
  23. nukecad

    Cookies Skipped

    It seems unusual that it is skipping both IE and Edge at the same time, what other apps do you have open or minimised when CCleaner is skipping? PS. I'm assuming that you mean it is showing them skipped like this for Firefox? (I had Firefox open). If not then can you post a screenshot of what you mean. Another thought occurs to me. Do you have CCleaner Pro set to clean more than one user profile, and if so are IE and Edge maybe open in that (those) other profile(s)? What are the Windows feedback settings for those other user profiles? The easy way to check that woul
  24. I suspect that you are actually talking about the CCleaner icon appearing in the System Tray when CCleaner is running in the background. There are two things that can run in the background and put that icon there: Options>Smart Cleaning. - if you have any part of Smart Cleaning active then there will be an icon in the system tray. Options>Updates>'Keep CCleaner updated automatically'. - This is a new setting in CCleaner v5.74 and if ticked it will also put an icon in the system tray. If you turn both of those options off then CCleaner will not be running anything
  25. It's correct that if there are no scan results at all then Defender assumes that a scan has never been run on your machine, and so asks to run one when you boot or restart. I'm with Andavari, leave the option unticked in reguar use and just run it once in a while when the Defender scan logs have built up. (You can right-click the option to run a one-off clean, rather than having to tick it, clean, then untick it again). If you do leave the option ticked then you can just start a Defender scan and then carry on with whatever you are doing as Defender does a scan in the background.
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