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  1. Yes they did; The one constant in this thread is that those reporting a delay in CCleaner have altered their firewall settings to block CCleaner. Nobody who has not altered their firewall settings is reporting seeing any delay. (If they were, which has happened in the past and I was the first to shout about it, then that would be a different matter). That it didn't affect you before 5.66 doesn't alter the fact that it's your actions in blocking CCleaner in your firewall that has stopped CCleaner from working properly for you.
  2. LOL, I'm not an employee of Piriform so I don't risk losing any customers at all. I'm a user just like yourself. (OK a user who has shown reliable and capable of moderating the forum). It's no skin of my nose whether you use CCleaner or not. If I see a genuine bug with CCleaner then I'm probably more likely to shout about it than others, and I do. But if I see that it's what a user is doing themselves that is causing their problem then I'll say so, and suggest what they should do to stop it. If they are unwilling to take that advice then that's their choice, but it's not a bug to be fixed it's a choice that particular user has made. In either case I'm not defending or attacking anything, just saying what it is. PS. CCleaner works fine on my computer, but I haven't been messing about with uneeded firewall blocks.
  3. Thanks for that, not sure if Evernote was the issue but it's something to bear in mind for the future. As Dave says we spend quite a bit of time fighting spam and are used to certain signs/flags that a post may be a setup for future spam, we usually give the benefit of the doubt until something actually happens though. Unfortunately your original post managed to hit 3 of those flags at once, I won't share what they were on the open forum (why tip the spammers off).
  4. ??? Is your problem solved or not? If solved then would you care to share with others what you did to solve it?
  5. It might have been better to mention all that in the first place, the more info you can give about an issue the better. What, typically, is in these 20 tabs that you have open? (A forum, a shopping site like Amazon, You tube videos, TV/film streaming, etc.?). There's couple of tests you can do to try and narrow down what the problem may be. Suspend Inactive Tabs is a fairly new setting so let's look at that first: (I do have a suspicion of what might be happening if you put a laptop to sleep with that setting on). As you say you currently have 'suspend inactive tabs' set to ON then try setting it to OFF, visit each tab in turn then close the lid and wait a while, reopen the lid and see if that has changed the time it takes those tabs to refresh/reload. That will tell you/us if it's that setting causing an issue with waking from sleep. If nothing has changed then: What happens if you only have one or two tabs open (say to something simple like the google homepage) when you close then reopen the lid? Is it still as slow to reload that single tab? (Does it change if you have 'suspend inactive tabs' on or off?) If it's only affecting CCleaner browser, and only recently, then you have to suspect that it's a change to the browser causing it. Although it doesn't help that Win 10 updates at least every month so you always have to bear that in mind as well. For instance I've noticed a slowdown in the loading times of various apps since I updated to Win10 2004, but not to the extent that you report. After that Windows update my Firefox in particular did get very slow to load, around 40 secs, but a Firefox refresh sorted that out and it's back down to about 5 or 6 secs. We haven't seen any other reports of tabs in CCleaner Browser suddenly becoming slow to load. (yet?). It may be that there is an issue with closing the laptop to put it to sleep when you have multiple tabs open, but without further reports/testing it's hard to tell. Obviously if it's a widespread problem then it needs to be looked at by the browser developers. On the other hand if it isn't widespread then it's more likely to be a setting (or an application conflict) on a particular users machine and modifying/updating the browser would be unlikely to fix that.
  6. Registry cleaning is not needed for a working computer, it will not save more than a few KB of space, and will not speed up a computer in any way. Registry cleaning is a tool for use when fixing a broken computer, using it indiscriminately on a working computer can stop that computer working. It is especially recommended that you do not use any registry cleaner with Windows 10, see this from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities
  7. That does not sound normal at all. I have never heard of CCleaner doing that. (and wouldn't know how to make it do that). What is generating those prompts? CCleaner, Windows, (maybe you AV). Can you attach a screenshot(s) of the prompt(s) so we can see just what they are? And for general info- What Windows version are you running, and what AV/security? Where did you download CCleaner from?
  8. It sounds as if you have your laptop set to 'sleep' when you close the lid. So when you wake it up again by reopening the lid it has to reload from memory/disc whatever you had running when you closed the lid. Then it has to connect to the router, once the router has accepted the wifi connection then your browser can go and fetch each webpage to refresh it and display it. Your antivirus, or CCleaner browser itself, may be adding to the mix by not letting the browser fetch/display anything until the AV/browser has checked home for any definition updates. All pretty normal, but you may want to check if changing the 'Suspend inactive tabs' setting in CCleaner Browser makes any difference?
  9. That would also have been my next suggestion if needed. As to why installed apps sometimes don't register in the Windows 10 apps list only Microsoft could say, although you'd expect that if they knew why they would fix it. I've seen it a few times with different apps and it's inconsistent Windows behaviour, sometimes an app will register sometimes it won't.
  10. Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? You can't change what Health Check cleans, but I don't think that it clears those recent lists anyway. With Custom Clean however you can tell it to clean things or leave things alone by ticking/unticking a particular category. eg for Windows Explorer you could untick 'Recent Documents' (I have it ticked here so they will be cleared): For other applications you would switch to the Applications tab, and untick those that you don't want to be cleaned: Remember though that those ticks/unticks only apply to Custom Clean. Health Check ignores them and uses it's own rules on what to clean. If you want Custom Clean to be the opening screen then go to Options>Settings and change the 'CCleaner home screen'
  11. There is no need to 'collect' an IP (or anything else) to check it, as a moderator on more than one forum I check IP's everyday, I don't 'collect' them I simply check and then move on. The point is that CCleaner does what it does, if you change/block what it does then that's your choice - but accept that what you have done may/will change how it behaves. (That's not a bug in the software, it's you deliberately trying to change how it works). In the end nobody is forcing you to use CCleaner. If you don't like what it does as designed then as with anything else that you may not like the answer is simple.
  12. That sounds like you have your Windows settings to only allow you to install apps from the Microsoft Store. (They say it's 'to protect your device', but TBH it's mainly a way for them to make money). Go to Settings>Apps and change it to allow installing apps from anywhere.
  13. It's working Ok for me here. Could you give us some more info please: Are you using CCleaner Free or Professional? Which version? What Windows version are you using? (eg. I'm using Win 10 v2004). What avtivirus/security software are you using? Have you set any blocks for CCleaner/Piriform/Avast in your firewall or hosts?
  14. There is no "slim-version". There is a Slim Installer, but that's the installer not the CCleaner programme - It installs exactly the same CCleaner. As for blocking connections: TBH I don't understand why people who deliberately disable/block/cripple parts of an app then expect that it should still work as intended? If you deliberately stop something from working as designed then it's your own fault when it won't work properly. Would you block your cars cooling system (put a nosecone on to make your car more aerodynamic say) and then complain to the manufacturer that their engine was getting too hot? No - because it is what you have changed that is causing it. Would you block Google, Facebook, etc. in your firewall? Of course you wouldn't because they would then stop working properly. PS. Never try to block your Antivirus, or any other security app, with your firewall. They need to be able to phone home to get the latest definition files to keep you protected from the latest threats.
  15. LOL, I currently have to use 3G+ in the pub where I drink, which is across the market square from my house, they haven't got wifi at the moment. The buildings next to them on one side were demolished just before lockdown taking out their telephone line and they haven't got a new/rerouted line in yet. The demolition guys also managed to cut their power line, but that was only out for 4 hours or so and it was daylight. Of course at home I use the wifi from the pub next door to me, (which hasn't reopened yet), I'm using it now. It's paid for as a business expense (offset against tax so it efectively costs them nothing) anyway, so they're fine with me using it.
  16. I've asked the staff (Dave) a couple of times, I'll ask again.
  17. nukecad


    As Nergal said. It also depends on what you you mean by '"a long time". (It could take hours on a highly fragmented multi-terabyte disc). Main factors: How big is the drive you are defragging. (Bigger drives take longer for a full defrag). How much free space is on the drive. (The less free space the longer a defrag will take). What percentage fragmentation did Defraggler report it had before starting. (The higher the fragmentation the longer it will take). Other factors that will have an effect: The amount of ram you have free. Your disc access speed. Your CPU speed. If you are doing anything else, or the computer is running something in the background, at the same time as defragging. PS. Once you have done the first full disc defrag then in future it's much faster to do a 'File Defrag'. Analyze>View Files>select all files found (by ticking the box in the top left corner)>Defrag Checked Whether to do full disc or file defrag depends on why you are defragging. The different methods do different things. You don't realy need a full disc defrag unless you are running short of disc space. A file defrag gets your files into one piece so that they load (slightly) faster.
  18. It should be in the Windows 10 apps list, but if for some reason it isn't showing then you can use CCleaner to uninstall itself:
  19. CCleaner's Duplicate Finder can find the duplicated files for you, saving you hours of searching yourself. But that is all it is meant to do, find any duplicates. It can also delete them once found, but only you can decide which to delete. CCleaner can't know if you want to keep none, one, or all of them - only you can decide that. Partially that will depend on which 'Match by' options you have selected. eg. As a simple example - If you only match on name (or even name/size) that doesn't mean that 2 files found with the same name (and size) are actually identical. If you don't know which of your duplicate mp4 files you want to keep then how can CCleaner be expected to know for you? If CCleaner tried to do that then I suspect we would soon see lots of complaints about it "deleting the wrong ones". PS. If rather than your own music/photo/video/document/etc. files you mean duplicate system or appliction files then leave those alone. Some duplicate system and appliction files are needed for your computer to run properly. Unless you are a computer technician you should always tick the box in Duplicate Finder to ignore system files.
  20. CCleaner, including Health Check, is fine to use with a SSD without problems. Health Check simply removes junk files, removes unwanted startup items, and checks certain apps to see if an update is available. It doesn't do any kind of defragmenting/optimising. If Defraggler recognises it as an SSD (it sometimes has a problem determing the drive type correctly) then it's also fine to use as it will 'optimise' rather than defrg. Windows built in drive defragmeter/optimiser will occasionally 'inteligently' defrag an SSD when needed. Which comes as a surprise to some. It will do that automatically, see this for more info. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/TheRealAndCompleteStoryDoesWindowsDefragmentYourSSD.aspx
  21. Please answer Hazelnut's questions, so that we can help you. Did you read the link given? This is the user forum not the official support. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  22. Posting this from the pub. Normal Saturday regulars are in, just sat a bit further apart.
  23. Which problem? This thread is over 3 years old, both Chrome and CCleaner have changed quite a bit in that time, so yours is unlikely to be the same issue as back then. Please start a new thread of your own and explain in more detail what issue you are seeing.
  24. Malwarebytes is now at version, component package 1.0.972 - you may want to 'Check for Updates' when you next use it to make sure that you have the latest version. Settings>general>'Check for Updates' (Or you may want to turn on Automatic updates?). MB4 can sometimes have problems with blocking other applications if 'Ransomware Protection' is on. Try turning off 'Ransomware Protection' in Malwarebytes and see if CCleaner/Health Check will run then. If not try turning off the others one at a time to see if one in particular may be blocking CCleaner.
  25. To remove those leftovers try 'Forced Uninstall' in Revo uninstaller trial version, for more info see this post: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/12077-uninstalled-firefox-still-showing-in-ccleaner/?tab=comments#comment-313139
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