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  1. Thanks for the screenshots, (and thanks to the others joining in to help). It looks to be those "System volume information" files that are causing the fragmentation. (All the red squares). They will be either open or protected so that Defraggler can't work with them. So to start with; yes you can delete those old restore points, that may/should remove some of those System Volume files. You can do it from CCleaner, or the next step here (Disc Cleanup) should do it. Next I would run the Windows built in Disk Clean-up with 'Clean up system files' selected. That can take some ti
  2. Try doing that for ALL the fragmented files, as it shows in that second link above. If there are lots of files with a small number of fragments that can affect the overall fragmented figure more than one file with a lot of fragments. PS. A reboot is not necessary, in fact it will probably write more temporary files which may be fragmented.
  3. It depends how you have defragged. From the time it took I'm guessing you just clicked the 'Defrag' button after analyzing. There two processes that are both referred to defragging - Defragmenting and Consolidation By default Defragler does a mix of both, and Consolidation can actually leave some files more fragmented than before which seems to be what you are seeing here. See these links, The first is an explanation of the two diffrent defrag types, and how each type works https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58715-deffragler-dosnt-complite-the-defragmatation/?tab=comments#com
  4. Recuva can only look at drives that you physically have there, it can't touch cloud servers.
  5. Yes, it was also in the Patch Tuesday updates I got which took a long time to install.
  6. With Windows 10 a Restart actually does more than a Shutdown/Reboot in terms of installing updates and checking for errors and fixing them. In Windows 10 Shutdown doesn't actually fully shutdown and start from scratch when you boot, with Win 10 Shutdown hibernates the kernel (savs it to disc) and reloads it at boot to make booting faster. https://www.howtogeek.com/349114/shutting-down-doesnt-fully-shut-down-windows-10-but-restarting-it-does/ You need to do a Restart to finish installing most Windows Updates, It may download them in the background but then needs a Restart to comp
  7. Sometimes Windows Task Scheduler seems to keep the update task rather than removing it like it should. Not sure why, but it's happened to a couple of users. This was for a slightly different problem when the automatic updater was first added to Free last November, it was all to do with the order in which things were turned off. If yours is still playing up then you could try turning both Smart Cleaning and Automatic updates ON and then following the five steps given here, in their exact order, https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59567-cleaner-5748198-runs-smart-cleaning-even-though-i-u
  8. @Franz333 Please read the second post above in this thread. The icon is put there in the system tray by either 'Smart Cleaning' or 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' (or both) running in the background. If you don't want to see the icon again then turn both of those functions off. 'Exiting' from the icon will stop those features from running in the current session, but will not change the settings in CCleaner itself. So they will start again on a restart/reboot and put the icon back back in the tray. The way to stop that happening is to turn them off in CCleaner itself.
  9. Emergency fix for a new wifi bug that can cause a BSOD: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-releases-emergency-fix-for-windows-10-wifi-crashes/ Fix for a 12 year old 'undiscovered' privilege escalation bug: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/12-year-old-windows-defender-bug-gives-hackers-admin-rights/
  10. That should be safe enough, it's one of the things that reg cleaners are meant to be used for. Again it's not really necessary, (but we all like a 'clean' computer). PS. With Windows 10 those leftovers should eventually get removed anyway, either at the monthly Patch Tuesday or more likely at the bi-anual Feature (version) Updates. Those are also the times when you'll most often see new system entries that the reg cleaner doesn't recognise, although other smaller updates can also change the registry. It's those regular changes that make it unwise to use a reg cleaner indiscrimina
  11. We saw a few cases when automatic updates first became available for Free users where it took Windows Task Scheduler a while to sort the new background task out. (Opening both Smart Cleaning and Automatic Updates and then closing them in a particular order usually gave Windows the poke it needed). Yours seem to be working as it should now, if it starts playing up again give another shout.
  12. That seems quick for Disk Clean-up to have run a system files clean up, especially just after a Patch Tuesday. Did you select Clean up system files? Were all the boxes ticked? And just in case it helps work things out, what is that filename at the top of the CCleaner results window when it's stuck? You could try using Health Check to see if that will clear it, but I suspect it will also get stuck. Be aware that Health Check Uses it's own rules and does not respect the ticks/unticks from Custom Clean. If you have not done a "Restart" (not a shutdown) for a while then that
  13. Odd, that shouldn't happen. You can see here that it's ticked but there is no icon in the system tray. But if I tick automatic updates instead then the icon appears: Does the icon come back for you if you tick the 'Notify' box (only) again?
  14. The clean is getting stuck on 'System - Temporary Files'. (I can't make out the filename itself; looks like 'Amd%.ini' or something similar?) You could try unticking that category to see if CCleaner will finish then. But that isn't realy solving the problem, only bypassing it, so: Run the built in Windows 'Disk Clean-up' selecting 'Clean up system files' - It will take a while to complete, 30 minutes plus is not unusual. That should clear out whatever system file it is that CCleaner is getting stuck on. PS. It looks like you had CCleaner open (and stuck) while trying to
  15. Are you using Custom Clean or Health Check? There can be different reasons for it sticking depending on which one you are using. If you can post a screenshot of it when it's stuck that would help us work out what may be the cause, and how you can fix it. It also usually helps to tell us what Windows version you have, what CCleaner version, and what antivirus.
  16. The defaults in Custom Clean are simply the apps/items that most people would want to have cleaned, you can change them of course by ticking/unticking the categories. If you use Health Check instead of Custom Clean than that also has it's own set of defaults, mostly the same as Custom Cleans defaults but with a few more. You can tell it to leave something alone but you have to do that every time that you run Health Check. You cannot change what Health Check cleans by default. Just to refine the link that Hazelnut gave you, these describe the Custom Clean categories that you will se
  17. Do you mean "Skip User Account Control warning" in the CCelaner Advanced Options?
  18. I've not seen Canadian rye whisky on sale round here for a number of years, it used to be in the local supermarket. (About 12 years since I last bought a bottle of it). It used to be about 3/4 the price of Scotch, Irish, or Bourbon - probably down to taxes. We now have a whisky distillery here in Cumbria, English Whisky is comparable to Scotch or Irish. https://www.lakesdistillery.com/whiskymakers-reserve-i4754
  19. It's only been 5 days since they said they escalated it but, @Dave CCleaner could you check on this support ticket please? PS. Scotch Whisky (double distilled) doesn't have an 'e'. Whiskey with an 'e' is the Irish (triple distilled) , nothing wrong with Irish whiskey. Bourbon whiskey also uses an 'e'. (Irish migrant influence?) Japanese whisky could be spelt either way depending on who translated it from where.
  20. I've just registered on another forum and one of the verification questions was this: That's a bit surreal - Hang on while I ask an infinite number of monkeys.
  21. A bit more: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-april-updates-remove-microsoft-edge-legacy-permanently/
  22. Mozilla have now put a block on this bug so that it can't be triggered from Firefox: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/mozilla-fixes-windows-10-ntfs-corruption-bug-in-firefox/ It can still be triggered from Windows itself, and from Chrome. It's Patch Tuesday later today so MS may fix it as part of that.
  23. I understand now what is happening for you. This is a bug in CCleaner that is affecting some people but not everyone, it is know about and is being investigated. Smart Cleaning is cleaning the browser. But it is then closing the closing the background task for Smart Cleaning, which it shouldn't do and is why the icon disappears. Until it is fixed there is something that you can do. When you have closed the browser and the CCleaner icon disappears simply open and close CCleaner and Smart Cleaning will restart and the icon will come back. You don't need to do anything in CClean
  24. When you install CCleaner it will give you the option to create a new desktop icon. If you have installed without adding a desktop icon then you can either: Reinstall CCleaner this time selecting the option. (There's no need to uninstall first). OR Open file explorer and browse to: C:\Program Files\CCleaner Right-click on CCleaner64.exe and in the menu that comes up hover your pointer over 'Send to' and then click on 'Desktop (create shortcut).
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