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  1. Are you using Health Check? If you use Custom Clean instead then you can untick 'Internet History' for Firefox and CCleaner will then leave it alone. The ticks/unticks that you can set in Custom Clean are only used by Custom Clean, Health Check ignores them and always does it own thing. To change which method CCleaner uses as the default go to Otions>Settings and change the 'CCleaner Home Screen'.
  2. If you are using Health Check then it will always log you out of them by clearing their cookies. You need to use Custom Clean instead of Health Check and tell it not to clear any cookies, or set 'Cookies to Keep' for the particular site(s) that you want to stay logged into. See here for more details: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep
  3. Presumably you are downloading the Portable versions from the official 'Builds' page, and not getting it from elsewhere? As said usually if CCleaner won't run then it's an AV stopping it in 99% of cases, which is why it's always the first suggestion to make sure that the AV is up to date. (Which is always a good idea anyway). Older AV versions may not get all the definition/signature updates that the latest version does. In this case you don't have the latest version of Comodo Internet Security Premium, so I would suggest that you update. The latest version is, releas
  4. It may be you Antivirus that is stopping newer versions of CCleaner from running. (We see it quite a bit). Which Antivirus are you using? (And which Windows 10 version, 2004,1909,1903, etc?) If it's not Windows Defender then make sure that your Antivirus is up to date. Tip- Don't just 'Check for Updates' in the AV itself, go to the makers website and check what the latest version is there. (For instance Trend Micro 2019 will say that it's up to date, but the latest is Trend Micro 2020 which you sometimes have to get from the website).
  5. The servers are sometimes unreachable, either because of something at the server or something with your broadband provider. It's connecting OK for me in the UK at the moment so try again. You can still clean junk from your computer without that connection, the connection(s) is/are used to check your automatic startup items against a list, and to check if there are any updates for some of your other installed apps. The clean will still run fine without those two checks. If you can't connect at all (say you still can't connect tomorrow) then it's usually an Antivirus/Firewall sett
  6. Those Avast reg entries look like simple datestamps for when Avast/CCleaner last offered you some bundled software. When the installer offers you something else (AVG, Avast, CCleaner Browser, etc) it sets a datestamp like that so that if you install/update within a certain time it reads when you last had an offer and can say 'they had an offer only XXX ago, don't show another one yet'. Before messing about with the working ramdisk setup I think I would try an 'Advanced' install of CCleaner, and on the second advanced screen make sure that it is being installed on your system drive ra
  7. If you read the options being discussed here they clearly say they are options for offers/upgrades to 'our other products' and '3rd-party products'. They are not options for CCleaner itself, and certainly not about licensing. Plus as Dave CCleaner pointed out above they are not even supposed to be there yet, they are there by mistake and at the moment do nothing if/when selected.
  8. The "Trial has ended" entries in the log seem to be showing that you did have a Pro trial at sometime, but that's not really important. 'CCleaner.dat' will not exist unless you have a pro licence so it would be a normal thing to see those lines at the start of the debug log. (You would also see 'branding.dll' in the CCleaner folder if you had a Pro licence). I'm no expert at the debug logs, but what you have there seems normal as far as it goes. The problem with truncated logs is that they show what has happened and you have to know what should be next that didn't happen, which c
  9. It looks like you have had a trial version of Pro which has expired, and for some reason it is now not allowing the Free version to be installed. Try uninstalling the CCleaner that is currently on your machine, restarting the computer (Restart not shutdown), and then downloading the 'Slim' installer (3rd one down) from here and reinstalling. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds You say you have already done that, but did you do the Restart? Just a question if that doesn't work, which AntiVirus are you using and is it up to date?
  10. I've got an old 'Lemmings' CD for Win95 - I tried it for a laugh and it still runs perfectly on Win10.
  11. Good to hear that your computer is working again, and that it is was as we suspected a "simple" failed drive. Also good to hear that your technician friend managed to recover your files from the failed drive. As said above the drive was failing anyway, it's just happend to finally give up the ghost when you booted/restarted that time. Booting is not an unusual time for a disc to give up the ghost, booting accesses the drive a lot. (To continue my car engine analogy- Often the time a component fails and the car stops working is when you try to start it). Without getting too tech
  12. Indeed, but there was a redirect if you had the old 'forum.piriform.com' address saved in your favourites/bookmarks. It's that redirect that has been removed during the forum software upgrade.
  13. It's all to do with the update to the Invision software that the forum is hosted on, Invision started doing it earlier today. You'll notice a few differences, at least for a while.
  14. I'm afraid that I have to agree with APMichael, If the Dell recovery gets 'stuck', and Windows recovery cannot even start, then this does look like a hardware failure problem - and most probably a failed disc drive. As I said above these failures do happen and do tend to happen during software updates, or when doing a defragment, or anything else disc intensive. (It's a bit like a car engine that's fine when only going to the shop and back, but breaks down if/when you go on a longer journey). From the fact that it first happened to you at a boot I'd suspect that maybe Windows was
  15. Have patience with the the Dell recovery, recovery and/or repair can take time - but if that fails to work and you still can't get to the login screen then you can get Windows 8.1 into Windows own Automatic recovery/troubleshooting mode by doing what is known as a 'Hard Boot' This simply means turning you computer on and then off again to interrupt the boot 3 times in a row, at which point Windows recognises there is something wrong and when you turn it on the fourth time it should start it's 'Automatic Repair' procedure. Again it will take time to diagnose and try to repair whatever th
  16. You used Health Check from what you say, that's fairly basic/non technical and should not have affected your boot. If you didn't click on Reg Cleaner then you didn't run it. It is just slightly possible that the 'Speed' section of Health Check may have removed something that a Dell uses at boot of 8.1, but if so then yours is the first report we have seen of it. The message about an instruction not being accessed makes me think this might be a memory chip/disc problem at that physical location. They can happen, and when they do it"s usually while you are updating some software.
  17. Which version of Windows? Win 10 doesn't use the f keys to get in to safe mode - it boots from the BIOS too quickly to be intutrupted with a key press. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/12376/windows-10-start-your-pc-in-safe-mode Did you use CCleaners registry cleaner? If so did you make a backup when it asked?
  18. I still have a box running 98SE, and still use it a couple of times a year. I keep it because I have the full version of AutoCAD 2000i on it. - You can't buy Autocad outright anymore and a monthly (£234) or yearly (£1,890) subscription costs way too much for occasional use.
  19. A number of posters would disagree.
  20. Good things just keep going despite flood, fire , or plauges.
  21. The usual answer will be that Beta versions of OS/software are not supported. (It's the same with Windows insider betas). It is possible/probable that things in a beta will be changed before final release, so developers of other software don't chase after those changes until they make it into the full release. The recent Firefox database change was an example, the CCleaner developers knew about it but didn't change CCleaner until the change made it out if the FFx beta and into the full release.
  22. I hadn't noticed that, it always used to save it to Documents but now it seems to default to the Desktop. You can change where it save it in the dialogue that comes up. TBH don't use the Registry Cleaner, it's not needed these days unless your computer has a big problem/very damaged registry. Windows will usually sort out any registry problems itself these days. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities
  23. May be preaching to those who already know but - When searching for something like that then try putting your search string in double quotes, eg: "is damaged and can't be opened" will get more focused results than: is damaged and can't be opened
  24. Recent Files show in Quick Acess if I turn it on, but I don't want to see recent files in Quick Access so have left it turned off for now. If I remember correctly I originally turned it off in the reg editor. I've not tested if closing FE removes the recent files for me, that's a bit remiss of me but I've had beer and wine (friends birthday) and prefer to do any testing with a clear head. Of course that is not helping hsl so I can turn it back on again for testing if needed - once I'm sober again.
  25. Yes, sorry about that. It was one of the first that I dropped on, and TBH the others I read were even worse. At least it worked for you which is always good news.
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