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  1. That sounds like a common Windows 10 problem, not anything that CCleaner has done. The search in Win10 has had numerous problems in the past year, though they seem to be fixed (for now). Let's see if we can work out what's gone wrong. So the first question is what version of Windows 10 is it? On the start menu go to Settings>System>About and scroll down a little to see the Windows version and OS build. The latest fully released Home version is 1909 with 18363.720 as the build. (Don't worry if yours is white, that's just my preference settings). If your Windows 10 is not showing that then go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update and click on 'Check for Updates'. That should find and then Download/Install the latest version that is compatible with your laptop. It will take a while to complete. If you already have that version and build then there are further suggestions on how to fix a broken search here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4520146/fix-problems-in-windows-search You could also simply try ignoring the searchbox and just opening the start menu a starting to type. I've always done that with Win10 and don't even have the searchbox showing anymore.
  2. If you mean the downloaded installer, 'ccleaner_browser_setup.exe'. then yes, once it's been run to install the browser then the installer itself can be deleted. If you mean something else then please clarify which downloads you mean.
  3. nukecad

    Can't install Recuva

    @kwoodnbj you have tacked your question onto a thread that was last used 11 years ago. In future please start a new topic when you have a new question. To answer your question: The portable versions of Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy have been unavailable for a number of months now. We've asked the staff but haven't had an answer as to why they have gone missing, or if/when they will be back.
  4. That does not sound right at all. And rings alarm bells. Piriform is CCleaner. And why would they refer you to a 3rd party? Can you tell us just how you contacted Piriform for them to 'put me on to some outfit that would like to charge me' ? I suspect that you may have fallen for what is known as a 'Tech Support Scam'. If you have then you may need to take further action quickly.
  5. Oops, my mistake sorry. Haven't got a clue why my fingers typed that when it's obviously a screenshot of defraggler. (Maybe because Speccy reports a lot of things wrongly nowadays). The same comment still applies though, Defraggler has not had an update since May 2018.
  6. You need to contact support to resolve licencing/subscription issues; it's not something that we can do on the open forum. There is a contact form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com Be aware that we are told they are busy at the moment, and so the reply may be a bit slow.
  7. nukecad

    IE trmp files

    That is normal and is just the way that Windows operates. Windows always recreates one particular 'cookie' file if it is deleted, (it's not actually a cookie, its a textfile), as well as some other empty temporary files. CCleaner doesn't know if those files are empty or not so just deletes them anyway. Other programmes/apps also use IEs temporary file locations for their temporary files, it's just used as a convinent location for putting short lived temporary files. Since v5.64 when you open CCleaner itself it now puts a couple of temporary files in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files', and then finds them to delete. See the second part of this for a fuller explanation: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  8. It is connecting (it's not your server it's the software updater server), but if it doesn't find any software to update then it's showing the wrong message. If it does find that something needs updating then it gives a correct message As Nergal says it's due to be fixed this week so just ignore it for now. See this post for more info: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57004-health-check-unable-to-reach-server-message-to-be-fixed-in-version-565/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-316488
  9. Here you go (I think self-isolating is getting to me). https://www.amazon.co.uk/Missing-Link-Hugh-Jackman/dp/B07Q78X77C
  10. How do you know that it 's not cleaning certain cookies? Is it simply because if you run it again then it still finds them? Certain cookies (at least one) and temporary files will always come back shortly after you clean them, it's just a Windows thing. And CCleaner itself now puts a couple of temporary files in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files' when you open CCleaner. Plus if your browser, or anything else, is synced then the syncing will restore anything that CCleaner removes. See the link below my signature for a longer explanation. Also if your browser is not fully closing but instead pre-loading, or running in the background, then CCleaner can't clean it. Let's see if we can work out which it is: You can't easily list what health check has found, so- Instead of using Health Check use Custom Clean in the following way. In Options>Advanced set the 'Cleaning results level of detail to 'Advanced Report'. Go to the Custom Clean and Click on 'Analyze'. (Not Run Cleaner). That will give you a list of what Custom Clean has found for each category. (If you can clip/screenshot that and add it to your next post we can take a look at what they are). It will look something like this, you can see here that Firefox has been mostly skipped that's because it was still running. You can double click on any of those entries to see a more detailed view of just what files it has found to clean.
  11. There's simply a '1' missing from the front of '14' for the capacity. Speccy is an old programme and when developed multi- TB drives were definitely not the norm. I guess whoever set the length of that text display field didn't consider then that drives would get above a single digit in TB's
  12. I agree that there should at least be a prominent warning that Health Check does it's own thing and takes no notice of the Custom Clean settings. I also agree that making Health Check the default when installing/updating is a step backwards for CCleaner. There should at least be the option given during an install, with a brief description of the differences. Health Check is aimed at non-technical users but TBH they have dumbed it down too far, some of the wording used is infantile and confusing, and seeing some options to set in Custom Clean that then apparently don't work (because they are still using HC) is confusing some of them. (In fact I've gone further and suggested that Health Check should be taken out of CCleaner altogether and released as a seperate app, it should have been developed as a seperate app it just doesn't belong in CCleaner proper). But all that's up to the Piriform management, staff, and developers. (And probably Avast have their sticky fingers in there somewhere).
  13. Sorry but I've now done some testing and I can't reproduce your issue. Whatever I've tried I can't get CCleaner to remove Firefox Bookmarks. Which it shouldn't do. History get's wiped, but HC is supposed to do that. So is Custom Clean if you tick 'Internet History' for Firefox. What else were you running overnight? You say a full system backup, but just what else do you run overnight before/after doing that? We may have to put it down as just one of those strange things that happens sometimes with computers that you can never track down a reason for. But one more thought do you have Firefox set for Automatic Updates? And did it update last night? Sometimes bookmarks go missing during a Firefox update, you often see it reported on the web.. Here's what I tried: I ran Custom clean analyze with everything Firefox ticked, no sign of places.sqlite being cleaned. (I didn't finish that clean). Switched the CCleaner Home Screen to HC and ran CC in debug mode. Opened Firefox and all my bookmarks were still there. (The debug log showed nothing unusual and definitely no bookmarks). Closed Firefox again, ran HC again in normal mode. Opened Firefox, bookmarks were still there. To more closely reproduce what you said you had done I left HC as default and set up a scheduled weekly clean. (to run 5 mins later). Watching Task Manager I saw CC open, run in the background, and close. Opening Firefox bookmarks were still there. Change the schedule time to run again, but this time after the clean restart Windows before opening Firefox. Opening Firefox bookmarks were still there. EDIT. Just for completeness: I've just also run a scheduled clean using Custom Clean as the default. Again all bookmarks were untouched. CCleaner appears to be behaving correctly and leaving bookmarks alone, as it should do.
  14. Good to hear you got the bookmarks back. Don't forget to follow the links above and make backups now, just in case. I had guessed that you had Health Check set as the CCleaner default cleaning method. (It may have got set that way when you updated to v5.64). Scheduled cleans will use whichever cleaning method is set as the default, so your overnight clean has used Health Check. To change which method CCleaner uses as the default, and so for scheduled cleans, go to Otions>Settings and change the 'CCleaner Home Screen'. Health Check has a simplified user interface, and what it cleans follows it's own cleaning rules. The Ticking/Unticking of things (such as Firefox components) in the Custom Clean area are settings for Custom Clean only. The Custom Clean Settings are not, and will not, be used by Health Check. You cannot change the settings Health Check will use. Health Check will always use it's own built-in cleaning rules each and every time that you run it. Look at the Icons - Custom Clean icon has a little 'settings' cogwheel to show you can change it's settings, - Health Check icon doesn't because you can't change it's settings. With a manual run you can untick things after HC has analyzed, but with a scheduled clean that's not an option. If you want more control of just what is cleaned or not by ticking/unticking the Custom Clean options then you have to use Custom Clean itself to clean. Having said all that HC should not be removing your Firefox Bookmarks. (History yes, but not bookmarks). I run it quite a bit for testing user issues and it has never deleted my Firefox Bookmarks. I've just realised though that I have been aborting after the analyze and not let HC complete a clean since Firefox updated to v74.0 earlier this week. IAs said it has been known in the past for Firefox to move where it stores bookmarks so suddenly they start getting cleaned by CCleaner. They did it in 2017. Time for testing/investigation. (After I've backed up my current bookmarks).
  15. First thing to try is to look if Firefox has made backups of your bookmarks that are still there. Open the Firefox menu and select Library>Bookmarks>Show all Bookmarks. From the toolbar in the window select Import and Backup and hover on Restore. That will show a list of any bookmark backups that Firefox has made; simply click one to restore it. Unfortunately there is no backup for history, but try searching in File Explorer for 'Places.sqlite' which is where Firefox stores your browsing history. (To make searching quicker it should be in: %Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{yourprofileID}\places.sqlite). Right click it to get Properties, open the 'Previous versions' tab and see if Windows has stored any previous versions to restore. However CCleaner shouldn't be deleting your bookmarks, so a few questions: Is your CCleaner Home Screen set to Health Check or Custom Clean? (It's in Options>Settings). What FireFox version do you have? Have you recently 'Refreshed Firefox? Have you recently Updated Firefox? What operating system are you using? (PS. Firefox may have moved where it stores bookmarks to an area that gets cleaned, it's happened at least once before back in 2017). This may be a bit late, but how to backup your Firefox in future: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/export-firefox-bookmarks-to-backup-or-transfer https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/back-and-restore-information-firefox-profiles You could also consider seting up a Mozilla account and syncing your Firefox settings to it.
  16. The portable versions of Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy have been unavailable for a number of months now. We've asked the staff but haven't had an answer as to why they have gone missing, or if/when they will be back.
  17. nukecad

    TRIM-enabled SSD

    I suspect that it has just found the filenames, and the pictures themselves have gone. Did you try to actually recover them? A trim (or a defrag/optimize) won't get rid of path\filenames, because these are held in the Master File Table which is never trimmed. I'd just ignore them as there is nothing to be recovered from that path\filename. The drive's manufacturer may have a tool to wipe the SSD, but even that may leave the MFT intact.
  18. nukecad


    Above the Free version Pro gives you: 1 years Priority Support by raising a support ticket https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or by emailing support@ccleaner.com. In CCleaner itself: More options in Smart Cleaning. eg. automatic cleaning of a browser when you close it. Scheduling of CCleaner to run automatically. The ability to clean all user accounts on the computer. Automatic updating of CCleaner. Those options are clearly marked with 'Pro' next to them.
  19. Not sure but I think it's probably an Invision issue rather than Piriform.
  20. nukecad


    If you actually told us what you were having issues with then we may be able to help you to get it doing what you expected it to do.
  21. nukecad

    Eliminate Updates

    Ok this is from memory because I'm on my phone. After Health Check does it's analyze bit click on the 'Security' box - bottom right - and untick everything.Then go back to the main screen and carry on. You will have to do that every time that you run health check if you want to avoid the software updates. Alternatively use Custom Clean which will not update other software. (Unless you specifically use the seperate Software Updater tool). To make Custom Clean the default go to- Options>Settings and change the CCleaner Home Screen.
  22. nukecad

    Eliminate Updates

    Do you mean in Health Check?
  23. We did have a thing with double 'digest' emails recently but that was fixed and hasn't reappeared. Let me check my email inbox though. You can always go to your profile and turn off all email notifications.
  24. Is CCleaner able to delete the entries itself? That would appear to be a webserver, possibly running Windows Server 2008? None of those entries should cause any problems with the running of your machine. If your machine is not having problems then it's probably best to leave them alone. We don't reccommend using the Registry Cleaner on a regular basis, it's meant as a tool for use if you are having issues. Running a Reg Cleaner will not make your computer run faster or save any noticable space. It's more likely to cause problems, (especially with Windows 10). We regularly see posts here from people who have broken their computer OS by using the Registry Editor indiscriminately. Having said that I found this in an old post elsewhere about the same subject: No guarantees that you won't lose functionality if you remove the registry entries in this way, they have been given elevated status for a reason - If you chose to do it then it's entirely at your own risk.
  25. Some users are having a few issues with v5.64 that are being addressed for the next update. If you are one of the affected users then we suggest installing and using the previous version, v5.63.7540, which can be found under 'Older Versions' on the right of: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ If you have CCleaner Pro then you may need to re-register v5.63 after installing. If you find you need to do this then simply: Go to Options>About, click on 'Upgrade to Pro', enter your registered name and key, click on 'Register'.
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