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  1. Nope, we won't. We are not the kind of forum that simply removes any critical comments. In fact, despite that you have now asked yourself for your posts to be deleted they are staying here. Your Bluetooth fix may even help others. No lecture; you know the rules and know what will happen if you break them.
  2. Windows can be a PITA at times. One thing to know is that Win 10 no longer shuts down the same way as "old" Windows did. Shutdown no longer fully shuts down Windows and starts afresh. Instead it will 'hibernate' the Windows Kernel. (Not the same as hibernating Windows yourself which hibernates apps as well). To get a full refresh/reload of Win 10 you have to 'Restart', which doesn't hibernate anything and gives a new launch of Windows. - That can be counterintuitive if you are used to older Windows versions. Doing a Windows Restart every few days or so may help iron out the inconsistencies you are seeing.
  3. You will have paid what it said on the site when you purchased, (if you contact support and explain that the purchase from CCleaner itself wasn't working they might be able to do something for you and match the offer price). PS. It does pay to look at a few different official webpages. Looking just now I found the first one linked from the standard https://www.ccleaner.com/ page at the standard price of £24.95 (GBP), then another official page offering it at £19.95 instead of £24.95, but a 3rd official page has a different offer and has it at only £17.46 GBP. All 3 official pages came up on a quick google search so it just depended which one you clicked. (We are never sure on the forum just what deals are running at any time, only the staff/support know that). You'll often find the same on other software websites (one deal on one page, a newer different deal on a different page) the deals change all the time so it always pays to check a couple of the websearch hits when buying any software.
  4. I've never seen that before. It looks like a server connection problem. Which could be at Cleverbridge, or at Mastercard, or anywhere in between. Personally I'd cancel it and try again. (Maybe check there isn't something like a DDOS going on at Mastercard). As it doesn't seem to be connecting with Mastercard it's unlikely that you will get charged if you abort it. If you should try again and find yourself charged twice then an email to support@ccleaner.com will sort it out and refund you. Edit- maybe try the webpage rather than through the app. Look for offers.
  5. Note that it may take a day or more before the 'Licence Information' in CCleaner's Options>About will show a subscription has been deactivated, so you may have already cancelled it but it isn't showing in CCleaner itself yet. If you email the support team on support@ccleaner.com they will be able to help you cancel your subscription if needed.
  6. Which version of CCleaner is this? Windows, Mac, Android, Cloud, Business, Technician, etc. If it's Windows or Mac, and if you have been emailed a licence key after purchasing Pro then see here for help with registering: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional#where-do-i-enter-my-license-key-ccleaner-for-windows--0-7
  7. CCleaners uninstaller is simply a quicker way of accessing Windows own uninstall routine, it isn't meant to be anything else. The features that you describe/ask for is exactly what the Revo uninstaller app does, (it's almost as if you read it off their webpage), if you want those features then why not get Revo?
  8. I'm not sure, but if you used the same email address for both then maybe? I suggest that your best bet is to email support on: support@ccleaner.com letting them know that you have bought 2 different licences for different machines and it seems to be causing a problem. They are usually very good at sorting issues with licensing.
  9. I believe that "CBA" is Cleverbridge who do the payment processing. It is not unusual that people sometimes make mistakes when entering the details. (even with their own name at times). Confusing numbers and letters in the key can be a common mistake, eg. S & 5, B & 8, etc. We also sometimes see things like a person buying /registering with 'Steven' but then trying to use 'Steve' in the registration box. We advise copying and pasting the name and key from the confirmation email into the registration box(es) just to make sure you are entering what has been registered. See here for more advice on registering: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional
  10. I wouldn't trust it then, sound like it's new drive time. (Or just take it out and use the others). Is it just the one? You had mentioned 4 drives going unrecognised, but that could be because just one of them was failing. Take the bad one out of the equation and the others may then be fine.
  11. nukecad


    CCleaner is not an antivirus/antimalware application. CCleaner will not remove malware - it is not designed to do that job. Use an antivirus/antimalware programme to remove nasties. PS. The application that you named is not actually malware, it is Adware and is flagged by AVs/AMs as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programme) - which means that while most people would not want it there will be some who do want to have it on their machine.
  12. Yes, I think about all you can do in such circumstances is put it down to 'something' odd happening without knowing exactly what it was.
  13. I can't recreate that here. If I remove restore points with CCleaner only the ones I tell it to remove are gone, the rest are still there. I'm a bit surprised that you have never heard of RPs going missing, google 'Restore points disappeared Windows 10'. TBH if it was happening regularly that CCleaner was removing more RPs than told then more people would be seeing it and shouting about it. The fact that nobody else has chimed in here would tend to indicate that nobody else is seeing it with CCleaner, and so it looks like something else removed them from your machine, probably Windows itself. The fact that they greyed out one went missing too also points to something other than CCleaner removing them. PS. The Piriform staff do come here to answer and help, they all have 'CCleaner' following their username and use the CCleaner logo as their avatar.
  14. Are you saying that you have paid for a licence for the PC version by misake? If so you will need to contact support by email at - support@ccleaner.com They will be able to change it for you to the correct one for a Mac. If you just want CCleaner Free for a Mac then you can download it here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download?mac If you actually bought a Mac key, but just got the wrong download, unlikely if it was in the email, then you can download that Free Mac version and go to Options >About> 'Upgrade to Pro' and enter the key there to register it - Note that a PC Pro key will not activate Mac Pro, the keys are different. (Unless it's Pro Plus).
  15. I think that you are saying that you have a licence but when you try to enter it you are being asked to purchase again? You are clicking the wrong button. See this for how to register a license: Creo que está diciendo que tiene una licencia, pero cuando intenta ingresar, se le pide que vuelva a comprar. Estás haciendo clic en el botón incorrecto. Vea esto para saber cómo registrar una licencia: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional
  16. No concrete explanation, but Win 10 is known to sometimes behave oddly with RPs. Maybe your removing 2 with CC prompted Windows to take a look at what had changed and remove the others? The other thought is did you check in Windows if they were still there? It may have been that CC just couldn't see them?
  17. Just wondering if using partitioning software to shrink the partition and then re-expand it again could move the mft? Your own risk of course. (Make a mirror image / clone first). I'm guessing that it may complain that it can't shrink a partition smaller than the files already there?
  18. nukecad

    Windows 11 ?

    I would definitely avoid the Registry Cleaner, the Software Updater, and the Driver Updater. Health Check as well, except possibly if CCleaner Free, in Pro it runs Software Updater (Security), and I wouldn't trust the Startup (Speed) check either.
  19. nukecad

    Windows 11 ?

    I don't know anyone with Win 11 yet, apart from @Andavariand although he opened CCleaner he said that he didn't run it. Maybe he's given it a go by now?
  20. nukecad

    Windows 11 ?

    Windows 11 is in very early Beta testing (Insider Programme) and no software is going to claim compatibility with anything in Beta. By the time Windows 11 is fully Released to Market then CCleaner will (should) be compatible with it. But until then Windows 11 is experimental and will change rapidly - so nobody is going to give any guarantees about using their software with it.
  21. That sounds like something Chrome related is still running in the background. Have you changed any settings in Chrome, (sometimes Chrome will change settings itself during an update), or installed any new addons/extensions in Chrome that may be running in the background after closing? Have a look here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204210674-Why-is-Chrome-cleaning-being-skipped-#why-is-chrome-cleaning-being-skipped--0-0
  22. Personally I'd believe Intel. There may be later versions of the drivers that CCleaner's new Driver Updater is finding by the version number - but the changes in those drivers may have been for different system builds (different graphics chip, different audio chip, different drive or drive type, etc) and so while a newer version exists it may not be needed for your particular system.
  23. Good to hear that an uninstall/reinstall got CCleaner working as you expect again. Not sure what happened, (maybe 5.82 didn't install properly or Windows didn't recognise Smart Cleaning properly so didn't put an icon in the trayfor it?) PS. I had a quick look at Greeshot and came across a few possible solutions. One was that if Greenshot is running without Administrator privileges then launching another app with Administrator privileges will prevent Greenshot using the 'prt sc' button. https://getgreenshot.org/faq/why-does-the-print-key-not-work-in-some-windows/ Another suggestion was that if Greenshot stops working with the 'prt sc' button then simply opening the Greenshot Preferences menu and closing it again resets it. I don't think that CCleaner clears Greenshot temporary files as standard (but Winapp2 extension may do), but just in case you may want to make Greenshots temporary files an exception for CCleaners Custom Clean (that's only for Custom Clean not Health Check). C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Greenshot\*.* C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Greenshot\*.* (There should be a logfile in that second one that may help you work out why it's getting turned off). There may be others, or sub-folders within those, but from the pathnames I'd expect any Greenshot related temporary files to be stored in those two locations. I'm not sure if those are of any helpto you, you may be better looking/asking on the Greenshot website.
  24. That describes exactly how Smart Cleaning works. I don't know how it got turned off for you but if you turn it on again it will do the same thing as it used to (and as said above it will put an icon in the System Tray again). As it did get turned off then you may want to check the Smart Cleaning settings. Sorry but I don't know your screenshot utility so don't know just why it's being cleared.
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