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  1. Brave is my main browser which reset fingerprint after each start & at this time is unsupported - However on New Edge which I do use some of the time, the fingerprint stays the same despite the program saying it was & will be reset - In reports despite having the program on just over a week it has no data to display so I've gradually come to the conclusion it isn't doing anything? Maybe its conflicting with some other program, my AV is ESET IS - I'll give it a try again later bought it as part of my remaining CCleaner sub - *Also, I am using Windows 11 beta which may be another probable cause, though this has caused very few issues if any over the past month - Regards PwT
  2. Interesting! Thanks for spending time researching that, I'm continuing to use Smart Cleaning on this Desk PC, my laptop that has New Edge on & my other half's Lappy that has New Edge too - I do take your points on board & again thanks !
  3. IE /New & Old Edge are removed totally & fully, leaving only Brave, as I remember default cleaning on exit isn't everything though I have it set that way, Brave - The slight issue is even with all delete on exit it does leave some dross behind depending on how long your session was/data accumulated/where Jupiter is as apposed to Saturn? Hence hence my even using CCleaner - Anyway, thanks for the input as I contribute to other forums I do understand the time & effort put in to answering my question, & as I've only recently used Smart Cleaning I felt this was the place to ask - Thanks all & much appreciated & lots made sense! Stay safe you all! Paul Cannot fault you interest being Beer or living in my favourite part of world The lakes
  4. Hi: yes I do realise many temp & other files are regenerated immediately almost - Custom Clean has everything checked - The difference is if I exit the Browser (Brave) & do a manual clean using Heath Check, with Smart disabled then check again after just about all is gone - If I do the same with Smart Cleaner & do the identical check afterward there are several meg of browser junk & trackers left - Identical situation one done manually the other Smart? I suspect Smart Cleaning doesn't do quite the same amount as manual, it also takes half as long too - Not a big issue at all, used CCleaner since day one & yet to find anything as good. I just wondered if other members had similar results to me? Thank you ! Paul
  5. To start with hello all: I've used CCleaner from the very beginning but on Pro I use decided to try Smart Cleaning (automatic browser cleaning) - I have everything on my browser (all nine check boxes) to clean including all cookies & set to clean on exit without notification but I see the CCleaner icon flash on exit - However if I run a health check straight after without opening my browser there are several trackers & several meg of browser junk left, if I run Heath Check or standard clean all is well. Don't seem much point at this time in enabling Smart clean? Windows 10, 20H2, Ryzen 3, 32 GIG DDR 4 Ram - No other issues - Any advise please :-)
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