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  1. Simply compare the prices for what you want, ie. 2 computers. CCleaner Pro Plus bundle for up to 3 PC's is less than the price of buying 2x CCleaner Pro (only) for 1 PC. So you are saving money over buying 2 single PC licences, even if you never use it on a 3rd machine - and you get the Pro versions of the other softwares as well. Keep an eye out for official promotions and get it even cheaper. ie. I've just checked online and at the moment (today) in the UK the discounted 3PC Pro bundle at £27.95 is only slightly dearer (£3) than a standard 1 PC licence for CCleaner only of £24.95. (and still much less than twice the current discounted 1 PC licence at £19.95). So if you are buying now it's a no brainer to get the Pro bundle for your 2 PC's. (and have a free licence unused). And even if you never use the bundled softwares that is still the cheapest way of getting CCleaner Pro for 2 PCs.
  2. It's not an option that I'd normally use, so I turned it on and did some testing. Running a Custom Clean from the GUI shutdown as expected following the clean. Following what you posted: right clicking on the bin and running CCleaner from the context menu did a background clean and also shut down as expected. Which says that the option is working as intended and there is something particular stopping it on your machine, so lets see if we can find what it is. To start with could you tell us what Windows version you are running? (eg. Win 10 Home v21H1) And what CCleaner version? And what Antivirus you are using and, if it's not Windows Defender, what version it is at? Next please 'Restart' your machine, not a Shutdown but click on 'Restart'. After the Restart try CCleaner from the Recycle Bin context menu again - can you see a CCleaner icon in your System Tray? (bottom right near the clock) The broom should flash on and off while it's doing the background clean; is it doing that? If not flashing (or if it still doesn't shutdown) then try opening CCleaner and doing a Custom Clean from there. Does it Shutdown your machine following the clean? I'm trying to see if CCleaner is actually running a clean, if something like your antivirus is stopping it running then it's not going to be able to do the shutdown either.
  3. It is cleared - deleted and recreated with the default value. (Often thats the quickest way of clearing something). You can whitelist it yourself though - (if you insist on using the reg cleaner despite advice). Next time it shows up right-click it and select add to exclude list and then it wont show again.
  4. That utility is now part of the Malwarebytes Support Tool we talked about and linked above. That Cleanup Utility, Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST), MB-Check, & MB-Grab were all combined into one easy to download/use tool a few years ago now. PS. You can still find/download the old 'utility' on it's own from some websites, but it's an old version from their archives (check the date) and may/will not work properly with newer Malwarebytes vesrions.
  5. Good to hear that worked for you, and that it wasn't a bigger problem. It's always worth remembering that with Windows 10 a 'Restart' is the thing to use rather than a Shutdown/Boot. Restarting clears more system data and starts the Windows 10 system afresh, thus clearing any lingering glitches that may be in the system kernel. Shutdown hibernates (at least part of) the kernel, and so glitches can persist following a shutdown/reboot. Did you reinstall Malwarebytes? If not then Windows Defender should automatically take over your AV protection. PS. You can run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender side-by-side, many do that for an extra layer of protection. Simply set Malwarebytes Premium not to register in the Windows Security Centre and both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender will then be protecting your machine:
  6. To add to Daves reply: If you did clean 'Saved Passwords' for Firefox when using Custom Clean then you will have to save each one again in Firefox. Firefox should prompt you to save them again when you log into each site again. Unless of course you had had the foresight to make a backup of your Saved Passwords that you can put back: (Like all backups it's something you should do regularly). https://www.intowindows.com/3-ways-to-backup-passwords-saved-in-firefox-57-58/ If you clear 'Session' with Custom Clean then it will log you out of all sites you were logged into but the passwords will still be saved. Firefox should paste them back into the sites login boxes next time you want to login, if you have it set to do so. (And if allowed, some sites won't allow that and insist that you type it in each time).
  7. As Malwarebytes is also being affected then that is more important, and whatever is glitching Malwarebytes is probably also causing the issue with CCleaner. I'd sort out the Malwarebytes as the priority. I assume that you are using the latest version of the Malwarebytes Support Tool, mb-support-, and not one you had saved earlier. Restart your computer - that's click on 'Restart' not on 'Shutdown'. Once it's restarted try the Malwarebytes Support Tool again. The tool should uninstall and reinstall your Malwarebytes if there is a problem with it. https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038524914-Malwarebytes-Support-Tool-FAQs If the Support Tool is not repairing Malwarebytes then things may be more serious and your computer may have become infected. We can't do malware removal on this forum, but Malwarebytes is one of the places we point people to get your machine checked over and fixed if necessary. Register/Logon to their forum and start here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Note that your are currently going to get quicker help from the trained experts there on the forum. Currently if you raise a Support Ticket with Malwarebytes it's taking 5-7 days to get anything other than an automated acknowledgment, they are very busy and there is a long queue of tickets.
  8. I assume that you posted that in the wrong place, and that all is indeed now well.
  9. In Norton 360 the version number should be shown in Help>About https://www.nortonlifelockpartner.com/faq/art/how-do-i-check-the-version-of-my-norton-security-software-including-patch/ TBH I'm not 100% sure what is causing your issue - but still strongly suspect Norton, the behaviour you describe is typical of an AV block (and we do see it quite often with certain AVs). (Just as an aside, I wonder if it would still do it if you had 'Keep CCleaner Updated Automatically' selected so that CCleaner would update itself in the background?). Personally I would still let CCleaner tell you there is an update but decline it and instead go the CCleaner builds page that I linked above above, download the Slim installer from there and double click it to install the new version. (Slim installs the same CCleaner as Standard, but doesn't show you an 'offer' while doing it). There is no need to unistall the old CCleaner version first. You may want to bookmark that link to the builds page so it's easily found. As I said, quite a few of us do it that way every update. Updates are usually about once a month, so you could also check the announcements on here. It's a few more clicks, but as you will be installing anew each time then that should then bypass the problem you are seeing. If you do still want to update through CCleaner itself then I'd suggest that you try a 'one-time' uninstall and reinstall of CCleaner which should clear out any 'old' CCleaner settings from Windows that Norton may be picking up. It's just possible that there may be something left over from an older CCleaner version in the registry. (To keep your current CCleaner settings make a copy of your ccleaner.ini file, if you have one, and put it back after the reinstall).
  10. As Dave says that icon will always show if you have 'Smart Cleaning' turned on, or if you have 'Automatic Updates' turned on. Each of those runs in the background when turned on, they have to run in the background to work, so the only way not to have that icon showing is to turn both of those functions off.
  11. That's fine, so it's when you update through CCleaner itself that you have the issue, but when you download a new installer from the website and install afresh then there is no issue. Are you letting CCleaner update automatically, or just getting a notification that the update is available and then clicking the button? Whichever, that does still sound like your Norton AV blocking it unless/until you do a new install. It sounds that when updating from within CCleaner your AV may still be using the old version checksum, which of course doesn't match the new version Note that a 'Restart' of Windows ('Restart' not a Shutdown/Boot), rather than a fresh install should also cure it. But you shouldn't really have to do either. It's also interesting that you say 'in recent months' - it has been noticed that due to the pandemic with people working from home some AVs have been slower than usual to update definitions, which has led to some delays in them recognising new software versions. I'm not sure if this has been affecting Norton? (PS. I don't update from within CCleaner itself, I always download the new version from the 'Builds' page and do a fresh install using the 'Slim' installer, many experienced CCleaner users do their updates that way: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds ). As I said above an AV telling you that it is the latest version is not always true, you have to double check the website. There are a few different Norton AV's - can you tell us which one you have and the actual version number of your Norton product? For most of them the latest version as of 20th August 2021 is https://www.nortonlifelockpartner.com/faq/art/what-is-the-latest-version-of-norton-security/
  12. I'm not sure what you are meaning there, but I think you mean that you are having to reinstall CCleaner again because it will only run the one time when you reinstall? Normally if CCleaner will run once on installing but then won't open again from the desktop it's your Antivirus that is stopping it from opening. (It doesn't stop the first one because that's not opening from scratch on your computer, it's opening from the installer which itself is already open). What you describe shows exactly that behaviour: There is a new CCleaner version and your Antivirus doesn't recognise the new version and so (after that first time) blocks it from running. A day or so later (it could be just hours, with some AVs it could be a week) the antivirus definitions are updated, the AV now recognises the new CCleaner and doesn't block it anymore. Some AVs are more prone to this behaviour than others, and many don't have this problem at all. Can you tell us what Antivirus are you using and what version is it at?
  13. With Windows 10 there is no need to unzip, eg. with the CCleaner Portable zip you can open it in File Explorer just like any folder and double click the exe to run. If you are concerned about any file, or zip, that you have downloaded then you can right click on it and 'Scan With' your AV/AM: Alternatively you could submit it to VirusTotal and have them scan it for you with multiple engines, it's quick to use: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload Here's a scan of the latest CCleaner zip done a minute ago, out of 59 AV/AM scanning engines used none found any concern: (PS. See that 'refresh' icon top right? In VirusTotal it will first show you the last scan done for the file that you have uploaded, clicking that icon does a new scan of your uploaded file)
  14. I suspect that it's a setting in your Win 7 then, but without further details there is not a lot anyone can do other than guess.
  15. Portable doesn't install anything. The Slim installer does not bundle anything else. The Standard installer will offer you another product, but it's clear that it is doing so and has big 'Decline' / 'Accept' buttons.
  16. It isn't CCleaner - it's Microsoft and/or Quickbooks. Internet Explorer is now defunct and has/is being being removed from computers by Microsoft. Any application that still needs IE is going to stop working unless that apps' developers make changes so that it runs with Microsoft Edge (or another browser). This is not sudden news, application developers have known this was coming and have had a number of years now to make the needed changes. Quickbooks are no exception and officially stopped supporting IE in 2019, you will need to change your Quickbooks to use another browser: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-uk/product-system-requirements/discontinuing-support-for-internet-explorer-and-old-safari/00/239659 EDIT- If you are not yet ready to change browsers, and you do still have IE11 on your machine, then you could try this workaround: (Obviously if you don't still have IE the workround won't work). https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-uk/configure-products/warning-that-internet-explorer-11-0-is-required-when-it-is/00/239804
  17. @jvidallet's see if we can track down just what is causing this for you. At the moment you are the only one reporting this problem, and so the more details we can get from you the better we may be able to work out what is happening. First the general questions: What version of Windows are you using, if it's Windows 10 then which build? (eg. 1909, 20H1, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2). What antivirus are you using, if it's not Defender then which version of your antivirus? For CCleaner: Are you using CCleaner Free or Pro version? Do you use Health Check or Custom Clean? Do you have Smart Ceaning turned on? If so then what are the settings? (A screenshot would help). What are your settings in Options>Updates?
  18. The timestamp on the installer downloaded from builds is 16:32 UK time, so it would have been shortly after that.
  19. I can't recreate it now. I'm thinking that it was probably related to yesterdays licence server overload? It may have been that the updated CCleaner was trying to check the licence information, but because of the server issue was unable to complete the check and authenticate the key. So if CCleaner was left running (ie. Smart Cleaning, Automatic Updates, minimised) it was periodically trying to check the licence again, and stealing focus whilst it did that. In which case closing and reopening CCleaner would/should have completed the check and cleared it. @jvidalis your CCleaner still stealing focus today?
  20. @Dave CCleanerI can confirm a variation of this bug. Yesterday after installing 5.84 I left the GUI open and every so often (I'd say about a minute?) it would jump to the front of any other open windows. A bit like a delayed 'Always-on-top'. I normally close the GUI, so it was just luck that I hadn't that time and caught the odd behaviour. I just shrugged and closed the CCleaner GUI. I didn't notice it stealing focus after the GUI was closed. It's not happening for me today though, I'll see if I can do domething to recreate it. PS. With something so regular I would have suspected Smart Cleaning? But I wasn't running Smart Cleaning.
  21. As Nergal points out there are some extensions which are baked in to Firefox and can't be removed. (Which is why the button in CCleaner is greyed out). If you disable them with CCleaner then Firefox will simply re-enable them next time you open it, Firefox wants/needs them to be there. (If they stay disabled day-to-day then that will probably be because you didn't close and reopen Firefox). Deleting the .xpi file from the profile in appdata won't work - Firefox will simply recreate it again next time you open Firefox. (I use that fact to do a quick cleaning of certain Firefox caches, etc. I delete them from the profile, Firefox recreates them anew). Those addons don't even show as plugins/extensions in Firefox itself. The particular ones that you mention, Amazon, e-bay, etc. are search engine extensions and do show as 'alternative search engines' in Firefox; but even there they can only be hidden from the list and not fully removed. ie. if I click the 'Remove' button here in Firefox the Amazon search engine will be removed from the list shown to you in Firefox. But it would still be there and still enabled just not shown in that Firefox list, - and so CCleaner will show it as still being there and enabled:
  22. I think that @Matt78may have spotted the problem. I believe that the CCleaner server(s) has been under a heavy load since the new CCleaner version was launched yesterday, which may explain this sudden issue. Hopefully things should calm down again and you will then be able to access the server to register.
  23. Copy and Paste the key from your email to make sure you are not mistaking letters/numbers. Make sure you are using the same name that you registered. See here for help with problems when registering: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional
  24. I've flagged this for staff attention. It may be best if you don't use that machine until you get a reply, that will give a better chance of restoring any files. In the meantime it may help if you could you give more details of the Windows 10 version number, CCleaner version number, and any AV that you have installed. Also if the deleted files were on your C: drive or elsewhere? I do note that your Windows 10 is 32-bit. I'm not sure if that is relevant but it may be.
  25. It can be a know issue that Microsoft Casual Games freeezes. Often it will be due to a 'broken' advert or 'broken' advertising link. Try disconnecting from the net and playing the games offline (until the particular ad is fixed) so that it doesn't try to show any ads. You can find more info here: https://microsoftcasualgames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403080898196-KNOWN-ISSUE-Microsoft-Solitaire-Collection-Hangs-or-Freezes-and-Needs-to-be-Restarted
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