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  1. It appears to be the translation. That error message is actualy "Could not determine file system type" which indicates that the SD card has a format that Recuva cannot read. Do you know what filesystem the card is formatted with? It could be just a bad contact, try taking the card out and putting it back in again. Wydaje się, że to tłumaczenie. Ten komunikat o błędzie to w rzeczywistości „Nie mozna określić rodzuja systemu plików”, co oznacza, że karta SD ma format, którego Recuva nie może odczytać. Czy wiesz, w jakim systemie plików karta jest sformatowana? To może być
  2. I think that you are looking at the wrong setting. 'Launch the CCleaner app window each time the computer starts' puts a flashing icon in the system tray when the computer starts, but ony for seconds while the clean is running and it disappears when the clean has finished. If you mean the icon remains in the system tray (not flashing) then there are two functions that do that: Smart Cleaning: If you have Smart Cleaning enabled it needs to run in the background to monitor for junk building up, or for a browser being closed. 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically': This needs
  3. Apart from anything else the drive you are searching is 'diskstation' which is a NAS drive. As far as I am aware CCleaners Duplicate Finder cannot read NAS formated drives
  4. Yes that would explain it. CCleaner was clearing your history, but the tabs that were open when you closed the browser would be saved in 'Sessions' and put straight back into the history when you reopened the browser.
  5. We don't have many Mac users on this user forum. As you have a paid licence then you may be best contacting support with your problem, after all you are paying for support. email them at support@ccleaner.com It's best to email from the address you used to purchase/register CCleaner, but if you can't do that then let them know what that email address was and/or you licence number.
  6. Strange, so a few questions to try and work out what is happening. Just to make sure first, we are talking about Google Chrome browser? Where are you seeing this persistent history? (ie. in the browser, in CCleaner, or somewhere else?) Is it always the same websites? Are you willing/able to share a screenshot of what you are seeing? Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? If it's Custom Clean then what do you have ticked/unticked for Chrome? And for completeness: Which Windows version are you on? and which Antivirus do you use?
  7. You keep saying the same thing, it is not enough information. You do not need a licence to be able to recover files with Recuva. You will have to give more details, and a screenshot would help. What are you trying to recover the files from? (The translation now says a card not a disk). What version of Windows are you using?
  8. The fact that you can clear them only through the browser suggest that you have syncing enabled. Have a look at this for why things may be coming back after cleaning with CCleaner, including if you are synced, and what you can do about it: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  9. No need to start 2 threads, I've merged them together. See the reply above.
  10. It's a Chromium based browser so this should be the same: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95314?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en Note that there is a difference between the Startup Page and the page for new tabs. If that doesn't do just what you are wanting then look at the many 'new tab' extensions available for Chrome.
  11. From a post made yesterday by a staff member: I would suggest that you contact support who can advise further, or give a refund for the unused licence. Email them at support@ccleaner.com
  12. The main advice is not to use any Registry Cleaner with Windows 10. Windows 10 registry changes too often for any register cleaner to safely keep up. See this Microsoft article: Le principal conseil est de ne pas utiliser de nettoyeur de registre avec Windows 10. Le registre de Windows 10 change trop souvent pour qu'un nettoyeur de registre puisse suivre en toute sécurité. Consultez cet article Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/topic/politique-de-support-microsoft-pour-l-utilisation-des-utilitaires-de-nettoyage-de-registre-0485f4df-9520-3691-2461-7b0fd54e8b3a
  13. @inbuon The transaction details that you posted show a Paypal debit of One Cent. That looks like a Paypal account authorisation/verification check and not a payment. Paypal do that now and again and the 1 cent should be refunded from Paypal.
  14. Sorry but your question is not clear. (Maybe the translation?) Recuva does not need to be purchased to recover files, the free version will recover files. Could you give a screenshot of what you are seeing? Przepraszamy, ale twoje pytanie nie jest jasne. (Może tłumaczenie?) Recuva nie musi być kupowana, aby odzyskać pliki, darmowa wersja odzyska pliki. Czy możesz dać zrzut ekranu tego, co widzisz?
  15. Firstly - CCleaner is NOT an Anti Virus application, it is a junk file cleaner. It will not protect your computer from viruses or any other malware. Second - How are you purchasing CCleaner? If you are using PayPal then you may not have completed your purchase, and you will not be sent a key until you do. If you are paying some other way then have you typed the correct email address? See this: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59919-paid-for-cc-pro-version-for-60-days-but-no-download-link-sent-to-my-mail/?tab=comments#comment-326694
  16. Open CCleaner will do as it says and open the CCleaner user interface so that you can then run a clean yourself. Run CCleaner will do a Custom Clean (not Health Check) in the background without opening the user interface. So that's quicker because you don't have to click anything else. (You will see the CCleaner icon flashing in the System Tray while it is cleaning). You can have one, both, or neither in the Recycle bin (Trash) context menu; and you can turn them on and off as you like. Simply tick or untick them in Options>Settings anytime you want to change what is shown i
  17. Your choice of course. I know you are not using a server, but the MS articles for Win 7 are no longer there. Because Win 7 is EOL MS have removed any references to it in their 'bug' articles. But did you not understand that this is a Windows wmi error, not CCleaner? MS are not going to try and fix it now because Win 7 is EOL. They are not going to fix it on Server 2012 either - they have told users to ignore it.
  18. That's exactly as said in post #2 above 2 weeks ago. - Turn off Smart Cleaning, turn off Automatic Updates. Which the original questioner, Nash HH, did. Thanks for adding the screenshots, I'm sure others may appreciate them.
  19. Fine, As long as you remember to turn off Automatic Updates each time you unzip a new portable, and don't update from within the portable, then it won't install.
  20. Oh, I agree that there is not much point to it. I just think it's a very small thing and easily ignored, so I doubt it's very high on anybodys priority list.
  21. @AelsonDo you realy want/need the Portable (uninstalled) version? As you got it through a 3rd party app then I'm not sure. Unless you are a computer technician or an advanced user then the standard installed CCleaner is probably better for you. To answer your questions: The new automatic software updater is still there in the Portable. If you do want it to remain portable then be sure to go to Options>Updates and disable (untick) 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' to stop Portable updating and so installing automatically. You won't see any notification of a new versi
  22. As you note we already went through all this, and nothing has changed. CCleaner removes them, Firefox puts them back as soon as you launch Firefox. There is nothing that CCleaner can do about Firefox putting them back.
  23. So not Firefox 85.0 then. If you have had it for a while then it's obviously not those changes. CCleaner may be cleaning something that Firefox itself doesn't. (That's one of the points of using it; to do a 'deeper' clean). Your mention of Service Workers reminded me that there was a report of an issue with those, and that was also affecting Twitter. The Service Worker was being unregistered and took time to re-register when you revisited the site, which could explain what you are seeing. https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59590-ccleaner-breaks-firefoxs-service-workers/ Bu
  24. Apparently that particular error ResultCode in your event log is associated with the operation WbemServices::ExecQuery, which fails with 0x80041032 (WBEM_E_CALL_CANCELLED). Most Microsoft articles I can find about it only refer to Windows server 2012, that's probably because Win 7 is now EOL. After some searching I found the following from Microsoft burried in this blog: http://www.networksteve.com/forum/topic.php/Event_5858_from_WMI-Activity/?TopicId=82067&Posts=1 Scroll down to the post dated April 16th 2013. In other words Microsoft said/say: "That error is being
  25. Thanks for reporting this. Is this a new behaviour that only started this week? Have you updated to Firefox 85.0? There have been a lot of changes 'under the hood' in Firefox 85.0 which was released this week - some of which change the way tabs, networking, and caches work in the background. https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2021/01/26/supercookie-protections/ They have also added some 'fingerprinting' protection which may be more relevant to the issue of your accessing websites. https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2020/01/07/firefox-72-fingerprinting/ When Mozilla make
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