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  1. Firstly, good to hear you got your system working again. I suspect that you used the Registry Cleaner? Registry Cleaning is a specialist tool used to help when fixing an already 'broken' computer, if used on a fully working computer it can sometimes do the opposite and 'break' things. You should not use a Registry Cleaner as a general cleaning tool - You should especially not use it with Windows 10. Windows 10 changes things in the registry too often for any Reg Cleaner to keep up. Some get away with using it regularly, some 'break' their machines and have to restore as y
  2. CCleaner is not an Antivirus/AntiMalware product. It does not remove things because they are 'malicious', it doesn't even know if something is malicious or not. CCleaner does not know, or care, where you got an app from. CCleaner removes junk and temporary files by filetype or by removing them from certain locations. (Either standard junk storage locations, or locations specified by you). If you have downloaded an apk, or saved/downloaded some photos, to one of those locations then it will likely be cleaned. Having said that - the website you linked is blocked by some AVs/AMs a
  3. It's something that has caught a few out before; and it's not realy something that Piriform have control over. If/when you do a Google search on the topic of restoring the registry in CCleaner, the first entry that comes up in Google is the CCleaner Network documentation talking about endpoints. The home user documentation/faq is the second entry that Google lists. (Which doesn't talk about networked endpoints). https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/faq/using/how-do-i-restore-registry-backups Of course many/most people seraching don't notice that and simply click on the first entry
  4. A lot of companies seem to be using C-19 as an excuse to do what they wanted to anyway. (Laying off staff, cutting product ranges, increasing prices, etc). Much easier to blame 'the plauge' rather than admit it's a business decision. Did you see the other day that Eurostar claimed that only First Class passengers could now access wifi on their cross-channel trains "due to coronavirus"? Hard to see how a disease in humans could affect in-tunnel wifi broadcast for some parts of a train but not others, but of course if you pay the extra for first class..... (They have since u-turned an
  5. I'm not sure how it got turned on, but there a few different ways, maybe you somehow set 'A notification when new content is posted' You can change that, and your other notification and email settings yourself: Click the little arrow next to you username at the top right of any forum page. Click on 'Account Settings'. In the page that opens look on the right side and click on 'Notification Settings'. You can now turn on/off which notifcations and/or emails you get. There general options at the top and then below those there are on/off sliders for control of if
  6. First question, are you running Health Check? Those tick/unticks only apply to Custom Clean, Health Check ignores them and uses it's own cleaning rules. If you are not running Health Check then are you meaning the recent list when you right click an icon on the taskbar (Taskbar jumplist)? If so then check this to make sure that they haven't been turned off in Windows itself: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-recent-files-and-locations-jump-lists-windows-10 Also check that you aren't cleaning 'Recent Files' in the app itself. Or are you meaning the 'hover over' sm
  7. Multi terabyte drives will take a long time to do a full disc defrag. (Which isn't normally needed on a large drive anyway). Try doing an analyze and then 'View files', select them and 'Defrag selected' or 'Defrag checked' depending on how you have selected the fragmented files. That will only defragment the actual files rather than looking at all the empty space on the dusc.
  8. Of course you are allowed to post. Nobody gets banned unless they do something which is against the forum rules or etiquette. Spammers tend to follow predictable patterns when posting, any decent moderator can recognise those 'spammy' patterns. Unfortunately some genuine posters can inadvertently use similar patterns without knowing it, but unless they go on to break the rules then there isn't a problem.
  9. I'm not sure but that may be because of the (newish) Windows multi-clipboard, if you are using that? I believe that it saves clips in the cloud to a Microsoft server so that it can sync them to other devices. I think there was some discussion about it when it first came out. CCleaner can't touch cloud servers, they are protected, CCleaner can only clean you machines local storage. Whilst it probably shouldn't hang like that, as you have already found your quick fix for that one would be to disable clipboard cleaning. I don't know about the VPN issue, but like Stephen CCleane
  10. Avast wouldn't/shouldn't block it. (CCleaner is now owned by Avast). Can you tell us exactly (which website) you are trying to download/purchase CCleaner from? Also check Windows Settings>App and browser control>Reputation Based protection settings, to see if this has been turned on: (A Windows update has turned it on for some people). PS. 'Finger up the nose music' only works in a Monty Python sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-v6VYjUC7Q (You've got to love the socially distanced football ground).
  11. Ignore it. I always have. It's a tool for for techies and repairpersons, which is why there is 'a lot of words' on the website. Basically it makes a snapshot (benchmark) of the state of the drive that you can then compare with later snapshots to see if anything is deteriorating over time.
  12. Yes, Defender/MS Security Centre is now doing that, - It's because of a new setting "Potentially unwanted app blocking", you can turn it off if you want to. Note that the words used are POTENTIALLY UNWANTED. Only you can decide if you want something or not. But it seems that Microsoft have deemed that you can no longer be trusted make your own decisions about what to download/install and that they have to nanny you. Who decides if an app is classed as "low-reputation" by Defender/Windows Security is of course Microsoft themselves. (And at the moment it seems to be that
  13. Not an offer of help here, (cos I don't know what the solution is), but is this only happening if you run CCleaner from the recycle bin context menu? Do you see the same thing if you run CCleaner from the Desktop Icon, or from File Explorer? Just trying to see if it may be connected to the bin in some way.
  14. You seem to be labouring under a few mishaprehensions. I am not a Piriform employee, I am a user and volunteer - as are all the moderators here. It is not 'my programme', I do not have access to the programme code. If you choose to do a Wipe Free Space on 3 drives everytime you run CCleaner then that is entirely up to you, but it is not normal practice and is unecessary. Again: There is a CPU leakage bug in v5.69 that has been acknowledged and is being fixed. It is only affecting a minority (like yourself) who are using CCleaner in certain ways, most users aren't even awar
  15. After Duplicate Finder has found files then the 'Delete selected' button is greyed out until you actually select a file or files to be deleted. Is that what you are meaning? If not then could you attach a screenshot of what it is that you are seeing.
  16. You need to contact support to resolve licencing issues; it's not something that we can do on the open forum. (For security/privacy we can't see licence information here). You should email them at: support@ccleaner.com If possible send your request from the same email address that you used when registering CCleaner. (If that's not possible then noting that registered email address in your request, if you can, will make it easier for them to find your account). You should get an automatic acknowledgement by return email that your request has been received and is in a queue for
  17. You have been answered twice here already, I'm sorry if you cannot understand that answer - here it is again. Yes, there is currently a bug in CCleaner v5.69 that is causing a 'CPU leak' and slowdow/freeze in certain circumstances. Whether it happens to you or not depends on how you are using CCleaner. It is happening to you personally because you are doing a Wipe Free Space on 3 drives, it is not normal to do that every time you clean. Yes, it will be fixed in the next CCleaner update. To stop your freeze it until the update/fix is available: Stop doing the unneccessa
  18. Yes, it's a bug in v5.69 and as said above it will be fixed in the next CCleaner update. It's a problem with 'leaking' device context handles, as you say that you are not a newbie to software user then you will probably know that 'leak' means that the longer the programme is open the more of the CPU it will want to use. Closing the programme means it is no longer trying to hog the CPU. This is why with normal use most users are not even aware that there is an issue, they open CCleaner, clean, and close CCleaner - the leak does not have time to affect anything noticably. Only thos
  19. This has been posted twice, I have answered here : https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59091-ccleaner-hangs-while-cleaning-disks/?tab=comments#comment-322683
  20. I believe that what you describe as 'hangs' is simply CCleaner taking a long time to wipe your free space. The settings that you have made will mean that it will take a very long time to wipe your free space, especially as you are doing it for all 3 of your drives. You have 'Wipe Free Space' selected in Custom Clean and the other settings apply it for all 3 of your drives. 'Wipe Free Space' is not meant for use on a regular basis and should hardly ever need to be used. You should have it unticked for normal cleaning. It is a tool to use when you are selling or passing on your
  21. Partly tounge-in-cheek, but: Remember that it is the browser that changed things, not CCleaner which now has to catch up with what the browser programmers changed (as will all other 3rd party cleaners). So shouldn't you really be shouting at mozilla for changing things in the first place?
  22. Requests to support are handled on a 'first come first served' basis, so new requests get queued and dealt with in order. Which may mean waiting awile for a response if they are busy. We are told that sending multiple emails/support forms can actually slow down the response. TBH though I don't see why they can't send an acknowledgement that your request has been received and will be actioned, I'll suggest it to the staff.
  23. @Bethy54 Hi again, Things have been happening, and after some testing the cause of the rising CPU usage and computer slowdown issue has been pinned down, how to fix it is known, and it will be fixed in the next CCleaner update. (Apparently it was a problem with "leaking device context handles"). Hopefully that update will be soon, but I have no influence over when updates are released. Your posts, and having your machine checked over at Malwarebytes, has helped pin down just what the cause was. Thanks for doing that. From the testing that I did myself it does only happen
  24. For those who don't have a ccleaner.ini, or don't want to edit it manually, you can apply the exclusion/workaround like this: After using Firefox close it again. Open ccleaner and go to Custom Clean. Click on Analyze Double click on 'Firefox - Internet Cache' (You may need to expand the window to see the full pathnames, but they may be the only two files there). Right click on '...\storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal' Click on 'Add to Exclude list' Right click on '...\storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm' Click on 'Add to Exclude list' Job done. Note also that Exclusions only apply to C
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