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  1. Did you do a restart (not shutdown/boot) after updating Comodo? If you want to try 5.64 then you can still download older CCleaner versions from Filehippo, look on the right of this screen for the list: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ Note that if you use Firefox then older versions than v5.70 will clear any data that is saved by Firefox extensions/add-ons, there is a work around you can apply to Custom Clean but it doesn't work for Health Check. https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59225-problem-with-livemarks-addon-firefox/?tab=comments#comment-323452
  2. It was probably just a sticking key then, which has now worked itself free again. (Bit of grit/muck down the side of the key which has now fallen out? It's amazing what muck you can find under some keyboards, hair, nail clippings, and worse). If it happens again try rapidly tapping the key a dozen or so times to see if it frees up.
  3. As we say it's been reported so will be on a fixlist, but as it's just display glitch (an intermittent one at that) and doesn't affect anything functional it's probably a very low priority to track down and fix what is causing it.
  4. Ah, we had a user last week with a similar problem who also had Comodo ISS. He couldn't run any CCleaner newer than v5.64, probably because some changes including security changes were made in v5.65 and above. For interest was your previous CCleaner version that you uninstalled lower than v5.65? It turned out that even though his Comodo said it was up to date there has been a later version available since April. (His Comodo hadn't automatically updated to it). The latest version is, released on 21 April 2020. https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-
  5. Swearing, even in Russian, is not the best way to ask for help. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say it may have translated stronger than you intended, but don't do it again, I'll only give this one warning. I suspect that what you have done is unticked things in Custom Clean but then used Health Check. The ticks/unticks only apply to Custom Clean. Health Check uses it's own cleaning list that you cannot change.
  6. Not a very helpful message is it? This support article was posted 3 days ago, but your issue seems to be different and you have have already tried uninstalling/reinstalling as suggested there: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000184428-Windows-10-Compatibility-Issues Our first question in case like this is- What Antivirus are you using and is it up to date? It's best to check for the latest version on the manufacturers website, some AV's report that they are up to date when in fact there is a newer version available. Also which version of Windows 10 are you ru
  7. That's an odd one. (Although something nags me that someone else may have reported similar to this a while ago, I'll see if I can find it). I'm assuming that you have Smart Cleaning enabled, as that is what puts a CCleaner icon in your system tray. Do you also have 'Close program after a Custom Clean' selected in Options>Advanced? All I can think of is that what may be happening is: when you close the other programs they create log and/or temp files, and that ocasionally reaches the Smart Cleaning trigger and runs a clean; and then following that clean CCleaner is closing
  8. Sorry, like I say I dont know Mac so have no idea what "zero out" means in this case. TBH though wiping free space is not going to gain any space, it just makes sure that no one can recover deleted files. I don't realy see how deleting GB of files would only leave MB of extra space? Maybe a restart or disconnecting/reconnecting the drive would help? There again if the 1TB drive is that full then it looks like time to get another one. PS. I wouldn't try to defrag it either. With that little percentage free space a defrag would probably take at least a week.
  9. I'm not familiar with Mac, but a 1TB drive can take a long time to wipe especially if there is a lot of free space. With an external drive the connection speed will also play a part. I'm not sure if you can set multiple passes for the wipe free space on a Mac? But if you can/have then obviously multiple passes will take longer than a single pass, the more passes the longer it will take. The problem with force quitting a drive wipe is that it will leave (large) temporary files on the disk, using up a lot of the space. Drive wiping works by writing random 'junk' to the free sp
  10. Not seeing a problem with "t" or any other letter here. The software that the forum runs in has just been upgraded so I'll keep an eye out, but it may just be a sticky key on your keyboard? It happens sometimes that the contact under the key sticks for a moment, and so it thinks you are holding the key down. Sometimes it's the switch failing, sometimes it's just gunk that got in there and can be cleaned. (Once spilled 1/4 a bottle of Jack Daniels on a bar laptop in the pub when changing the bottle on optic, sticky keys galore and a waste of Bourbon - Coke or any other sugary dri
  11. It was Firefox 79 that changed two locations where Firefox extensions store data, and that necessitated the change in CCleaner v5.70. CCleaner versions below v5.70 will wipe those new data locations. If you realy want/need to stick with an old CCleaner version then you can try making the new Firefox locations exceptions in Custom Clean. See here for how to do that:
  12. That should't make a difference. Mine is also a local account (I don't even have a MS account anymore) and I don't see the UAC with CCleaner. It strikes me as odd that you say this is often happening when you are "logging into another programme". Why would CCleaner be launching at that time? CCleaner is not any kind of malware protection. I'm taking a guess that it may be that the login is creating temporary files and so CCleaner is launching because of Smart Cleaning? If you have Smart Cleaning enabled try turning that off and see if the issue still happens when logging in
  13. If these are system files then leave them alone. Some system and application files need to be duplicated in more than one place for things to work properly. If they are your own files - pictures, videos, documents, etc. then you need to decide which to delete. CCleaner can find duplicates to save you time searching for them, but it can't read your mind to know if you want to keep them or not.
  14. Also make sure that 'Skip User Account Control warning' is ticked in the CCleaner Advanced Settings.
  15. I would have thought that having to select Continue, rather than making it default, would be an extra safety step in the warning? TBH if you tick that "Do not show this message again" then it doesn't ask at all and you don't have to even press Enter everytime.
  16. There is lots of information out there. But as a quick answer - Probably not. Your devices have to be WiFi 6 capable as well as the router. So unless you have a lot of WiFi 6 enabled devices connected you won't see any difference. It's like 4G/5G for mobile phones, If you phone is only 3G capable then it can't connect to 4G or 5G and so will still use 3G.
  17. Iagree with Nergal, it shouldn't really be in the (x86) directory but I don't think that is your main issue. What you report is typical of having an AntiVirus programme that is not up to date. In those cases CCleaner will run once from the installer, but then can't be launched again. We've seen this quite often and one of the signs is that the last version of CCleaner that is able to run in those circumstances is CCleaner version 64, later CCleaner versions get blocked by the out of date AntiVirus. This is because of various (security) changes that were made to CCleaner at that
  18. Just to note if anyone else is having this problem that it may not be CCleaner. There is a known bug in Windows 10 2004 that can log some users out of apps and websites, even Microsofts own apps like Mail, Calendar, and One Drive. Microsoft are investigating but there is no fix for it yet. https://www.windowslatest.com/2020/09/05/microsoft-is-investigating-windows-10-login-credentials-bug/ Thanks go to Hazelnut for bring this to attention.
  19. It depends- How big is the drive, how fragmented is it, how fast is your computer, are you defragging files or consolidating the disc, etc. Defraging files is the quicker of the two. Consolidating a large drive (1 TB or above) will take a long time. Confusingly Consolidating is also usually referred to as defragmentinging, so you have to know which of the two you are actually doing. See this for more info of the different "Defrag" types - Defrag or Consolidate, Defraggler can do either or both depending on how you use it:
  20. Yes, I'm on Win10 2004 so the tray will look slightly different. TBH It would have been easier just to turn Smart Cleaning off in CCleaner.
  21. You mean a CCleaner Icon in the System Tray at the bottom right of your screen similar to this: That is 'Smart Cleaning' which launches at boot and runs in the background. Go to Options>Smart Cleaning if you want to turn it off.
  22. Well as I noted above, a few months back those with Trend Micro 2019 were having the same problem with CCleaner versions above v5.64 not running. TM 2019 wasn't offering them the update to TM 2020 so they had to go to the website and manually update, as soon as they did that CCleaner ran as expected again. It's your choice of course, but I'm just pointing out that your Comodo may take a long time to get updated unless you do it yourself. (TBH I'd always update an Antivirus as soon as I could to make sure that I had the latest protections). If you don't want to manually update
  23. Which was when Health Check was rolled out to all users, hence my suspicion that there could be a link.
  24. Yes, we all see that double entry thing now and again and it is seemingly random. We used to see the same entry on two consecutive lines (so for example you would get 2 'Internet Cache' on adjoining lines). - Unlike your screenshot which is repeating the same list twice. I guess that change means that the developers are working on it but haven't pinned down what is causing it yet? It makes no real difference to the cleaning, it's just a display glitch. (My own thought, which may be wrong, is that it only started happening when Health Check was rolled out so may be a related d
  25. Maybe Quick Access is considered akin to the Taskbar in the MS devolpers scheme of things? If you think about it both do give quicker access to launch things so it may make sense overall.
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