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  1. To answer your question first: While the browser is not closed then it will be building up junk files on the system, even if not being used browsers are doing things like pre-loading in the background. If you have Smart Cleaning enabled the that junk will be cleaned if/when it builds up to the junk limit specified. For CCleaner Free that limit is fixed , with CCleaner Pro you can change it to whatever you want. So to solve your issues simply turn off Smart Cleaning and it won't clean anything so won't notify you of anything. Everything else that you are asking for is already th
  2. There is a new update just out, as to why you are being informed have a read of this: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052107891-Why-have-I-been-updated-to-CCleaner-v5-74-#1-to-ensure-your-pc-gets-the-deepest-and-safest-clean--0-2 Also you will find in todays release notes: Of course if you don't update then you won't get that fix.
  3. Health Check does it automatically but you can stop it as you know. You have to stop it everytime you run Health Check though, you can't change the Health Check default settings. (If you could change them then it would become just a different version of Custom Clean). If you change to using Custom Clean instead of Health Check then the Software Updater won't even run unless you run it yourself from Tools. You can set Custom Clean as the default when you open CCleaner by going to Options>Settings and changing the 'CCleaner Home Screen'
  4. Don't know the answer, just letting you know I removed that other post in the wrong forum for you.
  5. LOL, I got the same thing with Irfanview last time it had an update available. CCleaner installed the 32 bit rather than updating the 64 bit. The staff know about it.
  6. When you say opening do you mean actually showing the CCleaner window on screen? Or do you mean giving you a prompt to clean or a notificatification that it has cleaned? The first shouldn't happen, the second could happen depending on your Smart Cleaning settings. If it's the second then you can either turn off Smart Cleaning altogether, or change the option so that it just cleans junk without showing you any notification. You can also set a level for junk before it will be cleaned. You can do the same for browser cleaning, turn it off for all, or set different options fo
  7. Oh well, it was a first guess because Registry Cleaner will clear font references. Just to be sure here, you are certain that it is CCleaner that is removing them? From my reading it seems that the favourite fonts not working as it should and losing it's 'stars' is not an uncommon problem in photoshop. Assuming that it is CCleaner removing them: I take it that the fonts themselves are not being removed and having to be reinstalled, just the favourite links to them are going missing? In which case it's a matter of finding out where photoshop is saving those links and then mak
  8. Mmm, it could well be those background tasks that are building up caches, etc. and slowing things down if they are not cleaning themselves. CCleaner (or Disk Cleanup) won't be able to clean them while they are running in the background. A restart may well clean them up. If you have multiple instance of the same thing running at the same time then it could be fighting against itself? Obviously it's not our place to say what you should have running on your machine, but do you realy need them all? (I only have 2 enabled in Startup, and 3 in Scheduled tasks). I'm not sur
  9. I found the problem, the Remote NDIS Network Device had gone totally missing from Device Manager. After a bit of head scratching on how to get it back I reset the phone (actually I took the battery out to force a full reset), plugged it back into the laptop USB and turned on tethering. Bingo, a new, phone specific, RNDIS in device manager and USB tethering working again.
  10. I was just typing the same as Hazelnut, plus another couple of questions: Do you have many 'Live tiles' on your Start menu? I'm meaning things that show video/animation, or update information such as news or weather apps? Do you have much starting with Windows or Scheuled Tasks? CCleaner's Tools>Starup will show you lists of what is enabled. (Health Check's 'Speed' can remove some surplufluous ones for you).
  11. What capacity is your SSD? The fact that it was fine following a reinstall of Win 10 and then slows down over time suggests that system junk is building up. (Junk that CCleaner can't touch). Try running the built in Windows Disk Cleanup with 'Clean up system files' selected, before you clean take a look at the results to see what is taking up the space. Run it at least one a month or whenever you notice a slowdown. As your internet also seems to be slow I'd use a speed checker such as ookla to check your internet speed. https://www.speedtest.net/
  12. I'm guessing that you are using the Registry Cleaner tool in CCleaner. If so then stop using it, it's deleting the registry links between photoshop and you favourite fonts. You should not use any Registry Cleaner with Windows 10 anyway. (Unless it's to try and fix an already faulty computer). Here is Microsofts stance on using Registry cleaners: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities Here is CCleaners advice: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59952-i-get-a-registry-error-on-ccleaner-on-windows-
  13. Malwarebytes Free will not interfere with an install. And there is nothing in there to disable. Malwarebytes Free does not run in real time to protect you, it is an 'on-demand' file scanner only. You need the paid for Malwarebytes if you want it to give malware protection in real time. If you have no other AV then Windows Defender should turn itself on to protect you. Your situation is a puzzle, especially as it's so long running. It does seem as if it may well be machine specific. You say you install CCleaner for others, any problems there? Another suggestion
  14. The first thing I'd try, if you haven't already, is: Uninstall CCeaner. Restart (not shutdown/reboot) your computer. Try installing CCleaner again. The restart is important there. Note: Uninstalling will cause you to lose your CCleaner settings and you'll have to reset them after reinstalling. If you tell CCleaner to 'Save all settings to INI file' (Options>Advanced) you can make a copy of the ccleaner.ini from the CCleaner directory before uninstalling and paste it back after reinstalling. If that still doesn't work then many install problems are due to an AntiVirus pr
  15. Are you installing to a non-standard location? If so do you have full access rights to that location? What happens if you just do the standard install without going into the customise options?
  16. CCleaner can find duplicate files, but only you can decide which ones to keep or not. Only delete duplicates of your own files. Do not delete any duplicates of system files. (Unless you are entirely sure that they are not needed). Duplicates of system files are often needed for your computer to work properly. CCleaner puede encontrar archivos duplicados, pero solo usted puede decidir cuáles conservar o no. Elimine únicamente los duplicados de sus propios archivos. No elimine ningún duplicado de los archivos del sistema. (A menos que esté completamente seguro de que no son
  17. Thanks @Nergal I'd just posted a cut/paste about the system tray icon without checking, I've now removed references to Windows options.
  18. The time remaining on the old licence should be automatically be added to the new one, but it may take a few days for that to show. But there are a few reasons why this might not happen, if you bought a new/different licence key, if you used a different email address, or if there were more than 90 days on the old licence. In which case email support to get the licences merged so that the new one starts when the old on ends. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039530092-Will-I-lose-any-time-on-my-subscription-if-I-take-an-offer-to-renew-early-
  19. '0x6: The handle is invalid' is a Windows error code, something is stopping Windows from fetching/applying the update. It is more prone to happen following a Windows update, and is occasionally seen when updating CCleaner (or any other app). Try one (or both) of the two suggestions given here: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58573-0x6-the-handle-is-invalid/?tab=comments#comment-321089
  20. Quitting from the icon will close the CCleaner background tasks and so will remove the icon - but only for the current session. The tasks will restart the next time that you reboot your computer, or the next time that you open CCleaner, and the icon will come back. You will get a CCleaner icon in your system tray if you have Automatic Updating selected. If you don't want to see a CCleaner icon in the system tray then you have to have and Automatic Updating turned off.
  21. This thread is over 2 years old and so is well out of date. You are missundertanding how the settings work now in CCleaner. You can change the settings in CCleaner itself - but it's now 2 settings that you have to disable, because there is now a new function that can run in the background. You will also get a CCleaner icon in your system tray if you have "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" selected in Options>Updates. That's a new feature that was only recently introduced to CCleaner Free. (And it was also changed in CCleaner Pro). If you don't want to see a CClea
  22. I always let it run alone, but that's my choice. You can keep using the computer and while that will slow down the cleanup, it shouldn't noticably slow down using the computer. Of course while you are using the computer it will be writing new temporary files, but that shouldn't be the ones we are trying to clean up here.
  23. It's the Disc Cleanup that will take the time, especially if it the first one or if it's not been done for a while, the others should be fairly quick if you do them in the above order.
  24. I believe that both Edge versions are shown by default, whether you have them or not. Presumably once legacy Edge is removed by MS in April's Patch Tuesday update it can also be removed from CCleaner. It may hang about for a while though, not everybody does updates when they should, and legacy Edge will still be available for some businesses and endpoints. I suppose the next question has to be when will MS get around to scrapping/removing IE?
  25. If you can't get to the maximize button, and can't do the 'shaking' thing as Andavari suggested then try this: Right-click on the CCleaner Desktop icon and select 'Properties'. In the box that opens go to the 'Shortcut' tab and set 'Run:' to 'Maximized', then click 'Apply'.
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