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  1. That is your Controlled Folder Access in Windows security. Controlled Folder Access is a heavy handed security measure that means only Windows itself can modify certain things. It's usually off by default, so you must have turned it on. It's always been heavy handed, it works on a 'block everything' principle. For instance when it first came out it was on by default and it wouldn't let any 3rd party word processor save documents, only Word itself could save them. (Took me hours to work out why I suddenly couldn't save any documents, spreadsheets, or images). You can either turn it off again, or make CCleaner an exception. https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/use-controlled-folder-access-windows-10-windows-defender/ You may/will find that CFA may/will also restrict other programs/apps that are not Microsofts own apps, or on their whitelist.
  2. I've just done a double check using both Health Check and the Software Updater from the Tools menu. That server is indeed down or unreachable at the moment. Maybe try again later. The rest of health Check should work fine, it's just the software updater that needs that particular server.
  3. Some users are having issues with v5.65 that seem to be due to antivirus programmes not recognising it yet. Trend Micro seems to be a particular problem, and possibly McAfee. Hopefully this may calm down in a few days as the AVs update their definitions. If you are one of the affected users then for now we suggest re-installing and using a previous version, v5.64 or v5.63, which can be found under 'Older Versions' on the right of: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ Note that you will have to use the older version in Free mode. If you register an older version then it will immediately update itself, leaving you were you were at the start.
  4. I wouldn't know if it's any good or not. But I would never take something just because it was offered when downloading/installing something else. Do some research, look at a few reviews comparing different VPNs, then decide which you like the look of and go to the manufacturers site to download and give it a try, most have a limited period trial. Here's just one review of the Avast offering, there are reviews many other VPNs on that site, and many other review sites. https://thebestvpn.com/reviews/avast-secureline/
  5. And that appears to be the problem, Trend Micro needs updating to the latest definitions so that it stops blocking the latest CCleaner. Just for info, The latest Trend Micro version is 16.0.1302 released earlier this month. https://esupport.trendmicro.com/en-us/home/pages/technical-support/maximum-security/1120881.aspx?cm_mmc=MaximumSecurityPage-_-SupportNews-_-TiHE-_-2019
  6. Bugger, I believe that as soon as you register the key then it turns on auto updates. (and so updates itself). You could skip the register and use it in free mode if you don't need the pro features? Smart Cleaning will still work, except for automatic browser cleaning on closing, but scheduling won't and you can only clean the current account. I'll try and think of a way you can register without it also auto updating. Could be useful in future if I can figure one out. All I can think of at the moment is to register and then quickly knock off the internet before it can update, if you're quick enough that should give you chance to change the update setting to manual before going back online.
  7. We are currently seeing issues with TrendMicro blocking CCleaner, and have seen one block reported from McAfee. It seems to be that the AV definitions have not caught up with v5.65 yet? I suggest that you roll back to 5.46 for a week or so to let the AV definitions catch up. (If that is indeed the problem). If you don't still have the v5.64 installer then you can find it on the Filehippo page. https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  8. Which anti virus programe are you using please? and which version of CCleaner?
  9. And as said above I've also checked the ccleaner.exe and ccleaner64.exe runfiles and nothing, including TrendMicro is showing any problem with those either. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d2f391341c8145f3faf445db6c6ef3adf2019f1f8264cd7c4bd52239d6bfbff0/detection
  10. Nobody said that malwarebytes was a general problem, just for that user. You do have Trend Micro which is a known problem with v5.65. The fact that you can roll back to v5.64 without any problem is a strong indication that the problem is with Trend Micro not having updated their definitions yet. Piriform/CCleaner can do nothing about that, it's up to Trend to get their fingers out and update their definitions. To be fair though I believe that they already have, if you look on virus total then Trend Micro shows v5.65 as clean. Is Trend up to date on your computer?
  11. Malwarebytes can be known for this problem from time to time with various softwares. The ransomware protection component is especially prone to doing it, it seems a bit too keen at times. You might want to report it over there: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/ There is obviously an issue for some users and at this stage we are trying to work out if it's a bug or simply a case of the AV's needing to update their definitions for the new CCeaner version. It often happens with a new version of any software that AVs take a couple of days (or even weeks) to update their definitions and stop blocking it. It depends on just how the particular AVs detection engine works, which is why some are more prone to doing it than others. Trend Security/Trend Micro are confirmed to be blocking v5.65 at the moment, and McAfee is also reported as doing so.
  12. Thanks for that Fred. What happens if you pause or turn your McAfee off for a moment to try running CCleaner, or make CCleaner an exception in McAffee? If there is a bug and it's not just a question of the AV's needing to update their definitions for the new version, then the more information we can gather the more the developers will have to work with.
  13. Try making CCleaner an exception in Trend until they update their definition files. Also make sure that Trend is up to date on your computer.
  14. nukecad

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    I've split this into it's own thread as where it was posted was about different issue, and I've moved it to the software sub-forum. @Giapet It sounds as if you may have a broken/corrupt icon cache. See this for how to reset/rebuild it: https://www.howtogeek.com/232779/how-to-rebuild-a-broken-icon-cache-in-windows-10/
  15. That's what they said at the time, but then along came Easy Clean (the early Healh Check) with it's big graphics. Make your own mind up which was the real reason.
  16. Are either or both of you using Trend Micro?
  17. I don't think that anyone here would disagree with you. We have made the same point strongly more than once to the Piriform staff, and we will continue to make it.
  18. So it was just the AV taking time to catch up with it's definitions then. Good to hear that it's ok now.
  19. Ah OK, I see the misunderstanding. Health Check has a simplified user interface, and what it cleans follows it's own cleaning rules. The Ticking/Unticking of things (such as Firefox components) in the Custom Clean area are settings for Custom Clean only. The Custom Clean Settings are not, and will not, be used by Health Check. You cannot change the settings that Health Check will use. Health Check will always use it's own built-in cleaning rules each and every time that you run it. Look at the Icons - Custom Clean icon has a little 'settings' cogwheel to show you can change it's settings, - Health Check icon doesn't because you can't change it's settings. If you want more control of just what is cleaned or not by ticking/unticking the Custom Clean options then you have to use Custom Clean itself to clean. To change which method CCleaner uses as the default, and so for any scheduled cleans, go to Otions>Settings and change the 'CCleaner Home Screen'.
  20. That was a known issue in v5.64 and has been fixed in v5.65 which was released yesterday. https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57660-ccleaner-v5657632/?tab=comments#comment-317202 It was actually connecting to the server but displaying the wrong message when Health Check found that no software needed to be updated. See here for more details: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57004-health-check-unable-to-reach-server-message-to-be-fixed-in-version-565/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-316488 If you are still seeing this with v5.65 then please post back, the devs would be interested to find out why.
  21. The file that Riacrdo is talking about is not the CCleaner installer. (Sorry, I'd missed that). It appears to be the 'Emergency Updater'? But that doesn't usually have the version number, just 'ccupdate.exe', and the pathname in the screenshot looks odd. ccupdate.exe also shows as clean on VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6c997590da9a900e09fb0e0f469ed09c07199e461661d0346f9dd431f9534b26/detection @RicardodeMiranda Does the file "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\temp_ccupdate\ccupdate5.65.7632.exe" actually exist on your computer? Does the folder "temp_ccupdate" even exist? (or is it only in Kaspersky that you saw it?). Can you tell us where you downloaded CCleaner v5.65 from?
  22. You will need to contact support and ask them about transferring your license; it's not something that we can do on the open forum. There is a contact form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com Be aware that we are told they are busy at the moment following the new version release, and so the reply may be a bit slow. Sie müssen sich an den Support wenden und ihn nach der Übertragung Ihrer Lizenz fragen. Das können wir im offenen Forum nicht tun. Hier finden Sie ein Kontaktformular: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Oder Sie können ihnen eine E-Mail senden: support@ccleaner.com Beachten Sie, dass uns mitgeteilt wird, dass sie derzeit nach der Veröffentlichung der neuen Version beschäftigt sind. Daher kann die Antwort etwas langsam sein.
  23. "Status control"? Where are you seeing that in CCleaner? Please explain a bit more what you are meaning.
  24. It grew in size some versions ago, you can't make it any smaller. There were posts about it at the time, they have no plans or intention to change that minimum size or make it resizable below that minimum. (My view is that it was done in preparation for Easy Clean/Health Check which needs that minimum size to get their fancy graphics on).
  25. Another user reports that it is indeed their Trend Micro that is causing this. (But we have other reports as well that haven't yet said what AV they are using).
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