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  1. The 'Space', Temporary System files, is nothing to worry about, there will always be something found there. (Windows remakes some of those as soon as they are cleaned, CCleaner itself puts a couple of files there each time you open it). The 'Privacy' (trackers) is just showing Temporary Internet files to remove, it's not showing any cookies (which is interesting). The Temporary Internet files are things like your browser history, browser cache(s), etc. The fact that there are no cookies there is interesting though, you would expect some cookies to be there if you had been browsin
  2. They have now done it for cookies as well as supercookies: https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2021/02/23/total-cookie-protection/
  3. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/new-silver-sparrow-malware-infects-30-000-macs-for-unknown-purpose/
  4. Only support can deal with licensing, it's not secure to give any license or purchase details on an open forum. Contact support by email: support@ccleaner.com They will want to know the email address that you used for the purchase and any invoice numbers/details that you have.
  5. Try disconnecting from the internet and then installing CCleaner. If that works then it shows that your AV or your Firewall settings are blocking the CCleaner installer from reaching the servers that it needs to for certain functions. (EDIT- That's why Andrei suggests making CCleaner an exception in your AV). Although you have now installed offline that connection block may/will cause some of CCleaners tools or features to not work properly - in particular Health Check will probably 'hang' and not finish. To stop that happening you will have to make changes to your AV or firew
  6. In particular see this post in that thread: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/?tab=comments#comment-327320
  7. I believe that the particular entry discussed here is a new entry related to Cortana, as Hazelnut said above, also it's possibly related to the accessibility options for blind users. So it's related to the built in Windows utilities. Any/every Patch Tuesday, or other Windows 10 update, is liable to change the registry and add new entries. (New entries that a registry cleaner will not recognise, because they are new). At the moment Windows 10 updater is adding things in the background, and making changes in the registry, that will not be activated until the spring 2021 Feature
  8. Have a read of this about 'Trackers' - what they actually are, where they come from, why some of them will come back after cleaning, and what you can do about it: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files-not-cleaned-or-coming-back-solvedexplained/?tab=comments#comment-300043 Looking at your screenshots Health Check is finding some things to be cleaned but for some reason can't clean them. (They may be still open or may be protected). If you can do the same again but before clicking 'Make it better' click on 'Privacy'; the screen should change to tell you if th
  9. It is only Smart Cleaning that would/could do that. Do you have CCleaner Pro or Free? Which version of CCleaner do you have? (The latest is v5.77). And it always helps if you tell us your Windows version and what antivirus you are using. This clip is from CCleaner Free, if you don't want Smart Cleaning to run then you should make sure that these 2 boxes are unticked, you have to untick the lower one first: Alternatively if you have CCleaner Pro you could change that 1.0 GB junk limit to something higher, (Don't worry if yours says something other than 1.0 GB, that's
  10. Did you run the Registry Cleaner in CCleaner? If yes then did you make a backup when it asked you? Can you open the Start Menu, if so then your first step would be to do a 'Restart' of your computer.
  11. Andavari's method works to 'hide' the search engines in Firefox itself, but it doesn't actualy remove them and CCleaner will still see them. It's just a quirk that happens with Firefox. it doesn't affect the running of your computer. PS. I'll edit that whitespace out of your original post seeing as you didn't mean it to be there.
  12. As said above it is a system file that Windows needs (Whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit, Windows needs it):
  13. Presumably it's Firefox, this is a known issue with the Firefox search engine extensions. They are links to the browsers default search engines and are not a problem, if you don't use them then they don't load the search engine and don't take up any resources. CCleaner is doing what it is expected to do and disabling the search engine extension links when you tell it to - the issue is that, since about Firefox v75, Firefox is simply re-enabling them again as soon as you launch Firefox. There is nothing that CCleaner can do to stop Firefox from doing that, there is nothing that a
  14. As you are running only CCleaner's Health Check almost everyday we can rule out that CCleaner is causing your problem. It will clean the same things everytime that you run it. It wouldn't suddenly do something different every three or four months. (Unless you suddenly run the reg cleaner or something else). Those Google accounts are not something that CCleaner Health Check would remove, and it certainly wouldn't remove Lastpass passwords. It's the Lastpass problem that is the more worrying here, from a security point of view.. Sorry, but I don't know what is causing your
  15. Where were these folders located on your disc? As Dave rightly says CCleaner would not touch a users normal files or folders. But I have seen one case where a user was storing all their files under the recycle bin for some strange reason. Obviously emptying the bin deleted all their files. TBH what you are describing sounds more like the actions of a ransomware infection gradually encrypting your files over time. (or possibly some other malware) Have any strangely named files/folders been appearing on your disc? (Change File Explorers 'View' to show hidden files). You may want
  16. We all have our own opinions, and respect each others opinions, mine is based on the official Microsoft stance on Reg Cleaners and Win 10. I don't say reg cleaners should never be used with Win 10. Just that they shouldn't be used blithely, and certainly not in the expectation that it will 'speed up' your computer. The advice in Nergal's signature for using a reg cleaner is good advice. But Windows has changed a lot since the early 2000's and reg cleaning is not usually necessary with Windows 10. Unlike Andavari I don't see Microsoft blacklisting ALL reg cleaners, because th
  17. 'Security' in Health check is the Software Updater for certain apps that are installed on your machine, it needs to access a server to check version numbers. Just to make sure first - what version of CCleaner are you using? (There was a bug in some earlier versions where in certain circumstances it would say 'server not found' even when it was found). If/when it genuinely can't access the server that's normally because of a Firewall setting, or because your antivirus is blocking the connection. Have you changed your firewall settings? What antivirus are you using and what
  18. CCleaner for Android is a seperate licence that is only available through the google play store. You should be able to use the same licence on Windows or Mac, but not on Android. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-#ccleaner-products--0-2 Complain to google about their licencing policy. (You won't get anywhere, they listen to money not users).
  19. One interesting thing I have noticed. Because I'm tethering through the phone on a limited data plan I've been keeping a daily record of mobile data usage. Looking back through that record, whilst I have been using the Phone as a mobile hotspot since the start of February its been clocking up 1.5x to 2x extra data usage compared to USB tethering. I'm not doing anything different, nobody else can use that wifi except my laptop, so I'm wondering just why that extra use should be. Maybe it's other passing phones trying to connect to the mobile wifi and so sending data back and fo
  20. I'm not sure what you are meaning by "I lose the google list off accounts"? Do you mean that you are being logged out of websites? Can you tell us if you are using Health Check or Custom Clean in CCleaner? And it always helps it you tell us your Windows version and which antivirus you use. How often are you running CCleaner? If running CCleaner doesn't normally cause a problem then it wouldn't suddenly do something different (unless you told it to). CCleaner would not touch Lastpass. If something is deleteing your Lastpass master password then you may have a bigger probl
  21. I believe that you need to download the FREE version of each one seperately and then go to Help/Options, click 'Upgrade to Pro' and enter your 'Bundle' licence into them. That way you only download/install the ones you want to use. https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/download https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download https://www.ccleaner.com/defraggler/download eg. for Defraggler you would install the FREE version and then go to Help>About and click the Upgrade to Pro:
  22. Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? You can't change what Health Check cleans as standard, but can change what Custom Clean does. You can set Custom Clean to be your default screen by changing Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen. Once using Custom Clean you have to find the files associated with the app and 'Exclude' them. In CCleaner set Options>Advanced to show the File List rather than the Advanced Report In Custom Clean right click each of the entries that you currently have ticked and 'Analyze' from the popup menu. Then look at the files found fo
  23. It sounds as if it's being blocked by an AntiVirus or firewall. You say this is a work computer, and that you "purchased CCleaner through work". Is this a works networked computer connected to a server, do you have an IT department?
  24. Good to hear that you found the files to Exclude and sorted it out. When you find the specific file if you could post what/where it is (replacing your name with [user name] of course) it may save others having to search in future. I don't know why photoshop is not in the standard CCleaner. That's a Piriform management/developer decision. Obviously they can't include everything or CCleaner would get too big and too slow. There is a solution for that though: The 'winapp2' addon. Winapp2 adds cleaning for most apps out there, so if using it you should 'trim' it to remove thin
  25. @Gregarious Greg What you describe with the Purchase,/Register/Cancell screen is what you see if you you click on 'Upgrade to Pro' from the Options>About screen. (You also see it if you have used the Pro installer download when not already registered). Are you saying that you are seeing it when clicking from somewhere else? To your install problem: That would seem to be the key to why you are having a problem. It indicates that there was a problem with the internet download, or that something on your computer is blocking the installation. To find out which i
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