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  1. Confirmed that I can do the same and they come back. They are obviously being background loaded/enabled by Firefox itself when you launch it; so that they would be instantly available if you selected them in Firefox. I'm not sure how to stop that, there is probably something in Firefox 'About:Config' that would do it but there are a lot a Firefox settings to wade through in config. If I get time I'll see if I can track then down later.
  2. @cosmo As your question is different from the thread that you posted on (which wasn't about the browser anyway and was in the wrong section) I've split it out to it's own thread with a new title.
  3. Good to hear that you eventually got the combination working. I'd also noticed that CCleaner v5.71 take a bit longer to load than previously, but it's not too bad here.
  4. nukecad

    Gmail recovery

    If as you say they were on the gmail site/servers and not saved to your computer then no software can recover them. Software like Recuva can only find what has been deleted from YOUR harddrives, they can't touch other companies servers. Unless they are still in the gmail trash bin (or downloaded/saved to your computer) then they are gone. If they are that important then you may have one last chance that google can recover them, they can/will sometimes recover maliciously deleted emails (It's not realy meant for if you have deleted them yourself); see the steps to take given in t
  5. nukecad

    Gmail recovery

    If it was downloaded and stored on your computer then possibly. If it was only stored on the gmail server(s) then those are protected and Recuva (or anything else legitimate) can't touch them. You may be able to recover them from within gmail itself. Are you trying to recover some, or worried about someone else recovering them?
  6. Don't beat yourself up about it, it's deliberately done like that in the hope that people will miss the slightly different name. It's a tactic used by many less reputable companies (and outright scammers). And obviously it's worth their time and effort, so they probably fool enough people to make money. If I recall correctly the screens in that one are also designed to mimic the genuine CCleaner. I've not seen that particular one for a while and thought that Piriform/Avast had managed to get it taken down, but if it was making the scammers money then they'll just try again.
  7. The first thing to note is that the genuine CCleaner for Android v1.11.42 was from 2015 and so is well out of date. I doubt that it will work on Android 10. Your Samsung probably has an older Android. You need to get the latest CCleaner for Android version from the Google Play Store. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner-android And yes, the genuine CCleaner does need all those permissions to be able to clean Android properly. More importantly though - What you then downloaded is a known fake. We've seen it before. The name of the official product is CCleaner. Only two 'Cs'
  8. I don't think that CCleaner would have done that, especialy if you only 'ananlyzed' and didn't actually clean. Maybe take a look at Recuva to see if it can recover what you have misslaid? https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva If the files are on a card you will have more luck than if they are in the phones memory.
  9. I see what you mean about the download button there now, that's a new development but the 14 day pro trial will still download, albeit with an altered installer name. I'll send you a PM.
  10. @MeganCCleaner There is that relaunch workaround that I gave above. But that depends on the user noticing that the tray icon has gone missing and if it's in the hidden/overflow area then who is going to notice it's gone? Did you see the sugestion I made in the staff area about what may be causing it?
  11. Whilst that's worth looking at to see if there is a crash log, I would have thought that if Smart Cleaning crashed without cleaning then on relaunch it would immediately run (and crash?) again. That would only apply to the junk trigger and not to the closing a browser triger, but the junk trigger is what the OP seems to have been reporting at first.
  12. It will probably depend what programming language you are writing your 'something' in. (I'm not familiar with Python). Maybe your best bet would be to ask on a forum dedicated to Python? Someone else may have figured it out. The only way I have found to do it in a batch is to kill File Explorer, delete the Thumbnail cache, restart File Explorer and let it rebuild the cache. You have to do the same and close FE if/when you want to rebuild the icon cache. I've had similar problems trying to get the recycle bin icon to refresh without having to close FE and refreshing the whole
  13. Aah, yes I see what you mean. I agree that it is particularly bad wording, and could well look like something is actually faulty with your computer. It is nothing to worry about if that message is coming from Health Check, it is not the same as if it is coming from Windows. (The CCleaner developers are sometimes are a bit careless with their wording).
  14. You have posted on a thread from 2014 which was about CCleaner and not CCleaner Browser. As CCleaner Browser was only released last year your tirade has no relevance whatsoever to this six year old thread. If you are having a problem with CCleaner Browser then please post again in the CCleaner Browser forum.
  15. If someone else is logged into the computer with your named account then they can see your browser history. If they are logged in with a different named account they they see their own browser history, and not yours. (Always qualified that an Administrator account can see data from other, non-administrator accounts.)
  16. The browser history will only show the filename and where the file is located, so that you can open it again later if wanted. It does not keep the contents of the file in the browser history.
  17. Fond memories of that 520STFM, I taught myself to programme on it. (Drop down menus, wow). I also remember de-soldering the ram chip and soldering in a new one, pin-by-pin, to take it up to a massive 4 MB of memory. You get more Ram than that in a cheap watch now.
  18. That appears to confirm my thinking that Smart Cleaning is closing itself for some reason after it runs. It shouldn't do that but should stay running in the background waiting for junk to build up again. I've flagged it up, and it's over to the devs to work out why it's doing that and fix it. (I suspect I know what's happening, and if I'm right it should be a fairly simple fix for the next CCleaner update). As a workaround for now - If/when the icon disappears from the System Tray opening and closing the main CCleaner interface will restore Smart Cleaning in the background, an
  19. Thanks for the report, Do you also have Automatic browser cleaning enabled/set for Firefox in Smart Cleaning? It does look that for some reason Smart Cleaning is closing itself after running a clean.
  20. Threads have been merged so that previous issue can be seen. Is this new message coming from Windows or from CCleaner? Could you screenshot it?
  21. Thanks for the reply and the reason that you found. CCleaner can be installed and run from directories other than the default, that's why the option is there in the Advanced install. We have had people in the past who have had \users, and other directories, redirected to other drives than the OS drive (D: or E: drives) without giving CCleaner any problem finding it. I believe though that a ramdisk is a bit of a step too far. (or maybe it's just that particular ramdisk?). I'll point it out to the staff, but as you say I don't think that it will be a priority, in the age of t
  22. I've asked for an update on what is happening regarding this issue.
  23. Your foul language was removed because foul language is not allowed on this forum. CCleaner is a cleaning programme, it is intended to delete things like browser history and cookies - that is it purpose. I have explained above why your browser history and cookies were cleaned, the option that you used is supposed to clean them. A majority of people who use CCleaner do so specifically because they want their browser history and cookies to be cleaned The checkboxes are only used by the Custom Clean option. If you had used Custom Clean then it would have cleaned what was checke
  24. I found the old similar report, that was with when Smart Cleaning was automatically cleaning a browser when the browser was closed. I did some testing at the time and found two things: Often when Smart Cleaning runs the CCleaner icon gets moved into the System Tray overflow area. (Hidden icons). Sometimes though the icon dissappeared from the System Tray altogether but Smart Cleaning was still running. (You can still see in Task manager that CCleaner is running as a background process). I think, but can't be sure, that the second one may be caused by a Windows setting (or
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