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  1. Apparently that error is quite common with Mac's, and fairly easily fixed: https://blog.verslu.is/development/appnamis-damaged-and-cant-be-opened-you-should-move-it-to-the-bin/
  2. #1,3, & 4 were what I was having no success with, #2 was the setting stopping them.
  3. That is what we are trying to work out; just why this is happening for you. Like I say, I am stuck - I can't even try to test things because Windows will not let me keep the "Recent files" list in File Explorer Quick Start at all. And I'm not sure why Windows won't let me keep that list; but I am sure that is Windows doing that and not CCleaner. It may be a Windows setting that I have changed in the past and forgotten that I had changed it? (It is the kind of thing that I may have done because being used to 40 year old computers I sometimes work in a different way with recent fil
  4. Thing is that I have not run CCleaer at all, I've not even opened it. So what I am seeing seems to be Windows itself.
  5. That's the one that I'm meaning. Frequent folders stays on for me but not Recent files. As soon as I close File Explorer then Recent files has dissapeared altogether when I open it again. I am on Win 10 2004.
  6. I'm wondering if it is Windows itself that is removing them? I can't get Quick Access to even use the recent files list. I set it to on but as soon as I close file explorer Windows resets it to off. Hsl, if you leave file explorer open showing the list, and run CCleaner with that window still open then do they still dissapear?
  7. As Hazelnut asks, but also: Which app is the recent file list being removed from? Note that the unticked item you show is for Windows Explorer, (File Explorer), if the recent list is being removed from another app then it may be a different setting that you need to untick for Custom Clean.
  8. It's not clear why that blank screen ocassionally happens, it seems to be an issue with the offer sometimes not being able to be fetched from the server. That could be because of some glitch at the server, or some glitch with your broadband service. When it does happen it's normally only temporary, and if you try again it works without problem. But if it keeps happening repeatedly to you then it could be (probably is) a firewall setting in your antivirus or other security app. In that case using the Slim installer almost always works. Rebooting in Safe Mode should also work, as yo
  9. There are two ways to do that: You could identify the cookies for the sites in question and move them into the 'Cookies to Keep' section. See this for more information on how to do that: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep Alternatively you could untick 'Cookies' for every browser that you use so that Custom Clean will not delete any cookies at all. Those settings only apply to Custom Clean so from then on only use Custom Clean because Health Check will still delete those cookies and so log you out of the sites. Note tha
  10. The Defender registry entries will be protected so that malware can't alter/delete them. 'Controlled Folder Access' in Defender has always been a bit of a PITA. When they first brought it out you couldn't even save anything unless you were using a Microsoft app (ie. Office). Took me a few hours to work out why my (not Microsoft) word processor wouldn't save anything, I eventually worked out it was because the defender CFA wouldn't let it delete the previous .bak file to make a new one. It looks like that registry entry is saying that CCleaner is one of the (not Microsoft) apps
  11. No problem, happy to help. It looks like you fell into a bit of a gap in how the update from the trial is supposed to work, but there is usually more than one way to do things. I think the programmers realised that when they gave that 'Downgrade to free' option as a way to 'begin again'. (If that hadn't worked then the next step would have been to uninstall CCleaner trial and really 'begin again' by installing Free and upgrading). As for speed of response, you fell a bit lucky that one of us regulars was online to help fairly quickly. We are users not employees, so we are not h
  12. OK, I've not seen that particular screenshot from the trial before but it looks simple enough. 'Continue using Professional' will take you to the purchase page - Which you don't need as you have already purchased a licence, so - As you have already purchased a Licence Key then on that screen click on the 'Downgrade to Free' at the bottom, once it is downgraded to Free then follow the steps as I gave them above. If that still won't work then come back and we can try another way.
  13. There is no need to download again. You can simply upgrade the Free version to Pro by doing the following: In CCleaner (Free) go to Options>About and click on 'Upgrade to Pro'. Enter your licence key (and name if it asks) when asked, and then click on 'Register'. (Don't click on Purchase or you will be taken back to the purchase page). PS. Be careful if typing it in that you don't mistake numbers/letters (eg. 5 & S), and If copying/pasting your key from the confirmation email then make sure there is no leading or trailing blank space. Those are both common errors that c
  14. CCleaner would not/should not delete any emails. Could you tell us more about what you are seeing happening?
  15. No need, and I don't believe the 'solved' button is enabled here anyway. We usually just leave threads open so that others can comment or add things later. (I've manually added [Solved] to the thread title to help any others looking).
  16. No problem, and it isn't 'nothing'. It's a genuine question about understanding how CCleaner works, which is why this forum is here so that users can help each other (and sometimes even the CCleaner staff). Many people ask exactly that same question, which is why I wrote that post to help explain it. If you get any other questions don't hesitate to ask.
  17. The easiest way to check is simply to run Health Check. TBH it is not that important - there is more than one server used and different parts/tools of CCleaner connect to different servers. So if one (or more) sever is temporarily unreachable for watever reason then only one part of CCleaner should be affected and the rest should still work. Just carry on as normal. The junk/"tracker" clean will always work, server connection or not. If you find that the servers are never ever reachable then that indicates that access is being blocked, usually by your computers Firewall setting
  18. @marce Quoted from my post above. PS. As Nergal says Health Check also automatically runs the 'Software Updater' tool and the 'Startup' tool every time you use it. Custom Clean doesn't run them automatically and you run them seperately when you want to. The Free version runs those two tools as analyze only, you need the Pro version to fully utilise them.
  19. It is normal for some files to come back straight after you have cleaned. See here for an explanation of what these files are and how you cans stop some of them coming back: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  20. Post moved to the 'Software' forum. It may not be anything that you have done. Fortnite is well known for sometines being laggy - Fortnite updates, graphics driver updates, Windows settings, broadband issues, etc., etc. can all cause problems. I'd make sure that you are up to date with all the latest Fortnite updates and patches. Once you have done that if it's still laggy then try the fixes here: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/how-to-fix-fortnite-lag-issues-on-computer-easily/
  21. That's an odd one. (If there is a problem it's usually more likely to freeze rather than just close). Looking at your screenshots I would try the following: First from the 'Tools' run the 'Software Updater' to update those 3 applications. Then use 'Custom Clean' to 'Analyze' the 'Run CCleaner' to do a clean of the rest. If both of those go OK then try Health Check again. If they don't go OK then can you see what it glitched on? Try running the built in Windows 'Disc Clean-up', and then try Health Check again. Please let us know what happens.
  22. Unused and left over registry entries will only take up a few KB of space at most, with the size of modern dirves that's nothing and gaining a few extra KB isn't really needed. Getting rid of them, whilst nice and neat, isn't going to affect (speed up) your computer in any way. The only ones that could realy be a problem is if some virus/malware/spyware/adware/etc. put something in the registry. TBH your AntiVirus/AntiMalware app should prevent that in most cases. But if your particular AV/AM didn't catch the infection then that may be the time to use a registry cleaner (used car
  23. How I'm at home I've checked my laptop and I also have it showing in CCleaner Uninstall - But on mine it's showing as installed on 28/05/2020, which is when I updated to Win10 2004. However I haven't done this weeks Patch Tuesday updates yet, which I guess may reinstall/update it? It's still a bit of a mystery of why it's showing in CCleaner Uninstall like that? However the fact that CCleaner can't uninstall it and that the other options, (and the boxes on the right), are greyed out indicates that it's one of the Windows default apps; you see the same thing with other Windows defa
  24. It's part of Windows and controls the printing UI when called from various apps, so that they can use the common Windows print UI rather than each having it's own different one. It's probably been put there by one of the C+ redisributables or pdanet+, but any app that prints can modify/use it. https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/uploadfile/mahesh/printdialog-in-C-Sharp/
  25. Is this a new setup? Everthing there (apart from Nvidia) is showing as intalled today. I'd guess the printdialog was part of the install of one of the others. Try a Restart (not Shutdown) and see if that will clear it.
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