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  1. "Status control"? Where are you seeing that in CCleaner? Please explain a bit more what you are meaning.
  2. It grew in size some versions ago, you can't make it any smaller. There were posts about it at the time, they have no plans or intention to change that minimum size or make it resizable below that minimum. (My view is that it was done in preparation for Easy Clean/Health Check which needs that minimum size to get their fancy graphics on).
  3. Another user reports that it is indeed their Trend Micro that is causing this. (But we have other reports as well that haven't yet said what AV they are using).
  4. Try turning off your microwave (radar oven) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52027348
  5. Every software that releases a new version gets one or two AV's not recognising the new version at first It happens because they 'see' something different than they expect from that software and so are not sure if it's real or a fake. Once the AV company gets it's finger out and updates their listing all is well again. I've submitted ccsetup565.exe to a VirusTotal check and all 67 AV engines that responded say that it's clean - including Kaspersky https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/810d4b0d8f4171b13f6d5a4c5c6c5e33209af7af6c378a2218007caae12dc2d6/detection
  6. There are a couple of reports of it today with Windows 7, but those don't give a mesage. Can you post a screenshot of that meaasge? Could you also tell us: Is your CCleaner Free or Pro? In the new CCleaner version, if you can open them, do you have Smart Cleaning enabled? Do you have Scheduling set and turned on? Are you using winapp2, or any other extension to CCleaner? What anti-virus are you using? Sorry, you already said - Trend security. Those might help suggest what the issue may be.
  7. Could you tell us which version of Windows you are using? and if your CCleaner is the Free or Pro version? Uninstall/reinstall is often a way to cure issues like this, it may be as well to download a new installer as well just in case something went wrong during the download. Of course uninstall/reinstall will lose your current CCleaner setings and the new install will have the default settings. Let us know how it goes.
  8. I'm not sure what the problem could be, I'm not seeing it myself. Could you tell us: What Windows version is each computer running? In the new CCleaner versions, when you can open them, do you have Smart Cleaning enabled? (That runs in the background, and a new install/update turns it on). Do you have Scheduling set and turned on? Are you using winapp2, or any other extension to CCleaner? What anti-virus are you using? No guarantees, but those might help suggest what the issue may be.
  9. Just to expand on what Nergal says there: Health Check has a simplified user interface, and what it cleans follows it's own cleaning rules. The Ticking/Unticking of things (such as Firefox components) in the Custom Clean area are settings for Custom Clean only. The Custom Clean Settings are not, and will not, be used by Health Check. You cannot change the settings that Health Check will use. Health Check will always use it's own built-in cleaning rules each and every time that you run it. Look at the Icons - Custom Clean icon has a little 'settings' cogwheel to show you can change it's settings, - Health Check icon doesn't because you can't change it's settings. If you want more control of just what is cleaned or not by ticking/unticking the Custom Clean options then you have to use Custom Clean itself to clean. To change which method CCleaner uses as the default go to Otions>Settings and change the 'CCleaner Home Screen'.
  10. nukecad


    Sorry it's not clear what you mean from that. Could you post a screenshot of the error, and tell us which version of CCleaner you are using please.
  11. 'Egads' is a message from Chrome, usually seen when a Chromium based browser fails to install/update. I'm not sure why you are seeing that in CCleaner? 0x80040c01 is a software update error, so I'll guess it's happening after Health Check has found app(s) to update and you clicked 'Make it Better'. That particular error code can have many causes, so it can be hard to track down just what is causing it. I suggest that in CCleaner you go to Tools>Software Updater and see what it finds to be updated. See if software Updater can update it, and if it can then please let us know and we can flag up that Health Check may have a problem. If Software Updater can't update it either then it shows that the problem lies elsewhere. In that case I'd try opening whatever app was found to need updating and try using its own update button. PS. If you use Custom Clean in CCleaner then it doesn't do that software check as standard, so that would avoid you seeing that error until you can work out just what's causing it. You can set Custom Clean to be the default clean in Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen.
  12. It will be a false positive, see here for a longer explanation:
  13. It will be a false positive by Zone Alarm. Every software that releases a new version gets one or two AV's not recognising the new version at first It happens because they 'see' something different than they expect from that software and so are not sure if it's real or a fake. Once the AV company gets it's finger out and updates their listing all is well again. I've just submitted ccsetup565.exe to a VirusTotal check and all 67 AV engines that responded say that it's clean - including Zone Alarm. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/810d4b0d8f4171b13f6d5a4c5c6c5e33209af7af6c378a2218007caae12dc2d6/detection
  14. Streaming services, Netflix, Youtube, et-al, have already reduced their streaming quality in Europe to cut data consumption. Not sure if they've done it in the US yet. With everone at home streaming movies, and playing online RPGs, etc. then there will be noticable differences, especially for city dwellers. I'm rural, so while I don't usually get a fast a connection as in the city I'm not noticing any difference today yet on speeds. I am noticing that a few particular servers are strugling to meet demands. Here in the UC the Open University Free course website has been almost unreachable today, it's better now that it's a meal time. I guess many have decided to learn something new while on enforced absence from work.
  15. I'd go further than Dave and say that if you suspect (as we do) that you have been contacted by a Support Scammer then you should get you computer checked over by a malware expert as a matter of some urgency. I personally would start here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Follow their instructions step by step and carefully. If for some reason you prefer not to use Malwarebytes then there is a list of others offering the same free service which can be found in item 10 of our forum rules: https://community.ccleaner.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/ They all have experts in malware removal who will take you through things step-by-step. Be sure to do what they say and only what they say until they give you the all clear.
  16. 1809 is now very old in Windows 10 terms, in fact it will be at 'end-of-life' on May 12th. (and It was always buggy anyway, in fact it was withdrawn as an update shortly after release). https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-end-support-windows-10-version-1809-may-12-2020 So yes I would definitely update that machine. Windows may/should have done it automatically anyway, but best to make sure and do it yourself. PS. Windows 10 version 2004 is just around the corner, but I'd get that machine up to 1909 for now. https://pureinfotech.com/windows-10-2004-20h1-release-date/
  17. Just to add that some of what you are doing is unnecessary, and possibly could be harmful to your computers. You shouldn't run the registry Cleaner on Windows 10, it could 'break' your computer. Win10 updates/changes the registry entries at least monthly and so any registry cleaner is unable to keep up with the changes and may remove something that is needed. Then even with your Win 8 it's surpfluous. Registry cleaning is no longer needed for modern computers, it won't make your computer run any faster and will only free a miniscule amount of space. The Registry Cleaner is still in CCleaner as a tool for fixing broken computers, if yours isn't broken then you don't need it. Similarly Drive Wipe, (and Wipe Free space in Custom Clean) are not meant to be used regularly. They are used to securely clean your drive(s) if you are going to sell them or otherwise pass them on, so that no one can use a recovery tool to recover your old files. They won't free up any space or otherwise improve the performance of your computer.
  18. That sounds like a common Windows 10 problem, not anything that CCleaner has done. The search in Win10 has had numerous problems in the past year, though they seem to be fixed (for now). Let's see if we can work out what's gone wrong. So the first question is what version of Windows 10 is it? On the start menu go to Settings>System>About and scroll down a little to see the Windows version and OS build. The latest fully released Home version is 1909 with 18363.720 as the build. (Don't worry if yours is white, that's just my preference settings). If your Windows 10 is not showing that then go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update and click on 'Check for Updates'. That should find and then Download/Install the latest version that is compatible with your laptop. It will take a while to complete. If you already have that version and build then there are further suggestions on how to fix a broken search here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4520146/fix-problems-in-windows-search You could also simply try ignoring the searchbox and just opening the start menu a starting to type. I've always done that with Win10 and don't even have the searchbox showing anymore.
  19. If you mean the downloaded installer, 'ccleaner_browser_setup.exe'. then yes, once it's been run to install the browser then the installer itself can be deleted. If you mean something else then please clarify which downloads you mean.
  20. nukecad

    Can't install Recuva

    @kwoodnbj you have tacked your question onto a thread that was last used 11 years ago. In future please start a new topic when you have a new question. To answer your question: The portable versions of Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy have been unavailable for a number of months now. We've asked the staff but haven't had an answer as to why they have gone missing, or if/when they will be back.
  21. That does not sound right at all. And rings alarm bells. Piriform is CCleaner. And why would they refer you to a 3rd party? Can you tell us just how you contacted Piriform for them to 'put me on to some outfit that would like to charge me' ? I suspect that you may have fallen for what is known as a 'Tech Support Scam'. If you have then you may need to take further action quickly.
  22. Oops, my mistake sorry. Haven't got a clue why my fingers typed that when it's obviously a screenshot of defraggler. (Maybe because Speccy reports a lot of things wrongly nowadays). The same comment still applies though, Defraggler has not had an update since May 2018.
  23. You need to contact support to resolve licencing/subscription issues; it's not something that we can do on the open forum. There is a contact form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com Be aware that we are told they are busy at the moment, and so the reply may be a bit slow.
  24. nukecad

    IE trmp files

    That is normal and is just the way that Windows operates. Windows always recreates one particular 'cookie' file if it is deleted, (it's not actually a cookie, its a textfile), as well as some other empty temporary files. CCleaner doesn't know if those files are empty or not so just deletes them anyway. Other programmes/apps also use IEs temporary file locations for their temporary files, it's just used as a convinent location for putting short lived temporary files. Since v5.64 when you open CCleaner itself it now puts a couple of temporary files in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files', and then finds them to delete. See the second part of this for a fuller explanation: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  25. It is connecting (it's not your server it's the software updater server), but if it doesn't find any software to update then it's showing the wrong message. If it does find that something needs updating then it gives a correct message As Nergal says it's due to be fixed this week so just ignore it for now. See this post for more info: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57004-health-check-unable-to-reach-server-message-to-be-fixed-in-version-565/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-316488
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