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  1. The age was 33 Hours old when I did the Optimize. This is the exact item that I bought: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226370 AV was not turned off, but it was MBAM Pro and MSE. No conflicts had been encountered, to my knowledge, as they are supposed to alert me when something happens. Restore Points was not turned off, but was reduced to 1% of the Drive Space. Windows Update service had been completely finished due to installing all 197 Updates after the fresh installation of Windows 7 Home Premium Full Retail. I did not Optimize from Safe Mode. T
  2. As of right now, I'm fully and completely blaming Defraggler for corrupting my entire OS when I ran a Full Optimize using Defraggler 2.18.945. Now, I've been using Defraggler for 5+ years now and I have grown accustom to trusting the software created by Piriform, but this is the first time that anything really serious happened to me and this is the first time that I've had an SSD. I wasn't running any single other operation that you can think of. All I ran was a Full Defrag on my HDD and a Full Optimize on my SSD. As soon as the Optimize finished, the computer started having problems. So
  3. No, I'm not blocking javascript, because I'm using Javascript. I assume that by the time someone on here replied, they had fixed it, because shortly after posting this, i sent them a "Contact Us" form, was replied within the hour, and told that it was upscaled to the proper tech management section. She was really polite and thanked me for my service, as it was a great help to them. So, that sort of confirms that it did exist and they fixed it. Also, I changed absolutely nothing since then, and I just checked right now. It has been fixed. So, I guess ignore this thread. I just wanted to info
  4. So, there should be a section where I can report bugs in relation to the Website, but I don't see anything. So, here it is. The following URL is opened upon completed installation of 4.17.4808, if you leave the check box marked to see the Release Notes: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/release-notes/4.17.4808/b1/a0 Looking at that URL, it shows the Release Notes for Version 3.19.1721 (24 May 2012). So, obviously, it's showing the wrong Release Notes. Also, obviously, the error is on the website, not the CCleaner install.
  5. Yep, the reboot worked. Wonder why it even does that though... it's a little weird.
  6. It was working fine for me, now all of a sudden this has started. Never did this to me before this version! Windows XP 32-bit Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT 256mb
  7. Well, I just wish there was an RSS feed update at least, because I posted this on the day of release for Defrag 2.12.826 and there still hasn't been a fix release yet or any news (to my knowledge) of it yet. I mean, seriously, it's just a display error - how hard is that to fix!?
  8. I was just thinking about something along these lines. Except, my idea was to give CCleaner a right-click option to securely clean the files that are "too big to fit in recycle bin" and would normally be cleaned without any security passes from Windows. But a Shred option from another free program does sound like it could be dandy, and easily turned off from CCleaner's tool that's easy-to-use!
  9. Anthonyk747


    Hello, I found this very informative article informing me of SSHDs, what they do, and why they're an affordable upgrade from HDDs, but not too costly, and capable of running nearly an equal amount of performance from SSDs. Here's the URL: http://www.epageflip...-ezine-fstorage You can download the PDF file (45mb) or read it from online. In terms of lifetime of the SSHDs, they have not been extensively tested and I've seen a lot of reviews on Newegg about Seagate having bad customer service reviews, but it is a nice and adaptive technology that can be utilized nicely in today's
  10. Um, one thing to notice is that since this display / read error of Pagefile.sys, I have fully defragmented it and it somehow moved the Pagefile.sys. Now, this is very odd because before when it properly read the Pagefile.sys, it could not move the pagefile without me setting the drive to have 0 pagefile, restarting the computer, then Fully Defragmenting the drive, then replacing the Pagefile.sys back to normal - which would then place it at the end of the drive files. Someone else want to confirm this? I don't even understand how it's possible to occur in the first place.
  11. Hm, well, 6 years for my HDD and it still has "Good" health according to Defraggler, so a little confused there. Oh, and I've had my 32GB Flash Drive for 2 years and it's still kicking and Defraggler says it's "Good" health. Maybe, what I'm really doing is improving their health, and you guys seem to believe in a myth that has spread across the internets. To make those 6 years a bit more accurate, the Power-on hours is: 687 Days, 8 Hours.
  12. Wow Nergal, for a moderator, you sure don't clean your system as often as I do. I Quick Defrag 3 times daily and Full Defrag once weekly. I use CCleaner 5 times daily, Clean Registry once weekly, and Wipe Free Space on all possible drives (including SDs, Flash Drives, etc.) once monthly. Anyways, here's my system stats: Windows XP 32-bit SP3 Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT 256mb Intel Core2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13GHz. 4GB DDR2 Dual-Channel RAM (but only 3.5GB Read-able due to 32-bit OS) ASUSTek Computer INC. Basswood (Socket 775) MicroATX Mobo 233 GB Western Digital WDC (SATA) (Refer to scree
  13. I don't have an offline selection and here's a screenshot. And, yes, I do have that box checked.
  14. Where do we post to report errors with the forum and our account on the forum? Because I have it set to receive every single notification via email and my account here - yet, even though I'm following topics, I'm not receiving a single one of those notifications in either area. And then I go on to the main index and see that there's no place to report any problems with my account - which definitely seems like something to report about.
  15. Is this what you mean by "name a pagefile to confirm this"? Refer to screenshots below.
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