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  1. Okay, Thanks, I'll let you know if the suggested changes work or not work..
  2. I have Ccleaner version 5.77.8448. I reported last year that the full product seems to constantly clean the browser. It was recommended by this forum to uninstall the product and re-install it again. That was in effective as the problem has continued unabated. The two problems I see is that there is a call out someplace within the code to clean if the browser exceeds 2MB of data. This is presented in a displayed as a broadcast to whatever software is open on desktop. So, my recommendation to the developers is to resize the broadcast to be maintained in the hidden icons which can be accessed if necessary. Also as second recommendation, to provide some sort of control panel to regulate the amount cleaned or for that matter let it default to the cleaning of the browser after the browser is closed. If the browser is not in use why is the program cleaning the browser? Explain that to me.
  3. Numerous displays of cleaning the browser are shown on desktop when the Firefox browser is not in use. In addition, notification is displayed and seems to freeze on desktop until I clear it away. In the past the notification would display for five seconds and disappear. CCleaner Version in use is 5.75.8238
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