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  1. It would be a heck of coincidence if it wasn't CCleaner since it only happens after a clean. I found quite a few articles on the Photoshop-specific problem in my research to try to ind the settings save location, but that's a much older version that has since been fixed. Yes, just the "favorites" setting goes away, fonts stay just fine. Doesn't look like the possible folder was the right one either as they still disappeared...even tried excluding the whole Photoshop folder that was under, but no joy there either. Tried the file list option and found a couple of temp files that were Adobe related and excluded them all. That seems to have done the trick. Next time I have a few extra minutes I'll go one by one to see if I can find the specific culprit and I'll report back! I still find it funny though that Photoshop isn't a selectable program option when Illustrator is, but it could be a version difference. My Illustrator version is pre-Creative Cloud so it's a bit more independent.
  2. No, not the registry cleaner, just the regular Health Check or Custom Clean. I tried both options to see if one wouldn't touch the favorites, but no luck.
  3. Every time I use CCleaner I lose my favorited fonts in Photoshop. All my other settings stay put except that one. I don't see any Photoshop specific settings or places to check/uncheck in CCleaner and I haven't been able to figure out where Adobe saves that info to exclude it from cleaning. All the marked fonts are my most-used work fonts so it's a bit of pain to mark the stars over and over again every time I clean my computer. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent that? Photoshop version CC 2021 CCleaner v5.76
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