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  1. I always do the same when I put it on a computer for a friend. I usually go a bit further and untick a few of the items in the regular cleaner that I know can sometimes cause problems with their particular OS. (Font Cache on Windows 10 1803, and so on). Of course they can always tick them again. Which brings me back to Ken's issue. Ken, which version of CCleaner are you running? And did you clean the Font Cache? It's probably unlikely, but I ask because Win 10 1803 introduced a bug that could prevent 1803 from booting if the Font Cache was cleaned. Although that was r
  2. It wasn't a 'drama' question Ken, just pointing out that it's usually the last thing you did before something breaks that has broken it. The way to troubleshoot a problem is to work backwards from when the problem arose. In this case the last thing you did was a Windows Update and so that is probably what caused your BSOD. Various Windows Updates have been notorious for BSOD'ing a number of computers. It's a particular issue with Win10 Home when automatic updates are pushed out to a lot of people before a problem with the update shows up. Hope one of those solutions works fo
  3. So you ran CCleaner and your laptop was working. You then did a Windows Update and your laptop stopped working with a BSOD. So you are now blaming CCleaner rather than Windows Update? Try going to Google, on another machine, and searching for "windows update bsod". OK leaving that. You tried a reinstallation of Windows on advice from MS. A hard drive not being found after an installation/reinstallation of Windows is not common but it is not unknown either. Try taking a look here for 6 different fixes depending on just what the problem is: https://www.partitionwizard.com/
  4. If CCleaner was set to clear the browser history then it would have cleaned all the browser history up to the last time you used the browser. I don't use Chrome but that sounds like Chrome itself clearing anything more than 3 months old from it's history. I would imagine it's a setting you can change in Chrome, maybe a Chrome user can confirm that? Unfortunately if it's gone it's gone, unless you bookmarked it or refered to it somewhere. Maybe another search will find it again if you can remember how you found it first time.
  5. Note:- Use of a third party add-on is not recommended and may cause a clash with Husband 1.0.
  6. It's usually because IE, Edge, or something that uses their storage, is still running in the background. Take a look at this from last Saturday, another user had a similar problem and with a bit of testing found that it was IE that was being slow to close.
  7. What happens if you double click that white Icon? If CCleaner still runs then your icon cache has probably become corrupt, it happens and once it does it tends to happen again until you rebuild the icon cache. This tells you how to rebuild the icon cache in Windows 7/8/10 https://www.howtogeek.com/232779/how-to-rebuild-a-broken-icon-cache-in-windows-10/
  8. Good that you tracked it down to your satisfaction. Now as to why IE is taking it's time fully closing......?? Maybe something that you did differently in your first IE session (when it closed quickly) and you second IE session (when it closed slowly) could give you a clue?
  9. Seems to be an issue with Windows servers based systems and Avast since the April Windows update. This thead suggests that you will need upgrade to Avast Business Edition on server based systems. (Which you have done with the trial). https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=218584.0 Sorry no further clue with CCleaner stopping, (I'm not sure that Piriform do yet either). As with a few recent problems it's hard to tell if it's CCleaner, Windows Update to 1803, or something else, that is causing it for some but not all users.
  10. When CCleaner skips something it's usually because (some of) those files are in use. Many apps other than Internet Explorer also use IE's files and storage. Which is what Nergal was getting at. The fact that you were able to sucessfully clean straight after a restart also points to the liklihood that it was/is open files that was/is causing CCleaner to skip IE. (After the restart CC did the cleaning, sucessfully, before the offending files had been opened again). It could be that something else is using those files, again Nergal listed some but there are many other Microsoft apps
  11. I've not had this problem myself. But from the descriptions I've seen I would say it is an antivirus, antimalware, or similar that is closing down CCleaner. It's happy when CC is just scanning, but as soon as CC tries to delete or modify something the AV/AM shuts it down. Personally if this was happening to me my first step would be to disable my AV/AM/AE/AR and see if CC would clean then. If it did I would then turn my A# back on and make CCleaner an exception in it. If you try this and it works for you then please- 1: Let the forum here know. 2: Let your A# provider
  12. That's why I save all contacts to sim in the first place, for portability to a new phone. And I've also got the previous sim, not up to date with contacts of course but 60/70%. The point of backing them up to the laptop (where they'll also get backed up to an external drive) is in case the phone, c/w sim, gets lost or stolen. I will still have my latest contact list to put on a new sim. With the Kies installed I can now quickly make a new contacts backup from the sim whenever I want. (I can now also easily put the updated contacts onto that old sim, can't have too many backu
  13. Probably the end of this. Bit of a palava, but I got there in the end. Kies 2.6 would not install at first - It was "blocked by another administrator", even though I'm the only account and have admin privileges. (Probably a certificate error). OK I've seen this before so know what to do; Run an elevated command prompt, enable the 'hidden' administrator account, log out, log in to the hidden administrator account (no password that's why its 'hidden'), install the programme, log out, log in as normal user, run an elevated command prompt, disable that administrator account agai
  14. Update. So that was a waste of time. Samsung Smart Switch will not connect to my phone, even though they say it is a supported model the programme itself says that the phones Android version is not supported. My phone must be an early model with an older OS, that hasn't been updated even though automatic updates are on. I might try Kies next, maybe even update the Android OS with that? Or might just forget it.
  15. Just odd that it suddenly turned up on mine today, can't find anything about it online. Microsoft , who knows what they are going to fiddle with next.
  16. Here's a screenshot of that new video in Windows Update. (Taken before I ran it today). It wasn't there yesterday, at least not on my machine, and I'm not showing any updates to Windows apart from those I did manually today (and it was showing before those anyway). Strange message as well: "Lucky you! Your device just got the latest Windows 10 update with new features and..." Err.. I got the latest 'feature update', 1803, on 30th April, over a month ago.
  17. I installed the Visual C++ redistributables, 2008- 32-bit, 64-bit, and 32-bit security udate. Why both 32-bit versions? It's like .net framework, there are multiple versions that different software might need. (I'll probably put the other 'supported' versions on later, JIC something else needs one in future, I've plenty of disk space). https://www.howtogeek.com/256245/why-are-there-so-many-microsoft-visual-c-redistributables-installed-on-my-pc/ Then I ran Windows Update, I usually do after installing stuff like this. It picked up a WD definition update and a security update for
  18. It's when I click the link to the 2008 SP1 (installer) on that MS page, it redirects and then asks for a sign in. Not to worry, since I posted the above I've been having a search and found a MS download page that doesn't need a MS account sign in. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5582 There is also a security update which I believe is needed. You will need to select which version(s) of the update to download. (PS. the IA64 version was apparently for the discontinued Intel 64 bit 'Itanium' architecture, for high end servers). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us
  19. I'm trying to install Samsung Smart Switch on Windows 10, but I get an error saying that the "side-by-side configuration is incorrect". Searching suggests that this is because the installer needs Visual C++ 2008 installed on your PC. Checking my installed apps I have no Visual C++ versions at all. Fair enough, but to download Visual C++ 2008 from the MS 'Latest supported Visual C++ page you need to login to your Microsoft Account. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads (Oddly enough you don't need a MS account to download Visua
  20. I think that we are talking about the difference between defragmenting a disk and compacting (not compressing) a disk. I came across this explanation of the 2 different processes: In other words: Defragmenting puts (or tries to) each file in one 'place' instead of it being spread about the disk, but each individual file may be anywhere on the disk with free space between them. Compacting puts (or tries to) all files at the start of the disc, but may need to fragment some files to achieve this. Which to use depends on what you are trying to achieve.
  21. In CCleaner go to Options> Advanced and untick the box next to "Only delete files in Recycle Bin older than 24 hours". If you have that ticked then it will not delete any files that have been put in the bin 'today'.
  22. Yes, I believe we may be talking about different URL shortening methods. Sorry if it's confused anyone. TBH I never use twitter, and only very rarely visit youtube, et-al, so I'm more familiar with the HTML style of shortened link.
  23. We discussed this recently, What CCleaner is reporting as "tracking files" is not what you or I would generally regard as tracking files. In fact I did some checking and CCleaner is reporting every file it clears as a "tracking file". It's just a semantics issue, or more likely advertising speak. (To make you think you are being tracked all the time so will go and buy Avast?). https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51666-tracking-files-not-cleared/?do=findComment&comment=295173 The files that keep comming back between cleans are simply temporary files that get recreated as so
  24. Are you going to stop using Google, Faceache, even Windows itself? They all collect much more data about you and what you are doing. Time to make a tinfoil hat?
  25. Sad to hear. (Unfortunately I've got to that age where friends and acquaintances are passing more frequently).
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