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  1. You may already have done this but- Have you checked your registry to see if there has been a "RPLifeInterval" key created? (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore) If it has been created then it sets the 'age' at which a RP will be removed, the time value is in seconds. I don't have one so will be using the system default.
  2. It works fine for me on Windows 10. But PC stands for Personal Computer and we all have them set up with our own personal programmes and settings (and maybe a few tweaks) so what works OK on one can give issues for others. Something as simple as which browser you use can make a diference. eg. Chrome users seem to be having a lot of problems with recent CCleaner versions, whereas IE, Edge, and Firefox users are not seeing the same problems. But that's not to say that Chrome is bad, one of the others may start having different problems in future that don't affect Chrome. Recen
  3. CCleaner will do the biggest job of finding the duplicate files, saving you the time of comparing every every file in every directory yourself. That would take you days if not months. But once it has found the duplicates only you can decide which is the one you want to keep. And of course some will be system files, backups, etc. that should not be deleted. I like the idea that maybe there should be a quick settings option to only to scan the user directories, /pictures, /documents, /videos, etc. and leave everything 'system' alone. (But some people do save files in strange pl
  4. I said I'd keep an eye on those RP's and the ones that I created the other day. The oldest one of the 5 just got removed. The other 4 are still there. It happened sometime this evening (about midnight?), 27 or 28 days after it had been created. This suggests to me that it was Windows 10 that removed it after it became a 'month' old. So my next oldest should dissapear in about 12 days? I believe that the Windows default for removing old RP's was 90 days. But maybe that has been reduced with Windows 10 Home because it does 'forced' Updates every Patch Tuesday? It possib
  5. Does sound like that Russian software house who has 'recovery' applications for any kind of file you can think of, which don't work of course. Big users of setup spam, used to frequently ban them from a different forum. The above username also fits one of their regular auto generated patterns.
  6. Looks like progress. That's the problem with troubleshooting things like this, it takes time. To be sure you have to change only one thing at once then wait (24 hrs, a week?) to see what happens and be sure that one was the cause or not. Then change the next one and wait..........
  7. I've only had this once, and I was installing different versions of CC in a short time to do some testing so may have missed unchecking one. What I found then was that Avast did not install itself. There was a second stage. It put a tempting orange icon on the desktop that if clicked on would run the installer. (I didn't click on it to run, only right clicked to check it's properties). It created a startup task that would run the installer at the next boot or restart. (I didn't do that either). And it made a folder where the installer and other files were stored. (If I remember
  8. TBH I suspect that this is one of those ocassional issues that crops up and then disappears again without anyone knowing (or admitting) why. Most of the time it's something Microsoft, but it could be something that MS has changed and programme devs have not caught up with yet.
  9. And the 'Summer Sale' pop-up is back on my laptop today. I haven't changed any setting in either CC or Windows. I did make a couple of manual Restore Points yesterday, and updated Firefox to v61 (which crashed and had to repair itself), but I don't see those being relevent. I also ran scans with both Windows Defender and MB3.5, but again don't see why that should change anything.
  10. I'll second that. I like CC, I have commented negatively and started a couple of negative threads recently. It's customer feedback. Sometimes I get an answer I like, sometimes not. If any one of my criticisms had been removed/deleted then I would not still be here. This is a user forum, all users have varied tolerance levels.
  11. Oh well, at least it's ruled it out as a possible cause. I've just checked, both in CC and in Windows, and I also currently only have 2 restore points, although one is almost a month old. (From when I uninstalled and reinstalled my word processor). EDIT- I decided to try some testing so made 3 new restore points by different methods. One by a script I have, one by running JRT (which creates one automatically), and one through Windows. All 3 were created sucessfully, giving me a total of 5 RP's. To try and roughly recreate what had been said above: I ran CClea
  12. That cookie has already been mentioned in various posts above. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52098-intrusive-ccleaner-pop-up/?tab=comments#comment-296953 It is in fact 'whitelisted' by default so that CCleaner does not remove it. (You can 'force delete' it, but that's pointless because it just comes back). There is no need to move it into 'Cookies to Keep', it will remain anyway. Try it and see - open CC and look at the 'Cookies on Computer' then run a clean and look at 'Cookies on Computer' again, you'll see that particular one still remains. If you look closer you wi
  13. Another poster reported that there are now 4 or 5 warning flags for the v5.44 installer on Virustotal. I have to report that the pop-up now seems to have gone away altogether on my laptop. Still not sure if it's on some kind of timer, or if it's been turned off at the server (until next time they want to push something).
  14. Do you have Win 10 1803? (or 1709?) There was a new 'Storage Sense' feature introduced with 1709, and some of the features and settings changed with 1803. That may be automatically cleaning your older restore points, among other things. You can set it to clean daily, weekly, monthly, or when Windows decides. It should be disabled by default, but may have been turned on during the update to 1803. If it is on then you can change the settings, or turn it off again, in Settings>System>Storage. Here's an article about it: https://www.guidingtech.com/windows-10-st
  15. Sorry Nergal, I'm not that familiar with IPB (it's vBulletin where I moderate), on VB it's a quick way to bring it to attention of both mods and admin. There again it will depend on the individual forum settings whether reports go to admin or only to mods. I know now for this forum it's mods.
  16. Yes I see Stephens post with the hash checksums at the top. Again that is usually below the main announcement. Definitely something strange, and the only reasonable explanation I can think of is what I said above. (But not working quite as intended). I did use the 'Report Post' to inform them yesterday.
  17. Sorry this is a bit small because I had to zoom out to show the multiple posts being made:
  18. Still no pop-up(s) today. It isn't anything that I have done, so it must be something built in? I might have a trawl through the registry later to see if I can spot anything. Of course if someone from piriform would care to make a statement? I think that's probably the most annoying part, these 'features' are being introduced without any kind of statement or explanation. Well maybe this pop-up was mentioned, in a very round about way? From the release notes (TBH I'm pretty sure this was not there yesterday - see below). PS. There is also something very weird goi
  19. @mta, I'm not sure what you mean? I wasn't making an 'against' list, I'm not against CCleaner at all. If I was I wouldn't be using it and wouldn't be here. I'm just dismayed at the way things seem to be going with what is still the best cleaner programme for a Windows PC. My list was just noting the timeline of a seemingly linked 'series of unfortunate events' that have gotten up peoples noses. (That might make a good book or film name). OK there have been a few cleaning issues, but mainly caused by Microsoft updates, or browser updates, or AV updates changing things, that's
  20. That's it in a nutshell. For the moment I'll stay with it and try to help influence a policy change. I'm not sure whether this will have any success but feel that it has to be worth a try. I don't like conspiracy theories but I'm just going to put a 'consider this' hat on here for a moment: August 2016- Avast releases it's own stand-alone PC cleaning utility. (They had a built in one before). Unknown - Avast decides to acquire Piriform, and hence CCleaner the market leader in cleaners. July 2017- Avast acquires Piriform. August 2017- The CCleaner inst
  21. I had already clocked that you could stop it by using your firewall to prevent CCleaner sending anything outgoing. Temporarily disconnecting from the internet, eg. 'Flight mode / Airplane mode' will also do the trick. But why should we have to?
  22. Mmm, it seems that that whitelisted cookie was introduced with v5.41, odd that I've never seen it before. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51327-version-541-adds-various-cookies-for-avast/ If that realy was the intention then it's not working.
  23. For those who haven't installed v5.44 yet this is what we are talking about. As you can see it's not exactly unobtrusive, although it does fade away after a short time. The cookie it leaves behind is a whole other level of intrusion though. (I do wonder why is has a pin icon, but it did let me pin it there and take this clip).
  24. You may want to hold off installing v5.44, it has issues: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52098-intrusive-ccleaner-pop-up/?tab=comments#comment-296937
  25. Ok so it keeps popping up, annoying but it gets worse. It popped up just after I had run a clean and I noticed that it had also created and left behind a cookie - ipm-provider.ff.avast.com A cookie that CCleaner will not find on analysis and will not clean. You can force force delete it, right click it in the 'Cookies on Computer' list and delete from there. But it will come back next time you open CCleaner and the pop up appears. Are Piriform still going to insist that the recent increase in intrusive in advertising, 3rd party data sharing, 'secret' updaters, cooki
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