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  1. I metnion, i used the cleaner, but since the renew + Kamo i purchased, this version doesn't want to clean the bin even checked in the software, wasnt any issues with the older version, was working fine, so i have to clean my bin manual, as the CCleaner don't do that :)
  2. I use Win 10, was fine with the last CCleaner didn't have any problems, once i reinstalled it, don't want to doi it, my Recycle bin is not corrupted, i got checked my device regulary and keep in good fit :) I was not having any issues with the provous CCleaner , that's why paid for anohter year, was fully happy with the job done... I emailed the support team about Kamo too that is giving an issue with my internet loading and blocking it, slows down my laptop, to boot or load files programs, if i quit it all backs to normal attitude Warm regards, Nike Ei.
  3. Hello, the lates version of CCleaner i purchased is not empried my recycle bin even is checked as option, could you pleas take a look of this and fix it. Thanks, Nike Ei.
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