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    Drive Wiper

    Sorry, I don't know then. I can select both my drives to wipe free space. (But not C: for entire drive). One thing that springs to mind is that CCleaner may be seeing the drive as SSD rather than HDD, it is a well known problem. However, you say this is with 'multiple laptops' so you wouldn't expect it to see all of them wrong. It does seem odd that you are seeing the same issue on multiple laptops. Are you installing CCleaner on each of these multiple laptops, or are you using the Portable version? It might also help others to help you if you can tell us what CC version you are using, and what OS(s) are on the latop(s).
  2. nukecad

    Drive Wiper

    Drive Wiper can take a long time to complete, hours or even days depending on the size of your drive and how many passes you have specified. It has to write meaningless data (Xs and 0z) to every 'free' cluster on the drive, whether it previously contained data or not. (Or all clusters if you are wiping an Entire Drive). And then it has to delete that meaningless data again, to leave the space free again. If you've specified multiple passes then it repeats this for the number of times you have specified. Note that if you are trying to wipe 'Entire Drive' then for safety reasons it won't work on the system drive. (Usually C: where the Windows system files are). Drive Wiper documentation: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043884-Using-CCleaner-s-Drive-Wiper
  3. Nice to see the explanation of 6 month and 3 month offer dates for the different types of offer. That is exactly the sort of information we 'helping' users have been missing to be able to offer focused help.
  4. It may not be a business use @Dave CCleaner I recall starting a previous thread about Windows Pro home users suddenly showing as Windows Enterprise. One or two had been confirmed as company laptops, but the rest remained mysterious. Never really got to the bottom of whether it was a Microsoft error, or if they were dodgy installs bought of ebay and the like.
  5. Firstly you need to note the distinction between "Update" and "Upgrade". "Update" is keeping your application (Free or Paid) current with the latest version. "Upgrade" is changing from the Free to the paid for 'Pro' application with extra features. So even with "Update" notifications turned off you will still get "Upgrade" offers. (Summer Sale, Black Friday Sale, Winter Sale, etc). Everybody using the Free version gets shown them, and many complain about them. It's marketing though and they are not going to stop anytime soon. Having said that, it shouldn't be being offered every day - when it shows it should set a cookie/reg. entry to say you've seen it and not to show it again. They do usually stop after a few days. PS. That is quite an old CCleaner version that you are using there, updating to v5.59 (Free version) may calm down the offers. PPS. I also note that it says you have Windows 10 Enterprise. That is a business version of Windows and shouldn't be available to Home users?
  6. The problem as I see it is the more 'clone' browsers that are added as standard then the longer CC will take to look/scan for the files associated with those browsers. And so that is obviously going to slow things down for those who don't use them. TBH I think that Winapp2 from the user community is an excelent way to handle that problem. Credit where it's due. Not many software companies would even let users to have that much control over the 'standard' programme.
  7. I think that you would have to ask Pandora. Once the box has been opened you can't put things back. (But there is always hope).
  8. You could simply make the cache file a specific exclusion so that CCleaner will leave it alone. Simply right click on the path/filename after you have analyzed and select "Add to exclude list". Or go to Options>Exclude and enter the full pathname there.
  9. They have recently stopped offering the Google toolbar, which may be why you are now seeing the Avast offer instead. Most of us still disagree with any offer being pre-ticked to catch the unwary. EDIT I see that in the screenshot above the offer is not ticked. So if it installed anyway that would seem to be a different issue.
  10. There are a lot of Norton FPs being reported this week. Unconfirmed speculation is that they are pushing a new 'protection' product.
  11. You can install the new version over the old version without uninstalling first. The only real issue that we see is that if CCleaner is already running in the background then the install will fail until the background process has been stopped. That can happen when 'Smart Cleaning' is in use so that CCleaner is running in the background.
  12. It's not exactly obvious though for an 'Easy' feature that is supposed to be for non-technical users. Maybe a large 'Settings' button below 'Analyze' on the EC landing page would be clearer/simpler for non-techie users to use? (And a warning that EC does not use the ticked/unticked boxes from the Custom clean?)
  13. Sorry, but exactly the same argument was/is used for the main product when users keep suggesting putting the Registry Cleaner into Tools. "It's too difficult to change the sidebar". But that seems not to be the case, a new button for Easy Clean was soon put in there when wanted. I note that in another thread it has been said that they are now looking at moving the Reg Cleaner. BTW. It is good to see that, in the person of @Dave CCleaner, Piriform does seem to be taking more of an active role in the forums and listening to user opinions. As regular members here we can sometimes be pretty critical of what we see as faults with CCleaner, mainly as a desire to see an improved product.
  14. Are you using 'Easy Clean' or 'Custom Clean'? Easy Clean uses Piriforms own set defaults, which I think includes emptying the bin. So if you don't want it to do that the use Custom Clean, which is simply the way things used to work before EC came along.
  15. I have that statscache.sgi file in that dailychallenges directory and it shows as modified yesterday, even though as I said I don't do the daily challenges and deliberately play Solitaire offline (flight mode on the laptop). A .sgi file is a graphics description file, so probably not the scores/progress information itself marely a graphic description of what to display next time you open Solitaire. (You can 'open with' Notepad to read what it contains). But if yours had a date that old then it would not seem to have been used by that user; were you looking in the correct user profile? eg. were you logged in as yourself rather than as your wife? If she was logged into the computer using her MS account then her scores/progress should be stored in the cloud, so that they can be synced between devices. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/games/game-titles/saving-microsoft-solitaire-collection-progress-windows-10 I know that on mine the information is stored locally - but I don't even have a MS account so that's not conclusive. So it looks as if something is losing that cloud syncing. A thought, especially as you can't see anything Solitaire related with an analyze - Is she / are you running the registry cleaner? Microsoft recommends that you don't run any registry cleaner, especially not with Win10. Registry cleaners cannot keep pace with intentional changes that MS makes in the registry, and can end up wiping the wrong registry entries and causing problems.
  16. So it's a browser with CCleaner, Adblock, and a few other things built in as standard. TBH apart from the CC and Adblock, and maybe the camera block, I don't see much difference to what other browsers do as standard (Despite what the advertising blurb says). And I can get CC or Adblock, or alternatives (and a camera cover) myself thanks very much. (My camera and microphone are disabled in Device Manager anyway). Private mode (Stealth mode), forced HTTPS, do not track, anti-blah, automatic history/cookie cleaning, etc. are all standard features in Firefox, Chrome, and the like. Interesting thought, if CCleaner launches from within the browser than can it clean the browser itself while it's still open, or does it close the browser? I don't think I'll be tempted to try it anytime soon.
  17. Users have been telling you the simplest tweak for years - Don't have the offer box pre-ticked. (It's dodgy practice anyway). Even if you only do it for a trial period it would prevent 'click-through' accidental installs, and let you see the real size of any other problem.
  18. You can set it to run when you boot, but like Nergal I don't think it's ever been possible to run automagically just by opening the programme. Having said that it should be possible by including a command line option in a desktop shortcut. I have a seperate CC desktop icon/shortcut that will run CC in debug mode - because I edited the shortcut target to include the command switch ( /debug).
  19. Ah, see that link in my signature below my posts. (You may not see it if you're on a mobile or tablet)
  20. LOL, I had exactly the opposite problem, I wanted the Solitaire scores/statistics wiped and couldn't get CCleaner to do it. I wrote my own cleaner to do it so now know that the Solitaire scores/statistics and experience points are saved at the following locations: %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_{NUMBER}\LocalState\savegame\{login-name}\statistic\statistic.sgi %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_{NUMBER}\LocalState\savegame\{login-name}\xpsystem\xpdata.sgi %Userprofile% is just programming shorthand for the profile directory of the current user. (C:\Users\anyusername). The {NUMBER} and {login-name} will be an actual hexadecimal number, and a Solitaire/MS account login name unique to each user. (I've replaced my own in the above pathnames for security). I don't do the daily challenges but it would seem logical that the information for those will be saved at: %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_{NUMBER}\LocalState\savegame\{login-name}\dailychallenges My best suggestion to start would be to look for that in the list of file that CC finds in an Ananlyze, and see which (if any) section of cleaning is finding it.
  21. That's probably due to something else using IE's files/storage, and you have automatic browser cleaning selected in Smart Cleaning. You may want to change the setting 'If cleaning saves more than xx GB' so that it doesn't happen as often. (Or change automatic browser cleaning to Clean on closing the browser). Various things Microsoft (and others) will also use IE's storage, - Edge will use common temporary storage with IE, so will Skype, and there are others. It's just a convenience, why set up your own temporary storage locations for your application when they already exist for IE and you can use those locations/files. Because they are using the same names/locations as IE junk/temporary files then CCleaner will see them all as being IE junk/temporary files. As for what app(s) are causing this, if it's happening all the time it must be something that is running all the time, and creating the files all the time.
  22. Analyze will just look for files without deleting them, so you can see what is there to be removed. You have to use the other button 'Run Cleaner' to remove files. You don't need to analyze first, just run the cleaner. If files are not being removed then they are probably in use. Make sure that your broswer (or whatever the files are) is not running in the background.
  23. Sorry, I'm unsure but you could always try it. TBH I think you may have hit on the reason, your Google account may be keeping your Chrome settings and active logins. As you have also run a rival cleaner without success then that would seem to point to something other than the cleaners being at fault here. You could see one cleaner having a glitch, but not two having the same glitch. It may be something that Chrome itself has changed, Google are getting somewhat notorious for hindering/stopping third-party applications working with Chrome. They say it's for security reasons, but most believe it's in order to increase their profits. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2019/01/23/google-chrome-ad-blocker-ads-upgrade-problem-speed-slow-update/ As for being kept logged in: If you use the 'Remember Me' button when you log in then I am aware that some websites will save your logged-in status at the site itself rather than on your computer. So unless you deliberately use the 'sign-out' button before leaving the site it will log you in again next time you visit the site on the same computer, even if you have shut down in between. (Of course, they have to collect your computers unique ID to be able to cross a shutdown, but that's easily done). Again I'm not sure, but I believe that Facebook can/will do that.
  24. It sounds as if your Chrome may be synced. (But see below about logins). If you clear anything that is synced (Timeline, browser history, etc.) from your machine then it will just get synced back again from the cloud server. That's simply how synchronisation works - info about your activity, settings, etc. is saved in the cloud and then downloaded to your device(s) when you visit (log into) that synced service again. The software (Timeline, browser, etc.) looks at the device you are using and if the info saved in the cloud isn't on there it downloads it automatically to the device. That's how history from your PC browsing gets transferred (syncronised) to your tablet or phone and vice-versa. Unless you clear the info from the cloud server it will keep being synced back to your machine(s). And of course the cloud servers are owned by the software company(s) and they won't let 3rd party cleaners delete files from them. The only effective way to clear synced information is from within each synced application itself which can delete things from its own cloud server. This explains how to do that with Chrome: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-clear-google-chrome-sync-data/ The gmail login may be something else. Last year google started logging you into Chrome when you logged into gmail or youtube, they may have expanded that to work the other way round as well. Here's an article about it from last year: https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/24/17895536/google-chrome-69-log-in-sync-password-user-data-privacy
  25. Andavari means in Defraggler - Ananlyze - View Files (or open the file tab) - then check (or highlight) the specific files you want to defrag - and select 'Defrag Checked' (or Defrag Highlighted). That defragments only the specific fragmented files rather than reorganising the whole disk, so it's much quicker to do. Windows 10 itself will Optimise (reorganise) the Disk in the background as and when required.
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