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  1. Thanks, I'll look for the ADD button.
  2. I see so many duplicates that are too many to process. I see nothing on the page to allow me to delete all of them at once. I would have to check off each one individually. It would take me hours to perform this. I also have another duplicate file finder program and it finds no duplicates. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?
  3. Hello, I have too many duplicates and when I click on the box's and then delete, I get a message saying some files were not deleted. well it appears that most if not all were not deleted. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
  4. Hello All, I have many duplicates. But when I run the application, they are not deleted. The message says "some where not deleted"'. All these duplicates make my maintenance applications run longer. I also think they are increasing every time I go on the computer. Many of these duplicates are 20 or more.
  5. Thanks, I'll take another look to see if I can determine if I have duplicates of documents, music etc. But I believe it may take too long to find them if they exist.
  6. After studying the documentation, I decided it's too much of a risk to use. I will wait for a software that separates what is needed from those that can be safely deleted. Do you know if this software is available. Ccleaner duplicate file finder comes up short in this area.
  7. Thanks, I will study the documentation.
  8. OK, I ticked the system files and they were ignored but I had so many duplicates that it was too many to count. I deleted some and i could estimate that it would take more then 5 hours or more to tick them all. That is not acceptable. The application does not allow me to tick all except one in each group. Some of these groups have over 12 duplicates.
  9. I tried using this application and it does not allow me to check off all the duplicates at once and the one's I do check off, do not get deleted. I do not see anything mentioned about this on a search. Your thoughts please.
  10. Thanks, But from the advice I got from others is that its best to not use duplicate file finder and I decided not to use it. Most of the files that are duplicates; I have no idea what they are for and I am not a advanced user.
  11. Hello all, After using this file to find duplicates, I marked them to be deleted. The program goes through the deletion process and it tells me some of the files were not deleted. But I find that none of the files were deleted. Has anyone experience this problem and did you find a solution?
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