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    Well fair enough, I do live close to Sellafield. And my online name does come from the fact that I used to be a CAD draughtsman/designer doing work for the nuclear site. BTW- the twin cooling towers at Calder hall came down in September 2007. I have a story about that, I knew the lads working for the Yorkshire demolition company that cleared them out, did all the hole drilling and placed the explosives. After they had done all the hard work they were told to remove the explosives, and an American company came in, re-placed the explosives, pressed the button, and took all the credi
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    Festive avatars

    Oops, It's hat eating time. That's Springfield not Sellafield. Just ask for Homer Simpson.
  3. nukecad

    Festive avatars

    I'm still a newbie here, despite what my status says, but hope you all recognise this one.
  4. Firefox just updated itself to v50.0 on my machine. No warning, it didn't even ask if I wanted to. (Always has done in the past). I launched FFx from the taskbar and it flashed up a box saying "Updating FireFox" or something like that and then loaded the release notes in a tab. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/50.0/releasenotes/ EDIT. Checking the Options>Advanced I found that 'Automaticaly Install Updates' had been selected. (Along with 'Use a background service..' and 'Automatically update search engines'). I certainly had not selected these settings, I always hav
  5. I recall that this was noticed when this forum announced the change from http to https and asked us all to change our bookmarks if necessary. I reported at the time that even though my bookmark still said http, Firefox automatically changed this to https when I clicked the bookmark. I tried this with various other bookmarks and they all did the same. Others, including mta, confirmed that they were seeing the same with FFx when using bookmarks. Maybe the ones that are not changing automatically are not configured correctly? (or don't have a https version yet?). Or it could be t
  6. I just noticed that they have done this by installing the Widevine CDM Module as a plug-in with the FFx 47.0 update without asking, or even informing you. This plugin only has the options to "Always Activate" or "Never Activate" enabled. The "Ask to Activate" is not selectable. I thought one point of Widevine was that it is a native Web API and so does not rely on plugins?
  7. Just received the popup again, 5 mins ago, still version 46.0.1. And this time the browser recognises an update is available as well. Think I'll have a look round the web before installing it though. Edit- (12:54) Had a look round, nothing on the web about why the update was pulled. Seems to have been some problems with both the Mac version and the Windows version clashing with some PUP's. As MBAM clears out any PUPs on my machine that shouldnt be a problem. Anyway running 46.0.1 now and all seems OK.
  8. Yesterday I got the pop-up saying that FF 46.0.1 was available to download, I was busy at the time so declined it. Today when I check in the browser it says that my 45.0.2 is up to date. (Although if I go to the Mozilla download page it still gives- "Looks like you’re using an older version of Firefox"). There are a few issues posted today on the Mozilla user forum about 46.0.1 causing some site login, mouse control, Flash, and other problems. It looks like the FF automatic updating/notifying may have been withdrawn for now, you may want to give it a few days before updating.
  9. Hi merlin, You are going to have to give some more information before anyone can work out just what you are seeing. To start with: What OS are you using? (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). Where are the duplicates found? (Say you have just updated to 10, or if Microsoft has prepared your computer for an OS update, then there will be a lot of duplicate system files on the C:/ for a while). If you only point to one folder then I would expect that it will only check for duplicates in that folder, it won't check if the files are duplicated elsewhere.
  10. Yes you can,see the image in post #64 http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&p=268018 You just can't use all the options. Nice to hear that the update seems to have sorted the problem for you.
  11. I'm the OP of this thread and have since found and shared a couple of workarounds, and a working solution in post #62. Since making CCleaner an exception in my AntiVirus (Windows Defender) I have had no problem with the delayed launching of CCleaner. See also Andavari's comment in post #65. Have you tried making CCleaner an exception in whatever AntiVirus you are using? (Obviously the Piriform Devs can't make changes to your AV, you have to do it yourself).
  12. It could be that yours is a similar but different issue then? The one I (and others) have been having is not with the internet, but with the user account control when using an Admin account. (I had checked this by disconnecting and connecting to the internet whilst investigating and it made no difference). I would still try making CC an exception in whatever AV/firewall you are using to see if it cures your delay problem.
  13. SOLUTION to this delayed launch problem. A reply made to some old posts regarding a solution to IE freezing and a tweak to MSE, gave me a thought about this problem. To recap- The problem with this delayed initial launch seems to be with Admin accounts only. It happens after a cold boot, or after an update to Windows Defender Definitions. Which has led me to suspect for a while that it was something in Defender Definitions since September that was causing the problem. But I hadn't made the leap to the solution. Make the CCleaner folder an exception in Windows Defender. (or in MSE if yo
  14. Well I was hoping for a resolution to this with the release of v5.12.54.31. Especially as the change log says- "- Improved Skip UAC on Windows 10." But still 15 secs for the initial launch, and first launch after a (automatic) Windows Defender definition update. Oh well, the 'active monitoring' workaround is still working for the initial launch, (but not after a Defender definition update).
  15. I installed Speccy yesterday on v1511 (Th2) and the 64 bit .exe is working with no problems that I can see.
  16. Oops, I also thought that Shockwave player itself was now defunct and that Robbie was talking about Shockwave Flash. Same answers as I gave above though, just substitute the names.
  17. I assume that you have tried updating the flash player plugin? You could try setting the player to "Ask to Activate" in the Add-ons manager. That way flash will not play unless you let it, although you do get a warning in a pop- bar under the address bar to ask when it tries to run. I keep mine like that, so any flash content on a webpage doesn't even get a chance to run, and so can't give a script error. Have you tried refreshing your firefox installation? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings. My prefered method of fixing persis
  18. This is an odd one which may or may not be related to this. Read the rest and judge for yourselves. Yesterday I noticed that there was a Gold coloured padlock in the system tray after booting. Usually a gold padlock on an icon is a permission issue, but on its own in the system tray? No hover help with the tray icon, left or right click and the padlock dissapeared. And Then - Right click on a file in file explorer and it freezes with the little blue 'busy' cirle. Windows Updates will not connect, either automatically or if you try update manually. (Windows 10 so it should do it itself). I
  19. I think that we have established that this issue is mainly to do with the User Account Control (SKIPUAC setting). Which may be why you are getting different results with an Admin account and a User account. (and that is an interesting pointer to the problem in itself).
  20. Hmm, not with my laptop. Boot time from pressing the power button to desktop is still the same at around 12 to 15 secs, including the time it take me to type my password. (Makes no difference if CC active monitoring is on or off). Yes of course the CC initial startup delay is still there, I still see it if I turn off the active monitoring. But with AM on once I'm at the desktop I can launch a browser (or whatever) straight away without stopping CC running in the background. So when I do come to open CC it comes up straight away.
  21. Still getting the 15 second delay with 5.11.5408(64 bit), skipuac selected, run on startup not selected. My latest workaround- I have found that turning on Active Monitoring means that again CC runs in the background on startup so you don't see the delay. (Similar to the 'Run on Startup' workround mentioned before). The difference is that using the 'Active Monitoring' rather than the 'Run on Startup' means that launching a browser does not stop CC running in the background. And yes, despite what you may have read elsewhere, you can run Active Monitoring with the free version.
  22. So this new thread today about CCleaner Cloud http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44851&hl= talks about "enhancing user account management". Coincidence that the problem here seems to be with skipping the user account control?
  23. I had seen the reports about the greyed out button issue, but thought it was a seperate thing. the previous post by menace seems to indicate the (subjective) time delay is similar, and so it suggests that it may be the same thing? Maybe Win 8.1 is showing the GUI but not responding for 15 secs, whilst Win 10 is not showing the GUI for 15 secs? Still seems to be the SKIPUAC that is causing this behaviour. PS. I have gone away from the run-on-startup work-round and have just turned off SKIPUAC for now.
  24. Hot off the press. I just double clicked on CC and it was taking the 15 or so seconds to launch again. So, after what I noted in my last post, before doing anything else (didn't even run CC) I went to Windows Update. And yes there is an update waiting there to be installed, So it does look like Windows Update is having an effect on this issue. Again, hopes this helps any dev. looking into this.
  25. Some more information/testing for any Piriform coder looking at this delayed launch thing. I had noticed a return of the delayed launch of CC after Windows Updates so decided to take a look. (Took a while because of the way Windows Updates work with Win10). So I tried this today. Boot up. Let CC run on startup. After a while double click CC to launch; comes up immediatey. Go to windows update and check for upates. Finds a 'Definition Update for Windows Defender' and downloads/installs. Close Windows Update. Double click CC to launch; takes around 15 seconds to come up on screen. Close CC. D
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