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  1. Thanks Andavari...but keep in mind that the scan has found registry errors during some scans while not in others...over an extended period of many years that I've monitored. The green progress bar always takes some time to inch and jerk along - it has never been instantaneous even when it comes up with nothing. Now it does, repeatedly. That is the motivation for my concern and query. Even with a Win 10 and SSD your registry scan takes SOME time...eh? Mine with Win7 and no SSD takes NO time. Bizarre.
  2. Yes, agreed...it is instant...not something that seems right. I do not have a SSD system drive. Yes, I have already uninstalled/reinstalled fresh CCleaner; same result. I have not changed to Windows 10, keeping with 7 as long as I can. In any event, I'm gleaning that I should not be wanting to keep registry clean via CCleaner regularly?? If so...it seems it would be prudent and helpful advise for the good folks at piriform to provide that guidance up front, eh? What's the situation with that aspect? And finally...if I continue to get an instantaneous generation of a fully co
  3. In recent times I've experienced what appears to be an anomaly in the Registry "Scan for Issues" feature of CCleaner - that has me wondering if some sort of glitch has developed. Whenever I click on "Scan for Issues" the green progress bar instantly appears completed...which is a major departure from what I've experienced over many years now...which is a gradual progression of the horizontal, green scan bar as the system scans the registry...which has typically taken around 30 seconds or thereabouts. Has there been some sort of incredible, technical update development that enables a registry
  4. Was not asked along the way if I wished to upgrade...merely automatically navigated to the screens depicted above with no choice to continue with update...unable to update. Perhaps there is some bug imbedded with the say the CCleanerupdate interacts with my computer...and perhaps I should simply log onto piriform.com and directly access the most recent version to download and install? I await your reply for any further suggestions or explanations...thanks again!
  5. You asked about my C:\ProgramFiles\CCleaner directory: which I've tried to copy/paste several times in different ways with no success. What I find there are 2 folders up top for Lang and Setup followed by 4 application files CCleaner, CCleaner64, CCupdate and uninstall similar to what you depicted without the ".exe" file type extensions on the application files.
  6. Hey thanks Dave! Ok...so you understand that I am not able to simply update and go on my merry way...this prompt to update appeared on my screen as soon as I logged on today. New CCleaner Update is available...Update now...or...Remind me Later options. A pop-up appears when I try to update. It tells me a new version is available, current version is v5.76.8269; new version v5.77.8448...and when I click on update now...new pop-up informs that CCleaner could not be updated...then offers choices to Purchase, Register or Cancel...no actual update option without directing me to screens requiring
  7. Hi, newbie here...not sure where or how-best to post my query so since it relates to the CCleaner Update Feature topic involved here I just dive in. Hope the water's crystal clear and refreshing so things might go swimmingly, haha! First, I love CCleaner and have used it for years after a few geek-tech buddies of mine recommended! One problem I hope to resolve/better understand is how/why I am prompted to act as a new version is available and asked if I want to do so now or later...and when I go ahead ad attempt to update I am then met with requirements to enter license numbers and such
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