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  1. A bit late to this conversation but I was recently having Firefox clear cookies on closing and CClearer was still finding them - but all at 0-bytes filesize. So that said to me that these were probably not files in themselves but CC was reading a file somewhere with the 'cookie' names still in it. I did a bit of searching on the forum and this was the latest relevant thread, but still no real answer. So I did some testing and found the file in question. C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{profile name-number}\SiteSecurityServiceState.txt If you o
  2. That sounds like a known clash with Kaspersky. Basically if you are using Kaspersky and have CCcleaner set to show the 'Summary' screen then CCleaner crashes when run. Setting CCleaner to display it's resuls as a file list has worked for many: (You might want to read the rest of this link as well). https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51845-ccleaner-5426495-64-bit-crashing/?tab=comments#comment-296463
  3. As said above that 'dumbed down' screen reports all files as 'tracking' files. (Go to Options>Advanced and select 'Advanced Report' or 'File List' instead of the dumb 'Summary'). They are all files found, cookies, logfiles, temp files, etc. not things that are actively tracking you, - it's just (misleading) advertising speak. The file(s) it finds everytime are files that get recreated as empty files (usually by Windows) as soon as you delete them, so they always show up. My box analogy again: Think of these recreated files like someone putting an empty box on your desk a
  4. Hi kgb, I note that it's stuck on Internet Explorer History, which has been an ongoing problem for a while now with the time it takes, and some hangs like yours. As you don't seem to be using Internet Explorer then you can safely uncheck all the options for it - except for 'Temporary Internet Files' which is used by other MS applications. Hopefully that will cure your problem as it has for others.
  5. Cheers Nergal, I think my point was that it should have been removed/hidden by Piriform themselves as soon as 5.45 was withdrawn. The fact that it wasn't removed shows a (surprising?) lack of thought or organisation.
  6. I think most people have a problem with the lack of 'official' response or action coming from Piriform. To make a point v5.45 has been withdrawn, but days/weeks later it's still "announced" as the latest version on this forum. Which shows a lack of attention or even care.
  7. Hi mta, Is that avatar colour change the equivalent of a black armband? I have noticed that Piriform staff are appearing in 'whos online' in a lot more than previously, 2 of them especially, but they're not posting anything on the forum. Maybe they are just monitoring the complaints? (or PM'ing members instead?)
  8. As said above v5.45 has been withdrawn and you should revert to v5.44 pending further developments.
  9. Sorry looks like I missunderstood you there. So you are saying that the "Summer Sale" Advertising pop-up that came in with v5.44 is opening IE11 if/when you click it, even though Firefox is your default browser. Or do you mean something else? I hadn't seen that reported before, but then again I don't think anyone has ever mentioned clicking on the offer before, just complaining that it won't go away. Is it realy a problem? If you are accepting the offer then it would only happen the once anyway. PS. UNIX (or more likley a LINUX variant these days) is not a browser, i
  10. Can't mention any kind of competition by name on a company site, but take a look in Firefox add ons.
  11. That sounds like you still have IE set as your default browser. So when another programme calls for a browser IE will open automatically. You need to tell Windows to use your browser of choice as the default. You can do this in Windows settings or through your browser settings. Search for 'set default browser' in whichever search engine you do use.
  12. v5.45 has been withdrawn because of multiple problems. v5.44 is the latest version now available to download and you should replace your v5.45 with it.
  13. Just for interest there is another way to get CCleaner to run in debug mode, especially if you are going to be using it frequently. Right click the CCleaner desktop icon and select 'Properties' On the 'Shortcut' tab add /debug to the Target, and 'Apply'. Now anytime you run CCleaner from that desktop icon it will run in debug mode. Don't forget that it will make a new logfile in C:\program files\ccleaner everytime you run it in debug mode. So take the /debug off again when you have finished debugging. I've created 2 desktop icons, one for normal mode and one for de
  14. Is that a website for lonely underground workers? (Sorry , couldn't resist it).
  15. Do you mean "Autofill" of forms on webpages? https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/a/autofill.htm CCleaner can clear "Autofill" information by selecting 'Saved Form Information' for your browser on CCleaners cleaning page. I suspect though that you mean "Autocomplete" of what you are typing into the search box? https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/a/autocomp.htm "Autocomplete" is a function of your browser/search engine and will need to be turned off there if you dont want it. It's a real time function so does not save anything to be cleaned.
  16. Aah, those last two words of the link - "privacy issues". Lots of software companies are having (unneeded) problems with those at the moment. It will calm down once they fully understand the new European regulations.
  17. ????? I'm sure Firefox already had the option to restore last session even after a shutdown/restart. Not something I would use, I have it set to always start a new session, but I'm sure the option was already there. Am I missing something here? PS. I've never had Windows restart on it's own.
  18. Version 5.45 has been officially withdrawn, and you are advised to reinstall v5.44 (or an older version, some have gone back to 5.40). 5.44 is now the version on the piriform download site: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds 5.44 and older versions are also available on Filehippo: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  19. There is often confusion over whether 12 noon, and 12 midnight, are am or pm. Not to mention 12:01 etc. (Linguistically 12 (noon or midnight) is neither am or pm, but that's a different can of worms). There are various conventions about it, but they all leave room for confusion or misinterpretation. With computers it's always best to use the 24 hour clock. (If the programme lets you, which any decent programme should). 00:00, 00:01 - midnight, just gone midnight. 12:00, 12:01 - noon, just gone noon. No scope for confusion.
  20. That screen is only for setting which cookies you want to keep, so that CCleaner will leave them alone. Once you have set your 'cookies to keep' you simply use the blue 'Run Cleaner' button on the main cleaning screen to clear the rest. This will clear all the cookies except those in the 'cookies to keep' list. (Plus anything else you have set to be cleared).
  21. I note that winver is showing you have Windows 10 "Enterprise" edition, is this a company computer? Enterprise is used by medium/large organisations, and is (officially) only available through Microsoft's Volume Licencing programme. It is typically used when a company supplies devices to a 'mobile' or 'remote' workforce. Presumably this is a company computer, connected to a company network, managed by company IT/Admin? If something has suddenly changed it may well be that the company IT/Admin have changed it. I would suggest that you contact your IT department to ask if t
  22. Your screenshot shows an overview. If you click CPU or Motherboard in the list on the left it will show you more details.
  23. nukecad


    It's a place where people can come to get help and advice from other users of the programme. Often when you have a problem someone here will have seen it before and will know how to fix it. Usually more than one person will chip in to help. It's not really a chat room, but of course some chatter does go on. I noticed that you were using that withdrawn version and waited for Hazel to say something, but then saw she had logged off so said it myself to help you.
  24. nukecad


    Hi, Your attached screenshot says that you have v.5.45.6811. v5.45 has been problematical and has been withdrawn. You should go back to v5.44, download v5.44 from here and install that. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  25. Bobndc, It could well be outlook, but could equally be something else. Give me a shout if you need step by step instructions to do what I said about looking at what files CCleaner is finding. PS. Just to point out that what you show in your screenshot is not 'removing' Edge at all. It is just changing your default browser (the one that opens automatically) to Chrome rather than Edge. Edge is still there on your system, it's built into Windows and cannot normally be removed/uninstalled. If you click on 'Apps & features' in that settings screen you will see it still
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