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  1. OEC PRO version v4.9.0 released. In this version the order of the fields in the addressbook have been re-arranged. See also this thread: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/oe-classic-discussions-and-updates.393261/page-25
  2. How to Sync Google Contacts in OE Classic Just released today (March 31, 2024)
  3. I'll show what I selected in the dutch version of "Perfmon.exe". See the picture below: - I open "Perfmon.exe", select "+" and then a windows opens (red rectangles + red arrows) - There I selected "Geschreven en Gelezen bytes per seconde" (= "written and read bytes per second"). See the green arrow. - This counter/line is used in DiskLED as well (blue arrows).
  4. Let me elaborate: - DiskLED makes an icon show up in the system tray. - This icon is supposed to "light up" (in red), for a very brief moment, everytime when there is any disk I/O on both the C: or E: drive on my laptop. But it fails to work without CCleaner running. The icon remains black/dark. When CC is running then DiskLED does work like it should. - This uses a line (in dutch, not english) from the "Performance Monitor" (a program called "Perfmon.exe" in the "C:\Windows\ system32" or c:\windows\syswow64" folder). Don't know what the precise english wording is for this dutch line. I thought/think I used/am using the proper line (from "Perfmon.exe"). - Of course, the user can select another line from "Perfmon.exe". - I tried to fix this by trying to repair the performance counters (with Tweakings' Windows Repair) but to no avail.
  5. Tried a number of things but to no avail. The only thing that makes DiskLED work again is start running CCleaner.
  6. I simply want to know what CCleaner changes to make this program (DiskLED) work again. Is this a registry tweak ? Perhaps CC applies this tweak to make the CC progam code work better. It's also clear that once the user closes CC this change (registry tweak (???)) is "reversed" and the DiskLED doesn't work that well anymore.
  7. To be clear: I would like to make DiskLED to work for drive C: again and NOT have CCleaner run all the time. DiskLED uses something from the performance monitor ("perfmon.exe"). See also the red arrows in the picture (in the GUI of DiskLED, "DiskLED configuration"). This is the dutch version of the lines in the "Performance Counters/Monitor." ("Perfmon.exe"). The english translation is (something along the lines of) "Physical drive(Total)\Written and read bytes per second". The second picture shows how DiskLED shows up in the system tray (red rectangle). The blue arrow points to the CCleaner button on the Task Bar and that shows that CCleaner is running.
  8. I have a program called "DiskLED" ( https://helgeklein.com/free-tools/diskled/ ) running on my laptop. This program displays an icon in the system tray. It can programmed to show how much activity there is on my laptop using one of the several "Performance Counters" available in Windows. I have programmed the icon to show the amount of disk I/O for both the C: (internal SSD drive) E: drive (external SSD drive) using "\Total bytes written/read" (????). But the odd thing is that this icon only shows the disk I/O for drive E: but NOT the disk I/O for drive C:. However, when I also start CCleaner then DiskLED shows the amount of Disk I/O for BOTH drive C: and E:. So, it seems that CCleaner changes something in the registry (????) or in the performance counters and that makes DiskLED work again. My question right now is a technical question: What in CCleaner is responsible for this change in behaviour in DiskLED ? I hope someone of the Ccleaner staff is willing to give an answer. This behaviour forces me to have Ccleaner running all the time and that's something I "don't like".
  9. New version of OEC PRO (v4.8.0.) available (is this also a new FREE version ?? ): Below a few new features that helps to integrate (more) with some GOOGLE features (in bold) New features: ======================================================================================== [2024-03-25] Added support for Google Contacts with Sync/Add/Edit/Delete functionality in the Address Book [2024-03-25] Automatic verification of disabled IMAP/POP settings for Google accounts (while adding the account) [2024-03-25] New Address Book icons for contacts (includes cloud contacts icons) [2024-03-25] New cloud root folder shown for Gmail/Google Workspace accounts in the Address Book [2024-03-25] All fields in the Contact Editor are now trimmed, not just email fields like before [2024-03-25] Added a tooltip for long items in the Contact Editor's folder selection dropdown box, visible when hovering with the mouse cursor Bug fixes: ======================================================================================== [2024-03-25] Fixed the "No folder is selected" error that occurred on startup [2024-03-25] Message Editor now issues a warning instead of allowing emails to be sent to a group with no contacts in it Source: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/oe-classic-discussions-and-updates.393261/page-25#post-3186218
  10. - Users of OEC shouldn't check the "Minimize OEC to system tray". Then OEC will start to show some very "irregular behaviour" after a while and then OEC requires a restart. The developers are aware of this bug but it seems that fixing this bug is not the most pressing issue for them. - For those who use the program: there are more of this (very) small and "non lethal" bugs. The program still needs more "polishing". - The developers are working to implement "a better integration with GOOGLE". No, no more details because the developers didn't want to share more of what they are up to. We'll just have to wait and see what the future will bring. But this information above does sound promising.
  11. - OE Classic (PRO version) has advanced to version v4.7.
  12. Translation (from dutch): I would like to remove the last 3 months worth of updates. Who can help ? Reply: What kind of updates ? Windows updates ? CCleaner updates ?
  13. Yep, that's one of the remaining "weak spots" in the program code. I have experienced the same thing many times over. I don't know whether or not there is a solution for this. And whether the developers are willing and able to fix this "weak spot" in the program code. One also has to keep in mind that there multiple programs (including Windows itself) that also regularly read and write data from/to disk. And that can/will interfere with Defraggler as well.
  14. - OE Classic has advanced to version v4.6.1. https://www.oeclassic.com/
  15. @smc1979 Perhaps we can give some some suggestions for software programs that need "more development" ? including some software here from the "CCleaner company" ? I certainly do have some suggestions ................ I understand that Windows Repair was a REAL burden because every time Microsoft issued a new version of their Operating system the program had to be improved (ASAP when possible).
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