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  1. When "Run Once" or "Run Everytime" has been selected then a checkmark is placed before the active option. Autoruns shows that DF makes - for the boot time defrag - an entry in the registry key called "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute" There is a video avaialble that describes what AUTORUN can show/can do: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-5-Autoruns (watch the video from about 12:00 onwards)
  2. Defraggler makes an entry somewhere in the registry. But I haven't got the faintest clue where in the registry. When Windows boots the next time DF defragments (or tries to) a number system files BEFORE the bulk of the Windows (e.g. 7, 8 or 10) files is loaded and executed. DF uses a "defragment API" that is included in the Windows Operating System. No, I don't think it will cause a conflict with other defragmenting tools. There is a tool availble that shows what kind of programs are running (e.g. defrgamenting tools) before the bulk of Windows is loaded and executed. And that tool i
  3. Here an example of a fragmented file called "hiberfil.sys". See the picture attached. I am sure that there are more (fragmented) system files that can be defragmented upon start up by Defraggler.
  4. Already have received say 3 "update" messages from Flash itself. Then the program asked me to give my consent to remove Flash. Perhaps I will remove Flash at a later stage. Is Flash still needed to play content (e.g. videos) on websites and in my mediaplayer(s) ? Support for Flash is supposedly removed for (a lot of ??) websites (Youtube ?). But videos are still playing well on Youtube.
  5. New version of Windows Repair (v4.10.3) released. When using Registry Backup (from Windows Repair) it didn't properly run, it didn't do its job. I hope this now has been fixed. Source; https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html I have no problems with Registry Backup but I use the stand-alone version on my Windows 7 system.
  6. - One thing that will help to speed up the defrag process is to (temporarily) disable System Restore. - When defragmenting an external drive I would only do a "simple defrag". Let the program analyze the disk and in the "file list" just simply tick all the boxes and hit "defrag checked".
  7. The former technical director (called "Bill Binney") of the NSA (of all organisations !!!) debunks in 2 videos the narrative that the russians hacked the servers of the (US) Democratic National Committee (DNC) in mid 2016. From that date onwards untill say mid 2018 (2019 ?) the US media all continued to accuse the russians of hacking the DNC servers and other "nefarious" activities from later dates (use your imagination). But Binney has found enough proof that shows that "the hack" was actually a leak form someone inside the DNC organisation (there were actually 2 (!!!) leakers). Binney a
  8. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/u-s-treasury-commerce-depts-hacked-by-group-tied-to-foreign-government.435104/ The article states that it was the russians who did this hack. Yeah, sure, and I was born yesterday, right ? Washington DC was very "upset" about, what was called, "Russiagate" between say mid 2016 and early 2018 (2019 ?). And it turned out to be "a dud". And now, without proof, I am supposed to believe that the russians did this hack ? The hack could have been executed by the chinese as well. But Solarwind (the producer of the hacked software) also has "(some) egg" on it
  9. - I could imagine that Win 10 doesn't allow you to defrag that system image file. There are more files that can't be de-fragmented by the program. Such as the files that are used for the System Restore feature in Windows 7 and higher. I think this has to do with the (infamous ??) socalled "permissions". That means that you don't have the appropriate level of permissions to defrag/touch/move that file.
  10. - New update for OE Classic available (version v3.1). Starting with this build/version the builds of OEC will contain both the Free & "Paid for" versions. To unlock the PRO features the user must "activate" the Free version with his/her license key. People who want to help to translate the program in more languages than those already available are still welcome to help out. @Airwolf4 You're not the only one who would love to see the program have an option to make OEC the default email client. The developers are saying that that this option ("default email client") is their "next
  11. Defraggler doesn't properly sort the numbers in the "Fragments" column in the "Search" tab (red arrow). Today I came across a telling example. In the 1st picture below there are 5 *.mp3 files of which 2 are not fragmented (blue arrows). These 2 files are the 2nd and 3rd file from the top of the list. When I click on the "Fragments" header (red arrow) then the program doesn't sort the list. It simply turns the "Fragments" list upside down (see 2nd picture). This is also confirmed by the sizes and names of all 5 files. Clicking on that header for a second time the list reverted back to its origi
  12. Suggestion: Currently Defraggler is able to defragment the pagefile (pagefile.sys). I would like to see that a new version of the program is aslo able to defragment other systemfiles like hiberfil.sys. I know that Windows 10 also has one or 2 additional (large) systemfiles (like pagefile.sys). Then these should also be defragmented by Defraggler.
  13. I must add that this "Exclude" option works throughout the entire program. E.g. it also works on the "file list" tab.
  14. @Pinfloid: This is indeed a problem/bug in Defraggler. And you are not the only one who has reported this/these bug(s). But CCleaner has (much) users than Defraggler and therefore Defraggler will have to wait until the developers decide they want to spend time fixing (a number of) bugs in the program. Alas. And given the amount of possibilities in the options menu it will give the developers a headache. If you want to move those files back to the beginning of the drive then you can do the following. Select Settings > Options > Exclude. There you must enter all folders that don'
  15. - Turn off System Restore. That will help to speed up the program - Let the program move LARGE files and files you rarely use to the end of the drive.
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