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  1. - Another suggestion fof the next version of DF: If DF comes across a file that doesn't exist anymore then let DF remove that file from the list(s) (File list / "Search" list).
  2. I noticed that the developers of Defraggler (DF) are planning a new version of the program. Well, then they only have to read this thread to see all the things that can be improved/fixed. And as they can see, I have come across A LOT OF things that can be fixed and improved. Some of the bugs in this thread are clear and obvious bugs that need to be fixed and can be (easily (??)) fixed. But other bugs don't show a reliable pattern of when and where these bugs are occurring. In those cases I think this "irregular" behaviour can be fixed by, what I would call, "better protecting the internal
  3. - A new version of OE Classic has been released. From the OEC Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/oeclassic ) : At last, the latest update of OE Classic - v3.2, 2021-04-06, https://www.oeclassic.com/ - brings you long awaited features (asked by many users!): New features: • [2021-03-14] Set as default program for "mailto:" links and "Email Link" functionality in some web browsers (which browsers ???) • [2021-04-06] Set as default program for opening external .EML files (also "Open with" shell menu) The above 2 features allow you to set OE Classic as "default" mail
  4. @kasche Turn off System Restore en then reboot. That could free up A LOT OF disk space.
  5. Tweaking.com has released 2 new versions of their programs: 1) Windows Repair (v4.11.2). 2) Registry Backup (v4.0). Source: https://www.tweaking.com/
  6. Finally, the developers are definitely working on adding an option for making OEC the "Default email Client".
  7. I am still using MS Works 2003 version and I am still able to to use the program without a hiccup. Registering is also not a problem.
  8. - This could have been an attempt to see how vulnerable the MacOS is. It could have been meant to be a backdoor for future infections.
  9. - To be honest: this is the first time I used the program for "recovering" a (fairly large) bunch of (large) files. - Luckily those files were on an non-system drive. I use that drive to backup all the files I have on my main (system) drive.And I was keenly aware that writing to that disk would risk overwriting those files that needed to be recovered. So, I didn't write/copy any files to that drive before "recovering" those "lost" files. And that's - of course - the best way to approach this "recovery" problem. - Yes, after giving it some hours of thought, I figured out what the limi
  10. First, let me state that I used the program yesterday for the first time in say 4 or 5 years. I needed to recover a number of files I accidently deleted. I was able to succesfully recover those files. After that I started fiddling with the program. Tried to recover a number of other files that supposedly were not overwritten by other files. But when I tried to play those files (these were *.mp4 & *.flv files) it turned out out that the content of the files was different from what the title was promising. And some files, that were supposedly "recoverable" generated an error. (e.g.
  11. When "Run Once" or "Run Everytime" has been selected then a checkmark is placed before the active option. Autoruns shows that DF makes - for the boot time defrag - an entry in the registry key called "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute" There is a video avaialble that describes what AUTORUN can show/can do: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-5-Autoruns (watch the video from about 12:00 onwards)
  12. Defraggler makes an entry somewhere in the registry. But I haven't got the faintest clue where in the registry. When Windows boots the next time DF defragments (or tries to) a number system files BEFORE the bulk of the Windows (e.g. 7, 8 or 10) files is loaded and executed. DF uses a "defragment API" that is included in the Windows Operating System. No, I don't think it will cause a conflict with other defragmenting tools. There is a tool availble that shows what kind of programs are running (e.g. defrgamenting tools) before the bulk of Windows is loaded and executed. And that tool i
  13. Here an example of a fragmented file called "hiberfil.sys". See the picture attached. I am sure that there are more (fragmented) system files that can be defragmented upon start up by Defraggler.
  14. Already have received say 3 "update" messages from Flash itself. Then the program asked me to give my consent to remove Flash. Perhaps I will remove Flash at a later stage. Is Flash still needed to play content (e.g. videos) on websites and in my mediaplayer(s) ? Support for Flash is supposedly removed for (a lot of ??) websites (Youtube ?). But videos are still playing well on Youtube.
  15. New version of Windows Repair (v4.10.3) released. When using Registry Backup (from Windows Repair) it didn't properly run, it didn't do its job. I hope this now has been fixed. Source; https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html I have no problems with Registry Backup but I use the stand-alone version on my Windows 7 system.
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