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  1. auto skips open as far as I know, it runs custom clean and auto skips those open browsers et al
  2. Recovery is often a crapshoot, the green light only means the file is not currently overwritten. There is no difference between the free version and pro version as far as recovery goes, sadly this file is probably lost.
  3. currently there is not a browser for Android (at least to the best of my knowledge)
  4. Yes you can indeed be malicious with the skip uac code. Here's what skipuac is It creates a windows task that in the run program after the program exe a $(Arg0). I have added this code to other programs that I have a task running them and it skips uac for that program too. It's something microsoft put into existence but you are correct the only evidence a malware exploiting this argument is leaving behind a task (though they'll need to bypass uac on the creation of a task that's why ccleaner needs to be run as admin to implement the future skipping.)
  5. you can download the free version and register in the about screen press the update to pro button and paste the information from your license email
  6. Please contact support at support@ccleaner.com they can help by either providing a refund or license extension (or other remediation that they come up with).
  7. There's not to my knowledge a vpn program by ccleaner, but you can communicate with support@ccleaner.com and they might know. Where did you purchase this bundle?
  8. Also see https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
  9. You can submit entries on the forum https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
  10. actually many of the in built rules started out as winapp2 entries. As you're already aware of the minds behind the community made template i'd love to see the entry start there and be tried and tested and then have the devs adopt it.
  11. tjis is the user's forum (though ccleaner has employees who try to help out here) and not support. If you are having trouble with license issues you should email support@ccleaner.com
  12. what do you mean "blocked". Describe a little more. What android version? Did you use quickboost?
  13. For these issues you're better off served emailing support at support@ccleaner.com they can help with license problems.
  14. Just to fix the above, it should be support@ccleaner.com Solo para arreglar lo anterior, debería ser support@ccleaner.com
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