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  1. Ios won't let it, there's little to none interaction between apps on ios. Everything is sandboxed.
  2. this is about browser isn't it. With your permission i'll move it to the correct board.
  3. trackers sounds like you're using the health check, besides using its own rules and not respecting the cookies to keep option, it calls everything a tracker. So you may have less actual trackers. Also depending on your internet usage you may have accumulated plenty of cookies and internet temp files which would account for the high number.
  4. I believe they're talking about disk usage (two columns over). I have this problem with some of my computers too.
  5. Just to make sure, have you turned off "continue running background apps when Microsoft Edge is closed" in edge's setings (under the system chapter).
  6. um no? Maybe? What? I'm 70% sure this is setup spam, but let's see how it comes up.
  7. Darn ninja'd by hazelnut 6 hours ago
  8. this is verging on politics which is a no-no. Just sayin
  9. this is a bug in the current version and should be fixed next update, including a clean up of the dump files
  10. wtf I took a spit take with this, my iron burger is broken too I need this software to pickle beets
  11. Don't use drive wiper or wipe free space on it
  12. That would basically make it a NAS (network attached storage) and as far as I know recuva can not access NAS, sorry. Maybe someone will correct me but that's what I remember.
  13. recuva pro will not help (it'll act the same). Recuva needs the device to mount as a drive, Android removed the ability to mount as a drive many versions ago (I think gingerbread).
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