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  1. While in dire need of an update recuva isn't abandoned, just not the focus of the developers right now (we've been told it, defraggler and speccy have releases planned but they've not come to fruition).
  2. Nergal


    Yes, especially with todays large drives.
  3. Looks like a beta leaked to apk mirror
  4. Speccy for desktop is in quite a need for an update. Many newer hardware are currently mislabeled. I've moved this to the speccy bugs board
  5. The old edge is still there, it's just effectively hidden. It still runs the underpinnings of windows, just not userside web browsing.
  6. No you can only get recuva from ccleaner.com or file hippo. Anywhere else is suspect
  7. I'm sorry,, i'm not sure I understand this post, what problem are you having? or are you just venting about a less than satisfactory support ticket.
  8. Just to note hazelnut accidentally typed the wrong email. Should be support@ccleaner.com
  9. No, I have read it. It was literally posted just for him. Though I wish mark had posted his own thread as this was your issue initially. Your license that dave refers to ends in U84F
  10. There's a link to support in my signature below this post
  11. Probably cloud as its defrag is a newer build than the desktop Also make sure you have the same settings, hide system restore and the such (I don't know the exact as i've not opened defraggler since windows 8.) Finally, 12% is pretty good, best to ignore any fragmentation less than about 20.
  12. I'm not a representative of the company, i'm a simple user like you
  13. No what we're saying is your screenshot does not prove anything because the offer won't show the second time you ran the installer if it showed the first time. you missed it and chrome is installed (or if chrome was declined the offer won't show either)
  14. You can use customlocation to choose a new profile location https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-clean-user-data-from-non-standard-mozilla-browsers
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