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  1. Note while the above looks spammy it's not; tweaking's and willy are known entities on this board Jfyi
  2. actually instead of editing the post with updates post a reply to the thread. Anyway the forum SW won't let you edit after a half hour, I believe.
  3. Do you mean to say, your second email came from another address or still the outlook email. Are you using the email which you registered ccleaner with?
  4. I've edited out your email address, not only does publication of addresses draw spammers to you and the forum, but nobody reputable would contact you. Better to keep the help in the public forum. You can follow the topic and be emailed of a response. Speccy seems to have a problem with newer hardware. We've been assured that an update is forthcoming but it has yet to arrive.
  5. Please run ccleaner in debug mode as described (showing the crash) And attach the log to this thread
  6. Please email support at support@ccleaner.com They'll be able to help better than the user forum
  7. please email support@ccleaner.com (preferably from the email address you registered from so you can get priority). They can figure this out for you
  8. turn of skipuac in ccleaner's options and the task should remove
  9. Nergal

    Free Space

    Do you have a ssd or a traditional hard drive
  10. you should be able to get some help by emailing the developers at support@ccleaner.com
  11. thank you for the report. No this is not valid and the developers chase these things down and routinely invalidate the licenses attached to them. I've reported this up the chain
  12. are you also running the registry section of ccleaner or only the cleaning?
  13. Correct, if you deleted your ccleaner program folder after uninstall there will not be the user file winapp2.ini
  14. Ccleaner does not natively install any extra ini files. The winapp2 that he refers to is a file that allows you to add your own rules (see the link in my signature below this post) There is a community file that you can take your rules from into your own winapp2 file but all discussion of that is regulated to a specific thread. While I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the program to which the above member refers (not named voldemort i've edited it to say that) added rules can be found at this link: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
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