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  1. Hi Andervari The current driver for this card has been installed and running with no problems for age's As for the card starting to die ? well I got 6 years out of my old original ATI card before the fan on the card failed... apart from the fan' the card still worked... until the temp got to much for it Anyway thanks all for the suggestions I think I've got just got to bite the bullet and get a new machine... had this for 8 years... so bye bye Vista ! and hello Windows 10
  2. Hi mta I'm using Nvidia's Driver version and the Geforce gui states that the driver is up to date. The card is about 2 year's old and I'm running "High performance" power settings in Windows > No Sleep, No Hibernation, etc. Windows Device Manager reports that (This device is working properly)
  3. Hi guy's This has been happening a bit lately Basically I get a black screen for 1 or 2 seconds and then a pop-up message from windows saying that "The video card driver stopped working and has now recovered" I have the latest driver for this > NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (MSI) card + I'm running at default settings... no over clocking bla bla bla on this very low grade card. I'm wondering If my power supply might be failing ? This card only draws 30 watt' however this black screen issue only happens when my PC is doing very little or at idle ? If I'm watching full screen HD video or pl
  4. Hey Dreamcookies I'm using "Windows Vista" so the steps I did in the post's above worked for Vista. For Windows 10 or any other Windows OS' I don't know ? AS for finding the missing GB's maybe give WizTree a go... the results may be different ?
  5. Thanks mta No Win10 here And my XP machine was recycled and turned into a washing machine year's ago To do the change with "Vista" I had to follow the directions in my post above... #23 Any way I decided to let System Restore have 5GB max instead of 90GB that was allocated!
  6. Isn't ticking that setting in DF going-to avoid the issue of Windows "jinking around" ? I"m navigating to System Protection the way you have set out in your post' but when I'm looking at System Protection tab there is no "Configure" button ? so no "Max Usage slider" to use ?
  7. Thanks mta all is good again Now about "reduce the amount of % of disk space Restore Points take up" or just do this> https://forum.pirifo...showtopic=35459 ?
  8. Thanks mta Will try what you suggested 1st I found this posted on tom's Hardware site > Deleting some system restore points will not give disk space back as windows permanently assigns some hard drive space for system restore, you can reduce the disk space assigned for system restore, try the below steps. 1. Click the start menu 2. Click on All Programs, and then Accessories 3. From the accessories menu, right click on Command Prompt and select "run as administrator" 4. Type vssadmin list shadowstorage into the command prompt 5. The results should tell you the amount of storage use
  9. Hi mta and happy easter Just ran wiztree and... I'm suspecting this ? > Been thinking about using my last restore point that was created by Revo uninstaller An hour or so before running DF Would this help ?
  10. Hey guy's I'm having the same problem ... 77 GB of free space has been used up some how? after running DF Cant find any additional Restore Points... and as for Shadow Copies? well I don't know where to look for them? I also had "Stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume" un checked. Have run Windows Disk Cleanup & ChkDsk on restart etc. Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
  11. 2Wire ADSL Gateway Modem Router> "hardware firewall". Windows XP> "software firewall".
  12. Excellent topic-post Dennis! I could have used that info a few months back. I won't forget the help that some of you guys gave me on how to use "Image Hosting Sites" greatly appreciated! Since being a member of "Piriform Forums" I have learned lots, and received immeasurable amounts of help from many regular Members and Moderators. My sincere thanks to all For Image Hosting I use http://www.postimage.org/
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