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  1. Ok, so probably not something to worry about, unless computer starts acting weirder than normal. Just seemed odd, and a few results I did find were associated with the dreaded BSoD; so, wanted to check and make sure I'm not headed towards computer hell. Thanks
  2. Hi. I searched Google and this forum did not find anything useful. So, if this has been discussed, I did not find it, and apologize. If not, cool. I'm hoping this is just "odd" and not signs of trouble ahead. I run CCleaner several times a week (file cleaner, not the registry cleaner side) and last night I had an unusually long cleaning, about 30 minutes. It cleaned over 500,000kb from the system memory dump. I dont recall ever seeing such a large cleaning from this before. Is this potentially a problem, or nothing to worry about? If it helps, I typically run complex 7 times, with everythin
  3. Greeeeeeeeeat further proof I am not in my right mind.
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