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  1. Thanks, but no. My problem was the one caused by CCleaner on Win7 x64 some time ago, using one of the advanced options. A guy from MS gave a solution to fix it - delete every scheduled task. Not really an option :/
  2. I understand. But these kind of fixes need big red warnings. Remember, if it becomes popular you'll have people trying to "fix" their computers by checking every checkbox, ruining their computer in the process. PS: Any idea how to fix a non-working Task Scheduler that says it can't find tasks (this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprogeneral/thread/a9e485d3-06ba-4038-a9b8-1b58e73ea4dd except I don't want to delete every single task, because that makes the Task Scheduler useless)? If you do that, I'll build an altar in your honor.
  3. Some of these "fixes" look weird. Reset File Permissions: "The repair will grant administrators, system, users and everyone full rights to every file on the C: drive." WTF? The whole point of Vista/7's strict rights are to avoid getting in this situation ; the only account which should have all these permissions is TrustedInstaller. Otherwise, a virus infecting one user can do anything it wants without having admin rights. Unhide non system files: "This repair will unhide every file on the system that is not a system file." This one should get a big red mention "don't ever do that un
  4. This isn't currently possible...it'd have to be added in CCleaner itself
  5. Well, then, I was right from the beginning when talking about EmptyWorkingSet I guess I'll try CleanMem next time Firefox reaches the gigabyte of used RAM (not trolling - that actually happens).
  6. Well, the author doesn't explain which API he's calling...but it still doesn't work on my system
  7. If it doesn't use the pagefile, would you mind explaining why FF's memory usage significantly drops when running CleanMem, and then goes back to its previous level once the FF window is active again? I don't believe in all those memory cleaners/optimizers/defragmenters. They simply call the EmptyWorkingSet Windows API, which forces everything to be paged. A quote from a well-known Windows expert... But I guess if it actually has an effect on your system, that's a good thing...I only believe what I see, especially about Windows "optimization".
  8. It hasn't changed...it puts everything in the page file, and then memory usage jumps again when you go back to other programs... It might work against Firefox's memory leaks, however...
  9. I don't think Piriform wants to test all entries in Winapp2.ini. A single bad entry could do a lot of harm.
  10. This looks kinda dangerous. Backups from reg cleaners shouldn't be deleted =/
  11. If the machine is infected, the malware could add itself to the firewall's exceptions...don't you think ? Besides, the Vista/7 firewall is much, much, much more than the XP one. You can do everything you'll ever need to do - even though the GUI wasn't designed for normal people.
  12. Well, on my Win7 x64, they go back to the original level within seconds.
  13. Thank you CleanMem's behavior is quite funny...the log correctly states that the memory went down an unbelievable level ; however, the programs begin eating memory a lot until they reach the old level within seconds. It seems to do exactly what I thought...place everything in the page file. Useful for software not used often, though.
  14. Could someone please post the content of the "Apply_log_settings.bat" file ? It isn't in the portable version, and it seems it's the only way to have Cleanmem understand the settings.
  15. I still didn't figure out how to use the portable version AND generate a log. It justs sits there for seconds and closes on my system. PS : Isn't Real Player one of those used-to-be-useful-but-now-really-bad software ?
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