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  1. On mine, I usually disable shell extension & caching analysis data (so it will always start anew). Do you also exclude large files in Auslogics before a defrag? If not, wonder if you can re-try Defraggler without them excluded to see if it speeds up or not? Perhaps export your defraggler.ini file & add it back after trying?
  2. Super Fast


    There are other notepads which may be simpler than notepad++, but I do like the tabs in notepad. Definitely makes multi-tasking simpler.
  3. What surprised me, was to find not only that people's profile pics disappeared after the last Piriform outtage, but also the picture attachments on posts. I am guessing all the older posts were affected, too. How interesting!
  4. Super Fast


    After all these updates, next one's bound to be bug free. And perfect.
  5. For most people. Not to say it don't/can't have bugs. Just the other day, was using Defraggler 2.11 on an XP machine & it kept having an error on defrag. Not sure at the moment what the error was. Don't have a problem on my machine, or most machines I use. But you find the occasional one that throws it for a loop. For whatever reason.
  6. Or, it could be a bug. However, have you tried checking the options to disable VSS, & ignore restore/hibernation in options? Does it still run slow if you do that?
  7. Yes, Dennis, I do have to agree that most of your posts are longer. Much longer! If it is less than 10 pages long, I consider it a short post,
  8. Best laugh I had all day! So many tabs, so little time...
  9. Not sure. U have not provided enough information. - CPU speed - RAM (Total ram (not virtual ram either) + amount of free RAM) - HDD size + free space available - 32 or 64 Bit OS, & version of it - Version of Defraggler used - Amount of time (average) between the defrags - Number of processes loading on startup - If your system fans are clogged with dust (heat build up causes slow downs)
  10. Hmmmm.... I believe FF also has sync... Orange FF button/Setup sync. Tell me more. What are your PC specs (CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD size) as well as your OS? Also, what version of FF are you using?
  11. I don't forget that. Which is WHY I partition. To preserve the life of the drive. Question. Which will shorten a drive's life faster? All games/music/pics secluded on a secondary partition, or scanning them ALL every time you check for viruses?
  12. Even though SSD drives may not need defraggling, I still do it for the following reasons: - Data Separation -> You still need to periodically scan for malware/viruses, so why scan ALL of your data? Save time & wear. Just scan system files, please!!! - Data Preservation -> If the system partition goes down, you can format/re-install Windows & be back up. No files lost, as they're on the other partition. - Easier -> Do you really like all your music to be on your system partition? D:\Music, D:\Games, D:\Pictures etc. is SOOO much easier than C:\Users\etc....
  13. Seems fine on my system. If it's caused by using IP4, you can easily install IP6 in internet options on XP. 7 comes with it already installed. If it's due to using a new Firefox with an old profile, see my post that Andavari has kindly linked to. Edit: When I updated from 14 to 15 of FF, it started taking 30 seconds to a minute to load pages (instead of 8 or 10 seconds). Sometimes longer. After completely deleting the old FF profile folder, then letting the new version create a brand new profile, it dropped to 3 seconds to load a page. I have a feeling that you have upgraded consecut
  14. I don't let Firefox self update, in case they slip up on me & ... They haven't so far, but u never know!!!
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