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  1. Thanks for the update! If you do discover that the anti-phishing bar is definitely the culprit, you have have to either disable it prior to visiting here & turn it on afterwards, or remove the bar & try another one by another vendor. Do update us on how it does on XP later!
  2. Windows 8 improves boot times using hybrid boot (log-off user + hibernate). As opposed to normal hibernation (save apps in RAM to HDD before hibernating). If you regedit Shutdown button in 7 to link to Hibernate, & make it run log-off user cmd 1st, will this be = to 8's hybrid boot? If you reboot 8, it takes much longer because of having to load devices & drivers again (instead of resuming from hibernate). _____ 1) Some things I want to know so I will have to further test, are since 8 goes into hibernation instead of shutdown, does it affect battery life any on netbooks/laptops. 2) Some apps I tested under 7 that require a reboot, can be fooled into believing a reboot has happened by simply logging off & logging back in. I am wondering if some users mistakenly choose shutdown (thinking it is the same process as 7) & log back in if it may cause problems. I will test more to see about this, as it should be interesting to learn more about what happens. 3) I also intend to disable Aero under 7 & some other things to compare the speed of 7 to 8 after I "optimize" it similarly to 8's services/loaded processes/etc. _____ Lastly, the way Windows 8 loads A/V before the OS begins is very interesting. Sounds great. I know 8 has a built in engine that does ok for removing malware/viruses, even though there are better ones. If a user installs their choice of A/V & later get infected with A/V that replaces theirs with the hijacked version, will 8 load the hijacked A/V & become that much harder to remove? This is so interesting, that I may purposefully download fake A/V & infect my own machine for the sake of testing how Windows 8 handles this. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Has anyone else tried any of this yet?
  3. I noticed that you have no picture set for your user account. Is it me, or has anyone else thought of the possibility of newbie PC users posting screenshots of their computer (complete with user account picture) & some program or website (http://face.com/ has been acquired by facebook) using it to identify users? Think of the future. Cop stops you & takes picture with his cellphone. Cell checks photo online. Yessir! Positive identification of who this is!!! I kinda like the way 7 hides the user account pic till you logout. At any rate, what do you think about this?
  4. I am not authorized to give malware advice, but ....... advice edited out by Hazelnut
  5. As the key has to come from somewhere, wonder if you search the "wrong" key that Speccy gives you in the registry if it finds it?
  6. Cou Very possible. Wouldn't be the 1st time an MS update hosed a machine. I prefer manually updating so I can test & verify.
  7. Out of interest, your tag states you have these computers: WinXP Pro SP3 Desktop (Speccy) - Win7 Pro x64 SP1 Laptop (Speccy) - WinXP Pro SP3 Laptop (Speccy) _____ 1) Do you have NIS on all of them, or only 1 of them? And if so, which of them do you use/have the problem with? 2) Are you using IE9 at the moment? If you try Firefox instead, does this issue still occur? Perhaps you can try a different browser (just for troubleshooting). 3) Do you have anti-phishing toolbars installed? NIS/AVG/other A/V love installing toolbars. Maybe an antiphishing component is blocking? I don't use a toolbar under FF (since it already includes google blacklisting by default, where it blocks suspicious websites). _____ I assume, due the post #1 link you provided, that your using W7 laptop when you have this problem. Would love to know if you have the problem on just 1 machine, or more than 1 of them.
  8. Right now, CPU use varies. 0% to 9% or so. Ramwise, FF takes about 725 MB of my 4 GB. _____ Some of the tabs are background tabs, where I opened under 17.01 & it crashed, so that I had to re-open. Difference so far, under FF18b5 (yes, I know they just released the beta 6 the other day) is that it has not (yet) crashed when I opened those tabs, or chunked 50 or so NEW tabs to the background. Hmmmm... What do I use them for... Sometimes, I look for themes for W7 or W8. In doing so, I might use a deviant art page with themes & d/l a theme by a user. But I know if a user has a good theme, they likely have other util/themes that are equally good. It is not unusual that I should then visit their page, & d/l other off their page (or check out their friends, since if they have good taste in what they do, they usually select friends who have good taste also). What would I use themes for in 7 or 8? Some computers I have are older & do not support 7 Aero. You can get graphics cards that do, but in the sake of experimentation, it is very interesting how cool Royale port to 8 looks on non-aero capable computers. Very much different than the bland default basic that is enabled if your PC does not support Aero. I may have to use it on 8 when I play around with it more, to see how it looks on 8 as well. Might have to find a way to n-lite my 8 to remove things I never use (Such as windows store). It's not that I don't shop online sometimes, but I just don't trust a built in undeletable store icon. (Why is it imperative to have "mandatory" store service?) You can disable the service. I rather just re-do my W8 dvd so that it don't have those things installing in the 1st place. I am likely to not get any apps, as I have most things I need already. So it would be useless on my machine. _____ Other things I use it for, are sometimes when I download new programs, I kick the downloads to background tabs. So I can continue without interruption on the page I am on, & download faster than ever (no return to prior page, then find the download I was at, etc). Sometimes I also have youtube videos open (I play drums, & I crank my stereo so I can jam). There are a lot of things I look up & its faster to open 10-12 tabs, then check them out, rather than open/backspace/open another/backspace etc. I may not always open hundreds of tabs. But in the name of research, downloads, youtubing, & others... I tab out FF.
  9. I agree that XP & 7 are great. Testing both for fun, & to see what is the fastest, decent to use OS I can manage on a netbook.
  10. Testing parameters: Clean installed 32 Bit 7 / Clean installed Firefox / Clean user profiles (with bookmarks imported) Testing Machine: Dual-Core 3.2 GHZ / 4 GB RAM / 160 GB Sata 7,200 RPM HDD Plugins: Ad-Block + When I was using Firefox 17.01 with several groups of tabs open & 423 tabs on one group, it would crash fairly predictably. It would run fine for a while, but when you add say, 20-50 new tabs, a crash would occur. I decided to scrap 17.01 temporarily & test same websites with Firefox 18b5. So far, it seems to be faster, use less RAM, & not crash. Interesting, to say the least. Seems 17.01 does ok with small sets of tabs, but in groups of tabs, it chokes. Glad to find that the 18b5 is doing much better. If anyone else has anything they want to add, feel free! Thought this may be interesting to post, as other users may or may not have experienced the same.
  11. Is your drive a fully SSD, or HDD with SSD bootable partition (Hybrid drive)? Glad you got the problem fixed though. Reminds me of the days when they used to have audio cards with PATA connectors to add other drives. I actually had to use one before on an older machine after I ran out of slots for my audio/video/internet/other cards.
  12. I might would try some of them, but my head hurts. I need a mental vacation. Had to work extra days this week. Maybe I'll try some later. Thanks for the games!
  13. Did you know? Google plans to include "walk-in" & underwater maps to certain areas? Example: Customers take a preview of a restaurant, to see if the think they would like it. No hiding from Google!
  14. Matter of fact, it is this exact type of drive that failed.
  15. Haven't tested everything yet, but here is what I have done so far: _____ 1) 32 & 64 Bit 7 -> Yes 2) 32 & 64 Bit Vista -> Yes 3) 32 & 64 Bit XP -> Yes 4) 2000SP4 -> No 5) Windows 95/98/ME -> No 6) 32 & 64 Bit Unbuntu -> Yes 7) Splashtop OS -> Yes 8) 32 & 64 Bit 8 -> To be tested 9) Chrome OS -> To be tested _____ 1) XP -> Needs Sata drivers. Testing 64 Bit XP with 32 Bit drivers later, since XP 64 Bit are harder to find. 2) 95/98/ME/2,000 -> Testing with Sata drivers + VM later, to see if that enables them to work. 3) EasyPeasy -> Testing performance vs Ubuntu. 4) Splashtop -> Basic. Allows fast internet access before your primary OS loads. _____ Vista may be a good pick for a netbook: 1) - Photo viewer has built-in basic editor for photos. 2) - Network icon shows lights for incoming & outgoing traffic (compared to static un-animated icon in 7. 3) - Sleep -> Had a problem under 7 not resuming WiFi network after sleep. Testing Vista sleep to see how it does.
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