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  1. I was aware, thank you. There are no issues with this. I am not sure what is happening. From what I've seen, some other users are experiencing crashing with ccleaner as well... I just checked and I do have the latest ccleaner version as well...
  2. Hi guys, sorry for the really slow reply - have been very busy. I have had to uncheck temp files and recycle bin from the options in ccleaner. I've scanned my laptop and nothing's come up. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. There is a new problem, same response and everything, but this time the problem arises whilst ccleaner is trying to clean out the recycle bin. Any ideas? This can't just be isolated to that particular file in the temp folder now, can it?
  4. I will try that. When I ran ccleaner to get the info I previously posted, ccleaner crashed and I couldn't open the task manager let alone click on the shut down icon. Everything became unresponsive. So I had to force shut down and reboot. This happens every time. EDIT: I disabled bitdefender and ran ccleaner but I ran into the same problem yet again. It crashed, the system was unresponsive, if it's relevant: the gadgets that I have running (CPU+RAM/network monitors/intel cpu monitor) were still operating, but I couldn't open any programs, nor could I shut down so I had to reboot but holdin
  5. The file is located here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\B1F231CE-258C-415A-9F26-29E50D4EA6D6\CbsProvider.dll And it says that it is cleaning "system" and "temporary files".
  6. Win 7 SP1 - latest updatesm etc. Latest program installed is bitdefender - and that is all up to date. The ccleaner build is: v3.26.1888
  7. I'm running ccleaner and it has been getting stuck at cbsprovider.dll (21%). ccleaner crashes if I try to close it and the taskbar becomes unresponsive, I can't open any programs, not even the task manager so I have to manually shut down the laptop and start up again. This has happened several times. Any ideas what is wrong?
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