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  1. 5.68 is another watershed version to be lauded as unupgradeable how could we forsake the
  2. If you use a temporary-containers style of browsing in firefox (new containers spawned and destroyed per-tab-tree if the initial url isn't pre configured to open in a specific container already) take care that they're not being retained I recently discovered that something had caused my multi-account containers to retain several hundred containers that were meant to be destroyed when their last tab had been closed. It was causing some severe overhead on startup and when opening new tabs until I removed them manually
  3. Beta versions (and all future release versions) of winapp2ool are now digitally signed. This should help prevent things like anti virus' deleting it from your machines or browsers blocking the download
  4. I purchased a code signing certificate on May 16 to help with this issue and have not been verified yet
  5. Try a force clear of your browser cache or updating through winapp2ool beta. If you don't see an update notification, you can type forceupdate into the main menu to make winapp2ool update itself anyway
  6. The hash of your copy of winapp2ool is different from the one I posted, are you using the latest version? 1.4.7427.18862
  7. Unfortunately I can only go by VirusTotal and it currently shows clear. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5ba3effd47aed9b57a31d3398fcd35168be2d83001f78653c74ce6f141e8c9e2/detection It seems kaspersky is being particularly hostile here, but I'm not sure why as none of these vendors provide tremendous information on their flagging motivations (for good reasons I suppose)
  8. I can't reproduce the behavior described in the update
  9. Any build with 1.4.7426.xxxxx was built today, I've been working actively on the beta today so as of the time of this post the latest build is 1.4.7426.15697. A link is available in the first post, or you can toggle beta participation from a non-beta build in the settings
  10. the latest winapp2ool beta build includes support for adding a whitelist and a blacklist to the trim process. simply fill a whitelist.ini and/or blacklist.ini file with the headers (you don't need the whole entry, just the [Header *] of entries you want to never trim or always trim entries in whitelist.ini will always be kept in the file, irrespective of whether or not the detection criteria are met entries in blacklist.ini will never be kept in the file, likewise. The menu might be a little wonky!
  11. winapp2ool beta now has a feature in WinappDebug that allows you to override the empty default value and specify the one you'd like, inserting it into entries who are missing it.
  12. This hasn't shown up on VirusTotal yet but I'll submit it to them through their False Positive page, thanks for the TrojanID
  13. Winapp2ool isn't able to do this but you can add the defaults back in very easily using a find&replace that supports extended characters or regex like notepad++ Replace "]" with "]\nDefault=False" in winapp2.ini using Notepad++ set to Extended to add the "Default=False" line back into every entry automatically
  14. Hopefully this version doesn't suffer from the same false positive problem the previous ones have but if it does we'll use the release version on the page above as the watershed release to have vendors whitelist
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