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  1. Maintaining a log of access times and configuring a purge daemon to run through millions of files every day would take a lot of computational resources. The cost/benefit trade-off is not worth it.
  2. All the people who use a product for thousands of hours then scream murder when the developer demands remuneration...
  3. I feel bad for Pale Moon developer (I use that term lightly, as all he really does is copy+paste and compile). His entire userbase is comprised of the impossible-to-please vocal minority.
  4. I'd imagine it would be even more confusing to the developers who have the same code with two different version numbers.
  5. To be fair, a link to the BleachBit (we're allowed to mention that here, right?) forums should also be added to the top of the file. Andrew's users could get confused about the proper support channels too.
  6. I don't understand why they keep turning up here...
  7. I don't think they're going to have a choice. I don't see Malwarebytes continuing to offer definition updates for legacy versions of their scanning engine.
  8. If all you have to do to remove them is visit half a dozen different websites, I hardly see this as a big deal.
  9. Exactly what Apple does with Safari, then. Nice!
  10. .icns files are an image format that's not supported by Windows. It's the Mac OS X equivalent of .ico files.
  11. Yeah, I used an updated version of the Visual Studio compiler. It's interesting to note that the output was 40% bigger, even before I made changes to the code.
  12. Updated to 0.3 - Number of detected issues reported correctly. - Better support for the new permitted wildcards - Fixed a compiler warning.
  13. I prefer 'Temporary Files' over 'Temps,' purely because of possible ambiguity. 'Temps' is also the abbreviated form of 'temperature' and could be confusing to people who don't speak English as a first language.
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