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  1. It's become increasingly hard to find the portable version for downloading. Is there a reason for this?
  2. I'm using CC Portable. I would like to be able to change the INI file used when CC Portable is started. I've experimented with a shortcut to CC Portable with a different folder specified in the shortcut properties field, 'Open in'. It doesn't work. My suggested enhancement is that CC Portable use the 'Open In' parameter when attempting to open the ccleaner.ini file. Failing that, a quick fix to CC Portable so that it opens the shortcut 'ccleaner.ini' from the same folder that the exe is in. Thanks. PS, I see the ccleaner.ini shortcut fix as an interim solution.
  3. When I run CCleaner, I don't always want to clean the same set programs or use the same cleaning options for a program. I may just want to test one of the cleaning options. If I make changes to the cleaning options, they are remembered the next time I start CCleaner. To test one option I must turn off all the other deafult options. When restart CCleaner, I have my last settings. How do I get back to the default set they cam with the installer? A method of saving the current configuration (for example, a Save command) and loading a saved set of configurations (eg , a Load command) would
  4. I'm a naturally cautious person. I hestitate to say 'Yes' when I don't understand the implications of saying Yes. Could we have pop-up exclamations of what each cleaning option does, please. For example, Windows Explorer Recent documents...................... This clears ... Run (in Start Menu).....................This clears ... Other Explorer MRUs.................. This clears ... Applications Adobe Acrobat XI........................ This clears ... Quite frankly one can only guess or assume what these options do. I've always kept my fingers crossed.
  5. CCleaner has an option to export the INI files. I think it would be very useful to be able to IMPORT a set of ini files. This would be useful when testing new configurations and cleaning up files for specific applications and groups of applications. Better still, enable/disable buttons next to each application in the configuration area. For example, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.
  6. Thanks Alan, I'll give that a try.
  7. Hi, I would like to see multiple config files. In some programs this is call 'profiles' but another user has referred to multiple 'user profiles' which is different. I want to be able to have a config file for clean ups on a weekly basis and a different config file for monthly clean ups. At the moment I have to change the config settings but it would be wonderful if I could simple open a previously saved set of config settings and run that. Having a parameter for the command line that specifies which saved config file to use would be awesome.
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