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  1. Upgraded my five year old desktop last night. Haven't run into any considerable problems, though I did do a clean install on a new hard drive rather than attempting to upgrade from 7. I agree on the icons, they look horrible. The rest of the UI doesn't look too bad, though the window borders look a bit weird in Chrome without any opacity. Like Windows 7, it still doesn't play nice with my network. Say what you want about Mac, but at least the "it just works" is an accurate statement when it comes to setting up NAS drives and media sharing.
  2. CCleaner isn't a security program. If your computer was infected before you run CCleaner, chances are it's still infected after you ran CCleaner.
  3. Sounds like you have a heavily infected system that's causing it to run slowly.
  4. I'd retire there right now. I'm 22, is that old enough to claim a pension?
  5. These "malware removal schools" are hardly an authority on information security. An amatuer is not going to become a security expert because a bunch of unqualified technicians have walked them through a few online tutorials. Unless you've completed a (real) degree in information security, a degree in computer forensics, and can analyze a binary with a hex editor in your sleep; your opinion is no more valid than anyone else's on this forum. (Worth noting that ZHPCleaner broke Google Chrome on my test machine)
  6. Sounds like an anti-virus conflict, or some esoteric Windows security setting that is preventing applications from removing other applications.
  7. TheWebAtom


    When Piriform first introduced this feature, I had to do a full uninstall-reinstall before those settings would stay deselected. Might be worth a shot.
  8. I think you should stay away from using terms like "the masses." CCleaner 5.0 has not been universally condemned; instead we're seeing a vocal minority dominate a discussion under the assumption that they represent the majority. There have been over one billion downloads of CCleaner since version 1.16.082, which equates roughly to 7.1 million downloads per release for 140-odd releases. A quick tally of the number of people complaining about the UI on this forum and on the release announcement (for the beta and stable versions) on Facebook gives approximately 350 disgruntled users. The number of people in "the masses" who are audibly upset about the redesign: 0.005%. Hating this redesign is not a majority opinion. The minority just thinks it is. In psychology, that's called a false consensus. In philosophy; an epistemic closure. In reality; a handful of whinging people who believe their opinion is more important than 99.995% of others.
  9. At the risk of adding fuel to the fire; if you're not a Piriform customer, what grounds do you have to demand a UI revert? Piriform are giving you CCleaner for free. How it looks or behaves is entirely up to them.
  10. -1 to this suggestion. If I had to close a MessageBox each time I checked an item in CCleaner, I would kill it with fire.
  11. I, for one, welcome our new toaster overlords.
  12. Just, WOW is all I can say. As the owner of SingularLabs, I can say there is no truth to this statement whatsoever.
  13. Sounds to me like a corrupt C++ Runtime Environment.
  14. Maintaining a log of access times and configuring a purge daemon to run through millions of files every day would take a lot of computational resources. The cost/benefit trade-off is not worth it.
  15. I'd store them in a note taking app, such as Evernote.
  16. In the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts"
  17. Usage stats are not "speculation." Making an assumption about the usage patterns of billions of users using your own personal behaviour, is speculation.
  18. Except the decline in bookmark usage is a fact. Check out the feature usage stats of the browsers that reveal such information (Firefox, Opera, Chrome) Opera actually removed bookmark support (although they later restored it to appeal the vocal minority) because their usage stats suggested very few people actually use them these days. Don't fall into the trap of thinking the way you (and I, for that matter) use a product is the same as the majority of others.
  19. As I said, newer sites are easier to track with tools like Evernote or RSS readers. The need for bookmarks is heavily reduced these days. As Andavari said, over time I expect my bookmark manager to wipe my collection clean.
  20. Yes, you're right MTA. Thousands of bookmarks is horribly inefficient. I only have so many because there was time I had to check hundreds of sites and message boards for updates every day; and most of them were just static HTML. These days I just use Feedbin and email subscriptions to keep track of things.
  21. DDG do not have a web crawler. If Google and Bing imploded the only results DDG would return are the hundred-odd sites it specifically indexes, such as Wikipedia and Amazon.
  22. Yeah, when you have 1,000's of bookmarks manually keeping them in order is not practical.
  23. Those two sentences are contradictory. Search engines that don't track users are indeed gaining traction, at the expense of Google and Bing. Why, then; do you see it as unlikely that Bing/Google would retaliate against this threat?
  24. I've been using Bookmark Sentry to achieve the same thing.
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