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  1. Oh, my bad. Not sure how I missed that, sorry.
  2. Any reason why not to clean out the "C:\Windows\servicing\LCU" folder? Should this be added to Winapp3.ini?
  3. As I said, all relevant options are turned off, auto check for updates = off, privacy = no, CCupdate.exe = deleted, etc.
  4. My firewall is still "going off" every time I start and run CCleaner, so it's still collecting your data, despite have all relevant options turned off.
  5. That's just PR talk... Don't fall for the "it's anonymous so don't worry guys!" line. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/13/anonymous-browsing-data-medical-records-identity-privacy
  6. Thanks for listening! So does this mean CCleaner will no longer phone home and ask for firewall permissions when it is run, unless we the user give it permission to send back analytics?
  7. How am I a troll? Anyway I found out that the last good version is v5.40.6411 before the spyware, so if anyone is wondering, it's that one. Not that I would expect any answers coming from people here who have 8,734 / 5,438 / and 515 posts, you are either payed by Piriform/Avast, or you're so emotionally invested with this software where you've developed Stockholm Syndrome where you treat any kind of negative comment towards your baby that you feel the need to downplay it, defend it, or call people trolls. Just remember, this company see you as a number on a spreadsheet, and nothing more, no need to defend them like I insulted your family member.
  8. Because it is now Spyware. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware CCleaner is trying to "secretly" collection info from your PC without you knowing, but since you use a firewall, you are catching it in the act. You'll have to block it or stay on v5.40.6411. Some hackers/crackers have also cracked CCleaner (lol, can't people people now need to resort to pirating/crack a free program) to remove the internet part, so I guess that is an option as well.
  9. That's not really a good counter argument, because others do it, it's okay to do. And no CCleaner hasn't been doing this for years, only the "check for update" does that, but now every time you run a scan/clean it phones home. Get a firewall.
  10. Because it is? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware
  11. Question in title, anyone know the last version before it became Spyware?
  12. Question is the topic title, when you run a scan, CCleaner now makes a connection, I'll buy a pro license if this can be stopped, otherwise I'll save my money and move on.
  13. ^^ Same here I'll be on v 5.40.6411 for a long time I think, I'll just keep adding to Winapp2 and get cleaning options from that. To bad I'll have to avoid that Font Cache option since it's a ticking time bomb. Anyone know what it cleans so I can make it an "exclude" rule?
  14. Throwing my voice into the ring too, I want the old way back, the way it is now sucks.
  15. Also stop adding "*.avast.com" to CookiesToSave each time, sleezy.
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