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  1. In the EU that is illegal and you can be fined. EU versions should come with such boxes unticked, otherwise it is a violation of gdpr.
  2. Good to know. I will probably be uninstalling Ccleaner soon, still using version 5.43, once it gets too outdated probably going to jump to a better program that doesn't spy on its users!
  3. I've read the official info on 5.46, but it seems to me that they just arranged the chairs on the titanic and that Ccleaner is still collecting all your data, with no possibility to turn it off. Anyone can confirm or deny this?
  4. Maybe you've used other Avast programs apart from their antivirus? Their VPN, Grimefighter or password manager, they've had few more programs in the past as well. Maybe a 3rd party installed some Avast traces, etc... You can just delete them, if Ccleaner found them and you don't have an active installation you can safely delete them.
  5. You understand that Ccleaner cleans temporary files created by your operating system and other "offline" programs right? You understand that basically each time you start your computer and enter into windows there are already temp files being created.
  6. +1 Hated the new changes with the monitoring. It should be disabled by default and have an option to enable it in instalation.
  7. It is technically an SSD. solid state drives and USB flash drives are both known for using NAND flash memory, there are three distinct factors that set them apart: interface, performance and controllers.
  8. I think it looks way more refined than previosly, though I feel the theme is not the right theme. I don't really like the flat tile theme from windows 8, but it is definately more refined and more professional than version 4. The assortment, the ergonomical design, everything is way mor refined and professional.
  9. Probably have options at least, I'd like a new modern 3D look. I can imagine a black-purple 3D build, it can be so good. So if they add themes that you can download if you want, that would be best.
  10. There is definately room for improvement in the GUI, but not with flat tiles. I think flat tiles is just going backward and even Microsoft are slowly but surely moving away from that design. I'm still going to use Ccleaner no matter the interface, I mean to me the important thing is the functionality and how light the program is, so even if it had garbage GUI I'd still use it, but I feel like in order to improve they need to get away from the tile theme and go for more of a modern 3D look.
  11. Please Pirform don't use the flat tile interface. I hate win 8 and its stupid flat tiles. I like a more modern 3D style, not going back in time with flat tiles. I think there is room for improvement of the GUI in version 5, but not by making it a flat tile.
  12. slickr

    CCleaner v3.0

    I don't like any of the new icons and images, they look crap. Pirform revert back to the old ones or have some guy who is good at art create them for you, the new ones really suck.
  13. Yeah but wouldn't that just create well "logs" what CCleaner is actually removing from programs.
  14. memory cleaner and optimizer are old stuff. Windows now used different kind of memory management, so there is no need for one. The most you will get is mauby 20mb at max.
  15. Add WinZip, Expresion web 1&2 and adobe products(photoshop, flash, macromedia,etc...) temp files deletition.
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