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  1. Sometimes menu items are duplicated.
  2. FF 79 beta9 is released, next will be stable version and will be automatically upgraded to users.
  3. It's not beta problem. "Internet Cache" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal without apply these to *.sqlite files before delete it. so, if firefox is not shutting down properly and these files are remains, CCleaner will delete it and users will lose data. As I said, "Compact Databases" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal too, but apply these to *.sqlite files before delete it. so, CCleaner don't have to deletes it in "Internet Cache" option.
  4. FF 79 beta2 (latest beta): (I'm using win7 x86) FF 79 have new storage-sync-v2.sqlite, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal files in profile folder. When I exit Firefox, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal files are kept and not deleted unlike cookies.sqlite-wal, cookies.sqlite-shm, favicons.sqlite-shm, favicons.sqlite-wal. By the way, CCleaner > Custom Clean > Applications > Firefox > "Internet Cache" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal, so CCleaner deletes these two files too. storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal store addon settings that
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