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  1. I can't reach the ccleaner settings... the program doesn't even run Yep. Yeah, i think is not related to malware issues... All my programs runs fine, only Piriform ones (CCleaner and Speccy) freezes pc and doesn't run. Yes, i think so... this is my next step: uninstall all C++ Redistributable Packages and install again. Who knows? **fingers crossed**
  2. No UAC changes (i mean... after that problem, i've tried to switch to minimal or even turn off, but, no effect at all) I do not use any AV programs on background, only that "security essentials" from windows 8.1 Malware cause? Well, scanned with malwarebytes anti-malware and nothing is found.
  3. Hey guys, i'm a huge fan of all Piriform apps but unfortunately i'm getting annoying about the fact that i can't run any Piriform app in my computer anymore! (Windows 8.1 x64 desktop) If i try to run CCleaner or Speccy... my computer completely locks up, there's no crash report, nothing... simply freezes and only the mouse cursor is responsive. No clicking, can't open any app... nothing. My only choice is a pc hard reset. Tried: Reinstall Uninstall, registry clean up (with 3rd party apps), defrag, install I have this problem since the beginning of the year, approximately... An
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