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  1. After all that was finished I hit "Run Cleaner". 8368.313 seconds later (just under 2 1/2 hours), I gained 35,868 MB. Worked just fine, I guess. But WHY did it take so LONG??? Anyone?
  2. I WISH that I was kidding. STILL scanning though....
  3. I will give some credit to the SLOW scan. At least 5 times my antivirus alarm went off as it was scanning and quarantined those files.
  4. Only the first time. Shut down every instance of browsers including the umteen instances of Chrome that run whether or not the program is even open. But sure- I realized that it made no difference whether a browser was actually open or not. Running now for close to 4 hours and just got to 25%.
  5. It all started by reading an online article about slowing PC performance. Get and use CCleaner it said. Here is the deal- I am actually running it again right now and it has been HOURS. Watching it run and I can see each and every file it is going though and none of the files takes less than half a second to scan. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. The CCleaner v is 5.08.5308 and all settings were left alone. I only got suspicious the FIRST time I tried to run it earlier today and it was taking FOREVER to scan. I looked up YouTube videos, granted they are ALL years old, and the sca
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