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  1. I changed to AdBlock Origin too. It seems leaner and very low on resources. And It's on both FF and Chrome.
  2. I would advise against using regular defrag. Use Quick Defrag or Analyze the drive and defrag manually from the file list.
  3. The only thing that crosses my mind is that full defrag will fill any gaps left, albeit taking its time.
  4. Hmm. Not sure about what it is what makes the process slow. I am not a programmer.
  5. I am not entirely sure about your statement being true. I think regular defrag just chokes on the "filling gaps" part. I am not sure though. I am saying this because I think regular defrag will still take A LONG TIME even if you invoke it on an already defragmented partition. PS - I am sorry but I have made a test that proves that your theory isn't true. I just did a quick defrag on a 400GB+ data partition. 0 fragmented files 0 fragmentation little free space gaps and it choked about 10% doing what it seemed folder processing (little hd activity) AT SNAIL PACE. So... it doesn't work...
  6. And what would that achieve? Regular defrag is slow because the algorithm starts to do something weird while shuffling small data and not optimizing cpu use. And this is a long shot...
  7. Thank you. Don't get me wrong. I love Defraggler as many people here but I think that it should be recoded from ground up. Also, I have always wondered why CC gets so many updates and Defraggler gets so few. Another issue is that I get no feeling of novelty using Defraggler. You may not notice any great difference by running a one or two year old version. It's true, you cannot reinvent the wheel, but I think a little more polish is always welcome.
  8. Yep. Defrag freespace doesn't work properly yet. On some partitions it performs well; on others, it creates a lot of fragmentation (even if told to don't do it).
  9. 1) No. Windows defragmenting API (which Defraggler uses) doesn't allow to defragment MFT. 2) I think a fragmented MFT doesn't matter anymore for current NTFS implementation. Two fragments are nothing to worry about.
  10. Windows defragmenting API doesn't allow to touch the $MFT.
  11. Yes. "Free" AVs companies are now making money out of you by using not so very ethical schemes.
  12. I wouldn't go without av even if you are a knowledgeable person. What OS do you use? If you use W8.x onwards, you probably have Windows Defender active.
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