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  1. I wouldn't go without av even if you are a knowledgeable person. What OS do you use? If you use W8.x onwards, you probably have Windows Defender active.
  2. I use DownThemAll occasionally. I hope this could be solved by updating.
  3. Ah, the wonders of UEFI. That's why I don't use UEFI boots.
  4. eL_PuSHeR


    Thanks for the heads up. These guys are on a non-stop updating spree.
  5. I agree with Hazelnut about JRT not displaying what it will be deleted. OTOH, I prefer standalone software of this type; I don't find it comfortable the need for installing any app like MBAM, prior to using it. That's why I prefer AdwCleaner and ZHP over MBAM. However, it's better to run several of them just to be on the safe side.
  6. When installing certain software that comes bundled with OpenCandy, AVG alerted me about an OpenCandy DLL in Windows temporary folder. And it could be deleted if needed. Taking that action didn't stop the software from installing properly.
  7. I am now testing AVG and I am quite satisfied with it, specially after manually instructing it to warn about PUPs and other adware. It detects OpenCandy and such even at installation. As far as I know (and tested) neither MSE, nor Panda nor Avast will issue any warning.
  8. As far as I know Windows Defender hasn't got any icon in system tray. I would be happy to know I am wrong though. To open its GUI I usually do the route Control Panel -> Windows Defender PS - I am talking about Windows 8.1 obviously.
  9. Thanks Hazelnut. I knew about that. I meant invoking the GUI and having an icon in system tray (like MSE does on Windows 7).
  10. I am now using Panda FreeAV 2015.1 edition. Seems quite good and lightweight. I have discarded (temporarily possibly) Windows Defender because there is no way to open a scan via a right click. It also seems both Panda and other detect some PUPs and adware too that MSE/WD doesn't.
  11. As of February 20th, Windows Defender removes that so called adware installed on Lenovo laptops.
  12. I have just read they are denying installing adware into their laptops (obviously trying to cover their asses). That's what I hate the most about laptops and the kind... They come preloaded with all sort of bloatware. Another thing that I don't understand is why laptop bioses only have some options and not a full-fledged bios.
  13. I am running several computers with MSE (Win7) and Windows Defender (Win8.1) and I haven't had any issues in ages. I love the simplicity of MSE.
  14. Now that I have migrated to Win8.1 and Windows Defender is not so cool as standalone MSE, I have been testing Avira, AVAST and AVG to see the differences among them. Under memory consumption I have found... AVIRA 57,60 MB AVG 2015 75,00 MB AVAST 39,00 MB So, AVAST seems pretty slim in the memory department (I only installed NG as advanced options). The three of them performed equally well but I had a problem with AVAST. It seems there is no way to tell the antivirus of "false positives" and ignore files, or at least, I was not able to find it. If I had to choose
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