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  1. CrystalDiskInfo as you've already posted seems to be on top of things by gradually adding more drives, and is frequently updated and is often the most recommended or go to for drive information since it's simple, easy, small, and a keeper. Another that isn't just focused primarily on drives alone would be HWiNFO or HWiNFO Portable which is also frequently updated.
  2. NVMe will have a newer revision coming out possible in the next few months so Speccy will be even further outdated. But there's other tools freely available online.
  3. Probably the only thing you can do now is backup all of your personal files onto an external disk like a USB 3.0 external hard disk or SSD (preferably two backups just to be safe), and then factory reset the machine. With my experience of dealing with Dell that's probably what they'd have you do since a third party non-Dell OEM program attempted to update the drivers and who knows what else it has broken. Going by what I've seen on my mother's 2014 Dell laptop (ancient at this point) it still receives updates from Dell, so they're rather good at keeping things up-to-date without having to resort to a third party program while they still support a particular model of computer.
  4. I personally thing the general rule is don't do yourself using third party defrag software, and instead just let Windows decide - with that in mind I wonder how commercial defrag vendors are still surviving. I can't remember if it was a post on this forum or elsewhere where I read that at some point a file can/will become so fragmented that Windows has no other choice but to defragment it so that it doesn't cause issues. I've personally only ran into fragmentation causing issues on a handful of occasions on old WinXP with an HDD where ClamWin Portable couldn't be used because the daily.cvd ("daily.cld") file had so many fragments in the thousands, that actually required third party defrag software to deal with since Windows Defrag couldn't deal with it at all. Even with an all SSD system I do perform a files only defrag on such things like the ClamWin Portable database because of prior issues.
  5. For years having Site Preferences ticked in CCleaner would delete too much in Firefox, thus breaking something. I only used it once years ago, and immediately found myself having to restore my Firefox Portable profile from the regular backup I make.
  6. Yeah. I just used what's built into Windows 10 that allows it to be removed, I however did not use the Power Shell method. How I removed it: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > Internet Explorer 11 See here for instructions, screenshots, and in case it needs to be reinstalled: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-remove-internet-explorer-11-windows-10
  7. I uninstalled it months ago, although CCleaner always finds something and still cleans parts of it, so it really isn't completely gone from my system. As for some websites not working with it, well that's not exactly a recent thing, some websites never really worked correct with it. Although, I remember a few years ago trying to get returns done via Amazon.com was always an issue in Firefox and Chromium with the way their system was setup back then, however the old Internet Explorer always worked.
  8. In case you have any additional issues see here: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60733-i-have-a-problem-what-to-do-next/
  9. Do you have that "D:\Software" folder cleaned in CCleaner at: Options > Include
  10. Since it's stating it skipped cleaning make sure Firefox isn't running in the background, that's typically the cause. If you installed any new addon/extension in Firefox that may cause it to keep running. Also when closing Firefox it doesn't instantly close. Depending upon the CPU, disk speed, etc., it can take awhile to fully close before you can successfully clean it.
  11. I removed your email address. It's best to not post your email on a forum since it will only get grabbed and spammed by bots reading websites looking for such things. I've left a note in our staff area about your issue so someone from Piriform will be able to eventually help you.
  12. If it's an OEM system from for example Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc., you could ask them. It's highly unlikely anyone on this forum will take you up on the offer, for obvious security reasons!
  13. Andavari

    Windows 11 ?

    I've been looking at Mini PCs since I'd like to fully retire my Sony PlayStation 3 from playing most of the videos and music (although it's still good for that) although it's not good for 60FPS video. That Mini PC shopping is on hold now. Due to the pandemic and the world economy I wonder if Microsoft is in collusion with hardware vendors to generate allot of wealth, we'll never know but it's been questioned already that the motive may not be entirely "security" focused.
  14. Since you're on a laptop here's some things to try. Power Options: 1. Make sure the laptop is plugged into the charger. 2. Go into Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB Settings > USB Selective Suspend Setting 3. Next to Plugged In select: Disabled Doing this will make the laptop when plugged into the charger act like a Desktop PC when USB devices are attached. Other: If you have a powered USB hub that gets it's power from being plugged into the wall use it for plugging in the drive. Some external/portable disks (even some 2.5 inch variants) will disconnect even if plugged in directly to a laptop or a USB extension cable.
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