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  1. You reinstalled Chrome, however did you also create a brand new profile for Chrome to use? It's possibly something to do with the profile.
  2. CCleaner has some protections built in, in that it won't delete absolutely everything even from non-protection non-system areas, I know having made winapp2.ini entries for it and it refusing to clean out a folder or files. To what extent they've built in protections I don't know, although it would be easy to "weaponize" it - sort how any software that can delete files would be easy enough to "weaponize." As for the skip UAC feature for the last year I've had it disabled, otherwise with it enabled some things aren't cleaned as much in Win10 at least.
  3. It rarely if ever caused issues minus registry cleaning from the get go when it was a much more simple tool. * Then they allowed winapp2.ini additions created by regular users (which they do not officially endorse or support) however that isn't in the default installation or the program itself, so the user has to manually add that in. * Then it became a not so simple tool when they added in more program "feature requests" baked right into the default installation that Nukecad detailed in the above post that have caused some users issues such as driver updates. So in short it went from a simple tool without many bugs or glaringly obvious issues to what it is now and has been for a few short years a bit more complex. Add in complexity and get some bugs along with it.
  4. That confuses allot of people. It's actually '1600 MHz x 2 = 3200 MHz' in such tools. In this instance it's easier to look in Task Manager inside Windows 10/11, click the Performance tab then click Memory and see what it lists, it should say 3200 MHz or very close to it. This has been discussed before on here and such tools could help people if they'd actually display the total frequency.
  5. Sessions for any browser is something I will never clean because I learned the hard way to leave it unticked/disabled in CCleaner many years ago (a long time ago by now) when it would delete some Firefox settings after Mozilla introduced a new way of doing things that caused issues when CCleaner cleaned Sessions. Also if you ever use the community winapp2.ini file (not officially supported by the makers of CCleaner) you really need to inspect the cleaners you're about to use because what someone else may prefer to deep clean may not necessarily be what the next person wants, but that is at least easily modifiable before using it.
  6. Another one that inadvertently causes an issue is [Explorer IconCachetoDelete *] which eventually causes custom folder view style settings such as using Tiles, etc., to be deleted, so when opening a folder it goes back to the default view style.
  7. For Chrome/Chromium and Edge Chromium start with this post: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/61192-chrome-extension-is-disabled-when-running-ccleaner-custom-clean/?do=findComment&comment=332024 Although from that post I'd actually go one step further and exclude the whole folder for Chrome: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extension State And for Microsoft Edge Chromium I've excluded this on my system: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Extension State Also pay attention to this post: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/61192-chrome-extension-is-disabled-when-running-ccleaner-custom-clean/?do=findComment&comment=332030
  8. When it comes to Chrome/Chromium based browsers it also helps to input an Exclude for their Local Extension Settings to prevent them from being tampered with. Those .log files and whatever else is in those folders can't be cleaned by 3rd party cleaning tools or anything outside of the browser or the addon/extension that created them. Examples: Edge Chromium: C:\Users\UserProfileName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings SRWare Iron Portable: E:\PortableApps\IronPortable\Profile\Default\Local Extension Settings
  9. Andavari

    Windows 11 ?

    They now have a Win11 TV ad. I think they should have made the TV ad very confusing for people, pun intended! And where the ad reads "now available" it should also have text that reads "maybe not."
  10. [Stored Notification Settings *] cleaner from this post causes issues and likely needs a warning comment inside it, otherwise people will likely have a very difficult time determining why all of a sudden 3rd party privacy tools such as O&O ShutUp10 for example that recommend disabling Lock Screen notifications in Windows 10 are all of a sudden indicating settings changes after that cleaner is used. Edit: So in other words it conflicts with what a user may intend to do with another tool by deleting the setting.
  11. Without using the registry cleaner at all CCleaner in the past had the ability to damage ad blocking software in Chrome/Chromium browsers from 2014 up to what year I don't know because I inputted exclusion into CCleaner to stop it from messing with Chrome/Chromium addons/extension that I used, it even would damage the browser Comodo Dragon back in 2014 and 2015. One of the admins finally saw a post about it messing with the addon/extensions and looked into it, but I don't know if they fixed it or not.
  12. Andavari

    Windows 11 ?

    They need to be very clear on needing a Microsoft account because there's confusion about it, such as; One reviewer on YouTube stated one was needed for Win10 Home, and that it had to be left enabled in order to use Win11 - so in other words according to his evaluation you can't just create it for installation only, and then go back to only using a local account. I for one don't care to ever have a Microsoft account let alone being forced to use it on an OS permanently, I mean they already know what the hardware is that it's installed on so they sure as hell don't need my credentials, and if that's the case I won't bother with Win11 and will just migrate to a Linux distro when Win10 is EOL in 2025.
  13. Andavari

    Windows 11 ?

    Or it could be worse than Win10. Win10 was supposedly one of their good OSes, however remember their overall OS history: Good, Bad, Good, Bad..... ...etc.
  14. Logging doesn't exist, it would have to be implemented somehow by them either internally using an generic .log perhaps or something more nifty by placing it into Windows Event Viewer.
  15. Drives can fail or just have some hiccup that causes issues. One of them being if/when Windows states for instance a USB 3.0 drive can run faster if connected to a USB 3.0 port, such as Windows had issues detecting the USB version and in that particular instance it's best to Safely Remove the drive and plug it back in again, if failing to do that and any writing to the drive is done (even a very small sized file) it can cause corruption and missing files on the drive. I had just that happen earlier this year on a backup USB hard disk however I also have two more backup USB SSD drives containing the exact same connects. So in short: Your critical external USB backup drive itself needs a complete backup copy of it preferably on at least two or more external USB drive(s) and preferably a different brand/make/model in case a particular drive has some issue such as firmware bugs, etc.
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