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  1. I always use PortableApps VLC Portable, which is always a manual download and then install
  2. It almost sounds registry related because Windows stores drive information in the registry, but how it could be correct on two occasions with user accounts and wrong on another is very strange. One thing to try and I haven't the slightest clue if it will make any difference is this: Right click the CCleaner icon and select: Run as administrator
  3. What file system is the SSD formatted with? Is it NTFS, FAT32, or exFAT? If it's not NTFS, then Windows will usually identify an SSD as a Hard Disk Drive ("HDD"). Windows is finicky with what the file system is, for example; Formatting a USB Flash Drive with NTFS can/may/will have it identified in for instance Optimize Drives as a Hard Disk Drive.
  4. They know about items being double listed, it's been reported. Although it is only cosmetic, and doesn't break functionality.
  5. It's a possibility that the antivirus is self protecting itself which is causing the error. Or CCleaner isn't being ran as an administrator. If you are trying to disable or enable the antivirus instead try it using the built in Windows 10 app: Services Start > Run > Services.msc or in Cortana/Search type in: Services Edit: Note that you may have to disable or enable from inside the McAfee app itself, some security software services cannot be disabled outside of the main app such as using CCleaner or the Windows Services app.
  6. If Panda Antivirus is producing a false positive you can report it to them. They will likely want logs or the detected file attached so they can inspect it. The Panda Antivirus official forum is at: https://support.pandasecurity.com/forum/
  7. That's what I was thinking. Just a few weeks ago they showed on TV some Covid research clinic person in an interview, the most interesting thing was the computer monitor in the background which had WinXP on it.
  8. Added: FileKey5 Added because of a Windows Defender bug, in accordance to this topic: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60418-windows-defender-bug-may-fill-your-hard-drive-with-thousands-of-files/ [Windows Defender *] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Defender FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Network Inspection System\Support|*.txt;NisLog.txt.bak FileKey2=%CommonAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\BackupStore|*.*|RECURSE FileKey3=%CommonAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\CacheManager|*.*|RECURSE FileKey4=%
  9. I had 816 files in there using about 5MB. I just manually deleted all of it. It's another reason that Nukecad and I noted in a topic from awhile ago why having Defender cleaners in winapp2.ini can be beneficial to removing allot of accumulation it builds up - but that particular folder isn't cleaned by any winapp2.ini entries to my knowledge. Edit: I'm submitting that folder location to winapp2.ini.
  10. If wanting something "wiped" off the SSD just use Windows built-in Optimize Drives and it will run Trim on the SSD - assuming it's formatted with NTFS, otherwise it will do a regular defrag on it.
  11. It also helps to have a HOSTS file, such as MVPS.org HOSTS File. Note that having a custom HOSTS file can cause Microsoft Windows Defender (if that's the antivirus you use) to have fits.
  12. I'll never use WFS on the Micron 1100 M.2 256GB OEM SSD, especially since works perfectly fine. Now a Windows Full Format is a different story, because two weeks ago my Sk Hynix S31 Gold 2.5 500GB SSD supposedly had a bad sector according to ChkDsk but none of the other disk utilities found anything, and since there's hardly anything on it I cleaned it with DiskPart and then did a Full Format, now ChkDsk doesn't find any bad sectors. Edit: Observation: ChkDsk in Windows 10 v20H2 seems somewhat buggy, and it's the version that found "bad sector" on my Sk Hynix SSD that didn't really
  13. The way NTFS works (in Windows 10 at least) shocked me the other day, the MFT size is over 511MB on my C:\ drive SSD.
  14. Some anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus over the years has also used the word "trackers" for cookies and even present it as if they're cleaning some nefarious infection (inflation of a feature/value) - when in fact the PC isn't even infected with anything, and the full system scan would be considered in reality as 100% clean. Wording needs to be considered very carefully so as to not confuse people.
  15. It can break the registry in Windows 10, mostly due to Windows 10 being a constantly changing moving target. Older OSes like Windows XP I've no issue using it, but I do have a large exclusion list.
  16. Maybe re-do the include with sub-folders which would be to delete it in CCleaner, and the configure it again to clean C:\Windows\Temp. I also had that issue many years ago with custom root directory temp folders that I make on every drive such as; C:\Temp, D:\Temp, E:\Temp. A re-do fixed the ability in CCleaner, although it will still sometimes not delete sub-folders and that exists on WinXP and Win10.
  17. The way you've been complaining about it in this topic would make one wonder why do you even bother using it? There's other e-mail programs, or even web-based e-mail.
  18. With all the other companies against it, now there only needs to be some courtroom proceedings to kill it.
  19. +1 It would be so much better not having to even look at those. Although we can sort, but still.
  20. The newest version of SRWare Iron Portable had a Floc folder located inside the Profile folder (...\Profile\Floc), and it contained data. I didn't find anything on their forum to find out if it's enabled or disabled, so I'll just assume it's enabled because it was there.
  21. I don't know why allot of those type of tools do it the way to do, and it will always have someone scratching their head wondering since using a search for such a thing has allot of pages with people asking the same question in various tools. If it's in single channel it's less confusing since it just gives the value someone expects to see. Add in additional RAM sticks and it changes what those types of tools display. Probably would help if it was added together and shown in such tools so it wasn't such gibberish to most people who just want to quickly verify their PC is configured as the
  22. The DRAM speed is correct, and other tools like CPU-Z, HWInfo, etc., will or should show the same since it's dual channel and the value is halved, so you have to multiple by 2 which will equal the total speed 3200Mhz.
  23. New variables to use with CustomLocation for non-standard web browser paths, i.e.; portable browsers instead of mapping with a specific drive letter. Current: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile New Variable %LocalDisk% CCleaner automatically finds the path on internally installed disk drives: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|%LocalDisk%\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile New Variable %ExternalDisk% CCleaner automatically finds the path on externally attached Thunderbolt drives, SD Cards, USB drives, etc: CustomLocation1=FIRE
  24. In an installed version of CCleaner you have to do this to enable cleaner.ini: 1. Open CCleaner. 2. Go into Options > Advanced > Enable/tick: Save all settings to INI file 3. Close CCleaner. 4. Open the folder where CCleaner is installed, it's where CCleaner.exe, CCleaner64.exe are located. In that folder you'll find ccleaner.ini which can be manually edited to input a CustomLocation for portable web browser cleaning. A Firefox Portable example is this (has to be mapped to the profile folder): CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|G:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile
  25. Custom Clean: Collapse/Expand ability for cleaners Expand is how it has always looked and worked. Collapse could have cleaners for example Microsoft Edge collapsed, and only show the Microsoft Edge cleaner name text. This could clean up the look of the GUI for those cleaners where someone is unlikely to change the settings that often. Collapse Screenshot Example: https://community.ccleaner.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14741
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