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  1. It needs to have a file system, such as NTFS which the drive would've had by default. Of course there are other recovery tools if you search the Internet which can read and restore from an unformatted or RAW drive without a file system however those are often not freeware.
  2. Already discussed here: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/ Topic closed.
  3. Then why make a topic for it! Already discussed here: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/ Topic closed.
  4. Removing a registered web browser always has some caveats, and that's one of them. Even removing a 3rd party browser can end up with broken extensions like HTML if it was registered as the system default web browser. Often it can be fixed by having another browser register as the system default, but it doesn't always work. It's the sole reason I only use the portable version of 3rd party web browsers since I don't feel like correcting broken file extensions.
  5. Starting in 2014 I began inputting exclusions into CCleaner since it was impossible for me to figure out why it was removing the saved data of extensions in Chromium/Chrome based browsers (Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, etc.,) and what eventually worked was excluding the "Local Extension Settings" folder in the browser(s) profile folder. Obviously that's completely different from logins being removed, but it could potentially be a clue that perhaps input an exclusion ('Options > Exclude') of the exact folder where those settings are saved as a possible remedy and then test the results.
  6. With that article reporting 30K infections I doubt it was a merely "nice tap on the shoulder" just to get some attention without it actually being able to do something.
  7. One thing to try is this: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/40285-ccleaner-not-deleting-google-chrome-history-fix/ May seem unrelated and old but can fix issues with CCleaner being unable to clean Google Chrome due to it being resident and running in the background.
  8. Something else too is if you actually like Avast they also have a Free version, although it won't have all of the features of a paid version. Although some people refuse to use a free antivirus for various reasons.
  9. It's interesting that so many still think MacOS is immune to malware.
  10. Topic closed. This was already being discussed in another active topic located at: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/
  11. Topic locked. This was already being discussed in another active topic located at: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/
  12. There's already an active topic about this located at: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/ This topic is closed so as to not have multiple duplicates about the same exact thing.
  13. The registry has stuff in it that points to seemly nothing and even settings for something that isn't even installed, some of it is for compatibility in case something is installed at a later time. But not all of it gets flagged by registry cleaners (speaking registry cleaners in general not just the one in CCleaner). Edit: I've found out it's also related to WinSxS folder, and that alone is like a can of worms to even mess with.
  14. Here's an official response posted not that long ago (i.e.; it does not work with NAS): https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59944-cccleaner-pro-v5768269-win10-pro-did-not-clean-double-songs/?do=findComment&comment=327024
  15. Most people will have no ideal how to mount a drive in Windows 10 as read-only, furthermore Windows just automatically mounts drives anyways such as USB disks. One exceptionally annoying thing in modern Windows such as Windows 10 for example is it always writes System Volume Information onto a drive or device like an external HDD/SSD, USB Flash Drive, phone, etc., plugged into the computer which it will always create even if System Protection/System Restore is "completely disabled" on the drive and if the service is disabled - maybe that's a quirk or bug in Windows, I don't really know. T
  16. In Firefox Search engines can be removed: 1. In Firefox go to: Tools > Options > Search 2. Highlight a search you don't want, and then click the Remove button. Add-ons/Extensions/Plugins can be disabled or removed: 1. In Firefox go to: Tools > Add-ons > Extensions 2. In Firefox go to: Tools > Add-ons > Plugins
  17. Already reported earlier in a another topic located at (with a solution) https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59965-speechruntimeexe/ So as to not have multiple duplicate topics this one is closed. Discussion can continue in the original topic linked above.
  18. I'm with Nergal and his comments about using #. It really isn't a normal folder name.
  19. That's just trolling in my opinion. Microsoft has a clear policy on using registry cleaners in Windows 10. By warning people on this forum to not use the registry cleaner in CCleaner it can save a user from causing a completely avoidable issue that may or may not be easy to remedy. Using registry cleaners can and will eventually cause issues especially if a user blindly trusts the results and deletes everything presented to them in a registry cleaner's list of "invalids" which is usually the case. Registry cleaners may not always be "a thing" as you state for the fact if Micros
  20. Troubleshooting won't fix it, the issue is the AMD processor is newer than Speccy. Simply put they need to update Speccy!
  21. Since it's giving you issues the FREE version installer is available at (worth bookmarking): https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  22. Spoke too soon, eight days without it being an issue it has happened again. Ironic that it happened within two hours of my post above this one.
  23. "Possibly hardware related" which could be anything from the drive the OS is installed on, the RAM, etc. 1. Might help to run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool that's built into Windows: Note: If it finds any errors you'll need to then test each stick of RAM individually (i.e.; one stick at a time installed in the computer) to find out exactly which is the faulty stick. * In Cortana/Search type in: Memory * Select from the list: Diagnose your computer's memory 2. Might also be useful to download and install Samsung Magician. It's their free SSD drive management software which
  24. Fonts/Text Accessibility: * Bigger fonts/text inside CCleaner, or the ability for users to change the size and even the color. * Properly space and wrap text in the Results window so that it doesn't run off. Registry Cleaner: * Fulfill the once promised move of the Registry Cleaner into the Tools section, and have a setting or tickbox to disable finding anything in C:\Windows. * Registry Cleaner should be able to create a System Restore Point if the service is enabled on the system. Bug Fix: * Fix the random cosmetic doubling bug that lists cleaners twice.
  25. Whatever they've fixed in that KB has fixed my wired Ethernet connection. Before the fix it was about 80% of the time not detected after coming out of sleep, or even after reboots, and would have to be reset.
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