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  1. the well % gauge for completion of a defrag be it quick or full is not very accurate and never reaches 100% completion.. for a single file defrag (which is one of my favorite features) it usual reaches 45% or so.. and around 70% if I am quick defraging a lot more files.. It seems to be working fine other wise.. it hasn't corrupted my system or caused it to crash, so all is good there.. well whatever other improvements they could possible think to make to it..
  2. for updates the usual bug fixes etc... Piriform said they have been updating Defraggler for the cloud version for their business customers.. but have left us free users out in the cold... :(
  3. dear Piriform please respond again... Defraggler is one of my favorite programs and I use it every day...
  4. bump... and no one from Piriform has replied to this thread in a long time..
  5. 10+ years ago I tried a tool called Ultimate/Ultra Defrag or something like that.. I tried to optimize the disk meta file placement including the $MFT master file table... IT borked!! the whole HDD.. I had to reinstall the OS and everything on those HDDs... I was working/volunteering at a LAN center at the time..
  6. Its now June of 2021 and still no updates for Defraggler.. :( so a whole year as passed.. :( so disappointing..
  7. Dave is there any update yet on a timetable as to when the Defraggler changes will go live? its June now...
  8. ok.... can't be helped then... well I will wait for it..
  9. that would be sad... considering I use it everyday...
  10. v2.22.995 (22 May 2018) I wonder why Piriform has not released any updates to Defraggler since that date?
  11. this appears to be a long term issue.. as its still not resolved.. the Speccy urls don't work for me...
  12. I went to visit my published system specs via http://speccy.piriform.com/results/q0tl3XuBqd6LTokMGeKlCcd and got a error 503... the old url above does not seem to work anymore... Speccy needs an update and so does Defraggler...
  13. I am having this issue too with my CPU: AMD FX-9590 Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 (Socket 942) Virtualization: Supported, Disabled wheres it is listed in the BIOS as SVM = enabled
  14. .... My comments can be found on a topic I started... https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=43187 ps: I never got a email that my topic even got a reply.. so lol I am only noticing now...
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