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  1. Yet another malware type pop-up from this software. https://share.getcloudapp.com/ApuR4B1R It's annoying and the entire purpose of your software is to optimize my computer, not do whatever, whenever. Not going to pay to be treated with Loyalty. LOL I am uninstalling it now. Just letting you know, my loyalty and our relationship is over due to high pricing and software "loyalty" behavior. Not my monkey, not my circus.
  2. All cleared check boxes is what I have had set since the day I have had access to these setting in CCleaner. I have always had the mindset to keep pop-ups off my computer and browsing experiences, too (I used other tools for that). Looks like CCleaner and co. sells a browsing product. After seeing what they have done with CCleaner - I wouldn't advise to install their browsing tool at all. LOL It's obvious a conflict of interest based on why we purchase and what we are forced to deal with, regarding the pop-ups and high prices. The additions like the Health tool appear to
  3. Thank you so much, CSGallowway. Just like this screenshot shows? https://share.getcloudapp.com/2NuENqmn
  4. Hello, I have been using Ccleaner for many, many, many years...but this may be my last. I am aware that another company owns CCleaner and they are pushing the envelop on the sales reach and taking away the pure spirit CCleaner once had regarding no ads, no BS. That's something I am finding different these days, compared to the years of good cleaning I have enjoyed. The pricing is gauging me, now too. The slimy Cash Back scheme is VERY old co-opting scheme used by some of the worst marketers and tools I ever used. So, that is a huge disappointment. I am sure the Parent company who
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