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  1. There's a winapp2.ini in the main CCleaner folder, should I delete it? (I'll move it to recycle bin temporarily and see what happens) Also why has the program I mentioned been changed to Voldemort. The program I mentioned is related to ccleaner surely! Let me try this again: [voldemort].
  2. Hello mta, no I don't have that, I downloaded something called [Voldemort] but didn't need it so uninstalled it. I'm sure it did it before that though.
  3. Hi, I'm here to report a problem with the latest Ccleaner v5.43.6522. The 'Analyze' and 'Run Cleaner' buttons are not clickable (greyed out) for about half a minute when I run the program, after this time they become available. I remember previous versions taking a few seconds before they came on, but 25 seconds / half a minute or thereabouts, not good. Using Windows 7 home premium, i5.
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